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Chad brings tea for Stephanie at the Horton house to thank her for spending time with the kids. Chad jokes about hearing Thomas upstairs telling Jack that their day was lit. Stephanie and Chad agree that they also thought the day was lit.

Roman thinks they should get Kate to the hospital. Kate argues that it was just a sneeze. Kate acknowledges that Rex said her test results might mean she’s relapsing but also might mean nothing. Roman doesn’t want to take any chances and wants to take her to get checked out but Kate says she doesn’t want to. Kate wants to stay at the Pub and have dinner with Roman. Kate suggests chowder as what the doctor would order.

Steve asks Rex about the test results. Rex says it doesn’t necessarily mean Kayla is relapsing. Kayla argues that he can try to be optimistic but she sees the numbers and that her and Kate’s results were almost identical last fall, but the rate of decline has vastly accelerated. Steve asks what that means. Kayla responds that it means she and Kate might be in real trouble, so she suspects Marlena might be too.

Marlena and John rehearse fighting at home about Kristen. Marlena ends up getting carried away and throws a glass of water on him, then apologizes. John says it’s okay and that it’s why they are rehearsing as they want the fight to look as real as possible since that’s the only way he’ll get Kristen to trust him. Marlena hopes as soon as he does, he can find out what she has over Brady.

Kristen brings Brady to the secret room in the DiMera Tunnels but the Orchid is gone. Kristen says she doesn’t understand as it was right there and she just checked on it the other day. Brady tells her to stop lying. Kristen insists that someone took it. Brady asks if this is another one of her tricks. Kristen says he has to believe her. Brady declares that he’s done and warns her to find the orchid now or she will never see Rachel again.

Chad and Stephanie laugh about Stephanie taking a video of Chad falling while ice skating. Stephanie mentions that she promised to send it to the kids. Stephanie gets up and notes a pain in her ankle as it’s been a long time since she’s skated. Chad offers to massage her ankle. Stephanie says he doesn’t have to but Chad insists that he wants to, so she allows him to.

Steve asks if Rex has any more of the serum. Rex reminds them that they only had one vial to begin with. Kayla recalls that there wasn’t enough left to cure one person, let alone three. Rex notes that the only way to reproduce it is with the Orchid that created it. Steve says they are at the mercy again of whoever brought the serum. Kayla declares that they are not going to just sit around and wait for a miracle, they are going to find some other treatment. Kayla adds that they also need to warn Kate and Marlena.

Marlena tells John that she’s glad they put their plan on hold for the holidays as she doesn’t like fighting with him, even if it’s pretend. John says if this works, they may finally get Kristen out of Brady’s life for good. Eric then shows up at the door. John hugs him and wishes him a Happy New Year. Eric apologizes for just popping in. Marlena asks what brings him by. Eric says he’s looking for Brady. John says he can’t help him as they just got home and he wasn’t home. Marlena thanks Eric for volunteering to watch Rachel for them, so they could have a movie night alone. Eric is glad they enjoyed it, but admits that he had an ulterior motive. John asks what that means. Eric responds that it gave him a chance to kidnap Rachel.

Brady tells Kristen to quit playing games with him. Kristen asks why she would do that when he’s threatening to take her child away which she calls a despicable, heartless thing to do. Brady asks if she’s kidding since she’s been holding Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s lives over his head for months. Kristen argues that Rachel is innocent. Brady asks if she thinks he wanted to bring his daughter in to this and says she gave him no choice. Brady demands that she give him the orchid but Kristen complains that she can’t because it’s not there. Brady declares that he’s going to tell Rachel that she said goodbye. Kristen pleads with him and starts to cry as she swears on Rachel’s life that she’s telling the truth that someone stole the Orchid.

Chad massages Stephanie’s ankle. Stephanie admits it feels pretty good. Chad talks about learning a thing or two from dating a physical therapist for a few weeks. Stephanie says her ankle feels better already. Chad is glad he could help. Stephanie then gets a call from Alex. Alex didn’t think she would pick up and asks if she’s still mad at him. Stephanie says no and that they are good. Alex says that makes him happy. Alex says he just wanted to call and apologize for being a jerk earlier. Alex admits that he was feeling like Chad just keeps finding ways to spend time with her but it’s behind them now and he apologizes so he hopes they can move forward. Alex asks Stephanie if she wants to grab dinner tonight and offers to pick her up at her place. Stephanie decides that she’ll meet him and they decide on the Bistro. They hang up. Chad asks if Stephanie is heading out. Stephanie tells him that she and Alex are going to have dinner. Stephanie thanks Chad for the massage and the day, commenting that it was really fun. Stephanie then exits the house.

