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[ Dramatic music ]

Bill: Is that what you’re saying, katie? If I see to it that sheila goes back to prison and pays for her crimes, there could be a chance for us? We could be a family again?

Steffy: It’s so hard to comprehend. Bill falling for sheila, falling for her lies.

Hope: Well, let’s not pretend, you know, like he hasn’t made bad decisions in the past. But I mean, you’re right. I mean, this– this is beyond.

Steffy: Blackmailing us to keep sheila free. Bill’s totally fine with just a– a murderer out there. Puts us all in danger. He doesn’t seem to care about us.

Charlotte: Steffy? Oh, excuse me. I hope I’m not interrupting. I just wanted to let you know that the eye on fashion interview was postponed. But I’ll update you as soon as it’s rescheduled.

Steffy: Great. Thank you, charlotte. But honestly, I don’t know if I’m gonna wanna reschedule. I don’t think I wanna give spencer publications that much publicity.

Taylor: Knock, knock.

Steffy: Mom, hey.

Taylor: Hi.

Steffy: You remember charlotte?

Taylor: Oh, hi, charlotte. Yes, of course. Forrester’s new up-and-coming exec.

Charlotte: Well, I wouldn’t say that.

Taylor: Oh. See, and she’s modest too. You throw in a sense of humor, they’ll never let you go.

Steffy: Hey, you gotta laugh. Especially these days.

Taylor: Yeah. Well, with sheila, on the loose happy moments are few and far between.

Charlotte: I really feel for you, steffy. I mean, your whole family. Knowing that justice wasn’t served, it makes no sense. How is it possible that sheila carter isn’t spending the rest of her life behind bars?

Steffy: None of us are happy about it, that’s for sure.

Charlotte: Have you thought about maybe bringing a civil suit against her? There’s gotta be some way to make her pay for what she did.

Steffy: I don’t know if that’s in my best interest.

Charlotte: Well, my dad’s a lawyer. I’d be happy to put you in touch. You know, if you ever change your mind. I mean, anyone who puts a bullet inside of another human being should not be walking around free. Oh, it’s the reporter. Reschedule or cancel?

Steffy: Reschedule.

Charlotte: You’ve got it. Nice to see you again, dr. Hayes.

Taylor: Yeah, you too. Thanks. Anybody that puts a bullet in another human–

Steffy: Do not go there, mom. Do not.

Taylor: No, I’m fixing this. I’m– I’m fixing this. I’m turning myself in.

Steffy: We will figure out another way, okay?

Taylor: Nope.

Hope: Someone needs to get through to bill and get him to change his mind. That– that is what needs to happen.

Steffy: Right. We just have to figure out how.

Bill: Could there be a chance for us katie? Sheila goes back to prison and we could be a family again?

Katie: Yes. Yes. You, me, and will I want us to be close. I– I want us to be a family and for us to put our son’s happiness first, his wellbeing. And if sheila is in prison, then of course that’s possible. But as far as you and me, I–

Bill: You won’t even entertain the idea.

Sheila: Hello, katie. This is surprising. Didn’t think we were expecting any company. Did you offer her any– any tea? And we have some cake leftover as well.

Katie: That’s okay. I’m good.

Sheila: You sure? It’s really no trouble.

Katie: I get it, sheila. I get it. You’re lady of the house now.

Sheila: Yeah. I certainly am.

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Taylor: I’m the only one who can put an end to this. I– I’m just gonna go to the police.

Steffy: All that guarantees you, mom, is you getting locked up? Not sheila.

Hope: Steffy has a point. I mean, with bill’s influence, he– he’ll probably find a way to keep sheila out of jail.

Steffy: He’ll just bribe another judge and another judge if he has to.

Hope: Exactly. Taylor, I– I don’t think it’s worth it. I– I really don’T.

Taylor: Okay, but appealing to bill isn’t working, so.

Hope: Not yet, but maybe eventually.

Taylor: Eventually. Eventually, after sheila hurts someone that we love. God, I’m so mad at myself. All of this, all of this is happening because I lost control that night. Because of what I did back then, sheila’s free.

Steffy: Come here.

Katie: I wouldn’t get too comfortable around here, sheila, because bill is going to catch on to what you’re doing.

Sheila: What I’m– I’m doing. I– I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Katie: You’re using him.

Sheila: For love and companionship, sure. Then, I guess we’re using each other.

Katie: You don’t love him. You love that you’ve brainwashed him into keeping you out of prison.

Sheila: You don’t know what I’m feeling.

Katie: You feel? Really? Like a normal human being feels? Because I don’t think so.

Sheila: Why is it everyone thinks they can talk to me like this? Such horrible, vicious attacks.

Katie: It’s not an attack if it’s the truth. It’s just a fact. You have tried to kill people we love. You are horrible and vicious. You put a bullet in your son. You left him to die.

Sheila: I don’t wanna argue– I don’t wanna argue about this! And I’m really tired of defending myself to people like you.

Katie: Because it’s indefensible. There’s no defense. None.

Sheila: God I feel terrible for the pain that I caused them.

Katie: Oh, okay.

Sheila: It’s a pain that I– I’ve never had before in my life, to know that I was responsible for hurting my own son.

Katie: Yeah, but you still did it. You still left him to die in that alley. You didn’t call for help. And this is the woman that we’re supposed to trust with our child? Really, bill? She solves her problems by shooting people. I don’t know how you trust her with yourself.

Sheila: It’s because he knows I’m the one person that won’t hurt him. Just like he won’t hurt me.

