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Oh, my goodness. You beat me.

[ Laughter ] Wow. Thank you for meeting me at the last minute. Oh, yeah, sure. Not our usual meeting place. No. No, I just sort of needed the comfort and coziness of kelly’s diner tonight. Is everything all right? Well, I’m going to need you to step in for me tomorrow at the sanitation workers contract negotiation meeting. Sure. What’s going on, laura? A lot. I went to the hospital to attend britt westbourne’s memorial, and I found out that a very dear friend of mine died. Hey, are you thinking about charlotte? Mm. You two had a really nice visit. Yeah, it was all too brief. I would have liked to have seen more of her. Having her in my arms made me realize just what I’m missing. My girl’s growing up. They have a tendency to be that. [ Chuckles ] She’s very mature for her age, I think. You two seem to be getting along. She’s on to us, you know? You think? Yeah. I think she approves. Oh. Ooh. How’d it go? Oh. As planned. Yes. Charlotte’s safe? Charlotte is home with kevin at laura’S. Okay, good. That’s a relief. Yeah. Did something happen? Is there a problem? Well, other than victor, no. Uncle. Oh, spencer. Spencer, dear boy. What are you doing here? I was — I was just hoping to give liesl my condolences, but I’m too late. It was a nice memorial. I’m sure that britt would have approved. Liesl will no doubt be struck by the irony of the situation. What irony is that? That she and I are living in the same hell. The hell of losing one’s only living child. Oh, curtis, everything is so beautiful! I’m glad you like it. I love it. Oh, honey. Look at them. They look so happy. They deserve it. Are ready for the big day tomorrow? Absolutely. Portia and curtis should be celebrated. Yeah. Although I can’t help but wonder how your mom feels. Uh, you’ve been recognized away from the station and having fun.

[ Laughs ] Who says I’m having fun?

[ Gasps ] Wow! Really? Friendly fire. I thought we were cool. We are. I’ve got your back, partner. Always. You know, you were probably my most successful relationship. Back at you. And, you know, tomorrow, our exes are going to become partners for life. Portia: Have fun! Thank you. You’re off the clock. All right.

[ Laughter ] Uh, babe, I know you were disappointed that your mom’s condition prevents her from traveling. Well, of course, I’d love to have my family here, but that’s okay. As long as I have you, I’ll be fine. Yeah, that’s sweet. Well, I can’t disappoint my beautiful bride. Hey! Oh, my god! Daddy! Oh!

[ Laughs ] Aw, look at you. Zeke! Come here! Oh, my god! I don’t believe it. Your g randfather, huh? And my uncle ezekiel. Zeke. Is he a doctor, too? Oh, no. Uncle zeke went his own way. Okay. Come on, come on. I have someone for you to meet!

[ Squeals ] Oh, whoa, whoa, not so fast. Didn’t you just get here? Yeah. Hey, well, I’m sorry for blocking your escape, but I’m also so sorry for everything that you’re going through, elizabeth. Your break-up with finn. Oh, right, right. Yeah, it’s been, um, a rough couple of weeks for the whole family. Why, is something going on with the boys? Cameron — first love break-up. I know we all get through it eventually, but it’s a unique type of pain. Oh, yeah. I just wish I could take it from him. That’s so hard. Yeah. Well, he’ll get through it. He will. And I’m sure he knows that you’re there for him. But what if I can’t be? I can’t let you take her. Don’t worry. I’ll tell avery you said goodbye.

[ Grunts ] Nikolas? Nikolas, are you…? Please answer me.

I couldn’t let you take avery. I just wanted to stop you so I could… so I could reason with you. Nikolas? Please wake up. Anna devane is dead? Along with my granddaughter’s father, valentin cassadine. Are you sure about this? Yes. Valentin tracked anna to a paris catacomb, and then it collapsed. There are multiple fatalities. Whoever was behind this is responsible for a tremendous loss of life. You didn’t invite me out tonight to have a pity party, did you? Pity is not our style, but everyone we know is at the savoy. Celebrating the happy couple and toasting them. So I figured it was a great chance to go share a meal. Because I might feel what, taggert? Lonely? Jealous? Left out. Like me. Well, we could have gone. We were invited. But we declined, because it wouldn’t be right. Because you’re not over portia. Jordan, I’ve been over portia.

