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Brooke: I still can’t wrap my head around this. Bill and sheila?

Hope: It is certainly disturbing.

Brooke: Well, she should be in prison after everything she’s done.

Liam: But thanks to my dad, she’s not. She’s roaming free.

Brooke: How can bill have anything to do with sheila? Liam, what’s going on with him? How could your father stoop so low?

[ Sheila laughing ]

Bill: It’s the one thing

I can’t take.

People I love

walking out on me.

Sheila: You are never

going to have to worry

about that with me. Hello, handsome.

Bill: You okay? My sons didn’t upset you too much, did they?

Sheila: Oh, no. No. If anything, I’m happier than I was before. I got to see you defend me. I got to see how much you really care for me and I am okay. I am– I am more than okay, now that I finally found a man like you.

Sheila: Liam and wyatt, they just don’t understand us right now, but in time, they will. At least I– I hope so ’cause, uh, I know how important they are to you and it really bothers me that my presence is distancing you from– from them or anyone else that you care about.

Bill: Don’t let it.

Sheila: Yeah, but I know that you’d like them to share in our joy. But bill, you can talk to me. I’ve said that. You can say anything that you want to. So how do you really feel about this?

Brooke: Bill has made some serious mistakes in the past that have had frightening consequences. But this? I thought I knew him. I thought I understood him.

Liam: Join the club. Hm. I didn’t think that my dad could surprise me any more than he already has in the past and he sure proved me wrong. I mean, wy– wyatt and I were just over there pleading with him. He’s not– he’s not him right now. He’s– he’s lost.

Brooke: We’ve gotta get him away from her.

Liam: I know and I’m trying to say that wyatt and I have tried and he’s acting like– like he’s finally found the woman of his dreams.

Hope: And steffy has tried, too. Katie as well. I mean, they’re all trying to get him to listen to reason, but he is shutting everyone down.

Liam: Well, everyone so far. There’s one person who hasn’t talked to him yet. One person he values and respects more than just about anyone.

Hope: Liam actually does have a good point, mom. Look, we all know how close you were with bill and if anyone might be able to get through to him and get him to stop this insanity, it would be you.

Brooke: So, you said wyatt was with you when you talked to your father? That mean he knows what taylor did?

Liam: He knows that my dad blackmailed steffy and finn. He does not know about what.

Hope: Same with aunt katie.

Brooke: Well, I’m not one for advocating secrets, but I can also understand why taylor wouldn’t want the whole world to know. Only a few of us do and she still feels horrible about that night.

Hope: You two really are becoming close friends, aren’t you?

Brooke: Yeah, it’s amazing. I was just talking to her before I came over here. She’s– she’s really upset that that night is being used this way.

Liam: Yeah, even though my dad promised that he wouldn’t breathe a word of it.

Brooke: As much as taylor doesn’t want anybody to find out, she’s really tempted to just confess. Just take all the power away from sheila. Steffy and I told her that’s not a good idea.

Liam: Then that’s understandable ’cause if my dad’s paying off the judge, like, what’s the point? Like, what good does it do for taylor to turn herself in if it doesn’t mean sheila’s gonna do time, too?

Hope: Is there a way to prove that judge mcmullan has been bought? Or at least a way to assign a different judge to the case?

Liam: I don’t– I don’t think that would do any good because knowing my dad, he’d be willing to pay off every judge in town as long as it kept sheila out of jail.

Brooke: God. What? He’s that convinced that he is in love with her? In love with this monster? I mean, it wasn’t so long ago where he professed his love to me.

Liam: He’s a different person now. You should see him, brooke. I mean, and you will. He’s hollow, he’s muted, he– he– he lets sheila speak for him, it’s–

Brooke: Do you think she has something on him?

Liam: He swears no, she doesn’t, and it’s just that they’re… in love.

Brooke: Uh, okay. Okay. That’s it. That’s it, I have no choice. I’ve gotta go see him.

