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Ava: Spencer. I know Britt’s memorial is today, so I won’t take up too much of your time. I have been giving a lot of thought to our last conversation.

Spencer: When I asked you to help me fight my father for custody of Esme’s baby, yes.

Ava: Yeah, that’s the one. Did you talk to Trina like I suggested?

Spencer: I did.

Ava: And did she convince you to abandon this highly risky scheme?

Trina: There’s my long-lost roommate.

Josslyn: Hi.

Trina: Hi.

Josslyn: What are you doing here?

Trina: Oh, Britt Westbourne’s memorial is today.

Josslyn: Oh, right. Um, yeah. I-I want to swing by if I can. I owe Britt a lot.

Trina: You do?

Josslyn: Yeah. Um. She helped Willow with her cancer diagnosis, so… I didn’t realize that you knew Britt very well.

Trina: Uh, I don’t. I’m just… here as support. For Spencer. That’s a lot of food. You feeding an army?

Josslyn: Uh, sometimes it feels like it, the way we fight. But, no, this is just for my family, which is about to get one person bigger.

Trina: Oh!

The role of Nikolas Cassadine will now be played by Adam Huss.

Nikolas: Cassadine and Webber. Yup, right there. We good?

Guard: Mm.

Nikolas: Glad you came around to my way of thinking.

Carolyn: I’m here as a doctor, to evaluate that young woman. Nothing more.

Nikolas: You’re here as a mother, as well. Help me — and you help Elizabeth.

Carolyn: Because this woman is a threat to you both?

Nikolas: A very real and dangerous one.

Stella: Is there some reason you don’t want our conversation overheard?

Jordan: It’s just quieter in here, that’s all.

Stella: Huh. Okay, out with it. Why were you asking Trina and I about the DNA tests we took?

Jordan: Just research for a case.

Stella: What case? You investigating the genealogy website? Don’t tell me that they’re guilty of unethical practices.

Jordan: No, it’s nothing like that.

Stella: Then what?

Jordan: I’m just fact-finding, Stella. Can we leave it at that?

Stella: [ Scoffs ] And here I thought you knew me well enough not to play me for a fool.

Curtis: Man, thanks for coming, drew. You know this could have waited.

Drew: What? What are you talking about? A tux fitting — that waits for nobody.

Curtis: No, I’m serious. I mean it.

Drew: I mean it, too. Your wedding is days away, and I intend — I look forward — to fulfilling my best man duties.

Curtis: And, see, this is why you’re best man.

Drew: Ah, come on.

Curtis: Especially with everything your family’s going through.

Drew: Yeah, the last couple days has definitely been a whirlwind.

Curtis: So…

Drew: [ Sighs ]

Curtis: …How is Willow?

Austin: Big day.

Michael: Yeah. To, uh, admit, I pictured this going a little differently.

Austin: You mean you didn’t a picture yourself dressed up like a big blue marshmallow?

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Austin: This isn’t your thing?

Michael: Not really.  [ Chuckles ]

Austin: [ Laughs ] The OR is generally a pretty sterile environment, but with Willow being immunocompromised, we’re just taking some extra precautions.¬† How’s it feel?

Michael: Uh… [Sighs] Awkward.

Austin: That’s probably about right. Here you go.

Michael: So, you’re s-sure I’m not putting Willow at risk by being in the room with her?

Austin: No, the only way you’re going to hurt Willow is if you’re not there for the birth of your daughter. These things are the worst. I’ll help you out.

Michael: Sure.

Austin: There you go.

Michael: Thank you.

Austin: Yup.

Michael: Okay, thanks.

Austin: You know, babies — hands down the best part of my job.¬† Mind if I join you in the OR?

Elizabeth: How are you feeling? Ready to meet your baby girl?

Willow: I can’t wait. [ Sighs ] But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious.

Elizabeth: That’s understandable. Dr. Navarro will be in soon, but in the meantime, I can answer any questions for you.

