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Katie: Wait, so… you’re the reason why bill is able to blackmail steffy and finn into not testifying against sheila because–

Taylor: Yes, that’s what I’m saying. It’s– it’s true.

Steffy: Mom, don’T.

Taylor: Bill is using sheila’s freedom for mine.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Taylor: If sheila goes to prison, so do I. Because of what I did all those years ago. I shot bill.

[ Katie scoffs ]

Sheila: Oh, I love moments like this. Just the two of us all alone, holding each other. I used to be so phonetic, you know. I– I just– I– I just didn’t know how to– to be.

Bill: I’d say you’re getting the hang of it.

[ Sheila laughing ]

Sheila: You have taught me a new way to live. You’ve given me a– a second chance at life, bill. And– and I can’t– I can’t even begin to tell you how humbled and grateful I am. Really.

Deacon: Okay, great. So, four people at seven o’clock? Okay. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

Hope: Oh, hello.

Deacon: Hey! Look at this. My two favorite ladies.

Brooke: Look at you, running your restaurant.

Deacon: I know. It’s kinda hard to believe, right?

Hope: No, not at all. All you needed was a chance.

Brooke: And when that chance came, you made it count in a major way. The new owner of il giardino. Congratulations, deacon. I am so proud of you.

Hope: We both are.

[ Hope laughing ]

Brooke: So, how does it feel to own your own restaurant?

Deacon: It’s a lot of work, let me tell you. I’ve been here pretty much 24/7. So, my vision for this place is that I want it to be as authentic as possible. I’m talking all locally sourced ingredients, and I’m gonna bring in the finest olive oil. And I’m even thinking of doing a rooftop garden so I’ve got the freshest herbs.

Brooke: Wow. Impressive. I’m really happy for you.

Deacon: Thanks, brooke. I really appreciate your support. And you guys have perfect timing. Uh, I need a little bit of your help. Okay? Get a little feedback.

Brooke: Sure.

Deacon: Okay. Thank you. Uh, I am trying to get my signature pizza just perfect. And, uh, what I need is for you both to try a slice and give me your honest opinion. Oh, wait. Okay.

Brooke: Oh, you drive a hard bargain.

Hope: I know, right?

Brooke: Mm.

Deacon: There you go. All right. Dig in.

Brooke: Okay.

Hope: Mm. Okay.

Brooke: Okay, here goes.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: Mm.

Hope: Mm.

Brooke: That’s good.

Deacon: It’s missing something though, right?

Hope & brooke: Mm…

Hope: You know, now that you say that, I mean, it’s just my preference, but I know I do prefer a bit of a thinner crust.

Deacon: Okay, I am importing my own water for this, so…

Hope: Oh, well, it’s great because the crust makes the pizza, right?

Brooke: The sauce could be a little less… american and more italian.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: Mm. Were the tomatoes cooked down or did you use the paste?

Deacon: I think for this one I– I don’t–

Hope: Mm. And, you know, again, it’s just my preference, but a little bit of smoked mozzarella really goes a long way. Mm. Mm-hmm.

Brooke: And the cook time could be a hair shorter, just so it’s not so crispy.

Deacon: Okay. This is all valuable input.

Hope: Mm-hmm. But, you know, it is the first taste. Um, so, I do think I am going to need a– an another slice for, um, evaluation purposes.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. Make that two.

Deacon: Okay. I– I see what you’re doing here. This is– you guys are messing with me, right? All right, all right. But you can still have another slice.

Hope: That is great.

Brooke: Oh, thank goodness.

Deacon: Yes. Get in closer.

Bill: What are you saying?

That you would take me back?

If sheila goes to prison,

that you would forgive me?

That our family could be

one again?

Sheila: Oh, uh… you seem a little distracted.

Bill: I’m right here.

Sheila: Well, your body is right here. And I’m very happy about that. But your head seems a million miles away. Oh, come on, bill. Hey, whatever katie said, just put it out of your mind.

Katie: I can’t believe this.

Taylor: I know. I– I can hardly believe it myself. I–

Katie: All those years ago, when bill was shot, that was you? It was you. She is fearless

Brooke: So, hope told you sheila is out of prison?

Deacon: Yeah, she did.

Brooke: It’s outrageous! That woman is a criminal. She never should’ve gotten out of prison, but somehow, she always manages to land on her feet.

Hope: Yep. Sheila is free to terrorize innocent people yet again.

[ Brooke sighing] Dad?

Deacon: Hmm?

Hope: You okay?

Deacon: Yeah. No, I just– I guess I’m tired. You know, I’ve been so immersed with everything going on here, I– I don’t really know what else is going on.

Brooke: Oh, of course. I mean, why would you be thinking about sheila?

Sheila: This mood… has to do with katie?

Bill: Her visit got me thinking.

Sheila: About?

Bill: The past. What could’ve been.

Sheila: If only you had been different.

[ Bill sighing ] The logans and the forresters, they never accepted you. And katie and brooke, they gave you love on condition. And they– they twisted you. You constantly twisted yourself in knots over and over again to try to fit into the logan-forrester world. And– and what did that get you? Disappointment, abandonment. They left you time and time again. And then the worst part, taylor. She shot you in cold blood.

Steffy: Let’s not discuss this right now.

Katie: Are you kidding me?

Steffy: There’s a lot of moving parts, katie.

Katie: That’s why taylor here is gonna fit them all together.

Taylor: I’m going to try. I’m trying to piece them together myself. I don’t know what happened to me that night. I don’t know. I lost control. I– the only reference that I can think of, of that behavior is sheila. How she consistently disregards human life when she feels threatened or harmed. She has this darkness that she can’t control. She doesn’t know how to find the light. And that’s what makes her dangerous. But, you know, thank god not everybody is like that. Right? But– but there’s still a darkness that is inside of all of us.

