Days Short Recap Monday, December 19, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric asked Brady what Kristen had over him. Brady told him to forget about it, but Eric didn’t want to. Brady told him that Kristen used Marlena, Kate and Kayla’s lives to blackmail him. Eric said he wouldn’t say anything. Eric said they would find a way to stop Kristen from hurting the people they love. John tried to get Kristen to tell him what was on her mind. She said she wants to be a good mother and wife. She said she wanted Rachel to know she was safe and loved. She was surprised that he was being nice to her. He said he would be there for her when she wants to talk. She appreciated it and left to get Rachel. He called Marlena and left her a message. He told her he was convinced that Kristen was hiding something. He said he was going to find out what she was hiding. Steve and Rafe were at the pub. Steve asked if Rafe found out anything that could get EJ for kidnapping Tripp. Rafe said he didn’t, but he wanted to nail EJ. Kayla called Steve to tell him Tripp was in Salem. She thought Tripp was going to confront EJ.

When the bomb went off in the church, everyone was under the debris. They called out to each other. EJ went to help Nicole since she was hurt and couldn’t move. Tripp checked on Ava, but she wasn’t breathing. He gave her CPR which revived her. When EJ tried to lift Nicole, they realized her leg was under a beam. The beam was holding up the ceiling. When the debris was falling down, Nicole told everyone to leave. They said they weren’t leaving without her. They worked together to move the beam. EJ and Marlena helped Nicole out of the church. Johnny helped Tripp with Ava. Brady went home and told John about Eric. Kristen came in while they were talking. Marlena came in. John wanted to know what happened. She told them what happened. When John and Marlena were kissing, Kristen said they were kissing and making up. Brady wanted to know what she was talking about. She said John and Marlena argued over Marlena wanting her to leave. Kristen asked what he wanted. He said he wanted her to stay. At the hospital, Tripp asked Ava if she planted the bomb at the church. Rafe and Steve were at the hospital. Rafe arrested Ava. He told her she was going away for a while. She wasn’t convinced. Xander was at the hospital to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. When Johnny said Ava was alive, Xander went to her room. She told him to get her out of the hospital or she would tell Sarah that he was her accomplice.

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