You are not over curtis. Uh, no, I’m not over wanting to protect him. What does that mean? Dr. Robinson, it’s so nice to finally meet you in person. Hey, tomorrow you’re going to be my son-in-law, curtis. Call me sterling. Sterling it is. I’m so glad that you and ezekiel both could make it. Yes. Thanks to you. And, uh, it’s zeke. No one calls me ezekiel except my mom when she’s mad at me. Which has happened, not just one, but maybe, I don’t know, 50 times.

[ Laughter ] Oh, okay. See, not even here five minutes and “sisteritis” rears its head.

[ Laughs ] Do want to hear what your fiancé did? Or you want to keep talking smack? Okay. Yes, yes, yes. I want to hear it all. Tell me everything. Thank you. So not only did this man arrange our flights last minute, he hired a caretaker to look after mom. He’s a keeper. Mom decided it would be best all around to sit this one out, and I’m sure she wishes them well. I know she wants curtis to be happy. Yeah. Still, I mean, it must be hard to see him move on. She’s only human. If we ever split up and you committed to somebody else, I… I don’t — I don’t know how I’d take it. Well, it’s a good thing you never have to find out. Because if we don’t work out, then I am joining a nunnery. That I can’t — I can’t even imagine.

[ Laughs ] But no relationship is infallible. You know what? Why are we even talking about this at your uncle’s rehearsal dinner? If it’s because I brought up your mom, then I’m sorry I mentioned it. No, no, no, we’re good. We’re good. I just want us to stay that way. Why wouldn’t we? Because we have something in common with why my mom and curtis didn’t make it. Speaking of doctors, where’s epiphany? Oh, uh… she’s out of town. Now that she passed her mcats, she’s checking out a few med schools on the west coast. Epiphany is moving? Maybe. Maybe not. Hopefully not. Trina, why are you hanging around me? Don’t you have a date tonight, or is he late?

[ Laughs ] You’re fun to hang around. Right. [ Chuckles ] And don’t worry. I didn’t invite spencer. I knew better than to bring him to a family event. Good call. Uncle, did something happen to valentin? He…died. My god. How? Drowned. In paris. I don’t understand. He drowned? What was he doing there? Was he on business? My son died putting others ahead of his family. Let that be a lesson to you, spencer. Friends may have their appeal. Women may… may have their uses, but in the final analysis, cleave only to your true family. Only a cassadine can really understand another cassadine. Heed these words, spencer. Lest you suffer the same fate as my son. Oh, please wake up! I didn’t mean it, you know? I just wanted you to stop you from taking avery. Are you breathing? Oh, god.

[ Knock on door ] Austin: Ava! Ava, you there? Ava, open up! It’s austin.

Now you know why I need you to step in. It’s just so upsetting. The loss of innocent life. And I believe that anna d evane was innocent. I think she was framed. Of course, now she’ll never have the chance to prove that, will she? And my little granddaughter. [ Gasps ] She is just bereft over the loss of her father. I’m sorry. I, um — why don’t we go over those contracts for the sanitation workers? Yeah, I’m, um… I’m not feeling very well myself. Could we tackle this in the morning? Well, of course, but do you think you’re going to be up to it? Oh, yes, I’ll be fine. I’m sorry about your friends, laura. Oh, thanks. Mission accomplished. Jordan, why do you feel you need to protect curtis? Just because we divorced our exes doesn’t mean we don’t still care. Yeah, me and portia still care about each other, but protecting her? That’s curtis’ responsibility now. Trina, that’s a different story. I’m always going to care about my baby girl no matter what. Well, you know me. Protecting everyone I care about is second nature. That includes you. I don’t need any protecting, no more than curtis does. Unless there’s something you’re not saying. You and I have always trusted each other with our lives, with our secrets. And I… hi, you two. Hi. I was just on my way to curtis and portia’s rehearsal dinner. I guess you two are not? Uh, not really feeling the moment. I saw you were withassistant mayor ashby. Looked intense. Anything I should know about? Oh, no. We were just going over some of the contracts for tomorrow’s meeting. And then she started to feel sick, and so she left kind of suddenly. Oh, well, I hope she feels better soon. I think things are likely to get worse for eileen before they get better. I hope that stella feels better soon. I heard that she was too ill to officiate at the wedding. You know mom wanted to be here more than anything, right? Oh, I know, I know. How’s she doing? Really? Is she having any side effects from the new medication, or…? Mm, she’s okay. She made me promise not to talk about her health with you. Of course she did. She just wants you to focus on your wedding and not worry about her. She, uh, sent you this. This is great grandmother’s brooch. Oh, no, no, no. I can’t accept this. This is far too valuable. She said you’d say that. She also said nothing is more priceless than the happiness of her only daughter. And I’m not wearing it, so you better.

