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Nikolas: Your expertise will make all the difference. Yes. I promise to address any concern you might have.

[ Sighs ] Sorry. I have to go. I will see you soon. Well, that sounds important. Business. Yeah, well, you and I have some pressing business to discuss. Such as? Finalizing your divorce. Wound is healing nicely. That’s good. I guess then all that remains is the ankle-plasty. Sounds good. Yeah, this is cutting-edge reconstructive surgery where they replace your knee with an ankle.

[Laughing] What are you saying? I’m sorry. What did you say? Just playing around. You okay? You seem a little distracted. Yeah, I guess I am. I’M… I guess because I-I care a little too much. I don’t suppose there’s a medical procedure where my heart could be removed altogether? I’m sorry for being so quiet on the way over. You got a lot on your mind. When you’re ready to talk, I’m here. Dex? Can we talk now? I mean, if you have time. For you? Always. Violet: Cameron, I’ve missed you! Oh, not more than I missed you. Violet insisted on two things today — a brownie and a visit with her cousin. In that particular order, I assume. Cameron, if you’ve missed me so much, where have you been? I know you don’t want to hear it, but I still think that there is a possibility that you might have been misdiagnosed and you don’t have schizophrenia. I know you think you mean well. There’s such an easy way that we can find out and we can see and maybe you can show up for curtis after all. Why don’t you want to take the steps to find out for sure? Because it’s too late. It’s never too late to advocate for yourself, marshall. Portia, I appreciate your interest and all that. This has gone beyond interest. But you have to understand; I’ve already made peace with my diagnosis. And I respect that, but is this really acceptance or has it morphed into some sort of complacency at this point? Portia… if not for yourself, then do it for curtis. Enough! Why can’t you just mind your own business?! How’s willow? Why do you ask? It’s obvious you don’t give a damn about her. Michael, of course I give a damn. Willow’s well-being is the most important thing. Yeah, her physical well-being, maybe, but you concealed this secret for months with no regard for how important it was for willow to find her mother. I mean, sure, yeah, y-you confessed to save willow’s life, but you couldn’t care less about her actual feelings. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Uh, no, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to disappoint you, but from a medical standpoint, I don’t think that there is a way to remove a human heart. At least not without putting another heart back in. Hm. Yet anyway. Darn. Well, you’ll keep me posted, though, right? I-I will. I’ll let you know. I will be the first test patient, so… bad breakup, huh? Yeah. You? Yep. Pretty bad. Oh. No. You may have seen… some of the gory details in the invader, as a matter of fact. Not at all. Never read the newspaper. I don’t believe you. Hey, h-have you seen nina reeves around here today? I did see nina earlier today, yeah. I wonder if she got the results from her bloodwork. I mean, I know about willow and hopes for a bone-marrow match. And I was just thinking about nina ’cause she called me when she was waiting. Yeah, I can’t speak to the bloodwork, obviously, but, um… yeah, from what I could tell, she seemed to be suffering from the same affliction as you — heartache. Nikolas: I haven’t had a chance to meet with ava about the divorce yet. Oh, no need. All the details have been ironed out. By whom? By ava and myself. Ava and you discussed the end of my marriage without me. Yes, well, you’ve been a little preoccupied lately, haven’t you? Well, not that it’s surprising, given your pregnant mistress escaped her captivity. Ava hates me so much that she couldn’t even sit with me to talk this through. I’m sorry. Talk what through exactly? Nikolas, your marriage is over. Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re still holding out hope after cheating on ava with esme and elizabeth. Ava and I — we shared something special. It’s indescribable.