Hope: I think it will be a good thing. I mean, we all know how bill felt about you.

Liam: Feels. Feels about you. You really could be the one person that gets through to him.

Brooke: Yeah. I hope so. I hope we can convince him how wrong this is.

Hope: Mom, just please promise me you’ll be careful. Bill might not be alone and we all know you can never be too careful when it comes to sheila.

Sheila: Whatever you’re feeling, good or bad, I– I– I want you to turn to me. I wanna be the one that you confide in. It thrills me to think that– that I can be a source of– of positive things for you. I– if I could give you a percentage of what you’ve given me and I’m not talking just about helping me stay out of prison. You believed in me, you defended me, and you loved me, and I never thought I would ever feel that in my life again. You are a miracle, bill, you are my miracle. And what caused your relationships that have been damaged because you’ve chosen me. I can’t believe it. I think that you have that faith in what we can be, even after katie came here saying what she wanted to. And liam and wyatt attacking me the way that they did, and yet you never swayed. You stood up for me. And I know that had to take its toll, a huge toll on you. Maybe more than you realize. Maybe– maybe you are swaying. You know, I told you I’m a big girl and you can tell me anything, I– I meant that. If you want me to leave, I’ll leave. No arguing, no tears. I’ll live a happy life of freedom and forever grateful to you and in debt to you and I will always remember fondly that these moments we shared were so special to me. So, just say the word, okay? You say the word and– and I can be gone. You never have to see me again. There you go. What’s it gonna be? Do you– do you– do you want me to walk out those doors because if– if that’s what you want, that’s what I’ll do. Sweet pillows of softness!

Hope: Do you think we should’ve let her go over there alone?

Liam: Thanks. No, I think your mom has a better chance without us tagging along and making my dad feel ganged up on.

Hope: Yeah, but what if sheila really is over there?

Liam: Yeah, I know that you’re worried about what might happen.

Hope: Well, aren’t you?

Liam: I am, but I also know how much my dad cares about your mom and he would never ever let harm come to her.

Hope: That is the father that you used to know. Not the man that he’s turned into. I mean, I don’t even know who he is anymore. This whole situation is surreal.

Liam: I know, it’s weird, it’s hard to make sense of. I mean, I– I wanted my dad to find someone special, you know? I want him to have a loving, healthy relationship, but for him to think he’ll get that from sheila, like–

Hope: It’s scary how good she is at using people. I mean, to know how she has manipulated your father, someone who is usually so shrewd and cunning.

Liam: Yeah, she actually convinced him to break his promise to taylor to keep her secret. I mean, like– like, none of this would even be happening right now if my dad didn’t have that ammunition.

Hope: And it just all goes back to that terrible night taylor shot your father.

Sheila: So, what do you say? Are you having second thoughts? Do you want me to leave?

Brooke: Bill.

Sheila: Brooke.

Brooke: So it’s true? Everything I’ve heard about the two of you?

Sheila: I guess it depends on– on what you’ve been listening to.

Brooke: So you’d really do this, bill? You would threaten taylor’s freedom, you’d blackmail her to keep sheila out of prison.

Sheila: It keeps taylor out, too. It’s a win-win. And you can just keep staring daggers through me, but it’s the truth.

Brooke: I’m not here to talk to you. I’m here to talk to bill, so if you could just give us a minute.

Sheila: No, I know why you’re here. You wanna tell bill how horrible he is. The same way katie did and– and liam and wyatt, too. Steffy and taylor. It’s no surprise that you want a turn.

Brooke: You think that’s why I’m here? That I wanna tell bill that he’s a horrible person? No, sheila. I could never do that.

Sheila: Okay. Well, you know what? Why don’t you go ahead and give your speech because–

Brooke: Oh, my god, please!

Sheila: I’m sure it’s nothing we haven’t already heard.

Brooke: This is between bill and me and whatever you and I have to say to each other should be through the bars of a cell.

