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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

On the Crimson Lights patio, Diane meets up with Jack and assures him that their scheme to frame Jeremy and get him sent back to prison) is on track. She also tells Jack that she hated having to get so close to Jeremy Stark (James Hyde), but at least she did not have to cross the line.

In his suite, Jeremy comes out of the bathroom in his robe and realizes that Diane is gone. Then he sees the necklace on the coffee table so he puts it in his robe pocket. Chance knocks on the door and when Jeremy opens it, Chance announces himself and shows Jeremy his badge, very close-up.

He tells Jeremy that he’s there on behalf Chicago Police Department because they reported a theft at a luxury apartment building last night.  Chance shows Jeremy a search warrant and the first suspicious item he finds is under the mattress, it’s schematics for the same building where the burglary took place.

He also tells Jeremy that a man about Jeremy’s size was seen entering the building at midnight, wearing a black windbreaker. The next thing Chance discovers in Jeremy’s suite is the black windbreaker in one of the dresser drawers. Then he tells Jeremy that a pair of men’s reading glasses were found near Nikki’s compartment, and the fingerprints on them are a match for Jeremy’s.

Diane and Jack show up and she complains loudly about  Jeremy harrassing her. She adds that she’s embarassed to have ever been involved with a man like Jeremy. He speaks up, declaring that he was set up and mentions that he is in Genoa City to collect a debt from Diane. After Jeremy gets dressed, Chance searches him and finds the missing necklace in Jeremy’s pocket.

Jeremy then blames Diane for stealing the necklace and being in cohoots with Jack to frame him. Chance asks Diane where she was last night and she tells him that she and Jack spent the whole night together, which infuriates Jeremy.

Jeremy insists that he’ll beat the burglary charges and be out of jail by lunch time. Chance disagrees and informs Jeremy that even if the evidence is circumstantial, Jeremy is a paroled ex-con who just got caught in possession of stolen goods.

As Chance takes Jeremy into custody, Jeremy tells Diane to tread lightly, that she hasn’t seen the last of him and he clicks his teeth. Diane, however, tells him that she *has* seen the last of him. Later on, Jack and Diane talk about being relieved that threat of Jeremy is finally over.

Jack updates Kyle about the situation and leaves a voicemail for Nikki. He tells her that he has good news and bad news regarding a Chicago burglary he found out about. Jack then says to Diane that he and she can focus on the two of them now, which leads to a passionate kiss.

Over at  Jabot, Kyle is getting annoyed and frustrated by Summer’s continuing comparisons between their mothers. He tells Summer that there’s a big difference between the two mothers. He points out that he has been defending Diane from a dangerous criminal, whereas Phyllis got Jeremy to come to Genoa City to go after Diane. Summer declares that the real difference between their situations is that she is acknowledges her mother’s flaws, while Kyle puts Diane on a pedestal.

When Kyle finds out that Jeremy is in custody and is being transferred to Chicago law enforcement, he mentions that everything can return to normal. Summer, on the other hand, isn’t so sure about this because there always seems to be more chaos looming with Diane. She also rants about the bad choices Diane keeps making and how Diane is bringing everybody down with her. She tells Kyle that she’s not backing up the people who have been targeting Diane, but that Kyle needs to see Diane for who she really is.

At Society, Phyllis and Tucker continue their conversation, with Phyllis reiterating that she doesn’t like the current version of Tucker, who tries to direct her away from her anger. She also lets Tucker know that Diane has been cozying up to Jeremy and that she saw them kissing. Tucker listens and then wonders aloud what it would take for Phyllis to get over her disdain of Diane. Phyllis’s response is that Diane needs to leave town or drive off a cliff.

The conversation shifts to Daniel and his gaming platform and Phyllis warns Tucker to keep away from her son and will warn Tucker to stay away from her son and not talk business with him.

At Devon’s penthouse, he and Lily have a video call with Jill regarding Devon wanting to buy back Hamilton-Winters from Chancellor-Winters, thereby dissolving the merger. They go back and forth about the situation, including how it could do serious damage in the press.

Devon says he is willing to take the PR hit because he feels that more damage would be done by leaving the companies joined. He also mentions that he doesn’t feel safe with the IPO and he wants autonomy and control of his company. As a result, he thinks that dissolving the merger is the right call. Lily becomes worried that this will become a disaster, but Devon tells her she’s being melodramatic.

Although Jill wishes Devon had arrived at this conclusion months ago, she says that she understands Devon’s perspective and his need to protect his family legacy. She also mentions that the three of them must determine if Devon not feeling good about the IPO situation is worth incurring a huge loss because this would cost all of them a lot of money.

While Lily and Jill continue discussing the situation, Devon goes to Society for a drink. He runs into Tucker there, and Tucker suggests that there’s a path to forgiving him. Devon disagrees. After Tucker lets Devon know that he isn’t going anywhere, Devon leaves. He goes back to his penthouse to meet with Lily. Lily tells him that she worked things out with Jill and they’ve reached a decision regarding Hamilton-Winters.

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