Shared. Past tense. Just I never truly believed that she wouldn’t come home. Oh, no. Ava’s coming home. It’s just… you won’t be here. I’ve just been working a lot. What about jake and aiden? Well, they’re in school. Just like you. Aunt elizabeth hasn’t been over in forever. Does she not like me anymore? Are you crazy? Of course she likes you. We’ve just all been really busy with the holidays. But never doubt for a second that she likes you. She loves you. We all do. That’s good. Because I love you, too. Oh. Is it you? What do you mean, is it me? Do you not like aunt elizabeth anymore? Uh… my mom kept a secret from our family. I’m guessing a big one. Huge. You don’t have to tell me if… no, it’s fine. You’re — you’re gonna find out eventually. Um… god, it sounds so weird to say. Nina reeves is willow’s biological mother. Damn. Yeah. And your mom knew? She’s known for months, apparently, but she didn’t want to say anything until… until she realized that willow was sick. Yeah, and as you can imagine, that has made messy things within my family even messier. That explains why your mom stormed out of the chapel. I went to find sonny, and to say he was pissed is an understatement. Oh, sonny’s not the only one who’s pissed. Michael is furious. Well, how about you? How do you feel? I feel terrible. I feel awful for michael and willow. I mean, what they’re going through… it’s the worst thing that anyone could possibly face. But I still feel really bad for my mom. Did you ever just stop for a second to think about the impact withholding this secret would have on willow? Willow’s feelings were all I was thinking of. Willow told me she did not want to know who her birth mother was. It was clear how willow felt about nina. How you feel about nina. How we all feel about nina, michael. That woman tried her best to destroy our family. Can you imagine the damage she would have done if she had known that willow was her daughter? So, yeah, whatever it costs me, however much I lose, I will not apologize for trying to stop her. Sorry. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. I-I shouldn’t have pushed you. Is everything okay? Why did I hear yelling? That would be me, son. It’s my fault. No, no. I-I never should have spoken to you that way. Please. Please accept my apology. Only if you’ll accept mine. What are you apologizing for? We — we — look, look, look, if the two of you are at odds, I would rather you squash it now. We’re having a difference of opinion. About what? Portia thinks I should get a second opinion for my diagnosis. She has this crazy notion that I may not have schizophrenia at all.

Aside from the episode that precipitated marshall’s arrest all those decades ago, he hasn’t suffered any other signs of acute mental illness, no signs of psychosis associated with schizophrenia — hallucinations, delusions, paranoia. Okay, but my dad’s been on those medications all those years. Aren’t they designed to repress those symptoms? Well, yes, absolutely, but — [Sighs] How do you explain the fact that marshall hasn’t had an episode in nearly 40 years? Couldn’t that just mean the illness is being managed properly? Or it can mean that you never had the illness at all. And then you factor in curtis’ genetic testing results — completely devoid of any of the markers for schizophrenia. Hm, yeah, but that’s not that unheard of. It’s not always inherited. The simple fact is, marshall’s answers to my many, many inquiries has led me to believe, in general, that his life and behavior, they don’t fit a clinical diagnosis. Have you ever suffered from any cognitive challenges? No. Depression that’s escalated to suicidal ideation? That would also be a no, but, portia, w-with all due respect, you are not a psychiatrist. Well, then, dad, maybe it’s time you saw one. Michael’s losing his mind right now because the woman he loves might die. I remember that feeling. With oscar. You’re going crazy because you feel like there’s nothing you can do. And you’re getting angry and you’re picking a fight. I-I get it. Michael just wants to feel like he’s making an impact. And who’s a safer place for him to unload on than your mom? Exactly. There’s nothing that michael could do to ever make my mom stop loving him. So eventually he just has to understand that my mom was trying to protect willow. She wasn’t trying to hurt her. You’re good at that. Good at what? Seeing all the different sides, understanding where everybody’s coming from. Well, I’ve had practice. Oh, so this isn’t the first time people in your family have been at odds? Oh, it’s shocking, I know. I just hate that my mom’s the one taking all the heat when the people to really blame are sonny and nina. Will you stop growing?! It’s getting out of control! Tell me about it. Hey, sweetheart, why don’t you, um… why don’t you go grab us a table? Pick any one. Would you like to have a brownie with us? Yeah. I mean, if you have the time, you’re welcome to join us. -Yay! -I’ll grab the brownies. I’ll grab the table.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Clearly I walked in on something. Yeah, well, she just had some questions about… us. Mm. What have you told her? Not much. I mean, I didn’t really know what to say, to be honest. But…don’t worry. I’ll — I’ll figure something out. How about we’ll figure something out…together? So you’re not sorry? For trying to protect you, willow, and your family? No. But I am very sorry for how I went about it. Right. You know — and how did you go about it? Because I already know you lied by omission, you conducted a dna test without consent. But something tells me that’s not the whole story. It’s gonna do us no good to keep going over — mom, mom. Just tell me the truth. Now. Okay. What do you want to know? Did you enlist that firefighter to lie to drew about who willow’s mother was? Yes. And when you offered to assist drew with his investigation… my goal was to obstruct it.