Willow: I’m sure you’ve observed a lot of C-sections.

Elizabeth: Too many to count. And I’m sure you’ve seen a few in your training here. So you know they’re usually pretty routine.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Willow: But have you ever seen one performed on a patient with stage iv leukemia?

Elizabeth: Your situation is the first in my career. That being said, you know this hospital. You work in this hospital. You have the most prepared and proficient team to get you through this.

[ Door opens ]

Elizabeth: And the best support system. [ Chuckles ]

Michael: Hey.

Willow: Hi.

Michael: So, how are you feeling?

Willow: I’m hanging in there. You?

Michael: Oh, you know…

Austin: Cool as a cucumber, this one.

Willow: You lie.

Michael: Uh, yeah. Yeah, he lies.

Elizabeth: It’s totally normal to be nervous, right, doctor?

Austin: Oh, yeah. Sure. Having a baby is a pretty big deal from what I hear.

Elizabeth: And this is dr. Adler, your anesthesiologist. He’ll be doing your spinal block.

Willow: I’ve witnessed the procedure, but I’ve never had one myself.

Dr. Adler: Well, first I’ll administer a local anesthetic. Once that takes effect, I’ll insert the needle between your lumbar vertebrae and through the dura to inject the medicine.

Michael: Is that — is that gonna be painful, or…?

Dr. Adler: Shouldn’t be any pain. She may experience some pressure as I insert the needle. You may also feel some tingling as the anesthesia takes effect, and that is normal. But once it’s fully working, you won’t experience any pain below the waist.

Elizabeth: And you won’t be able to feel your legs or move them.

Michael: So, Willow, don’t even think about running off, okay?

Willow: [ Chuckles ] I’m staying right here with you and our daughter.

Michael: Forever.

Willow:¬† That’s the plan.

Stella: You were very interested in my DNA test. Oddly so. You even took it upon yourself to send it to your friend in forensics.

Look, Curtis and I were just trying to help you. The markers indicated you had a close relative in town.

Stella: Which was a glitch in the website. We realized that after we discovered the match was my cousin in London.

You know, TJ always felt the chances of a glitch were low, and I agree. Your second match, yes, was your distant cousin, but the first one [Sighs] was likely someone else.

Stella: [ Scoffs ] After all this time, why can’t you let this go?¬† Unless you still believe I have a secret love child here in Port Charles. Hold on. Jordan, are you implying that someone else has a child out there? And that person is related to me?

Trina: I had no idea things got so bad with Willow. Why didn’t you tell me?

Josslyn: Um. I-I’ve been meaning to talk to you. It’s just been so crazy.

Trina: [ Sighs ] I know. I-I get it. I just — I wish I was there to support you. Not just through that, but…through your breakup.

Josslyn: Spencer told you?

Trina: Cam did. Are you okay?

Josslyn: Um… you know, it’s been rough. What did he say?

Trina: Oh…not much. I-I think he was hurting so bad, he can’t talk about it.

Josslyn: [ Exhales deeply ] I hate that he’s hurting, and it’s because of me. [ Sighs ]

Trina: I’m sorry, Joss.

Josslyn: Don’t be. It’s on me.

Trina: [ Scoffs ] Just because you were the one who ended the relationship doesn’t mean that you’re not hurting, too.

Josslyn: Thanks.

Trina: I mean, I just saw how hard that you were trying to make it work with Cameron. I just — [ Sighs ] You must have truly felt like there was no other option.

Josslyn: I just wish that Cameron could understand that.

Trina: He’ll get there.

Josslyn: What?

Trina: What?

Josslyn: You want to say something?

Trina: No, I just — I — Spencer just thinks that there was more to your break-up than you and Cam growing apart.

Josslyn: Spencer’s not wrong.

Spencer: Trina has…reservations about me seeking custody, but she is… supportive.

Ava: Hmm. Well, that’s Trina — loyal as they come.

