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Update written by Barbara

In Sally’s suite, she comes out of the bathroom in her robe and slippers, looking pale and tired. Chloe comes by to bring her some morning sickness remedies that she took when she was pregnant with each of her children. Sally is determined to pull herself together for their pitch to Jill that day.

Nick shows up to wish Sally and Chloe good luck on their presentation, and notices that Sally looks sick again and she’s in her robe. Chloe tries several times, saying different things, to get Nick to leave, but nothing Chloe says works.  After Chloe herself leaves, Nick and Sally talk and he wonders aloud if there’s more to having a stomach bug than she’s mentioned. He tells her that he is getting the impression she has morning sickness. Sally tells him that he’s right and admits that she’s pregnant. She adds that she didn’t want to tell him until she was sure.

Sally mentions that she feels too overwhelmed to really think about the situation, and she asks Nick to “be in denial” with her for now. Nick assures her that they will figure this out and hugs her.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Diane tell Summer and Kyle about how they pulled off their plan, and successfully framed Jeremy for stealing Nikki’s necklace. Kyle still appears uneasy and Summer expresses concerns about how the plan involved breaking the law. Jack says Diane needed protection and she adds that things can all go back to normal. Later on, after Kyle and Summer have left, Jack and Diane kiss passionately, which results in them being up in bed, making love.

At Crimson Lights, Chance is deep in thought when Sharon comes out of he kitchen and spots him. She asks what’s going on so he explains a little about Stark case and lets her know that he has concerns about it.  For one thing, Chance says that Jeremy has been arrested in the past for money larceny and money laundering, not burglary.  Sharon suggests that Jeremy seems to have changed his MO.  Chance also comments on how easily the case fell into place and how only one piece of jewelry was taken. Sharon wonders about this also, because Jeremy could have grabbed a lot more.

Chance tells Sharon that during the entire drive back to Chicago, Jeremy was proclaming his innocence and there was something in Jeremy’s voice that sounded bitter as he complained about Diane and Jack framing him. Although the Chicago PD thinks it’s a solid arrest, Chance is not sure how solid the case against Jeremy really is. He says says that he doesn’t like how all how everything fell into place that he doesn’t like that only one piece of jewelry was taken.

Chance wonders if he should he dismiss his concerns and just walk away. He mentions that by even thinking of these things, he starts losing respect for himself and for the job.  Chance tells Sharon that during the entire drive to Chicago, Jeremy was ranting about how he was innocent and that Jack and Diane set him up. Chance notes that there was bitterness in Jeremy’s voice, on top of which the whole case has been solved.

Sharon asks if he were to consider changing things up, what would he think about doing. Chance replies that he has no idea because his whole life has been in  public service – soldier, federal agent, and detective. He tells her that he has never been outside that arena and he;s not sure what that would look like.

Seeing how discouraged Chance is, Sharon suggests that there’s all kinds of fields he could explore. For instance, he could take all the quick precision moves he learned in the military, tweak them and become a dance instructor. She acts out how it would look going  from precision movements into dance.

Then she mentions that he could drop from the ceiling on a wire and Cirque de Soleil would hire him in a heartbeat. She suggests that he could juggle a ping pong ball and a sledge hammer and a chainsaw. He asks if he’d have to wear sequins and when Sharon say yes, Chance says that’s where he draws the line, he can’t do it. Chance thanks her for making him laugh and distracting him.

He gets a call from the Chicago PD about up the Stark case and says that he has to follow up on it. He excuses himself and gets ready to leave. Sharon tells him that she will be there thinking of all the new career paths he can consider. He tells her that he can’t wait to hear about them. Sharon gazes at Chance as he heads to the coffeehouse door and he looks back at her, smiling.

Over at the Abbott house, Nikki arrives after hearing from Jack about the break-in at her and Victor’s apartment in Chicago. Jack mentions that Jeremy is responsible, and the situation could have been a lot worse, given that Jeremy is a dangerous criminal. With a smirk and sarcasm, Diane says that it’s ironic how Nikki’s misfortune actually worked out in her (Diane’s) favor now that Jeremy is gone. Nikki looks at Diane suspiciously.

Nikki raises questions how Jeremy by-passed the building’s security system and how he seemingly knew the alarm code for the apartment. She acknowledges that she hasn’t changed the code in years, going back to when she and Jack spent time there.

When Jack insists that Jeremy is anything but innocent, and refers to Jeremy as a criminal who can’t be trusted. Chance mutters “yeah, unlike the upstanding citizens of Genoa City who always play by the rules.”

Nikki says she has to leave and Jack walks her to the door. Afterward, Chance tells Diane and Jack that Jeremy has been arraigned in Chicago and was denied bail. Chance wonders how, as a paroled ex-con, Jeremy took such a risk and was careless enough to have left reading glasses behind while committing grand larceny. Chance asks Diane and Jack if there’s anything else they need to tell him, and they decline.

Chance lets them know that it’s his job as law enforcement to handle men like Stark, “not people who think their wealth and their position give them carte blanche to maneuver any situation to their benefit.” Jack suggests that the Chicago PD and the judge in the case found everything to be above board, so now they’re proceeding accordingly. Chance mumbles that it looks this way and sees himself out.

He returns to Crimson Lights and tells Sharon how he’s frustrated with the way things have gone in the Starkcase. He tells her that he’s getting increasingly fed up with his job. Then he declares that he cannot do this anymore.

At Jabot, Victor exchanges words with an angry Adam, who does not buy into his father’s claim about being there to meet with Kyle about Harrison, who represents the next generation of Newman’s. Adam is aware that this is all about humiliating him and says that Victor is manipulating Kyle into an attempt to give him the “heave-ho.”

Summer is not on board with the idea of Adam getting pushed out the door because she believes that Adam is capable of “ruining things all on his own.” Meanwhile, in Jack’s office, Victor is talking to Kyle about Diane and how Kyle should have cut all ties with her.

Kyle considers the idea of getting Adam out of Jabot and wonders what that plan would look like. Victor tells Kyle that he will need him to be certain that Adam takes a big fall. This way, Adam will realize he made a mistake working at Jabot and will be more receptive to a new opportunity at Newman Enterprises to make things right. When Victor explains that he needs Kyle’s assistance to facilitate this, Kyle mentions that he’d like something in return.

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