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 You talked to your dad about my column, right? That’s why you wanted to have a drink. And from the look on your face, it didn’t go very well. Look, uh, I’m sorry, Mattie, he just, he doesn’t really feel like a gossip column is the right fit for the spectator. Well drinks are on you. I guess. You’ve already spent all the money I gave.

It was a pitten considering that dirty little favor I did for you. Oh, come on. You know, you loved having a tussle with Sander. Okay. It was a bit of a dream come true. Only in the dream he was naked. I wasn’t wearing a muscle suit, but I was wearing a clown mask. Okay. Yeah. Well it’s a good thing that it did go off as planned and hopefully Bonnie Riak is will stop nattering on about the fact that it was Zander who kidnapped her even though it was him.


Oh, I can’t move. The eldest buddy putting those burgers, cement, . You’re the one who insists on having two of them. Look guys, I know they’re feeling, but they are my favorite. You’re so sweet to remember . Well, you’ve better ru couple weeks. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s literally the least we could do. Thank you. I almost forgot.

This was in one of the bags. There you go. Buddy’s burgers. Scratch off it. See what you got. I, Jack. No, but my next order fries on buddy.

Serious. The real prize is having a nice dinner with my family,

I think the bad times are finally over just in time for Christmas, you know.

I’ll call you with an update as soon as they let me see Trip again. I love you too, sweetness.

I heard about the explosion. Is trip gonna be all right? I think so, baby. I think so. Sarah’s giving him a thorough checkup right now. What was he doing in Salem? Well, he got it in his head that he needed to confront EJ for causing his mother’s death. Of course, Abe is a alive, is it true? She’s the one who’s at the bomb.

Yeah. Looks like she’s up to her old tricks. And they almost got my son killed.

Well, as soon as I get your x-rays and your blood work back, I’ll probably let you go home. Well, I feel fine. The only reason I’m here is cuz my dad insists today trip. You inhaled a lot of smoke. Well, the one that I’m worried about is my mom. You understand that she stopped breathing and you saved her.

Yeah. Well, she may have survived the blast, but she’s still probably going to prison for a very long time. You can’t be serious. You know, I don’t joke around. You expect me to help you escape from police custody. Oh, you’re my partner in crime. I mean, who else am I supposed to turn to in my hour of, not me?

90 more. Goodbye, Ava. I meant what I said Zand. If you don’t help me out, I’m gonna tell Sarah everything I know.

Sarah believes in me, and now the whole town, including her, knows exactly what you are. Maybe, but I still know that you kidnapped Susan and Bonnie and I know how you do it. Once I give Sarah all the details. She’s gonna know that you never changed, but you’re still the heartless criminal you always were, and you’re gonna lose her forever,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Are you all right?

No, I’m not. I just think maybe the double double chili cheese. Wasn’t a good idea. Do you want me to engage you something for your stomach? No, no, I, I can keep it.

Yeah. I’m guessing she’s not All right. After all.

I guess in a way, things could have been a lot worse if TRIP hadn’t shown up to confront. What do you mean? Well, you caught up with him at the church and when Ava found out Tripp was inside, she came in to warn everybody about the bomb. Gave everyone a split second to take cover. Probably made all the difference.

Was anybody else hurt? Yeah, Nicole, Ava, I hear they’re both gonna be fine. Well, Ava’s gonna be physically okay, but I wouldn’t call her fine. Sounds like she’s really gone over the edge. Yeah, I think she’s been out there for a while. She just didn’t let us see it.

I have been trying to get my mom to come to Seattle with me in. She just won’t hear it. You know, damn, I, I should have just hopped on a plane two weeks ago and maybe none of this would’ve ever happened. You don’t know that I am the one person that can still get through to her. What she did was horrible, but she’s.

She’s been through so much and yeah, she really loves Jay cuz she saw him get killed. And ej she’s been putting all this pressure on her. Can I go check on her again? I, I would really like for you to stay put until your results are in, but I feel fine. I’m not short of breath. My chest is okay. Yes, but you are not the doctor today, doctor.

All right. Will you just check on her and let me know how she is, please. You’ve got me into enough trouble as it is. Oh, right. It tarnished your lily white reputation. I offered you a job and you grabbed it. I was desperate for money and you promised it money I never saw, by the way you botched the job.