Spencer: She’s a good friend. She’ll be meeting me here momentarily, actually.

Ava: You used the “F” word. So you and Trina are friends after all?

Spencer: For now. So you think that my scheme is risky, huh?

Ava: [ Chuckles ] I think I said, “highly risky.” That doesn’t mean I’m against it, however. But didn’t Diane Miller tell you that your — your odds of winning custody are very slim?

Spencer: Still have to try.

Ava: Mm. What if I could increase your chances exponentially without you even having to step foot in a courtroom?

Nikolas: Esme, hi. Nikolas Cassadine.

Esme: You’re, um… Spencer’s father.

Nikolas: I’m also the one who arranged for your legal representation.

Esme: Thank you. Um. It’s nice to know that there’s at least one person looking out for me, even if they’re being paid to do it.

Nikolas: [ Chuckles ] Make that two of us looking out for you. Dr. Webber is also here to help.

Esme: Hello. [ Chuckles softly ]

Carolyn: I understand you’re experiencing some memory loss.

Esme: Well, not just some — I can’t remember anything about who I am.

Carolyn: We’ll try to get to the root of that and see if anything can be done to restore it.

Nikolas: Or determine if your condition is permanent.

Michael: So, um, after the C-section, what will Willow’s recovery be like?

Austin: Ah, for most patients, it’s just a couple of weeks.

Willow: Unfortunately, I’m not most patients.

Austin: Okay, now, listen, I-I have [Laughs] delivered my share of babies.

Elizabeth: Including one in the woods.

Austin: Exactly. Maxie and Bailey — they’re doing great. Mothers and infants, even under less-than-ideal circumstances, they never cease to astonish me with their ability to thrive.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Dr. Adler: What do you feel, Willow?

Willow: Almost nothing.

Dr. Navarro:  Excellent. Exactly how we want you to feel. So, what do you say, guys? Ready to meet your daughter?

Jordan: You know what? You’re right. There’s no point in rehashing a test you took years ago.

Stella: No, no, it’s not only me. You were asking about Trina’s test, too. Why?

Jordan: I shouldn’t have done that.

Stella: But you did. And you obviously did it for a reason. This isn’t about a case, is it? From what Trina told me, she took her test back in high school around the same time I took mine.

Jordan: TJ and I thought it was strange that your first test indicated a match right here in town —

Stella: Uh-huh.

Jordan: …And then vanished. I called the company —

Stella: Back then?

Jordan: Recently. A match can only disappear if that person withdraws their profile from the website.

Stella: Trina said that she deleted her account after finding out she had a close match here in Port Charles. Jordan, are you telling me you think that Curtis and Portia are related to each other?

Salesman: Here we are. Back with the second one.

Drew: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Curtis: Thanks, man. So, Willow — she’s having a C-section today.

Drew: She is, yeah.

Curtis: So why are you here, man? Why aren’t you at the hospital?

Drew: I have plenty of time to meet the baby. Plus, the waiting room is packed full of people looking after Willow, including her mother — who is Nina.

Curtis: Nina?

Drew: Yes. Nina —

Curtis: W-w–

Drew: …is Willow’s mother. You know, Nina gave birth to twins — Nelle and Willow. And — and then Nina’s mother gave Willow to Harmony Miller to raise.

Curtis: When did all of this come out?

Drew: Just recently.

Curtis: Wow. [ Sighs ] Look, I don’t know if you know this, but, years ago, Nina hired me to track down her missing child, and that’s when I eventually tracked down Phyllis.

Drew: I did not know that.

Curtis: Yeah, so you can imagine how invested I became.

Drew: Yeah. Hard not to.

Curtis: You know, Nina was crushed when she, uh — when she found out that Nelle was her daughter, especially after she had died. She thought she had blown her only chance to become a mother. Turns out that, uh, she didn’t.

Drew: Hmm.

Curtis: So were you the one who uncovered the truth?

