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Alex sits alone in the town square, drinking a beer. He looks through pictures of he and Stephanie on his phone, then decides to call her.

Stephanie pours a glass of wine at home when she gets Alex’s call, but chooses to ignore it.

Eric drinks at the Brady Pub while in tears, wondering what he’s going to do without Marlena as he finishes his 5th shot.

Johnny finds Chanel sitting in the park and joins her on the bench. Johnny starts to ask her a question but he gets a breaking news report on his phone about Marlena, which he says makes it pretty real. Chanel says she will fall apart when she loses her grandma, while noting that Johnny lost Marlena, Kate, and Kayla plus Susan. Chanel holds his hand to comfort him while Johnny wonders when does it end. Chanel brings up that Johnny was going to ask her something. Johnny says she never told him what happened with her and Allie after he left. Chanel points out that he found her sitting here alone, so that should tell him everything he needs to know.

Abe goes to the hospital and runs in to Allie. Abe hugs her and says he’s so sorry for her loss. Allie says she’s sorry for his too as Marlena meant so much to so many people. Allie calls this day the worst. Abe asks if she wants to sit and talk but Allie doesn’t think anything she would say would make sense, so she’s going to take a walk and clear her head. Abe tells her to do what she needs to do. Abe asks if John is still at the hospital. Allie informs him that he is on the roof which is where Marlena died, so she thinks he could really use an old friend right now which Abe agrees with.

Marlena sees the white light and her spirit leaves her body.

John returns to the hospital rooftop and says he knows Marlena will be in Heaven, looking out for all of them.

Marlena enters the gates of Heaven which then shut behind her. Marlena wonders aloud where she is as she looks around.

Alex leaves a message for Stephanie, saying he knows he has no right to be asking anything of her but he asks her to try giving him a chance to make this up to her. Alex says they had something great going and he doesn’t want to give up on that as he then hangs up.

Stephanie gets the news alert on her phone that Marlena has died and then sees a voicemail from Alex, but Paulina shows up at her door. Paulina doesn’t know how many terrible things could happen to one family in a short time, so she wanted to tell her in person how sorry she is and she brought her dinner. Stephanie thanks her. Paulina feels it’s the least she could do since Stephanie had been there for her when she needed help. Paulina adds that it’s not the only reason she came and declares that she needs Stephanie’s connections now more than ever.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment. Sloan remarks that at least he didn’t bring the kid with him this time. Eric responds that Rachel’s situation seems to be the only thing in his family that is under control right now. Sloan asks what that means. Eric then reveals that his mother died today.

Marlena says she doesn’t understand what is happening as the last thing she remembers is being on the roof with John. Marlena starts calling out for John, asking if he is there, but she is instead greeted by Susan Banks, who says John isn’t there but not to worry because she is.

Stephanie asks Paulina if this is a political problem because she can’t change her mind now that the new Governor has been sworn in. Paulina assures that she hasn’t changed her mind as she is staying in Salem, but she’s at war and for Chanel’s sake, she cannot lose.

Chanel tells Johnny that she told Allie that she only went to the hospital to check on her. Johnny guesses that didn’t make much of a difference. Chanel says that Allie can’t get over walking in on them. Johnny argues that his grandmother was about to die and that’s why she had her arms around him. Chanel admits it was a little more than that. Johnny says to let Allie be mad at him for it but Chanel acknowledges that it was both of them. Johnny argues that Chanel tried to comfort him and he tried to turn that into a kiss.

Alex gets up from his table in the town square and sees Allie walking through. Alex tells her that he just heard about Marlena and he’s so sorry. Alex adds that if she’s looking for Chanel, she’s not there. Allie responds that it doesn’t matter which Alex questions. Alex argues that Allie can’t be alone right now and she doesn’t look okay. Allie admits she’s the farthest thing from okay right now. Alex decides to take her home.

Abe joins John on the rooftop of the hospital. John asks how he found him. Abe mentions running in to Allie at the nurse’s station. John explains that they were just sitting and looking at family photos. Abe realizes that’s what the projector was for. John tells him that Marlena wanted him to take her home, so he thought this was a compromise to try to make her happy. Abe encourages that he did. John knows Marlena is up there now, looking down on him and wanting him to be strong. John declares that he is never getting past this.