Brady asks Kristen who would steal the Orchid. Kristen says she doesn’t know and says anyone that lives in the DiMera Mansion could have wandered down there. Brady argues that Kristen had the one thing that could save Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s lives and questions her leaving it in a place where an army of people could have access to it. Brady asks how she could be that careless. Kristen talks about EJ securing the tunnels and the construction has been going on since last fall. Brady asks what her point is. Kristen figured everyone would steer clear until the construction was done. Brady says she figured wrong and points out the construction team would have been around all along and argues that some construction guy could have given the orchid to his wife. Kristen insists that it has to be here, somewhere in this house. Brady hopes to God that it is, for her sake.

John questions Eric saying he kidnapped their granddaughter. Eric explains that Rachel is safe, in Salem, and thinks she’s on a fun adventure. John asks who she is with. Eric says she’s with a friend who is trustworthy. Marlena questions if Brady signed off on this. Eric promises that he wouldn’t have done it if Brady didn’t and nothing happened to Rachel at all. Eric explains that it’s all an act for Kristen’s benefit. Marlena jokes a lot of that is going around. John questions involving Kristen’s kid and worries that something like that could push her off the deep end. Marlena agrees as much as she dislikes Kristen. Eric argues that it was the only way to neutralize Kristen. Eric adds that Kristen has been blackmailing Brady for months and forced him to break up with Chloe and move her in. John declares that he knew it all along. Marlena asks what Kristen has over Brady. Eric responds that it’s Marlena’s life.

Roman finishes a call with Kayla. Kate guesses it’s not good news. Roman informs her that Kayla’s test results were almost identical to Kate’s. Kate guesses they are relapsing together and tries to change the subject. Roman tells her that this is serious. Kate knows she’s getting sick again and last time she almost died, but she didn’t so she doesn’t intend to die this time either, so she just wants to enjoy her dinner.

Kayla informs Rex that Roman is going to break the news to Kate and hopefully will convince her to come in for more tests. Rex guesses Kate will put up a fight. Kayla decides that she should call Marlena, but she then faints as Steve and Rex rush to check on her.

Brady paces in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Kristen comes in and says no one is there except Harold and he said no one has been in the tunnels since the construction started as they were all warned to stay away due to toxic hazards. Kristen adds that none of the workers would steal anything. Brady argues that it brings them back to her. Kristen insists that she didn’t move it. Kristen reminds Brady that it was her leverage over him and she would never give that up. Kristen admits that she doesn’t really want Marlena and the others to die. Brady screams that now they might because of Kristen’s selfishness and insanity. Kristen repeats that she’s sorry as she really didn’t want any of this to happen. Brady declares that if anything happens to the three women, their blood will be on Kristen’s hands.

Eric reveals to John and Marlena that Kristen was the one who provided the serum but only after Brady broke up with Chloe. Marlena says they always knew Kristen was manipulative, but she never believed that she would go this far. John talks about having suspicions months ago and recalls catching Brady going through Kristen’s things. Marlena argues that it doesn’t make sense since Brady didn’t go back to Chloe after they were cured and instead moved Kristen in. Marlena wonders why he would do that if the threat to them was over. Eric then reveals that according to Kristen, it’s not over, as she claims that all three of the women will need another booster shot and she won’t turn over the Orchid unless Brady keeps doing what she wants. John asks if Marlena has been feeling okay. Marlena says she has but then she sneezes.

Rex brings Kayla water as Steve checks on her. Kayla says she’s better but just got dizzy. Rex checks Kayla and says she’s burning up, so they need to admit her immediately. Kayla argues that she has too much work to do. Rex insists that everyone she cares about would want her to take care of herself. Kayla can’t believe this is happening again. Steve has no doubt they will beat this again like the last time.

Roman tells Kate that to beat this, she needs to be where they can make sure it doesn’t get worse. Kate refuses to go through that again. Roman gets that it’s really hard and assures that he’ll be with her every step of the way, as will Rex and the entire team at the hospital. Kate repeats that she will not go to the hospital. Chad then arrives and asks if everything is okay. Roman hopes Chad can talk sense in to Kate. Chad asks what’s going on. Kate says it’s nothing. Roman informs Chad that the virus that Orpheus infected her with is back and she needs to go to the hospital. Roman asks if Chad agrees. Kate argues that it doesn’t matter and declares she will not go to the hospital. Kate then gets up, but faints in to Chad’s arms.

Stephanie joins Alex at the Kiriakis Mansion for dinner. Alex apologizes and says he had no idea the Bistro was closed for renovation. Stephanie says it’s fine and she prefers this. Alex apologizes again for how he was earlier because he hates that he acted jealous, insecure, and territorial. Alex says he’s not that guy, or at least he wasn’t until he met her. Stephanie promises that he has no reason to feel threatened by Chad as they are just friends. Alex points out that they are friends who almost hooked up not too long ago. Stephanie points out that they didn’t because she was wroried about her mom’s illness and he was still grieving his wife. Alex argues that Chad is going to be ready to move on at some point. Stephanie insists that has no bearing on their relationship. Stephanie assures Alex that she is with him, not Chad. Stephanie jokingly asks when he will get that through his thick head.

