GH Short Recaps Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn feels badly because Cameron sends her a text message, but she ignores it because she is afraid to tell him that she isn’t in love with him anymore.

Sam is worried because Dante didn’t come home last night. Sam tells Cody she is worried about Dante and he calls Mac and finds out Dante is at the hospital and he tells Sam Dante’s whereabouts. Dante and Mac think that they are dealing with a serial killer since the same snake venom that killed Brando and was also used in Diane’s attack was found in Rory’s body.

Ava has a confrontation with Elizabeth in the hospital chapel and tells her that she will make sure she and Nic\kolas feel more pain than they ever thought it was possible to feel in their lives. Elizabeth tells Ava that she had a miscarriage, but she hasn’t told Nicolas yet. Ava later tells Nina she is wondering If she should seek revenge on Nikolas since he just lost a child. Nikolas tells Spencer that he and Elizabeth slept together and she is pregnant with his baby. Spencer tells Nikolas that he wants nothing more to do with him because he took advantage of Elizabeth when she was having an emotional crisis. Spencer tells Nikolas that he is leaving town when his probation is over because he doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. Spencer also says he is going to get his own apartment and it doesn’t matter what his Uncle Victor thinks he should do.

Denise tells Carly and Drew that Lorraine (aka Harmony) and her husband came to the commune with baby Willow. Loraine was always jumpy and looking over her shoulder like she was running away from someone. Drew tells Carly that he thinks that Loraine kidnapped Willow which means that Willow’s birth parents could still be alive.

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