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Update written by Barbara

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Adam are sitting at a table talking, and Jack tells Adam that he has accomplished quite a lot at Jabot in the short time he has been there. Adam downplays Jack’s compliments, saying that his work has been adequate and it’s not that big of a deal.

Jeremy comes into the coffeehouse and heads over to the patio. Adam notices how Jack starts looking uncomfortable and asks Jack if he knows “that guy”. Without saying who Jeremy is, Jack tells Adam that the man is a thorn in his side. When Adam asks if it’s business or personal says it’s the latter. He mentions  that the man is someone Diane used to know.

Adam is intrigued and asks if he’s an old flame of Diane’s. Jack says it’s nothing like that and lavishes praise on Diane, saying that she has been forthright, admitted her sins, changed her life around and what she’s done is very valuable.

Adam observes that Jack is very protective of Diane. Jack tells him that this is because she’s Kyle’s mother and Harrison’s grandmother. Adam asks how Diane got him to forgive her completely. Jack says that it wasn’t easy, but she came through and earned his forgiveness.  Adam tells Jack that he worries about Jack because he doesn’t to see him get hurt.

Meanwhile, at the Abbott house, Diane lets Kyle and Summer know that Jeremy bought her story about wanting to reunite with him. Kyle is not in favor of what she is planning next, it’s a huge risk, but she assures him she’ll be fine. As the three of them are talking, Diane gets a text from Jeremy asking her to meet him at Crimson Lights.

When Diane opens the front door to head over to the coffeehouse, Phyllis is there. Phyllis is shocked and appalled that Diane is back. She asks if Diane ever really left. Diane deflects, saying that she has to be somewhere, and leaves.

Phyllis asks what Diane is doing there and if Kyle, Summer and Jack have been lying to her about where Diane has been. Kyle tells Phyllis it’s none of her business. Phyllis counters that it is her business, with all the lying that’s been going on.

Phyllis lets Summer know that she came to the Abbott house to see and talk to her because she doesn’t like how things are between them. Phyllis chokes back tears, mentioning to Kyle and Summer that she has come to terms with them firing her from Marchetti. She also reminds Summer that they did not see each other on Christmas, nor did Summer even call her. Summer knows this hurt her mother and looks uncomfortable.

Jeremy is seated at a table on the patio at the coffeehouse, having a heated discussion with Jack when Diane arrives. Jeremy tells Jack that he’s not sure he’s still interested in Jack’s cash offer. Jack becomes irrate and demands to know what changed. Diane enters the patio and says “I’ve changed”.

She and Jack then put on a performance for Jeremy, with her telling Jack that she’s back with Jeremy and she can take care of her own life.  Jack pretends to be aghast by this news and says he cannot believe that she would go back to “that criminal”. He shouts to Jeremy and Diane that they are each other’s problems now, and they better not do anything to harm Kyle, Summer or Harrison and storms off.

Jeremy tells Diane that he’s not sure Diane meant what she told Jack about wanting to be with him, not Jack. Jeremy says that he thinks she gave a great performance, and says that he needs more from her. He says that she has to take a loyalty test to prove her allegiance to him.

Jeremy and Diane go inside Crimson Lights where Diane is putting cream and sugar in her coffee. When she turns around, Jeremy caresses her cheek.

At Sally’s suite, Chloe has come over with the pregnancy test Sally requested. She asks Sally if she even got any sleep and Sally says that despite her anxiety, she slept all night, totally conked out, in her clothes.

Sally takes the pregnancy test and heads for the bathroom, asking Chloe to stay with her while she takes the test. She tells Chloe that she doesn’t want to be alone when she looks to see what the result is. Chloe is more than willing to stay around.

While Sally is in the bathroom, Nick shows up at her suite. Chloe answers the door and speaks loudly, referring to Nick by name and thereby alerting Sally that he is there. When Sally comes out of the bathroom, Nick he tells her that he stopped by because he wanted to check on her and see how she’s doing. She tells him that the soup and ginger ale did the trick and she’s feeling better. Nick invites Sally out to eat, but she tells him that she can’t because she and Chloe have a lot of work to catch up on since Sally had a “stomach bug”. Once he leaves, the women wait for the result of Sally’s pregnancy test.

Sally starts pacing while waiting for the pregnancy test result. Chloe gently tells her to calm down and relax. Chloe then looks at her phone and tells Sally that it’s time to look at the test. Sally picks it up and tells Chloe that it shows she’s pregnant.

Chloe is surprised that Sally is remaining so calm and how she doesn’t even want to try to deal with it. Sally says there’s nothing to deal with because her cycles have always been irregular, she’s not that late, and the test is unreliable. Chloe suggests to Sally that she is in denial, which Sally says is not the case. She then mentions that she is okay and wants some time alone to refocus. Chloe agrees to leave.

At Society, Mariah, Tessa and Sharon are reminiscing about how Sharon and Rey had their New Year’s Eve wedding and their first anniversary there. Sharon jokes around, saying it feels nice to get out of the coffeehouse. She says that it feels like that’s the only place she ever go. She also shares with them how she failed at cooking Rey’s mother’s tamale recipe.

Mariah’s phone pings but the text is not from Delphine, the woman whose baby might be the one for Mariah and Tessa. They have been waiting to hear from her. Another text comes in and it does turn out to be Delphine, apologizing for not getting in touch with them sooner. Mariah and Tessa breathe a sigh of relief because they had been worried that Delphine had changed her mind. Quite the opposite, Delphine says that she wants to meet with them the next day. Tessa happily prepares to book their flights.

At Crimson Lights, Jeremy is not sure that Diane meant what she told Jack about wanting to be with him, not Jack. Jeremy says that he thinks she gave a great performance, and he needs more from her. He says that she has to take a loyalty test to prove her allegiance to him.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick comes into Victoria’s office looking for her and finds Victor there. Nick turns to leave but Victor stops him, saying he wants to talk. Victor lets Nick know that he doesn’t want him being with Sally Spectra. Nick angrily tells his father to stop meddling in his personal life and let him take things with Sally on his own terms. Victor says that he can’t help but want the best for Nick, Victoria, Adam and Abby.

After leaving Victoria’s office at Newman Enterprises, Nick goes to Society, where he runs into Sharon, Tessa, and Mariah at the club. They invite him to join them and he does.

Victor goes to Jabot to see Adam and talk about Connor. Victor lets Adam know that he’s aware that he doesn’t want Connor living at the ranch full time, and Victor just wants Connor to be a bigger part of Nikki and his lives. Adam tells Victor that he will talk to Chelsea and work out a schedule. Victor comments that Adam is quite protective of Chelsea and asks if he and Chelsea are going to get back together. Adam says no, and that he’s just concerened about her welfare.

Just as Phyllis is leaving the Abbott house after a weepy conversation with Summer, Diane and Jack come in after her meeting with Jeremy. Phyllis angrily says that this is “the icing on the cake”, further evidence that Diane did not flee in fear of Jeremy. After Phyllis leaves, Jack tries to talk to Summer about the situation, but she tells him that while she appreciates his concern, she loves her mother and the two of them will work things out.

Kyle asks Diane and Jack how his meeting with Jeremy went. Diane says she thinks that he believed her and he requested some kind of loyalty test from her. She says that she has no idea what this could be, and tells Jack, Kyle and Summer that she will do whatever it takes to get rid of Jeremy.

In her suite after Chloe leaves, Sally throws away the bag that the pregnancy test had been in. After hesitating for a moment, she tosses the test itself into the trash.

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