Katie: I don’t know if I think that’s true, but go ahead.

Taylor: No, it’s– it’s human condition, katie. We all have a contrast of light and dark. And I don’t know what happened to me, but– but I allowed my rage and my anger to just take over me, just to wipe out any logical thought. Just block any light. I’m trying to understand what happened and I can’T.

Katie: I need to know exactly what happened that night. I know that people don’t think very highly of bill, especially now, but he is my son’s father. Will could’ve lost his dad forever. I mean, what were you thinking? What could have possibly possessed you to pick up a gun and shoot bill? If you think all pads are exactly the same…

Deacon: Hey, honey, uh, do you know the name of any good planners? Think I’m gonna do a relaunch. You know, generate a little buzz.

Hope: Yeah. Absolutely. I– I will send you a few contacts.

Deacon: All right. I appreciate it. You know, I’d also like to try and get a few good reviews here. Though I don’t know how that would fly in, uh, bill spencer’s publications. You haven’t noticed, he’s not exactly my biggest fan.

Hope: Yeah. Well, bill is not making the best decisions as of late.

Deacon: Hmm.

Brooke: Yeah. I am shocked. I mean, I– I’m really disappointed in bill actually shacking up with sheila and… blackmailing finn and steffy to keep her out of prison. I mean, I don’t get it. What’s going on in his head? What’s he doing?

Hope: A man would have to be crazy to develop feelings for someone like sheila carter.

Sheila: I’m sorry. Is it wrong of me to bring up taylor shooting you? If– if you don’t wanna talk about what happened–

Bill: It’s something I’ll never forget.

Sheila: Something I never guessed would happen in a million years. I’ll bet you it’s something taylor will never forget either. Now she’s gonna have to live with this for the rest of her life.

Katie: I need to know why, taylor. Why would you shoot bill? It goes against everything you supposedly stand for.

Taylor: It does. It does on every single level. I– I thought bill had done something unforgivable. I– I don’t know. I– I– I was– I was– I was consumed by– by this rage, by this anger. I– I– I went over to bill’s just to confront him. I– I never– I never was gonna kill him.

[ Wind howling ]

[ Classical music playing ] There were santa anas that night.

[ Wind howling ] The wind was howling. And– and the gates were open. I– I approached the door. There was classical music playing. It was loud. So I just walked in. I was so confused. I– I saw bill. He was– he was standing with his back to me. He was– he was drinking, looking out the terrace. And I– I– I looked around and– and I saw– I saw a gun. And I just picked it up. I picked it up and I… I started walking towards bill. All I could think about was this awful thing that he had done. What he had done. What a terrible person he was. And– and then I was not gonna let him get away with it. And then all of a s-sudden, I just– I pulled the trigger.

[ Taylor sobbing ] I did it.

Brooke: Sheila has zero redeeming qualities. She’s a criminal. She’s a sociopath. How could any man be in a relationship with her?

Hope: Well, maybe bill is going through his midlife crisis.

Brooke: Mm.

Hope: Or maybe he’s just going through another one of his self-destructive streaks again. I don’t know.

Brooke: Well, there’s self-destructive, and then there’s insane. I mean, maybe bill really has lost his mind. Or maybe sheila’s better at manipulating people than we thought. Maybe sheila is using bill, or bill could be using sheila.

Hope: Well, for what?

Brooke: I don’t know. I– I don’t know, honey. I’m just trying to make sense of all of this. I mean, how could he really have feelings for sheila? How could any man be in love with her?

Hope: I’m not exactly sure, but… I don– I just– I don’t think there is making any sense of this right now.

Brooke: No, but there’s got to be a reason. What is going on?

Sheila: What a horrible night that must have been for you. Being ambushed in your own living room. Shot in the back. You could’ve died, bill. It’s chilling to think that I could’ve lost you all those years ago. And before we ever had a chance to find one another.

Bill: Well, that didn’t happen.

Sheila: You know why?

Bill: Why?

Sheila: Because of this.

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: Us. We’re meant to be. I remember when you got shot. I didn’t know you well. Just remember the stunning news. How this incredible force of a man was– was taken down by a coward. And then to find out that it was taylor. God, she– she falls victim of the dark side. You know, I– I realize now that I am– I am not a monster. I simply made mistakes like everyone else. And I love how you understand that about me.

[ Sheila chuckles softly ]

Taylor: I am so sorry, katie.

Katie: You shot him and you just left him. You never gave it another thought?

Taylor: No, I did. Of course, I did. I shot someone, katie. I– I was horrified by what I did. I still am. Katie, I think about will and I think about if I would’ve taken his father out of this world, I couldn’t have lived with myself. I– I don’t know who I was that night. I– it wasn’t me. It wasn’T.

Steffy: Katie, you know my mom. She is a good person. Yes, she– she snapped that night. And– and I’m not condoning what she did, but it was a long time ago. We moved on. Bill– bill forgave my mother. He promised he wasn’t gonna say anything… until now.

Katie: I’m– I’m sorry, but this is– this is just a lot.

Taylor: I know.

Katie: I mean, I– I– I can’t even wrap my head around it. I– bill and I loved each other for a really long time, and he is the father of my son. And you could have killed him.

Taylor: I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I–

Katie: Well, at least I know the whole story. But it still doesn’t answer the question of how sheila was able to get in his head. Find him at his most vulnerable and use this against him. Turn him against everyone that he loves. His kids, his grandkids. He’s putting them all in danger.

Steffy: You have a lot of questions. And yes, we want answers. But we need to figure out a way how to get her out of our lives. How we’re gonna stop sheila once and for all.

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