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[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: I have this terrible feeling about my mom and I don’t know what to do.

Brooke: I wanna help taylor. Whatever she needs.

Steffy: She’s just carrying so much shame and guilt. She says there’s only one solution. Only one way to get sheila out of our lives for good. Says she confesses about shooting bill.

Taylor: Sheila carter’s a free woman, but she’s far from innocent. However, she’s not the only one whose crimes should be brought to justice. I am, too. I’m the person who shot bill spencer.

Hope: Thomas, are you asking me to put aside every horrible thing you’ve ever done?

Thomas: No, I am asking you to see the amazing things we can still do together. L– like, if you don’t trust me, then– then, and then trust my talent, trust my vision, trust my ability to take hope for the future to new heights.

Thomas: My granddad and zende are both incredible designers.

Hope: They are. And they put a lot of effort into this collection.

Thomas: I’m sure that they did, but they don’t have the connection to the collection that I do. That you do. That– that– this is our collection! That’s what makes it so special. That’s what you said! Come on, we are an amazing team. One of the best this company– no, nay, this industry has ever seen. Bring me back onto the line. Bring me back on as lead designer, hope.

Steffy: It’s too much for her, brooke. What my mom did to bill, it goes against all of her values. Of course, she wants to turn herself in, but we can’t let her do it. Oh, my god, I can’t believe I’m talking to you about this.

Brooke: I would never do anything to hurt your mother. She can count on me, steffy.

Steffy: I’m glad that you two have found this friendship. I feel crazy saying this, but honestly, I feel as though you might be the only person who can get through to my mom now.

Taylor: Oh. I’m so sorry. I’m gonna make this right.

[ Taylor sniffling ] What happened to you? Talk.

Thomas: You still have reservations.

Hope: That can’t surprise you, thomas.

Thomas: I disappointed you. I let you down.

Hope: Not just me. Our son. Your family.

Thomas: That was never my intention, and I’m so sorry.

Hope: Thomas, apologizing isn’t going to fix this. The damage has been done. I mean, I can’t believe you thought faking that cps call was going to destroy my mother’s marriage, and then send ridge running back to taylor, and–

Thomas: I was trying to give my mother the life she always wanted, okay? And that’s not an excuse, I’m not trying to justify what I did.

Hope: Thomas, don’t you realize that by you doing that, it completely destroyed the progress that you were making in your relationships with me, with your family, and most importantly, with your son.

Thomas: I– I never wanted douglas involved in this.

Hope: Well, he asked you to tell the truth, and you refused, and then you encouraged him to lie. So.

Thomas: I have thought about that every day since, okay? I haven’t just been sitting around waiting for all of this to pass. I’ve been working on myself, and been working through my issues. And not only that, I’ve been putting my time into things that I think are beautiful, and– and trying to be productive. And I’ve been creating these designs. That’s what’s come out of it, the– some of the best work that I’ve ever made! Bring me back on, hope, and those designs will be hope for the future’s next collection.

Hope: At this point, thomas? I mean, your promises don’t mean any more than your apologies do.

Thomas: That’s– no, that’s not true, okay? Let me show you. Let me show you the work I’ve been doing. They exemplify the– the– the beauty, the respect. The admiration I have for you and your work. Come on, hope. I’m not all just bad inside. I can create something good. Tell me you still believe in me, s– just say you still have faith in me.

Hope: Thomas, you have made it very clear what you want and why I should consider it. And believe me, I have. I have been thinking about it, and– and what it can mean for us, for douglas and for my line, and I know you want to know what I believe. So, I think it’s only fair to tell you how I feel about you.

Brooke: Your mother trusts me, steffy. You can, too.

Steffy: So what do I do, brooke? I need your input, because nothing I’ve said to my mother has made a difference.

Brooke: She loves you. She’s your mom. She’s not ignoring you.

Steffy: But she has this whole situation all wrong. It’s not her fault sheila is free. Yes, shooting bill all those years ago, it was a terrible mistake. But if my mother turns herself in, that will be the biggest mistake of all. I mean, she was never even a suspect! No one even knew that she was in town. There was no evidence to connect her to the crime. So why won’t she let this go? My mom’s starting to crumble, brooke, and it’s– it’s really… it’s really starting to scare me. My mom’s always been, you know, he rock in our family. Even when she was halfway across the world, I knew that I could call her, and she’d always be there to help us and support us. That’s what she did, that awful night at bill’s house. She went there to confront him. She thought that she was protecting me. And now it’s my time to protect her.

Brooke: You don’t have to do it alone.

Steffy: My mom thinks if she confesses, that it’ll make my family safe, but it won’T. Sheila is out of prison, and bill will use every bit of his influence to make sure sheila never goes back. My mom’s only hurting herself if she admits to it.

Brooke: I agree. I told her the same thing.

Steffy: I need you to tell her again.

Brooke: Well, if she knows I’m here, if she needs to talk–

Steffy: No, it’s– it’s beyond that now. My mother is alone at the beach house. She is stewing in her feelings. That’s not good for her.

Brooke: Okay. Okay. I hear you. I will go over there and I will check on her. Okay? I’ll do everything in my power to save your mother from herself.

Steffy: Mom,

you’re only human.

Taylor: I did a really awful, unforgivable thing.

Steffy: Mom, we are not gonna go there.