You asked me if you and aunt elizabeth and i would ever live in one house together? Will we?! No. Oh. Yeah. Um, let me try this another way. You know how anna and i almost got married and then we didn’t? You and aunt elizabeth are gonna get married?! No! Ohh… oh, boy. I am really bad at this. You really are, daddy. -Yeah. -Elizabeth: How are you? I’m good. Cameron. I mean, I’ve been better, but I’m not falling apart over the breakup. I know you’re not, but it’s still hard. Especially since you’ve always been such a big source of support for josslyn. It must feel weird not being there for her while her family’s going through this nightmare. What nightmare? My family is so fractured right now. We’re in no position to handle this type of crisis. And I’m sorry, but that’s on sonny. Him drop-kicking all of us to run away with nina didn’t exactly leave us on stable ground. But you don’t want him back with your mom. Never. I wish that i never had to hear his name or see his face ever again. And I want to choke every time he says that we’ll always be a family. Because I can’t stand avery and donna growing up idolizing that man when I know that he’s gonna fail them like he failed all of us. And — god, I just wish… you wish what?

[ Sighs ] It doesn’t matter. Tell me anyway. I wish that you’d quit. I wish that you would hand sonny back his gun and tell him you’re not taking orders anymore and walk out. I’m going to. What? When? Within six months. Hopefully a lot less. I will no longer be working for sonny. Why don’t you just quit now? There’s something I have to finish first. I’ll tell you what it was and why I had to do it once it’s done, but until then… you’re just gonna have to trust me. If you want, you can stop by my office later. I’ll give you a referral for a plastic surgeon that can look after the scar you got from the hook. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. Oh, hey, doc. I don’t know you very well. I mean, I don’t know you at all. But from what I can tell, I think — I think it would be a real shame to remove that heart of yours. Thank you. What about a mental-health evaluation? And I can get you a referral. You gonna jump on this bandwagon, too? Portia makes some great points. I know. You young people, you think you know everything. That’s not what it is. Yeah, let me tell you something. The treatment I got back then worked. Why mess with it now? Because you had an episode. Okay? And it could be tied to your meds. Who knows what the long-term effects could be or even if you need to take them at all? The pills help. Or maybe you just think they do. I have been able to perform without anxiety as long as I wasn’t trying to solo. That could be psychosomatic, marshall. You said to me yourself that the illness doesn’t affect your music, just your ambition. It could very well be what’s held you back all these years isn’t schizophrenia but the mistaken belief that you have it. That’s quite a leap. Maybe it is.