[ Chuckles ] See ya. How can I thank you?

[ Laughs ] Now everything is going to be perfect tomorrow. What’s wrong? There’s been a slight hitch. But you know what? We got guests. It can wait. Okay, if there’s going to be a problem at our wedding day, I want to know. Curtis, tell me what’s going on. You know you can tell me. Yes, I am just hyper aware that time is fleeting and tomorrow’s not promised. I see spencer. He’s sensitive and kind. People just need to keep an open mind and give

him a chance. Sounds like your friendship’s been good for him. Just make sure the reverse is true. Curtis and my mom started leading separate lives. They let their careers take their focus. I just don’t want us to make the same mistake that my mom and curtis did. I mean, I miss you, but I still feel close to you. I feel the same. Promise me that we will always be vigilant about this. Promise. Okay. In fact, I can’t wait to get closer tonight. Please elaborate. Okay. I’m sorry, but I need to know, how close is the D.A. To nailing esme prince? Promise me you are commi ttedto this family, spencer. And to the f utureI’m trying to build four generations of cassadines to come. I am. I believe that there is a brighter future for the cassadine line. That gives me great comfort. I knew I could count on you to do what’s necessary. Well, you can. Starting with taking full custody of my little brother or sister. Austin: Ava?

[ Knocking ] Ava, are you in there? Ava, are you in there? Oh, hey, you’re here. Hey, doc. This really isn’t a good time. It’ll only take a minute. Maybe tomorrow. I’m on a business call. I can wait. You know, I really wasn’t expecting company this evening. Yeah, it’s really important. Will you please let me in? It’s really cold out here. You can wait in the sitting room. It’s, uh, upstairs and to the right. The staff has the evening off, so you’ll have to find it on your own. Go. Think, ava, think.

I hadn’t heard about stella being sick, but I worried this might happen. Stella has a history of health issues, and she was a little off when I saw her earlier today. Well, at least it’s nothing serious. I should get going. I hope you two have a wonderful evening. You too. Whatever this is, it really must have laid stella out. I can’t imagine her missing her nephew’s big day. I’ll call her. Maybe go and check in on her. See if she’s up for it. You know, it’s really good that you’ve kept up the relationship with curtis’ family. I’m grateful. Divorce doesn’t only affect the two people in the marriage. That’s how me and portia are. I mean, we have to for trina sake. And now that curtis is part of the equation, it’S… I mean, he’s — he’s a good guy. Yeah, he is. And so are you. And portia is a good woman. But sometimes good people get caught up — whoa, whoa, hold up, jordan. I know why you feel you got to protect curtis. You do? It’s because of portia’s lie. Why didn’t you tell me about aunt stella earlier? I was wondering why she wasn’t here yet. Auntie didn’t want to ruin tonight. And she feels awful about tomorrow. Aw, babe. And I know how badly you wanted her to officiate. Listen, as long as I get to marry you tomorrow, nothing else matters. Best man! [ Laughs ] You got that speech locked down yet? Well, I still kind of on the fence whether I’m going to go funny or get all sentimental. Either works. As long as it’s from the heart. That’s the truth. I will do my best. But I’ll tell you what. The gift that he is most grateful for is you being at the wedding. Drew. I just wish I could give him the one thing he asked for. Hello to you, too. I thought the bride was supposed to be the one in overdrive. Yeah, I guess I — I guess I came in kind of hot, huh? You know what? It’s totally understandable, given everything esme has put you through. But I’m afraid the defense might try to plead it out, argue for reduced penalties, or even a dismissal of charges. Which means esme will be free to live her life and raise her baby. Diane agreedto be my counsel. Even ava offered to help. I have the support of my friends. But you’re — you’re making this move against your father now? After everything I said about putting others ahead of family? Yes, uncle. I heard the cleaving part. But my sibling is a cassadine, too. Arguably the only one worth saving. This baby represents the future that you are so passionate about. And shouldn’t we give the newest cassadine heir the best chance in life? Can you honestly say that that would be with my father or esme? Nikolas is desperate to raise this child. I don’t care what my father wants. Huh. Neither do I. I knew I was right to put my trust in you, spencer. Well played. This custody move is stroke of genius. Excuse me, curtis. You have an uninvited guest. I told him it’s a private event, but he says he needs to have a word. Okay, n’neka. Than ks.I’ll handle it. Don’t go far. Where would I go?