Taylor: Steffy, as supportive as you and brooke have been, it doesn’t change the fact that I– I shot someone, you know? And I was never accountable for it. Now all the people I love more than life are in danger, and that’s on me. I refuse to be a burden to you anymore.

Hope: You say that you want to help, but what I believe, thomas, is that you just want to help yourself. And I admit, I did. I had a brief moment of weakness when I read that less-than-stellar review, and I panicked and thought maybe hope for the future did need you and your designs, but then your sister was the one who pulled me back from the brink.

Thomas: Okay. Steffy is furious with me, but she has never been as dedicated to your line as I am.

Hope: Well. Steffy reminded me that hope for the future is founded in integrity and responsibility, and if I were to throw those values out the window, it would do more damage to my line than a few bad reviews ever could.

Thomas: You’re not throwing integrity out the window! You are all about giving second chances and seeing the best in people.

Hope: I need you to understand. We’re done. We aren’t partners anymore. We aren’t a team. I mean, you aren’t even supposed to be in this building right now.

Thomas: Did steffy come to you and just, like, force you to keep me out of here? Because I can go to her right now. I can convince her to bring me back on.

Hope: Thomas. Stop. You have to let this go. I mean– I meant what I said before. I’m done giving you a– a second, third, fourth or fifth chance. I’ve learned my lesson, thomas, and… I just– I can’t give you the benefit of the doubt anymore.

Taylor: There’s only one solution to make this right for everyone I love. I have to end it all. Now.

Finn: Steffy!

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. I am glad you’re here.

Finn: Ah. If I’d known we were alone.

Steffy: Yeah, um.

Finn: What’s going on? Something wrong? Is it sheila?

Steffy: She’s behind it, but no. It’s, um, it’s my mom.

Finn: Yeah, well, is she here?

Steffy: No! No, I– I tried to get her to stay, but…

Finn: Well, she should be staying with us. I mean, it’s a lot safer with sheila roaming around.

Steffy: I– I explained that. But I don’t know, she’s just– she’s pulling away from me, from everyone, and I keep saying that we are all in this together, but she is– she’s determined to fix this herself.

Finn: You mean, like, confess?

Steffy: Yeah. She brought it up again. And I keep picturing my mom at the beach house with her phone in her hand.

Finn: Okay, well, that’s another reason why she needs to be here.

Steffy: She keeps turning me down. I get that she doesn’t want to put us in danger, interfere in our lives, but she is talking about herself like she is a burden to us.

Finn: Is she at her house? We should drop in.

Steffy: Brooke’s on her way there now.

Finn: Why is brooke going to see your mom?

Steffy: Because brooke’s just as worried about my mother as we are.

[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Taylor? You home? It’s brooke. That’s strange. Lights are on. Car’s in the driveway. Oh. Really should keep the door locked with sheila on the loose. Taylor? You really need to keep the door locked. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

[ Hope sighing ]

Thomas: I wasn’t trying to make you insecure about the line.

Hope: Well, I’m not. There might be a few bumps in the road during the transition, but hope for the future will eventually be fine without you.

Thomas: Is that what you want? The collection to just be fine?

Hope: Thomas, I really think you should go now.

Thomas: Okay. What I did has nothing to do with the company. I shouldn’t be shut out for it.

Hope: Thomas, please.

Thomas: You didn’t feel this way the other day.

Hope: Sure, fine! Yes, for one nanosecond, I– I might have lost my way and let my insecurities cloud my better judgment–

Thomas: Okay, there you go. So, you see what it’s like to– to want something so strongly for the future and do anything you can to protect it.

Hope: Thomas, you are going to have to rebuild so many bridges. I mean, with me, with this company, with your son.

Thomas: I– I wanted to call and talk to him, but I just– I didn’t know what you would say.

Hope: We– we are going to have to have some difficult conversations about douglas and his future.

Thomas: Great. So let’s talk about that, then. Come on, I– I’m trying to find some common ground.

Hope: Thomas, I have so much work that I need to do, and I– I really can’t handle this conversation right now. I’ve said everything that I need to say.

Thomas: But you haven’t said anything. I need you to tell me something. Like, tell me what you want me to do.

Hope: Okay, thomas. I want you to leave. Please.

Steffy: My mom just feels so guilty right now. She gets emotional talking about it. I thought I might have a little more luck if I wasn’t there.

Finn: It’s just– it’s still– it’s just, it’s weird that brooke is reaching out to your mom.

Steffy: Well, they’re friends now. I mean, yeah, it– it is… it is weird, but–

Finn: Well, I mean, maybe it’s good, too.

Steffy: Look, my mom needs as many people in her corner as she can get right now. Finn, I just have an awful feeling about this, and I haven’t been able to shake it. My mom is reaching her breaking point, and I just pray. I pray that– that brooke’s able to get through to her.

Brooke: Taylor?

Taylor: I’ve been so grateful to be back in los angeles. Spending time with my family has meant everything to me. But my past has come out to me, and my actions have put my family in danger. I’ve kept silent for too long, and now the truth needs to come out, if only to save my family. There’s only one solution to make this right for everyone I love. This all has to end. Now.

Brooke: Oh. What are you doing, taylor?

[ Brooke sighing ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god! Taylor? Taylor!

[ Brooke gasping ] My god. Taylor! Taylor!

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