[ Chuckles ] But maybe it isn’T. All we’re asking is for you to find out. So you actively prevented or tried to prevent willow from discovering that she had a family? Yes. You delayed her cancer treatment, mom. Unknowingly. I didn’t know willow was sick. Doesn’t matter. Don’t you get it? You made decisions for willow without even considering the consequences. I mean, you played god with her life. You can’t possibly think that I would want to hurt willow. I don’t — I don’t — I don’t think that you did this out of malice, okay? But — but — but you — you basically thought that, what, that nina was the enemy, right? So — so willow wouldn’t even have wanted her a-as a mother in the first place. I know she wouldn’t because she told me. But what you’ve done here — t-the lying, the — the manipulation, the double dealing. I don’t know, mom, but that sounds an awful lot like nina. And if nina is the enemy, then — then — then what does that make you?

ly believed that willowneeded protecting from nina. I still do, michael. Well. [Sighs] You aren’t — you’re not wrong about nina. Willow told me that she’s already lobbying for a relationship. With willow? And the kids. Oh, god. That woman cannot help herself. We need her, mom. She’s our best chance. I know. I know. And just so we’re clear, the last 24 hours has not changed my opinion of nina. She’s — she’s self-centered, greedy, and unstable. And she’s the last person I would have chosen to be willow’s mother. So I’m not gonna pretend that I… that I don’t understand why you did what you did. If I was the one who harmony confessed all this to, yeah, I… I would have considered hiding it myself. So in six months, when you’re not working for sonny anymore, you’ll give me all the details. When it’s over, I will tell you everything. Okay. I’ll trust you. Thank you for telling me. It’s kind of a relief. Yeah, it’s a big relief. You won’t be around nina and sonny. Might even make it a little bit easier to bite my tongue when everyone’s pointing fingers at my mom saying that she’s out for revenge. It’s not the reason she kept the secret. It’s just not. For what it’s worth, I think you are handling everything that’s going on with your family really well.

[Sarcastically] Yeah, I’m handling things really well. My family’s in a crisis, and instead of being with them, I’m cooped up here with you, hiding. You’re not hiding. What would you call this? There’s a reason soldiers are rotated home for r&r, why we all sleep at night, okay? You need a break from the physical, the mental, the emotional. You’re allowed to take a breather. So I’m not being selfish? Good. Because right here with you… is the only place I want to be. I had no idea that willow was sick. No one did. Josslyn was just here, and I was so cold to her. Wait. Where are you going? To find joss. I need to make sure she’s okay. Can you deliver these for me? Yeah. Of course. Thank you so much. Okay, missy, this one is for you. Yum! And for you. Thank you. Uh… is cam okay? I saw him rush out of here pretty quickly. Josslyn. Ah, got it. I’m gonna draw a picture of cam and his girlfriend. Actually, violet, cameron and josslyn aren’t dating anymore. Do you know what that means, sweetheart? When people break up? What the hell are you doing? You know, I could ask you the same thing. You turned away a patient you were ordered to treat. I don’t turn away patients, mason. If I can’t treat them, I refer them to another physician. Semantics. No, it’s my job. Except you’re not doing your job, cuz. You defied a direct order from the boss. I’m not playing this game anymore. Alright? Tell the boss I’m done taking orders! You promised to give ava spoon island? That’s right… including wyndemere and most of its contents. I excluded some of the more important cassadine family mementos, naturally. Yeah, naturally. Oh, I’m sensing a little sarcasm. Well, are you also sensing complete and utter shock? How could you? Oh, well, quite easily actually. You see, when ava let it be known that she was in possession of information and materials that could seriously damage the cassadine family name, well, wyndemere is a small price to pay for the family name, don’t you think? No, I, uh — I disagree. In fact, I strenuously object. Yeah, well, it’s too late now anyway. Listen, how long do you think it’ll take to pack all this up and — and move out? Oh, not long, considering that I’m not going anywhere. You can’t take away my home. How long have portia and you been talking about this genetic thing? A few months. Sounds about right. And do you trust that portia has your best interests at heart? Of course. Do you trust her expertise? Implicitly. Well, then that’s where you lose me, pop. Why the resistance? My reasons are mine alone. But I want to understand. And so do I. A-and I promise, I’ll never bring it up again if that’s what you want.

[ Exhales sharply ] This damn disease. It ruined my life. Forced me to abandon my family. And I missed out on precious years with my sons. If I was misdiagnosed, that means all those… those sacrifices — it was all for nothing.