[ Both chuckle ] Brad? Oh, hey. Sorry to intrude, curtis, but my aunt asked me to stop by. For what? The occasion of your wedding. My aunt selina sends her warmest compliments.

[ Ava grunts ]

[ Horse neighing in distance ] I’m so sorry, nikolas. I did love you.

Laura told victorthe authorities contacted her, confirming our deaths, but how do we know that victor buys that? After victor was contacted by laura, he verified it with his people. Okay, well, that’s neat. It’s clean. For now. What next? So, as far as victor knows, you and anna are deceased. You’re ghosts. And what do ghosts do best? They get three sheets to the wind. That’s not a dad joke, by the way. Charlotte taught me that. Ghosts do love their “boos.” They also exorcise. Okay, stop. Stop. And how do they exorcise? With a vigorous haunting. Tell your auntie I appreciate the well-wishes. Thank you for the delivery. You’re welcome to stay for a drink. Thanks, but I’m really not in the celebrating mood. Right. Sorry about your friend. Yeah. Congratulations. Whew! It is windy out there. And there you are. Can you believe your big day is here already? How do you feel? Overwhelmed, but happy. Portia! I’m so glad you could come! Oh, me too. You look beautiful. Thank you. Um, especially now, uh, because we have a big favor to ask of you. I would love to officiate your wedding. Are you psychic?

[ Laughs ] No. Stella called me. She explained the whole situation. That’s my auntie. Always taking care of business. And the people she loves. Thank you so much. That takes a real weight off of our shoulders. We appreciate it. Oh, it is my pleasure. And stella wanted you to know that she was very sorry that she wasn’t going to be able to make it. She didn’t sound that bad when I talked to her, but jordan seemed to think that it was just coming on all day. Jordan said that stella was sick earlier. Uh, yeah, she thought that it — she was worried that, uh… is something wrong? Oh, I think I’m just a little bit surprised. You know, stella seemed… she seemed fine when I saw her last. You know how, you know, those bugs can come on suddenly, you know? Yeah. Well, hey, let’s get a drink. Come on. Okay. You know, let me take a second with my mother’s gift. Sure. Okay. Okay? Well, I have to admit that I’m surprised you approve of me seeking custody. Although I’m glad that you do. Well, how could I not? Oh, I don’t just approve. I am impressed, spencer. This is a masterful move. It could be the key to finally getting your father to fall in line. Then you misunderstand, because this isn’t about getting my father to fall in line. This is about getting him out of our lives. Isn’t that what you want, too? Aren’t you finished with him? Oh, no one’s ever really finished with family. No, this is, um — this move is seamless. It builds on everything already in motion. It’ll take nikolas losing everything, including his baby, to force him finally back into the fold. You want to explain to me what’s going on here? Are you gonna call the cops? Is there any reason on this earth that I wouldn’t? Nikolas and I were arguing. He threatened to take my daughter. He said that he would use his uncle victor’s resources and I would never see avery again. And I — and I panicked. And I just grabbed the first thing that I could. And I — I hit him. I just wanted to stop him. But he fell, and he wasn’t breathing. So you put him in a closet and padlocked it? Can we — can we talk about that? Everyone will I think that I killed my husband out of revenge. Did you? No! I told you. I just wanted to stop him. I-I wanted to talk to him. He threatened to take my daughter! You think that sounds like a defense, but that sounds like motive. Despite everything, I loved him. I’m sure you did. All right, so he shows up here late at night, unannounced, uninvited, threatens to take your daughter. And I don’t know your track record with the truth, but with a great attorney, this could — no! You’re — you don’t understand. I killed nikolas. It doesn’t matter if I meant to. It doesn’t matter what any court might rule. I will be condemned and sentenced by victor cassadine.

What portia did, it hurt me. You know, it really hurt me. But, um… I’ve forgiven her. But trina. Of course it’s never easy learning that your parents are perfect. So, yeah, she was hurt. But she also understands that my behavior was part of it. Wait. How is any of this your fault? Jordan, I was never home. You and me, we were off doing undercover work all the time. I mean, my wife, she was lonely. She felt neglected. I get why you feel you got to protect curtis. You feel that if portia was unfaithful before, she could do it again. Actually, I believe portia genuinely loves curtis, and I’m certain that she would do anything not to lose him. Stella? It went straight to voicemail. Maybe you’re sleeping. But I just wanted to check in on you and see if you were okay. If you need anything, let me know. We miss you. What’s wrong, p? I know that look.