Marlena is excited to see Susan, thinking this means she is alive and well but Susan clarifies that she is not so much alive.

Sloan tells Eric that she’s so sorry as she knows what it feels like to lose a mother. Eric argues that this didn’t have to happen. Sloan asks if the doctors or the hospital screwed up her care. Eric says no and assures they did everything they could. Eric says it was a virus and it was too strong while they couldn’t find the cure to fix it. Sloan asks if Eric came over to tell her that Marlena died instead of being with his family right now. Eric responds that with family is the last place he wants to be right now. Sloan asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to be with someone that he cares about. Eric says he cares about her. Sloan says she meant someone he loves and they both agreed they weren’t doing that. Eric argues that he’s not asking for a shoulder to cry on. Sloan asks what he wants then. Eric responds by kissing her.

Paulina explains to Stephanie that she thought she and Chanel had made short work of Chanel after the London cops decided not to press charges, but now Sloan is suing them both for wrongful death in civil court. Paulina worries that Sloan could take her to the cleaners and Chanel could lose the Bakery. Stephanie doesn’t see how she can help. Paulina wants someone on the inside to know Sloan’s strategy. Stephanie asks if she wants her to be that person. Paulina reveals she was actually thinking of her boyfriend, Alex, pointing out that he saved them once by stealing the file from Sloan. Paulina says they need him again. Stephanie says she’d like to help but responds that she can’t do that. Paulina questions what the problem is but Stephanie informs her that she and Alex split up.

Alex brings Allie home to her apartment and offers to stick around if she doesn’t want to be alone. Allie doesn’t know what she wants or where she was going. Alex questions why Chanel isn’t home if the Bakery is closed. Allie responds that she doesn’t know where Chanel is and she may be with Johnny, which Alex questions. Allie asks if he wants a beer and says that sounds really good right now. Alex cannot believe Marlena is really gone and says she was like an institution, always helping people. Allie says she sure helped her. Allie says Marlena was so strong that she really thought she would make it through this. Alex suggests Allie slow down on the beer because she doesn’t need a hangover. Allie responds that what she needs is her grandmother. Alex says he’s going to call Chanel but Allie asks him not to do that. Alex questions if there is something going on with them. Allie states that it’s what’s going on with Chanel and Johnny that scares her.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s going to go find Allie to talk some sense in to her. Chanel stops him and says talking to Allie is her job. Johnny suggests letting Allie vent to him and then she’ll be calmed down by the time Chanel gets home. Chanel feels they are both grieving over Marlena and too raw, so it will only make things worse. Chanel declares that it has to be her. Johnny guesses it’s her call. Chanel wants to give Allie a little more time, so she and Johnny sit back down on the park bench. Johnny asks if she thought about what he said about wanting to kiss her.

Marlena questions if Susan is saying she’s really dead. Susan reminds her of the explosion and says she got her body back as soon as she showed up here. Marlena asks if this means she is dead too. Susan says she’s afraid so and explains that without the orchid, they couldn’t do a thing to bring her back to life along with Kate and Kayla. Marlena asks where Kate and Kayla are.

Eric asks Sloan if he’s pushing her in to something she doesn’t want. Sloan says she must be losing her touch if he thinks that’s possible as they continue kissing.

Johnny states that Chanel was trying to be there for him and he tried to come onto her. Chanel responds that she didn’t take him seriously since he had just finished telling her about how great Wendy is. Johnny thinks he just screwed that up too since he ran in to Wendy and she was with Tripp. Johnny says he picked a fight with Tripp. Chanel asks how bad it was. Johnny says Tripp tried to punch him, but he decked him. Chanel asks what it was about. Johnny says it was Tripp’s lunatic mother, Ava Vitali, who caused the explosion that killed his other grandmother, Susan. Johnny adds that Wendy was not impressed with his behavior and he doesn’t blame her. Chanel understands he’s mad at the world right now. Johnny says that Chanel is being great about it. Johnny apologizes for making a pass at her and promises he won’t do it again.