Drew: No, no, it was — it was Carly. Well, while Harmony was dying, she told Carly that Nina was Willow’s mother.

Curtis: Wait a minute. Harmony died months ago. So Carly waited all this time to reveal the truth?

Trina: So you didn’t break up with Cam because you two grew apart?

Josslyn: No, I did. Mostly.

Trina: What’s the rest?

Josslyn: I’m really sorry that I didn’t tell you. I mean, it must have been really weird to hear it from Cam and not me.

Trina: A little.

Josslyn: I think I was just scared.

Trina: How come?

Josslyn: Well, I don’t feel too great about how it all went down.

Trina: How did it go down? What — what’s — what’s going on?

Josslyn: [ Sighing ] Oh, god. It is way too much to get into right now, but I promise I will tell you everything.

Trina: You better. I’ll text you after the memorial.

Josslyn: You won’t be too busy with Spencer? What’s going on there?

Trina: Hmm… we’re friends again. For real this time.

Josslyn: And you trust him after everything that’s happened?

Trina: Spencer’s changed.

Josslyn: And do you really believe that?

Spencer: Avoiding court sounds ideal.

Ava: Doesn’t it?

Spencer: How?

Ava: Leverage.

Spencer: Blackmail.

Ava: Potato, “potahto.”

Spencer: It would have to be legit, something that he absolutely cannot get out of.

Ava: Oh, trust me. There’s one thing in this world that Nikolas doesn’t want coming to light — and this is it.

Spencer: Could he go to jail?

Ava: Even if he doesn’t, it will irreparably harm his reputation.

Spencer: Can’t have that.

Ava: Certainly not.

Spencer: What is that?

Ava: Dynamite. And if you use it, it’ll clear any and all obstacles in your path.

Trina: You forgave Spencer, like, what? A thousand times? Why — why can’t I?

Josslyn: Okay, there’s a big difference. Cameron and I never had feelings for Spencer that went beyond friendship.

Trina: W-well, speaking of… do you think you two will be able to stay friends?

Josslyn: Cam and me? Well, I’d — I’d like to say “yes.” I know that I want him in my life. But ultimately, that’s up to Cam.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Josslyn: And my niece is on her way.

Trina: Oh!

Josslyn: So I got to go.

Trina: Yeah, you do.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] We’ll continue this later.

Trina: Yes. Alright. And kiss that little girl for me, please.

Josslyn: I will. Britt was a really brave woman. Tell Spencer I’m really sorry.

Trina: I will.

Ava: There’s a Web address on here. Go to it and you’ll find a video.

Spencer: A video…of what?

Ava: Something that will give you power over Nikolas.

Spencer: Why?

Ava: Why what?

Spencer: Why are you helping me? My father already gave you what you wanted.

Ava: All the Wyndemeres in the world wouldn’t make up for his betrayal. Betrayals. [ Breathes sharply ] But let me warn you, Spencer, you cannot unsee this. And if you choose to use it against your father, there will be no going back. You will be his sworn enemy. Are you ready for that?

Spencer: I can’t let him parent another child.

Ava: Okay.

Spencer: Thank you, Ava. Unless you’re having second thoughts.

Ava: I no longer care what happens to your father.

Spencer: He will resent you, too, you know. Assuming that he’s going to know where I got this.

Ava: Oh, he’ll know. But not to worry. I’m an expert at watching my back.

Carolyn: I’m assuming you had cognitive and diagnostic testing at General Hospital?

Esme: It felt like they ran every test under the sun.

Carolyn: And no sign of a brain injury?

Esme: That’s what they say.

Carolyn: Last question — what’s your earliest memory?

Esme: Um… seeing Spencer and his friend on that ship before I collapsed. Your son seems very kind. I hope he gets that from you. [ Chuckles ]

Carolyn: Well, from everything you’ve told me, I’m leaning towards dissociative amnesia.

Esme: What’s that?