The job description didn’t include neither. I also didn’t include letting Susan go, but she did that. God, if she hadn’t shown up at the airfield, I would be living it up right now on Jake’s millions and some tropical paradise. But you mean ejs millions. Okay. You know what I meant? Because of you. I had to take that nut Jobb, put her in my car and drive her off a cliff to get rid of her.

You are saying on Toine for that. Oh yeah, sure as hell am. And if you don’t get me outta here, I’m gonna be saying it to the cops.

So is Bonnie still seeing clowns? Sunny boy, you were sitting right there. What do you think, dad? I am really sorry. Bonnie still doesn’t feel safe. She’s still making excuses not to leave the house. Makes sense that she’s freaked out. I mean, same guy kidnaps her twice and he is still out there. I mean, do you think he’d really try to do it?

This guy’s boshed it twice already and now Xander’s had a look at him. I’m hoping Xander scared him off for good. I mean, is there anything that we can do to help? You know, maybe you two could just, uh, go out and get a drink. Bonnie’s probably embarrassed. Well, I mean, a drink sounds good. I, I mean, are you sure?

There’s nothing that we can do? No. She’s my wife. I got this. Go out and you know, have a drink. Have fun. Okay, you say so,

joy. It’s Christmas.

It’s Christmas.

Now that you’ve had time to ponder and. Have you thought about how you’re gonna cash in on that favor you did for Xander Cash in? I was helping a friend out of a jam. Sure. But we both know, you think of Xander as more than a friend, and now that friend owes you in a major way work it. This could be your ticket back into his heart, or at least back into his bed.

I mean it, Xander, if I go to prison, I’m taking you with. You’ve been arrested. You’re handcuffed to a bed. I’m not a magician. Come on, you’re the guy who kidnapped. Nicole, I’m captain in a cage. You better act fast because once the cops find out I’m okay, they’re gonna be here with the paddy wagon. God should been you the died in that car crash.

No careful zandy. You might hurt my feelings.

Your feelings on the only thing I’m capable of hurting.


So, what’s the verdict? Uh, Sarah won’t let me leave until she gets all my test results back, but at this time of night, that could take forever. Just be patient . You’re like, he be patient in this situation. No, I want to go see my mom. How about I go check on her for you? No, I’ve already asked Sarah to do that.

It must have been a real shock to find out that Ave was still alive. It is. I mean, I haven’t really processed it yet. Would’ve been better off for everyone if she stayed dead this time. Papa, how could she say anything like. She’s the reason you got kidnapped and why Susan Banks is dead. Everyone in that church could have died, all because Ava wanted to get, even with ej, she’s not in her right mind.

That’s why you need to stay away from her. Your mother is completely out of control. She’s dangerous. Please trip. Will you promise me I’ll stay away from her from now on?

Oh, put that down. You know you aren’t gonna use it. Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I get rid of you. All my problems disappear. You don’t have the guts anymore because if you did, you would’ve killed Susan when I told you to. You’re not gonna kill me either. Susan was a decent human being. You know better than the cockroaches in my motel have been doing the world a favor.

Okay, go ahead, do it. Put me out of my misery.


what are you doing here?

I was just trying to get some answers out of her. I was hoping to be able to give Bonnie and Justin the name of the HAI goon she’s been using. Did she say anything? No, I did not talking. No. Still weighing my options. Waiting to see her. Things shake up around here. Why don’t you let the police do the interrogating?

Yeah, you’re right. There’s a mistake coming here, Masco. Uh, no. I promised Trip that I would examine Eva. What? Yeah. I’ll catch up with you later. No, no, no. She, she just tried to love church full of people. I’m not leaving you alone with her. Oh, don’t worry. I mean, Really even, how much trouble can I cause while I’m changing a bed?

Ready? I’ll see you later.

You know what? You are right. I think I’ll just stroll right up to Sander and say, now that I’ve helped you avoid prison, can you please return the favor and jump my bones please. You need to finesse that a bit. Ah, you can’t finesse crude and pathetic. Mattie, I’m just pointing out that you’ve scored major points with your ex.

To me. You’ve totally made up for drugging his wife. I don’t think Zander would agree with you, but he sees you in a new way, right? I dunno. I suppose so. And you two are now bonded by this big secret. It doesn’t change anything. He loves Sarah, the happily married. I mean, the whole reason he’s worked so hard to cover his tracks is because he can’t bear the thought of losing her.

If you ask me, she’s totally wrong for him. You are projecting again, what does that mean? You are thinking If I can get a married Xander into bed, you can do the same thing with Sonny, who’s also happily married. What? Sonny and I are just friends. I’ve told you that. Oh yeah. Come on, admit it. You are mad for Sonny.