Katie: You almost killed your child, but bill’s safe with you? Yeah, sure.

Sheila: If you ever truly understood him, you’d see how safe he finally is. He’s with a woman that can stand next to him. You wouldn’t understand that, would you? Because you never did. You never could appreciate the man that he truly is. It scares you doesn’t it, katie? The sword that he wears around his neck, how it symbolizes power and protections, those are things that you never wanted him to have. How this symbol defines him. And I admire that. Now, for the first time in our lives, bill and i have found our true partners because I accept and I admire him for the man he is just as he does me.

Katie: A sociopath that puts everyone around her in danger. You embrace this? You accept it? Well, I can’T. I won’T. I won’t accept it for you or for me or for our son. She has somehow convinced you that your kindred spirits, that you deserve each other. But she’s wrong because you’re nothing like her. I don’t know how she’s managed it, but she’s convinced you to blackmail steffy and finn. But you, you can make that right. You can undo it, and I believe you will. And I won’t give up on you. You hear me? I will fight for you. I will fight to bring you back to us. I will fight for you to see reality. And I don’t give up. You know that. I don’t care how long it takes. I won’t lose you. I won’t lose the father of my son to sheila carter. Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

Bill: You’re upset.

Sheila: No, it’s– it’s just–

Bill: You can tell me. You don’t have to hide anything.

Sheila: It’s really hard for me to see you two together. She’s your ex-wife. You share a son. I just can’t help wonder if she were to give you another chance.

Bill: You overheard katie and me talking, didn’t you? About being a family again. I really need you to hear me. Did I get caught up in the memories? Sure, I did. I miss the family we were. It’s probably more accurate to see the family we were trying to be. It wasn’t sustainable. Not like this. Not like us. I appreciate you, sheila. You came into my life when I needed you most. I’m committed to you. You don’t have to question that.

Sheila: Thank you. Oh, it means so much for me to hear you say that. Guess I just have to remind myself that the bad outweigh the good. The way she treated you, the way she tried to change you. Walking out on your time and time again. I can see why you finally felt it was time to move on to someone else. Everyone deserves to be fully accepted for who they are. Even the two of us.

Taylor: You didn’t have to leave work.

Steffy: Well, it’s not like I can speak freely at the office.

Taylor: Because your mom almost killing someone isn’t really water cooler talk, right? Are the kids here?

Steffy: They’re– they’re out. They’re out with amelia. They’re safe. Have I talked to you off the ledge? You’re not still thinking about turning yourself in, are you?

Taylor: Oh, god. Steffy, this– this isn’t just about sheila going to prison.

Steffy: What do you mean?

Taylor: Even if bill wasn’t blackmailing us, I’d– I’d still be holding this terrible secret. I should have never gotten away with this.

Steffy: Mom, you had no idea that you were gonna go over to bill’s house and harm him.

Taylor: Yeah, but I did. I shot him in the back. He didn’t even do what I thought he did.

Steffy: Hey, you can’t change what happened.

Taylor: No, I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t sleep. I– I am tossing and turning. My thoughts or ruminating.

Steffy: Mom. Mom. Go upstairs. Lie down. Get some rest. Just close your eyes and relax. You need to take care of yourself, okay?

Taylor: Yeah. Okay.

Steffy: We’re gonna get through to bill. Sheila’s going to prison, not you.

Bill: Your mother tried

to kill me, not liam.

She shot me in the back

and put me in the hospital.

[ Knock on the door ]

Steffy: Katie.

Katie: Hi.

Steffy: What is– what’s going on?

Katie: I just came from bill’S. Seeing the hold that sheila has on him, knowing what it means for all of us, especially my son, I can’t let it go on. I need to know what he has on you.

Steffy: Excuse me?

Katie: I need to know why you and finn are not testifying against her. If I’m gonna get bill away from sheila, I’ve got to know what’s going on. And I need you to tell me right now. Postmenopausal women with hr+ her2-

Sheila: You know, you always put on such a brave, strong front, such bravado. But I– I know that you hurt just like everyone else. Your heart breaks too. Other people seem to forget that about you, but I never will. Now, to think that taylor shot you in this very room in the back, you had no chance to defend yourself. It’s too bad you’re holier than thou ex-wife doesn’t know about that. Maybe then she would shut up a bit, if she knew that we weren’t the only ones that did something bad.

Steffy: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what bill has on me, okay?

Katie: Of course, it matters. If it’s keeping you from testifying against sheila. Steffy, you’ve gotta help me here. I was just with bill. He is so unlike himself. He is a shell of himself. I’m scared.

Steffy: I am too. For many reasons.

Katie: The bill I know, the bill I married never would’ve done anything like this. He would never have put his grandchildren, his children in danger. Steffy, please. I need to know what’s going on. Sheila shot your husband, her own son. Then she turned the gun on you and left you both to die in that alley. She shot your mother. She shot your grandmother. Are you really okay with her not being in prison?

Steffy: I’m not. I’m not okay with it. I want sheila in prison for the rest of her life.

Katie: Then you can do something about it. You don’t have to give into bill. Why? Why didn’t you give a statement to the judge?

Steffy: It’s complicated.

Katie: It’s not that complicated. Sheila belongs in prison. What does bill have on you? What is he blackmailing you with?

Taylor: It’s me.

Steffy: Mom, no.

Taylor: It’s because of me. I shot him.

[ Voice breaks ] I’m the one who shot bill.

Katie: I don’t–

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