Carolyn: It’s when someone is unable to recall important personal information, as opposed to not being able to recall a few hours, or even days. You can’t recall your identity. This amnesia is usually caused by trauma or stress.

Nikolas: Which, considering you washed up on a boat, you’ve clearly endured plenty of.

Esme: Is it fixable?

Carolyn: Psycho and cognitive therapies have proven valuable in these instances.

Esme: That’s great. So you can help me regain my memory.

Nikolas: There’s also clinical hypnosis, isn’t there? Dr. Webber is an expert in the field.

Esme: If hypnosis can help, then [Chuckles] I am all in. I need to remember who I am so I can help raise your grandchild right.

Dr. Navarro: Willow, I’m going in to get your baby now. You’ll feel pressure and a tugging sensation, but no pain.

Willow: Okay.

Michael: You got this.

Elizabeth: You’re doing great, Willow. Home stretch.

Dr. Navarro: Almost there.

Willow: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Baby crying ]

Michael: She’s here. Our daughter’s here.

Austin: Yes, she is. And apparently, she wants us all to know it.

Willow: Is the baby okay?

Elizabeth: She’s perfect.

Michael: Told you.

Willow: Yes, you did. [ Sobs ]

[ Baby whines ]

Stella: Is Curtis about to marry his own kid?!

Jordan: No. No. Curtis and Portia are not related.

Stella: Oh, thank god. For a minute there, I was worried that whatever this is would threaten the wedding. Jordan…? What are you not saying?

Jordan: This is your family matter, not mine.

Stella: My family? This isn’t about Curtis and Portia, it’s about me and Trina. If she was my first match, a-am I a distant relative of her father? No, no, that — that can’t be right because the indicator says it’s a closer relation. And if I’m not related to Portia or Taggert, how could I poss– unless Taggert isn’t Trina’s father — and Curtis is.

[ Baby cries ]

Willow: Hi, baby!

Austin: Does she have a name?

Willow: No, not yet. We were afraid to make plans.

Elizabeth: Well, you better put your thinking caps on. She can’t go by “baby girl” forever.

Willow: [ Laughs ]

Michael: Uh, we can’t thank you enough. I wish Dr. Randolph was here, too, but… everyone here has been — been so supportive, and you made an incredibly difficult situation more tolerable.

Willow: Yes. All of you. And Dr. Westbourne.¬† Her memorial is today? She helped us get this far. We’ll never forget it. Hi, baby.

Dr. Navarro: Let’s get you to recovery so you can hold your daughter.

Willow: Sounds good to me. [ Chuckles ]

Dr. Navarro: And while you get settled, nurse Baldwin will go with her to the NICU for a routine exam.

Willow: Okay. Okay. Okay.

[ Baby coos ]

Willow: [ Chuckles ] Can you go with her? I don’t want our little girl to be alone.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Our little girl. We have a daughter.

Willow: [ Laughs ] You sound surprised.

Michael: I’m just — I’m just in awe.

[ Both sigh ]

Michael: And I’m so incredibly grateful.

Willow: [ Chuckles ] Me, too. [ Sobs ] [ Sniffles ]

Ava: Oh, I miss you.

Trina: I miss you, too.

Ava: We should have dinner soon. Maybe at my new home.

Trina:¬†You’re moving?

Ava: Y– back to Wyndemere.

Trina:¬†I thought you said “new.”

Ava: It’s newly mine and mine alone. We’ll talk soon, okay?

Trina: Okay.

Spencer: Hey.

Trina:¬†Hi. I’m confused.

Spencer: Okay.

Trina: [ Chuckles ] So your father sold Wyndemere to Ava?

Spencer: No, he gave it to her.

Trina: Why?

Spencer: [ Breathes sharply ] Um, believe me, he didn’t do it willingly.

Trina: [ Laughs ] And what did she give you?

Spencer: I’m sorry?

Trina:¬†When I walked in here, she was giving you a slip of paper. Okay. Never mind. You don’t have to tell me.