Allie informs Alex that she got off the elevator and saw Chanel and Johnny about to kiss. Alex points out that they were about to, so they didn’t actually kiss. Allie says that’s only because she showed up and if she was ten seconds later, he would’ve been all over her. Alex asks what she did. Allie says she didn’t have time to do anything because Sarah showed up and told her about Marlena. Alex suggests that Chanel could’ve been just trying to comfort Johnny but Allie argues that Chanel and Johnny are crazy about each other. Allie brings up that they were married and probably still would be if Johnny didn’t get possessed by The Devil. Allie points out that’s the only reason that she and Chanel even got together, and Chanel took forever to choose between them. Alex encourages that Chanel did choose Allie and is sticking with her. Allie questions why he’s taking their side. Alex assures that he’s on her side. Alex says what she saw today could be right or she could be wrong. Alex suggests Allie should just try trusting them and notes that he’s talking from experience. Allie asks if he’s having problems with Stephanie. Alex responds that Stephanie is having major problems with him, but it’s his own damn fault.

Paulina asks Stephanie about her and Alex being on the outs. Stephanie assures that it’s over. Paulina asks if he cheated on her. Stephanie wishes it was that as she’s dealt with that before, but says this is worse. Paulina questions what could be worse than a man who cheats. Stephanie explains that her mother died and because of Alex, she wasn’t there. Paulina says she will have to tell her more. Stephanie informs her that Chad found out about Kayla and tried to call her to let her know, but she was out of the room and Alex was near her phone and saw Chad was calling, so he turned off her phone without telling her. Stephanie calls it the worst thing anyone has ever done to her. Stephanie says she was starting to think she and Alex had a future, but that’s over now and he’s dead to her.

John asks Abe if Orpheus is enjoying his triumph now. Abe calls him a monster. John says it should’ve been him, but Orpheus went after the women they love. Abe says he knew it would hurt more. John complains that the Devil himself went after Marlena twice and she survived that, but Orpheus got her. Abe encourages that Marlena was so strong to the end. Abe says the incredible love they had for each other is not gone and will last forever. John knows he’s right but cries that they beat all the odds together, so he questions how to leave without her. John asks Abe how he went home to an empty bed when Lexie died as Abe hugs him.

Marlena wants to know where Kate and Kayla are. Susan laughs off the idea of Kate making it to Heaven after she broke all the ten commandments. Marlena argues that Kate was a great friend to her and underneath it all, was a good person. Susan remarks that Kate was not like Marlena and Kayla. Marlena asks where Kayla is then.

Sloan and Eric lay in bed together after having sex. Sloan asks if that helped or made him feel more alone. Sloan apologizes if he felt like she was pushing him away as she just got tense when he spoke about his mother because it brings up a lot of memories of her own mom. Eric apologizes if he made her feel like he was using her. Sloan understands that he needed her and she’s not really used to people needing her. Eric suggests talking to her could help him understand how to get through it. Sloan doesn’t think he seems like the vengeful time. Sloan talks about hitting a bump in her road with the courts in London, but she’s not giving up. Sloan declares that Chanel and Paulina will not get away with what they took from her as there are other ways to make them pay.

Chanel decides that she’s given Allie enough time, so she better go see how she’s doing. Johnny encourages that Allie loves her and will come around. Chanel hugs him and thanks him for trying to make her feel better. Johnny points out that Allie could come walking through any minute and see them. Chanel responds that she will risk it because Johnny is a special person and she’s so sorry that he’s hurting.

Alex tells Allie about turning off Stephanie’s phone so she wasn’t able to be there when Kayla died. Alex tells her to go ahead and call him a selfish idiot who is getting exactly what he deserves. Allie thinks that might be overdramatic. Allie understands that if it was Steve or anyone else in the family calling, he wouldn’t have turned off the phone while he thought Chad was butting in again. Allie states that Alex misjudged the situation and messed up but if she were Stephanie, she’d be pissed but they would work through it because he would never deliberately keep Stephanie from being at her mother’s bedside. Allie declares that Alex made a stupid mistake but that he should be forgiven.