Chad and Roman lie Kate down on the floor at the Pub. Chad notes Kate’s pulse is weak and says they need to get her to the hospital so he’s calling an ambulance. Roman says he’s not waiting and tells Chad to call Kayla to tell her they are coming.

Steve and Rex have Kayla in a hospital bed. Kayla asks for her tablet so she can at least do some research while she’s stuck here. Steve gives her the tablet but notes that he thinks she should try to get some rest. Kayla calls that impossible and argues that someone out there has to have found a way to treat this disease, so she’s going to find out who that is. Kayla then gets a call from Chad, who informs her that Kate just passed out at the Pub and that Roman is on his way to the hospital with her. Kayla says they will be ready and hangs up. Kayla then informs Rex that his mom passed out at the Pub and his dad is bringing her in. Rex decides he will meet them downstairs and rushes out of the room. Kayla then tells Steve that he needs to call Marlena.

John points out that this is the second time Marlena has sneezed today. Marlena blows it off as probably nothing. Marlena then asks Eric if he thinks Kristen was lying when she said everybody would need additional doses of the serum. Eric says Brady doesn’t think so but he wasn’t willing to chance it. Marlena acknowledges that Brady sacrificed so much by giving up the woman he loves and complains that Kristen is so cruel. John asks why Brady didn’t just tell them what Kristen was holding over him. Eric explains that it was part of the terms that if Brady didn’t keep quiet, Kristen was going to destroy the Orchid. John questions if it was Eric’s idea to force Kristen’s hand or she’ll never see her daughter again. Eric responds that she should be turning over the Orchid as they speak. John says he doesn’t know about this since Kristen is such a loose cannon. John worries that between Kristen’s blackmail blowing up in her face and being arrested for brainwashing Stefan, the walls are closing in on her and this whole thing could go sideways in a hurry. Eric encourages that they will find out soon enough. Brady and Kristen then come in. Eric asks what happened and where the orchid is. Brady responds that it’s gone.

Alex and Stephanie lay together on the couch in front of the fireplace. Stephanie says this is nice after she was freezing on the ice all day. Alex is glad he could warm her up. Stephanie notes that it has to be -10 outside, so she’s kind of dreading going home. Alex suggests she not go home then and invites her to stay the night if she wants to, adding that there’s no pressure. Stephanie responds that she would really like that as they kiss.

Kayla tells Steve that he has to go call John and Marlena. Steve says he will in a minute, but he wants to make sure she’s okay first. Kayla says she’s fine now but it just makes her angry that even from behind bars, Orpheus is still wreaking havoc on their lives. Steve promises they will figure this out. Kayla is all for optimism but says they need to be realistic. Kayla says they survived last time because they got lucky since someone anonymously dropped off the serum. Kayla wishes she could figure out who that person was. Steve feels he dropped the ball on that, but he was just so happy that they were okay. Kayla says he can’t blame himself as they were all just relieved that the nightmare was over. Steve hopes that whoever it was will come through for them again.

Brady explains that they searched the whole DiMera Mansion and the Orchid is not there. John suggests maybe it never was and Kristen has it hidden somewhere else. Kristen swears that she does not know what happened to it. Marlena questions why they should believe her. Kristen responds that Brady threatened to take off with Rachel and she was not willing to risk losing her. John points out that Kristen had no problem risking the lives of three women to get what she wanted and risking taking Marlena, Kate, and Kayla away from their kids. John calls Kristen a twisted and evil monster. Kristen argues that John quickly turned on her, so she’s guessing Brady and Eric weren’t the only ones putting on a show. Kristen tells Eric that it’s obvious that he took her daughter. Kristen brings up Brady arranging for Eric to be with Rachel that night. Kristen calls them all a bunch of liars which Marlena mocks her for. Kristen argues that all she tried to do was get her family back. John argues that Brady tried to be reasonable about custody but there’s no reasoning with her because she’s deranged and pathetic. John shouts that now Kristen has put her own daughter in the line of fire. Kristen blames Brady and Eric for doing that. John calls her a sick freak and tells her to think about it. John declares that if Kristen really lost the Orchid, then Rachel could lose her grandmother and asks how she’s going to feel when she finds out that Kristen was responsible for that. Eric adds that it includes Kate and Kayla and comments on Kristen traumatizing Rachel. John says it was all because of Kristen’s damn sick obsession with Brady. Kristen suggests maybe they will find the orchid. Brady asks what the plan is if they don’t and the symptoms come back. John gets a call from Steve and says he’ll have to fill him in on what’s going on here. Steve asks if Marlena is feeling okay. John says she’s fine and asks why. Steve responds that he has some bad news.