Spencer: No, it’s okay. Um. I want to tell you. No more secrets between us anymore, right? [ Sniffles ] [ Clears throat ] [ Breathes deeply ] It is a link to a video. Evidence of my father at his worst and, apparently, just what I need to beat him out for custody of Esme’s baby.

Trina:¬†Huh. That sounds… sketchy at best. And I don’t want to even think about what “worst” is.

Spencer: You don’t trust Ava?

Trina:¬†I do, but I also have no illusions about Ava.¬† Are you sure you want to use what’s on that video?

Carolyn: It was nice meeting you, Esme. I wish you nothing but the best.

Esme: Thank you…?

Nikolas: I’ll be right back.

Carolyn: [ Whispering ] What is wrong with you?

Nikolas: I’m not sure what you mean.

Carolyn: You never mentioned that woman was pregnant!

Nikolas: Does it matter?

Carolyn: [ Scoffs ] You’re asking me to influence and exploit someone carrying your own grandchild?

Nikolas: That baby is not my grandchild.

Carolyn: Then why did she s– you know what? I don’t care. You know this is plain unethical. You know it.

Nikolas: And you’ve never done anything unethical, have you? Why don’t we call your daughter and ask her?

Carolyn: [ Sighs ] God help you.

Nikolas: If only.

Carolyn: [ Exhales deeply ]

Curtis: You and Carly are good friends.

Drew: We are.

Curtis: And she never let on about Nina and Willow?

Drew: I wish she had. Then Nina would have known a lot sooner that she was Willow’s mom.

Curtis: What about your search for Willow’s birth parents? Wasn’t Carly helping you with that?

Drew: Yeah, I thought so, too. Turns out that she was impeding the progress so the truth wouldn’t come to light.

Curtis: Wow.

Drew: Yeah. Wow.

Curtis: Drew, tell me you didn’t let that go.

Stella: How long have you known?

Jordan: I don’t know anything for sure.

Stella: But you suspect!

Jordan: Yes.

Stella: Curtis and Portia’s affair… would line up with how old Trina is.

Jordan: Stella —

Stella: Why didn’t Curtis tell me?! He doesn’t know. Oh, my god. He doesn’t know.

Jordan: None of us do. Not even Trina.

Stella: Have you and Portia discussed this?

Jordan: I urged her to tell Curtis it was a possibility. Warned her that a marriage with secrets was doomed to fail, just like mine did.

Stella: Well — well, maybe she mentioned it. Maybe she — she listened to you… and she talked to him after all.

Jordan: You know your nephew, Stella. Do you really think Curtis could go through with the wedding if he knew Portia had kept that from him?

Stella: No, no, he — he would need time to work through this, and even that wouldn’t suffice.¬† So — so what now?

Jordan: What?

Stella: Well, what are you going to do about it? I mean, you’ve been quite the detective, gathering the evidence. Now what? Are you going to tell Curtis?

Jordan: It’s not my business to tell.

Stella: Okay, well, if you won’t tell him, I will.

Trina: You came such a long way since you came back to Port Charles after you pulled all that crap.

Spencer: Fun times.

Trina: So if you’re serious about getting custody of your sister or brother —

Spencer: I am.

Trina: Then shouldn’t you go about it the right way?

Spencer: In an ideal world, yes. But the “right way” isn’t guaranteed to work.

Trina: [ Sighs ] You know, I’ve — I’ve been telling people you’ve changed.

Spencer: I have changed. And I’m not saying that I’m going to use whatever is in this video for sure, but I am saying that I need to look at it in order to know.¬† Trina, I could have lied to you, but I told you because I trust you.

Trina: I appreciate that. I really do. But what if I’m not on board with you fighting dirty?

Spencer: Even if it means saving my little sibling, Trina?

Trina: Who is going to save you?

Spencer: I thought that was your job.

