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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told John that she was upset about Kristen living with them. She told him Brady kissed Sister Mary because he thought she was Kristen. She said she was afraid that time was running out on their plan to expose Kristen. She said they should tell Kristen they had another fight. He said he didn’t think they could pull it off. He said he almost lost her twice. He didn’t want to tell anyone that they were fighting. He said she made him happy. He said he was the luckiest man on earth. Kristen put a mistletoe over Brady. He didn’t want to kiss her. She told him Marlena was going to need another dose from the orchid so he should be nicer to her. Rachel walked in and wanted to know what Kristen was talking about. Kristen told her the orchids were life-saving medicine. Brady said he thought they could get one for Christmas. Rachel said she wanted them to be together forever. He said he wanted to make her happy. He said he and Kristen were doing what was best for her. Kristen said she and Rachel could go look for decorations. Rachel asked Brady to go with them, but he said he had to work. Rachel left to get ready. Kristen ripped into Brady for dashing Rachel’s hopes. She told him to stop hating her so much and love their daughter more. He said he loved his daughter, but he loved Marlena too. He said that was the only reason she was living there.

Nicole woke up from a nightmare. EJ asked if she was dreaming about Eric. She said she was shocked to see Eric. EJ told her not to read too much into it. He said Eric jumping in bed with Sloan was an indicator that he moved on. He said she should let Eric move on. She agreed with him. He said he knew what could take her mind off of things. He played her the voicemail Sister Mary left him. She said the explosion was his fault because he brought a harlot to his mother’s funeral. She said the explosion was a warning. She said he was in danger if he didn’t heed the warning. He apologized for putting Nicole in danger. She said it was Ava’s fault. Abe went to see Paulina. He told her there wasn’t going to be a bail hearing. He said the court adjourned for the holidays. She said she wanted to put out a press release saying that she was stepping down as governor. She said he could stay on as mayor. He tried to talk her out of it, but she didn’t want to hear it. Abe got a call from Belle. He handed Paulina the phone. Abe and Paulina went to Allie and Chanel’s apartment. Paulina told them Belle went to London and challenged their extraditions. Paulina said Belle won so the charges were dismissed. She said Trask couldn’t hold either one of them. Sloan showed up at the apartment. She got a call about what happened. She told them she was going to make Paulina pay. Eric went to see Brady. He told Brady he came up with a plan to stop Kristen. He said they needed to kidnap Rachel.

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