Thank you. You’re welcome. Not for that. Though I did enjoy myself. Good. I meant thank you for telling me it’s okay to take a break… and for being a refuge. It’s your dorm room, joss, not mine. It’s not the room. It’s you. Life is so strange. You can feel so many things at once. Yeah? What are you feeling? Safe and happy… and worried and guilty. Why guilty? For feeling safe and happy when my brother is in hell. I mean… michael has had a pretty rough romantic history. And to think that he found love, the real thing, and could possibly have it ripped away is — we’re not there yet. I know, but the thought that we could be… I can’t stand it. Think about something else. R&r, remember? I’m not a soldier. No, you’re way tougher than those guys. Oh. You know what else I am? Hmm? Starving. Oh, thank god. Me too.

[ Both laugh ] Sushi or pizza? Is that even a question? Both: Sushi.

[ Both laugh ] So that’s why we haven’t seen a lot of each other lately. Your dad and I just needed a little time apart. But why? Finn: Because sometimes people realize they’re not meant to be together. Like you and anna? That’s right. Yeah. And now you and aunt elizabeth. Yeah. But that doesn’t mean that we don’T… like each other. No, quite — quite the opposite. So that means maybe you’ll get back together? Not this time, sweetheart. We can still be friends. Yeah, and you’ll — you’ll always be family. Elizabeth is your aunt and her sons are your cousins, and that will never change. And we love you so much. Can we all go camping together? Oh. Well, I mean, I would really like that. Yeah, as soon as it warms up. And we can invite grandpa and uncle chase, too. How’s that brownie? Delicious. You should get one. Oh, well… uh, aunt elizabeth can — can share mine. I walked away from my wife… …and my sons… my sons, breaking all of our hearts in the process to protect them from — not just from the violent instincts, but from the stigma. And, by god… by god, I stayed away for — for it all. Tj’s birth.

[Sobbing] Tommy’s death. Your — your — your struggles with addiction. All because of one diagnosis — one diagnosis — I-I avoided being close to anyone for over half my life. So when you tell me… I may not have schizophrenia, that I may not be sick… it forces you to face painful questions.

[Sobbing] Have I wasted… please, have I wasted my entire life?

[ Sniffles ] Pop… my entire life or… worse. Was it stolen from me? Genetic testing is the first step to figuring this out. And no matter the result, none of this is your fault. Portia: Curtis is right. I-I know that this is terrifying — the prospect that you’ve been operating under misinformation this entire time. But think about the other side of it. Think about how freeing it could be to be out from under this diagnosis. And I know curtis wouldn’t tell you this, but he’s already shared with me his fears that this disease would steal you away from him again. You said that? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if this was something

we didn’t have to worry about? Please, marshall. For your family. I don’t think I can. You knew what this blood tie to nina could do to our family. I was so afraid to let her in. Yeah, and you were right to be. I would have felt the same way. But unlike you and what you did, I would have let willow decide. Why not give her all this information and let her decide where to take it from there? I see now that that’s what I should have done. I was…trying so hard to protect our family because nina has hurt us all so much. I don’t know, michael. I just had tunnel vision, and it just seemed like the only option.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Well, where do things stand with drew? He’s really disappointed and… he has every right to be.