Trina: [ Scoffs ]

Spencer: Trina, for once, this isn’t about me. This is about protecting an innocent life. And I’m going to do whatever I have to do, starting with watching that video.

Trina: [ Breathes deeply ] Fine. But you’re not watching it alone.

Drew: I am not okay with what Carly did, and she is well aware of that. Now, I got to take a look at the fit here. [ Laughs ] See [Laughs] How good everything looks. Come on, now.

Curtis: I would say this is tailored to your specifications.

Drew: Don’t I look good? So, does the wedding feel real?

Curtis: Oh, brother, it is feeling realer by the day. I’m just counting the minutes. And I got to say, I am jazzed to have you standing by my side.

Drew: It’s a privilege, alright? I will always stand by you — just the way that you have stood by me.

Curtis: The way I will always stand by Nina.

Drew: And we’re back.

Curtis: [ Laughs ] Drew, I just — I don’t appreciate what Carly did to Nina or to you.

Drew: Well, okay, so for what it’s worth, Carly does truly regret lying to me.

Curtis: Mm-hmm. But not to Nina. Look, Drew, I-I-I don’t know. Carly’s going to do what Carly’s going to do, but I’m just really glad the two of y’all never got together. [ Sighs ]

Jordan: Stella, now, hold on.

Stella: You are not talking me out of this.

Jordan: Just stop and think. What will you accomplish by telling Curtis something that will blow up his life?

Stella: I will be giving him the courtesy of the truth.

Jordan: No, you’ll be sharing an unproven theory. Listen, I’m with you, okay? I think Curtis has a right to know. But don’t you think he should hear it from Portia, his fianc√©e, the possible — possible — mother of his child? And not for nothing — don’t forget you have a history of meddling.

Stella: I meddle out of love.

Jordan: I know that. But Curtis could perceive it differently, especially if it turns out we’re wrong.

Stella: Well, then, let’s find out.

Jordan: What, if we’re wrong?

Stella: Yes, before Curtis walks down that aisle.

Spencer: [ Sighs ]

[ Both sigh ]

Trina: Are you sure?

Spencer: Last chance to bail.

Trina: We’re in this together.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Nikolas: “I, Nikolas Cassadine, of sound mind and body, do hereby acknowledge and confess that I, and I alone, am responsible for the disappearance of Esme Prince.”

Esme: Is Dr. Webber upset, Mr. Cassadine?

Nikolas: Not at all. And please — call me Nikolas.

Esme: [ Sighs ] I thought I said something wrong or —

Nikolas: Nothing you said was wrong. But one part did confuse me. What gave you the impression that Spencer is the father of your baby?

Dr. Navarro: As we discussed, it was a very simple process to collect the cord blood. Only took about 10 minutes.

Willow: Is Michael with the baby?

Dr. Navarro: Michael’s with your daughter in the NICU.

Willow: We have to keep an eye on Jonah.

Dr. Navarro: I thought you hadn’t picked out a name yet.

Willow: [ Softly ] He can’t slip away again.

Dr. Navarro: Willow, what’s today’s date?

Willow: It’s the fourth of July.

Dr. Adler: BP’s dropping.

[ Monitor beeping slowly ]

Willow: She’s hemorrhaging. Give her oxytocin bolus and methergine I.M. Call a code OB. Willow, I need you to keep talking to me. Willow! Willow!

Drew: Well, that’s a bold statement.

Curtis:¬†You don’t agree?

Drew: That it’s a good thing Carly and I never got together?

Curtis: Yeah, man, lies are hard to get past.

Drew: Oh, this coming from a guy who said he’d never forgive his father, and now look at the two of you.

Curtis: Fair point.

Drew: I hear a “but” coming. So you might as well just go ahead and say it.

Curtis: But it was from Marshall, my dad, okay? That was family, okay? His lies were to protect me.

Drew: Well, in Carly’s mind, she was protecting her family.