What’s wrong with your face?

Where’s Alex and Sunny? Uh, they decided to go out and have a drink. Well, because of May I ruined our family evening. No, no you didn’t. How’s your tummy? Um, fine. Soon as I take this,

No, I’m not going to abandon mom. Not again. Look, we know you love her, but she’s gone way too far this time. I’m afraid you’re gonna end up getting hurt again. Nobody’s gonna look out for her except. She’s all alone. She did that to herself. No, EJ pushed her over the edge and that’s the reason you need to stay away from her.

For God’s sake, dad, she came back to a town where everyone hates her just because of me. You see, she swore that she c broke all ties off with her family, and she promised me that she was gonna be a different kind of person, just for my sake.

Yeah, I didn’t know what to. Well, she’s made good on that promise for a while, for a long time.

I, I just want her to know that I still love her no matter what.

I get what he’s saying,

I do too, but I just can’t get past the fact that she almost got you killed tonight.

I can’t, I can’t lose you again.

Your vitals are good. What, uh, your vital signs. Okay, good. Oh, okay. Your son’s really worried about you. He doesn’t understand why you went to such extremes. Are you kidding me? This was all his idea. He wouldn’t leave me alone until I did what he wanted me to. You really blaming this all on trip. No, the other one, Charlie, this is all his fault.

Yeah, trip. Finally got his test results back. The chest X-ray shows smoke inhalation, but there’s not gonna be any permanent damage. Thank God. And his heart is. Yeah, I’m hoping I can convince him to fly back there with Stephanie and me tomorrow, but I’m not sure I can. He’s decided he needs to be here for Ava.

I know. I don’t like it either. Okay. I’ll keep you posted, baby. I love you.

You and mom are still planning on spending Christmas in Seattle. Well, as long as I can convince Trip to come with us, I’ve, uh, been meaning to talk to you about that I have to cancel on Christmas. Why I spent most of today trying to convince Paulina to not resign is governor. And did you do it? She said she’d sleep on it, but she’s gonna make her decision tomorrow and I need to be here to deal with it.

Well, that sounds like a lousy Christmas. You want me to stick around? No, no. Go be with Mom and Joey. Hopefully Trip will decide to go with you and let you spend Christmas alone. Well, if the next few days are anything like today, I will be too busy to even know it’s Christmas. It sounds like working for Paulita is a job and a half.

She keeps me hopping. She’s going through a really bad time, and I do like her. But this has been one hell of a day. One hell of a day. I could use a drink. You wanna join me? I’m buying. Oh, baby girl. I hate to turn you down, but I should stay around here in case trip needs me. I figured you’d say that. I’ll see you at home.

Love you. Love you too.

Rug. The rug is we stop. Okay, it’s water Henderson. We’ll see that it’s cleaned up. Not come here. Sit down. All right. Sit down on the sofa. Okay, sweetheart. What is going on? Nothing. The stupid glass fell out of my hand. I think it’s a little more than that. And don’t you know my now and I would never judge you.


I thought things were getting better.

I keep seeing him

that evil clown. I wanna be happy, I wanna be better. Why is this happening? To what is happening? Ok. Ok. It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s OK, honey. It’s ok. Hmm. Hi. How long have you been standing there? Uh, long enough to know that you two are having an argument. Ah, yes. We argue that’s nothing new for us. Right, right.

Okay, so what was it about this time? Oh, uh, well, Gwen’s father turned down my offer to write that gossip column That would’ve given his boring little newspaper, little pizzazz. Not to mention he stole it from my mother. He didn’t actually steal it from Herati. No offense, QUni. I know you worshiped the guy, but he sure did take control of it from her in a most unseemly way, which is why he might have given her son a break.

Well, I’m, I’m really sorry it didn’t work out. Leo. I’m not as sorry as. I’m crushed. Actually, you know, I don’t handle rejection. Well get, be used to it by now. Knock it off, Alex. All right. He’s broke and he’s out of a job. Oh, um, excuse me a minute.

Hi. What’s going on? I need help again, I wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t important. Possibly meet me in the square. What? What’s happened? I’ll explain when you get here. Okay? Yeah, I’m on my, you are a lifesaver.