Rex has Kate in a hospital bed as she wakes up. Rex asks how she’s feeling. Kate complains that she didn’t want to go to the hospital. Rex says they took a vote and she was on the floor of the Pub, so she lost. Kate worries that it’s bad. Rex is just glad she’s there. Kate calls it so strange as she felt fine a moment ago, but now she wakes up here and she feels so weak. Kate notes that it’s happening faster this time. Rex encourages her to just rest as he will take good care of her. Kate asks Rex to not let her die here and to bring her home.

Alex and Stephanie go to Alex’s bedroom. Alex notes her limp and asks if her leg is okay. Stephanie says it’s just her ankle as it’s been a long time since she skated. Alex offers to massage it for her but Stephanie says that Chad already did. Alex questions that but Stephanie swears it wasn’t like that. Alex insists that he’s not jealous and he doesn’t want to spoil the mood. Stephanie jokes about getting him to behave with the promise of sex. Stephanie suggests they stop talking as they start kissing.

John tells Marlena that they need to get her to the hospital. Marlena laughs it off as a couple of sneezes. Eric points out that Steve said Kayla and Kate were fine before they passed out. John asks Marlena to lay down for him. Marlena remarks that if Kristen hadn’t been playing her games, the doctors could’ve found a cure by now. Marlena warns that if anything happens to Kate or Kayla and they don’t make it, that’s on Kristen. Kristen responds that this was not her intention and claims she was planning to turn the Orchid over at the first sign of any symptoms. John then takes Marlena to their bedroom. Eric states that they need to find the Orchid. Kristen argues that there’s a pressing matter at hand and demands her daughter back now.

At the hospital, Steve informs Chad and Roman that Kristen had the Orchid the whole time but now it’s gone missing. Roman complains that Kristen knew they would need another dose and if she had given them the Orchid at the start, they would be in the clear. Roman asks what the hell is wrong with Kristen. Steve explains that she apparently was using it to control Brady. Chad calls it playing games with peoples’ lives. Steve says that means the women they love could pay the price.

Rex knows Kate doesn’t want to be in the hospital but insists that it’s the best place for her right now. Kate asks about not having the antidote. Rex assures they are doing everything they can to find another cure. Kate thought they were cured. Rex says with Roman, it only took one dose, so he just assumed. Rex apologizes but Kate tells him not to blame himself. Rex asks if there’s anything else he can do for her other than let her go home. Kate instructs Rex to call his siblings and tell them not to come. Kate then starts reacting and says she feels so strange. Rex tries to figure out what’s going on. Roman rushes in and questions what is happening. Kate tells Rex and Roman that she loves them and she then flatlines causing Rex to panic.

Brady asks if Kristen thinks Dr. Rolf could have stolen the orchid. Kristen questions what his reason would be. Brady argues that he’s just asking if it was possible. Kristen tells him that Dr. Rolf is halfway across the world. Eric then returns with Rachel, who excitedly runs up to hug Kristen. Rachel mentions that Eric said she couldn’t come home because her and Brady were sick. Rachel asks if she’s better now. Kristen responds that they are perfectly fine. Brady wishes they could say that about everybody else.

Steve tells Chad that he’s going to break the news to Kayla about the Orchid. Chad asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Steve asks Chad to call Stephanie for him because he’s sure she’s going to want to be there for her mom. Chad agrees to do that right now.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing. Stephanie decides she’s going to freshen up and she will be right back, so she heads to the bathroom. Stephanie’s phone then vibrates in the room with a call from Chad, which Alex sees and chooses to reject. Alex then lays in the bed and waits for Stephanie.

Steve tells Kayla about Kristen having the Orchid all along and losing it. Steve says they will figure out a way to make Kristen pay as soon as Kayla is better. Steve asks if Kayla found anything useful but Kayla says there is nothing on any sort of other treatment. Steve assures they are doing everything they can to find the Orchid and maybe some of that serum will show up. Kayla doesn’t know how long they can wait and admits she’s scared. Steve insists that the fight isn’t over yet so she can’t give up. Steve calls her, Kate, and Marlena the strongest women he knows, so this disease doesn’t have a chance against them and he knows they are all going to be fine.

Rex uses the defibrillator to try to revive Kate but is unsuccessful. The nurse says it’s time to call it. Roman urges him to try again but Rex states that there’s nothing more they can do. Rex announces that Kate has died at 8:02. Roman tells him not to stop but Rex says he’s sorry and hugs him.

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