Curtis:¬†At the expense of someone else’s. If you want to be friends with Carly, look, that’s all you, okay? But if someone had kept a life-altering secret like that from me? I just — there’s no getting past that.

Jordan: The only way to be sure is a DNA test. And we can’t do that without Curtis and Trina’s consent.

Stella: What, are you telling me that my hands are tied, and that’s it?

Jordan: [ Scoffs ] I’m saying it’s not our place.

Stella: Well, I don’t accept that. What am I supposed to do? Officiate Curtis and Portia’s wedding like everything is fine and dandy?

Jordan: Yes, because that’s what they asked you to do.

Stella: Well, that’s insane. I will not stand by and watch the woman who’s lying to my nephew’s face walk down the aisle and marry him. No way, no how!

Nikolas: “…Any chance I had of reconciling with Spencer was ruined. In effect, Esme destroyed my life. When she attacked me on the turret, relishing every second, I grabbed her in a fit of rage and pushed her to her death. Honestly, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner to spare the people I love the pain I’ve caused them. This I solemnly swear.”

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Esme: Spencer came to see me at the hospital, and he said that he might be the baby’s father.

Nikolas: I’m sorry, Esme. I’m not sure why Spencer told you that. He’s not the father.

Esme: [ Sighs ] I was really hoping that I’d found my baby’s family.

Nikolas: You have. That baby is more loved and wanted than you can imagine.

Esme: And how do you know that?

Nikolas: Because it’s mine.

Carolyn:  You need some rest. Lizzie, you look exhausted.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] It’s Elizabeth, Mom, not Lizzie. What can I do for you?

Carolyn:  Nothing. My hope is to do something for you.

Ava: Oh, hey, Doc. You know, I made an appointment with that plastic surgeon you recommended. And so, pretty soon, this scar from the stabbing will be a thing of the past.

Austin: That’d be great.

Ava: Yeah.

Austin: Listen, I’m — I’m really sorry that you walked in on that scene in my office. I — I — I’d like to apologize for that.

Ava: No, no, no, no. If there’s anybody who understands complicated family dynamics, you’re looking at her.

Austin: Yeah. Would that all scars were so easily fixed.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Ava: Yeah, right on.

Austin: Excuse me. This is an emergency.

Ava: Yeah, well, I-I certainly hope whoever it is, is — is okay, so…

[ Monitor beeping, baby fusses ]

Michael: You have no idea [Sighs] how loved you are. But you will.

Josslyn: That’s a promise. Is this my niece?

Michael: Yeah, that’s her, in all her glory.

Josslyn: [ Gasps ] Oh! Michael, congratulations.

Michael: Thank you.

Josslyn: So the surgery went okay?

Michael: Yeah, everything went great.

Josslyn: Oh, thank goodness. And now she’s here.

[ Both chuckle ]

Josslyn: You know, I’m biased, but I cannot handle how beautiful she is.

Michael: Yeah, right? Yeah, just like her mother.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Monitor beeping slowly ]

Dr. Navarro: Hand me the clamp. Stay with me, Willow. Suture scissors and retractor.

Woman: Got it.

[ Monitor alarm blaring ]

Dr. Navarro: She’s going into v-tach. We need to defibrillate.

[ Monitor alarm blaring ]

Dr. Navarro: Charge to 200.

[ Paddles whine ]

Dr. Navarro: Clear!

[ Thump ]

[ Alarm continues ]

Dr. Navarro: Charge again. Resume compression. Get ready 1 milligram epi.

Harmony: Don’t be afraid, Willow. You’re not alone.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Elizabeth (to Carolyn): What exactly did he tell you?

Trina (to Spencer): Why not go straight to the cops?

Esme: Should we really trust him?

Portia (to Stella): If you had to do it all over again, would you make the same choice?

Curtis (to Jordan): If it’s not about the wedding, then what’s wrong?

Austin: What happened?

Michael (to baby): I’m your daddy.

Sonny (on phone): The doctors are looking for Michael.

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