So Charlie told you that you had to get, even with ej, I dunno why? Why I ever listen to. He’s never satisfied. He always wants more. You, you know, he made me, you made me drive off that road. He always makes things worse. You think that it’s hospital? You imagined Charlie? No, no, no, no, no, no. He was always there.

He was in the crit. He was in the car. I don’t know how he did it, but he came back to life. He did. He did it. He did it. Look, look, there he is. There he is. Easy standing. He’s standing right behind you. You see him? See him, don’t you? ? Now you know I’m not lying. Charlie’s for real. He’s for real.

Tell her, Charlie, tell Sarah that it was all your idea. Thomas, it’s me tr stomach. You stopped playing games with me and you tell her that it was you. You wouldn’t stop screaming at me until I planted that bomb. You know, you nearly killed your brother. Did you know that? Okay. Yeah. You, you’re confused. Are you?

You’re not seeing things as they really are. Touch me. You tried to trick me into killing your brother. You hate him so much because he is worth a hundred and you. What, what this turn, I, I’m not sure. It could be a delete, a trauma from the ball that exploded. The Why are you talking to him? You should be calling the cops.

He’s someone who should be handcuffed. Mom. Mom, look. Who look at me listening to my voice. Okay. It, it’s trip. All right. You’re, you’re seeing someone who isn’t here. Why are you trying to con me? Aren’t you? Mm-hmm. . Hmm. Both of you. I know that you’re both trying to gaslight me. Where’s Trip? I wanna see Tripp.

He’s gonna know that I’m telling the truth right here. What did you do to him? What did you do to my boy? I, I don’t, I don’t know what to do. I, I’m gonna have toed. Where is he? I’m gonna give you something that’s gonna help calm me down. No, I’m gonna do it, mom. She’s trying to drug you just like your father used to do.

No, no, no needles. Don’t you do that. Don’t. So I will kill. Do you hear me? I will kill you. No, no.

Avis alive and kicking. She says, if I don’t help her escape, she’s gonna tell the world that I kidnapped Susan Amani. Oh, come. Well, I’m glad I didn’t put too much effort and time into her obituary. I did feel sort of guilty about her at the time, given she was somewhat of a friend, but I was on deadlines and fo focus s.

Right. Yeah. Sorry. Look, Kristen blackmail means helping her is escape. So I do understand what you’re going through. What are you gonna do?

Are you bloody joking? I don’t have a choice. I can get her out of the cuffs and have the hospital burn. I am gonna need a driver. That’s why you phone me. Look, I hate asking you to get involved in this mess again, but who else can I go to? I’m desperate. Quinn. I mean, if favor talks, I’ll lose everything.

You all right? Thank you. You’re welcome. But you do keep this one thing in mind now. Now you really owe me one.

Ah, now I feel like a fool. Why? I don’t know. Seeing clowns and dropping glasses of water and ace on the rug. , don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve been through a traumatic experience twice. Twice. Justin, this isn’t like me. I went to prison, state prison for years. I am a tough. And I’m afraid of my own shadow.

I mean, I get it. I mean, Kyle is stark kinda scary. I mean, they have these painted on smiles and they’re not smiling underneath. I mean, it is Never might, Sarah thinks you might, uh, have posttraumatic stress disorder. Oh God, I heard her, but come on, is that even a thing? Yes. It’s a real thing, and the worst thing you can do is suffer with it in silence.

Justin, it’s too embarrassing to talk about. Get over it, please. Okay. You are still feeling terrified and you can’t keep that feeling bottled up. You need to talk about it seriously. Like what Dr. Phil? Well, I was thinking of something more private. Like seeing Marlena, Justin, come on. She’s a shrink, but there’s no shame in seeing a therapist and Marlena’s one of the best.

Your friend Nancy, didn’t she see her for a few sessions? Right? Well, at this point I guess it couldn’t hurt. Good. Okay. Well, uh, let’s make an appointment after the holiday. Would you call for me?

I can do that.

I dunno what I did about you. That works out because I don’t know what I’d do without you two . Come here. I got this. I got this.

Looks like I’ve been ditched by my bff. You gentlemen. Wanna join me for a libation or two? No, not sure. Why not? What come, Alex, if we can have one drink with him. Hey. But now that looks like a woman who could use a drink. Hmm. That’s why I’m here. You would not believe the day I’ve had. Well, I want to hear all about it.