[ Sighs ] Nothing. Hopefully. Um, curtis’ aunt suddenly fell ill. And you’re worried? Not for the reason you might think. He asked me to perform at the c eremony. Drew, I don’t want to screw up on his big day. But that is highly unlikely, isn’t it? And as a wise man once told me, all that matters is it comes from the heart. This is my grandfather, dr. Sterling robertson. Granddad, this is curtis’ nephew, dr. Tj ashford. Hi. And his domestic partner, molly davis, esquire. Well, thank goodness for molly. We’re a little doctor heavy in this family.

[ Laughter ] Uh, excuse me. They’re playing our jam. Oh. Okay. Hold on.

[ Laughs ] All right. Oh, watch out now. What a dapper and distinguished gentlemen. Yes.

[ Indistinct chatter ] I would rather continue our conversation. Hm. You know the one about getting closer. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. Oh. So, uh, is everything okay? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I just got a lot on my mind. Uh-huh. And would one of those things be nikolas? How did you know? What was going on at the hospital earlier? What were you arguing about? Years ago, mac, sean, and I devised a plan to outwit ryan chamberlain. I was already dead, so he thought. So I haunted him in order to get his confession on tape. And it worked. And you think since he worked on ryan, that it’d be worth trying on victor? We have way better technology now. But in a nutshell, the strategy is torment, guilt, and compel. It’s worth a try, don’t you think? I mean, I already recorded a message from the great beyond earlier, so… wait a minute. You knew about this plan? Yeah, I did. Don’t be so dubious. Just hear us out. Well, there’s one minor flaw. What’s that? Your plan will never work on my father. Uncle victor, there has been enough manipulation in this family. This is a baby. This isn’t leverage. Oh, come on, spencer. Everything’s leverage if used in the right way. Well, my gaining custody of my sibling serves a higher purpose. It is to save my little brother or sister from my father. Now, you keep telling yourself that as long as you like. But from where I’m standing, I’m seeing a man finally tapping into his natural born instincts. You know, before I saw you, spencer, I was really quite bereft. Now, thanks to you, I have hope again. Is there anything I can do to get you to walk away right now? I am a very wealthy woman, and you can have money. Ava — you can have this house. You — you can have the gallery. What would I do with a gallery? I know that we don’t know each other very well, but I think that we understand some things. And I hope that, despite my history, I hope that you know that this is not who I am. Not anymore. Would you just — would you just give me some time to leave town with avery? Just — just give me some time to leave with my daughter. I’m going to stop you right now. Ava, there’s nothing that you can say that would change my mind.

You are looking way too serious for a blushing bride. Oh. You know, it’s not too late to back out. Oh, daddy. If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s curtis. I like him. Not sure if he deserves you, but he’ll do.

[ Both laugh ] And you wouldn’t be in the least bit biased. Oh. Would you? Oh, no, no.

[ Laughs ] You know, you have done nothing but made me proud. You are every father’s dream. You and that little granddaughter of mine.

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry. I got to go watch this.

[ Cheering ] Come on now!

[ Laughter ] How does she do it? How does she do it? Hey!

[ Laughter, chatter ] Nice of you to take my call. Anna and valentin are dead. News travels fast. Yes, my son was killed. Anna and your son were looking for lucy coe. Is she dead, as well? You assured me nobody would die. I didn’t sign up for this. You act as though you have some choice in the matter, eileen. You don’T. You work for me. You knew there were risks. I’m out. I’m no longer at your disposal. That is not your decision to make. You cross me, eileen, and getting caught will be the least of your worries. If you ‘re hoping to elicita confession from my father by playing on his guilt, you’re going to be disappointed. Yeah, you can’t shame the shameless, I suppose. Which is why I had to adjust the plan this time. Which part? The guilt part, the torment part, or the compel part? Oh, that all stays the same. I’m talking target. It’s not victor.

[ Static ] Anna: You’re next. You’re next, eileen. You’re next. You’re next. You’re next! Ava, I don’t belie vethat you wanted nikolas dead. Are you saying you’ll wait to report this? I’m saying I have no intention of reporting this at all. Why not? I’m not really clear on that just yet, but it feels right. And you helped me out when you didn’t have to. I don’t know. We’ve been talking about this. Families are complicated, right? And if victor is going to kill you if he finds out, then the only solution is for victor to never find out. What about laura and spencer? How do I — how do I keep it from them? Nikolas is dead. I’ll help you.

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