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Update written by Suzanne

At Forrester Creations, Brook and Taylor share Chinese food for lunch and have a chat. They’re excited that Sheila is going before a judge today to get what she deserves. They agree that they’re both survivors and glad that they’re putting themselves first (instead of going back to Ridge). Brooke wonders why she was always so needy before. Taylor admits that it still hurts that Ridge left her at the altar, but she’s glad that they’re both re-reevaluating their lives. They wonder what’s next for them. Taylor asks if Brooke is going to date and wonders if she’ll get back with Bill. Brooke assures her that she’s not going to date Bill, but she thinks he does have a new woman in his life. Later, they try on fancy dresses for fun and compliment each other. They talk about Ridge again. Brooke asks Taylor to come over for a “girls night in” to watch TV and eat popcorn, so Taylor agrees. They are so friendly now that they’re briefly holding hands. Taylor again mentions how glad she is that Steffy will be able to move on from Sheila. The two women hug.

In court, Judge McMullan wants to hear Steffy and Finn’s testimony about Sheila. Bill is spying on them via his laptop. Steffy hestitates, thinking about Bill’s threat to her mom. Sheila insists on addressing Steffy and Finn. She tells them how sorry she is and how much she loves them. They glare at her, clearly not believing her. Sheila mentions Taylor and how much she admires her, but it’s clearly a veiled threat. Steffy has tears of anger and says that she hopes to get closure and justice. She assures Sheila that she will never have any part in their lives. Steffy tells the judge that she has no testimony to give. Finn does the same. The judge tells them that Mike came forward to say that he forced her, against her will, to escape from prison, and video evidence backs him up. Therefore, he is forced to dismiss the charges and let Sheila go free. Steffy is very upset

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