[ Sheila chuckling ]

Sheila: And what would that be? Have you committed some sort of crime?

Brooke: You know you’re damn well guilty for all the crimes that you’ve committed and you belong in prison. I don’t know what you did to get to bill, to have him risk everything that he cares about, but somehow you did. And I am here to put a stop to it, to make sure that bill comes to his senses. And to make sure that you’re hauled off and thrown in prison behind bars for the rest of your life. Mr. Clean magic eraser powers

Hope: Obviously, I don’t condone what taylor did to your father, but if he really wanted to make her pay, he would’ve pressed charges back then, not blackmail her all those years later in order to keep a psychopath out of jail.

Liam: Yeah, he– I mean, he also knows that taylor wasn’t herself, right? Like, she– she literally didn’t know what she was doing.

Hope: Certainly not. She was still reeling from the news of what she thought had happened to steffy. I’m sure when she went over to confront your father, she never intended to hurt him.

Liam: But my dad left a gun out. It was just sitting right there, rage took over, and she did the unthinkable.

[ Gun shot firing ] And I can say that because I thought I was the one who did it.

Hope: Or maybe it was because you convinced yourself because of how upset you were with what your father did.

Liam: Well, yeah, but that goes to show the cruel tricks our brains can play on us.

Hope: Especially after you’ve had a concussion.

Liam: It is strange, I mean, I still actually remember myself doing it and I think that’s just my mind’s way of coping with the betrayal, like, you know, like, I imagined– I imagined my father dead and– and then I imagined myself making that happen.

Hope: I know how upsetting that was for you, liam, but I think bill made quite a few enemies leading up to that shooting. I mean, remember how many suspects there were?

Liam: That’s why I’m really grateful that taylor confessed to my dad because for one, that couldn’t have been easy and two, if she hadn’t done that I– I would still probably be blaming myself for it.

Hope: Do you really think that bill is that calculating, that he has just kept it in the back of his mind all these years to use against her?

Liam: No. No, I don’T. I– I actually think that my dad meant it when he promised to keep quiet about what taylor did and it was sheila who came along and manipulated him into changing his mind.

Hope: But at the same time, liam, bill has chosen to align himself with her. He’s chosen to be with a murderer.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I mean, he picked sheila over the safety of his own family. Liam, the threat of sheila still lingers because of the choices your father has made.

Sheila: I don’t appreciate this, brooke. You coming into my home saying–

Brooke: Your home?

Sheila: I’m the one living here and I don’t take kindly to you showing up unannounced like this.

Brooke: Oh, this is not your home, this is bill’s home.

Sheila: All right, now you’re just being rude.

Brooke: No, I’m not– I’m not being rude. Really, that’s not my intention. My intention is to come and help a friend out. Somebody that I see has gotten off track and needs help to get back on. Somebody I care about and share many wonderful memories with. You and I have been through way too much for me to just give up on you now.

Sheila: Yeah, you have been through a lot together. A lot of pain and heartache. Bill has memories of you, memories of you turning your back on him.

Brooke: Remember when you came over to me the day that ridge and taylor were getting married? You– you professed your love to meyo te you would do anything for me. Well, now is that time. I am begging you. You need to see sheila for who she really is. You say that you love me, and yet you claim to love this woman the same way? She’s opposite of who I am. I know what you need. I know because I’ve been there. And sheila is not the woman that you need. Take this off, bill. You think it’s protecting you, but it’s not. It’s clouding your judgement because you are a good man, bill. You’re a good man who deserves to have a good woman by his side for the rest of your life. And that’s not sheila because all she is gonna do is bring heartache. She’s dangerous. She’s gonna hurt you, your family, because that is sheila. That is all she knows how to do. You can prevent that, you know. All you need to do is pick up the phone, call the police, get them over here, and they will arrest her. They will throw her in prison. Come on, bill. Let’s put sheila behind bars today.

Bill: You’re right, brooke. Everything you’re saying. You’re right.

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