Paulina can’t believe Stephanie didn’t know her mom was dying and assures that she’s not overreacting. Paulina argues that Stephanie’s phone is none of Alex’s business and he kept her from seeing her mother for the last time. Stephanie thanks her for the backup as she sometimes thinks maybe she was too angry. Paulina encourages that she doesn’t need a man sneaking around, trying to arrange her life how he wants, when she has so much to offer. Stephanie thanks her but says she still can’t get Alex to help with Sloan, so she hopes Paulina can find another way to get Sloan out of her life. Paulina says she’s not letting Stephanie off the hook that easy since she’s helped her before. Paulina suggests bringing Chad on board since he’s smart and not bad to look at either. Paulina adds that Alex would probably think she’s doing it to get to him. Stephanie responds that she could care less what Alex thinks.

Susan tries to avoid Marlena’s question but she insists on trying to find Kayla. Susan looks through the list but doesn’t find Kayla’s name. Susan checks under Brady and notes that Bo’s name is there with an asterisk next to it and doesn’t know what that means. Susan reveals that she doesn’t see Kayla’s name at all…

Stephanie tells Paulina that she will start thinking about how to spin this and will give her a call. Paulina encourages her to take time to grieve but to get ready for war too. Paulina says Sloan made her daughter a target. Stephanie relates that Kayla would’ve done the same for any of them. Paulina encourages that they will have wine one night where Stephanie can tell her all about Kayla. Paulina tells Stephanie not to focus on not saying goodbye because she’ll never escape the pain. Paulina assures that they were past words and that Kayla knew how much Stephanie loved her. Paulina urges her to think about the good times and that Kayla will never be far away. They hug and then Paulina exits as Stephanie holds back tears.

Alex tells Allie that she actually managed to give him some hope that maybe Stephanie will come around. Alex calls her the only one so far to have his back. Chanel then comes home and asks what Alex is doing there. Allie says after Alex heard about Marlena, he was nice enough to offer her a shoulder to cry on like Chanel did for Johnny.

Abe encourages John that he has his children and grandchildren that need him and that’s what will make him go on. John tells him to just keep reminding him of that. Abe invites John to come stay with he and Paulina tonight but John says that will just postpone the inevitable. John feels he needs to be home where he can feel Marlena’s presence. John knows it will be hard but insists that’s what he needs right now.

Marlena doesn’t know why Kayla is not on the list. Susan suggests her paperwork hasn’t come through yet and talks about how long she had to wait to talk to Elvis. Susan insists that Kayla is around somewhere. Susan tells Marlena that she is here to help her make the transition to the other side.

Eric tells Sloan that one of the things he learned as a priest is that the hunger for revenge is not a natural instinct, but more of an obsession. Sloan asks if anything makes it go away. Eric responds that he has one idea and kisses her.

Stephanie starts working on strategies to help Paulina. She then plays Alex’s voicemail from earlier while looking upset.

Alex decides he will take off now that Chanel is back but Allie stops him and suggests they could have another threesome since she feels life is getting boring for Chanel. Chanel argues that’s not true and tells her not to put Alex in the middle of this. Allie says it’s been a long and awful day for her, so she’s going to try to get some sleep in her son Henry’s room.

Abe joins Paulina in the town square. Paulina asks how John is doing. Abe responds that he’s going to be a in a bad place for a long time because Marlena was his life.

Marlena asks about the transition. Susan explains that it’s hard for folks to accept they are really gone and to let go of their loved ones. Susan talks about having to accept that she would never see EJ again, so she knows it won’t be easy for Marlena to let go of John.

John remains on the rooftop. He picks up the remote and turns off the slideshow of photos of he and Marlena.

Marlena tells Susan that John kept telling her that she was going to pull through, so he must be in so much pain. Susan assures that he is crushed but he has the rest of his family and friends. Marlena starts to cry about her children. Susan tells Marlena that she’s been through enough for one day and needs to rest. Marlena says she can’t rest with so many questions. Susan directs Marlena through another set of doors to go rest. Afterwards, Susan removes her glasses and is revealed to be possessed by The Devil, who then begins laughing.

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