[ Sighs ] I’m just really great at ruining things. You know, I just… well, drew is a very forgiving guy, so don’t give up hope. What about you? Can I hold out hope for you? Or are you as done with me as you are with your father? I may have lost my wife and son. I won’t lose my home. Hm. You’re forgetting a couple of vital points, nikolas. See, I have a storage locker filled with evidence that you held esme against her will. Now, that junk may be damning. It’s not definitive. Then there’s your written confession to pushing esme over a parapet, not to mention the recorded version that’s already in ava’s possession. And not to mention a very alive esme. And if she can’t remember, she can’t testify. Alright, nikolas. Hayden barnes. You know, my patience with you is nearing an end. After all I’ve done for you… and what about all I’ve done for you? I sheltered you on cassadine island, for god’s sake. And that’s the only reason I haven’t washed my hands of you altogether. And here I thought it was because you were such a family man. Well, I do have big plans for this family, nikolas, but you keep throwing a monkey wrench into them. Plans you’ve yet to follow through on. I call your bluff, uncle victor. I will say this just once more. The next time you defy me, nikolas… will be your last. You know, the boss doesn’t like a quitter. She’s not my boss anymore ’cause I quit. Tell me something. Why can’t she just find another doctor that’s more amenable to the cause? Look, I know you don’t take well to being strong-armed. Nobody does. So how’s this? The next time we send you a patient, take care of them. Or what? Come on. What? What’s gonna happen? Mason, the answer’s no. No. I recently lost a good friend. I’ve been dumped by my girlfriend. I’m really starting to feel like I got nothing left to lose. I guess that’s me told, huh? You bet. So I should leave you to your legal doctoring. Hallelujah. Lollipop? No, thank you. Hmm. You know, I’m starting to take that personally. Maxie’s daughter wouldn’t take one either.

Your father and I have mademistakes that hurt you. It would kill me if you cut me out of your life. Look, dad didn’t just make one mistake. He chose nina over his family again and again. And what you did was wrong. But you did it for your family — my — my family. You have to know, the second I heard that willow was sick… I know, I know, I know. And so — and so does willow. She understands. Can you forgive me? I’ll tell you this much, willow already has. Do you ever wonder if we deserve her? Every day. Now, I have a long way to go until I’m as forgiving… as willow. But I do know that I — I need you in my life. And my children need you. And, uh, you know, willow needs all of us. I need you, too. More than you know. More than you know, michael. I have to believe that you are strong enough to face a future that is different from what you’re used to. One that includes curtis, tj, stella, trina, epiphany… and me. And anybody else who comes along. Can I have all that without unraveling everything else? You can try… but I have a feeling your past will always come back to haunt you. You can’t go back, marshall. No one can. But if you get these answers… …well, the next chapter could be a whole hell of a lot better than the one before it. Austin: When did you see georgie? This morning. With her brother and little sister at the playground. They were with a very attractive, older couple. Maxie’s parents, I bet. Mason, what have you done? Take it easy. I already told you. I just offered the girl a treat. She turned me down, though. Either she doesn’t like lollipops or she’s been warned against strangers. Thing is, I’m not gonna be a stranger again when I visit her. Kids can be so trusting, you know? You wouldn’t dare. Don’t make me. Ava: Knock, knock! Am I interrupting? I’ll take what you said under advisement. Now, if you’re finished, I have a meeting here soon. Yes, of course. And I’ll make myself scarce. Oh, but, um, before I forget… what’s that? Your divorce settlement papers. You’ll notice amongst the standard provisions there’s a paragraph here ceding the deed to spoon island over to ava. Please have it signed before I return. I’m gonna draw a new family picture at the camping ground. Oh, fun. Hm! Cam, jake, and aiden will be on a log. Grandpa and uncle chase will be in the lake. Is it okay if you two sit next to each other in my drawing? As long as we’re not

in the fire, I’m good. Silly! You’ll be by the fire roasting marshmallows. Just don’t make me look too short next to your dad. You’ll wear heels. Heels? Camping? Fashion first. Maxie taught me that. Of course she did. Hey, you know, kiddo, it’s getting late. You want to finish your drawing at home? Maybe say good night to aunt elizabeth? Okay. Good night. Good night, baby girl. Give me a hug. I love you. I can’t wait to see you again. Let’s do it again. Okay? I can’t wait. Yeah. Here, sweetie. Put your coat on. Here, you take that. Bye! Bye, baby. Bye. Bye. Carolyn: Hi, lizzie. Mom.

[ Knock on door ] That would be the food. The delivery person has horrible timing. Can you get it so I can put something on? Do you have to? Yes.

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