I’m sorry. Uh, a spectator job didn’t. Maybe I can still find you something to tighten. We’ve discussed this already, sunny. We both know that wouldn’t work. I’m going to have to get creative about my living arrangements though. What do you mean? Well, my current residence, aka the Bates Motel, is kicking me out tomorrow for non-payment of rent on Christmas Eve.

Probably shouldn’t have spent my last $300 on skincare products. Oh. Leo, you’re joking, right? It’s Winter Jackson. I’m trying to maintain my boyish appeal. Okay. Oh my God. Um, look, why don’t you just, I’m move in with Gwen or something. Chad’s there makes it a non-starter.

What are you gonna do? Uh, well, I’m hoping an angel comes into this bar and you know, Tinkles Bell and suddenly I have a wonderful life. Okay, well, I think the odds of that actually happening are not very high. Yeah, same here. But otherwise, I have not come up with plan B yet.

If you really are about to be kicked outta your motel, why? Come stay with me.

Are you really inviting me to move in with you? I don’t particularly like the idea of you sleeping on a park bench on Christmas. So, uh, and what does will think about this idea? I told. Will is staying in LA for work, so he doesn’t get his say in this. And the grouchy old Grinch. I will talk to Uncle Vick.

It’s a big house, and I will convince him that, you know, you’ve changed. You have changed. Right. I’m a model citizen now. I will be good, I promise. Okay. I’ll then tell Norman Bates that you have made other arrangements. You are such a men’s Jackson. K. Thank you so much. What her friends form.

I know why mom’s been doing the things she’s doing. She said Charlie’s been telling her to do them. She’s hearing voices. I’ve seen things too. If she thought I was him, I’m, I’m gonna have her transferred to Bayview and they can diagnose her and come up with a treatment plan. Come on, do this, please.

What’s, what’s going on? This is all your fault. I’m gonna tell everyone what you pick.

Things had gone slightly differently. My brother could have been blown up by a bomb, his mother planted. No wonder you needed a drink, and in spite of all that trip is still in her corner. He wants to take care of her. Well. I can relate. My mother did some crazy things too, but still loved her. Is Christmas hard?

Yeah, a little bit, but it’s really good to be back with Sonny and my dad. My whole family’s supposed to be in Seattle with my brother Joey. My dad’s flying out tomorrow and he is hoping he can convince TRP to go with him. Oh, so what about you? Uh, I have to stay because of work. You’re staying by yourself.

I’ll survive. I mean I’ll, and I’ll just throw on home alone and order some takeout. No, no, no. Screw that. You’re spending Christmas with me.

This was all your idea. Kidnapping Susan, killing Susan. The ball in the church. All fame. You made me do it. You dunno what you’re talking about. Tell them the truth. Charlie, tell them you made me do it. She’s been having hallucinations and psychotic episodes somehow her transferred to Bayview. That’s, uh, well, it explains a lot.

Please don’t. Please, please don’t make me go there. I don’t wanna leave trip. I’m, I’m right here. I’m right here. Mom, I’m going with you. You are you really? Here?

My sweet boy.

I don’t wanna leave you. I don’t want to go there. I, it’s gonna be okay. So I, I promise. Ready? We’re gonna get you better. I’m scared.

Are you sure your family will be okay with me crashing their Holland? Of course. Are you kidding me? The more the merrier. So you bailed out my Thanksgiving and now you’re doing it again for Christmas. Well, I keep trying to tell you, Stephanie, I am a pretty great guy. You know what? I am starting to believe?

And I’m starting to think this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

This is going to be the best Christmas ever, and it’s all because of you tonight, son, that big of. Not that big a deal. You are keeping me from sleeping on a park bench and spending the holidays all by my lungs. Do you hear that? Go hear what? A little bell just went tingling. It turns out I do have a Christmas angel.

After all,

I can’t believe Ava’s still alive. Have the police questioned her? Did she name her accomplice? No, she didn’t, but now that she’s in custody, maybe she’ll give him up to cut a deal. I don’t see that happening. Why? Because Ava’s gone off the deep end. They’re moving her to Bayview as we speak. I don’t think she’ll be in any condition to answer questions anytime soon.

Damn. I was hoping to be able to tell Bonnie that this is all over now. We may never find out who the kidnapper was.

The ambulance is here so I can ride with her. I want my mom, uh, you don’t have to do that. I’ll, I’ll go with her. I’ll walk down with you. Hey mom, you need help. Okay. I’m gonna get it for you, okay? I’m gonna go in the ambulance with you,

please. Just get me outta here.

Oh, I can’t believe I’m feel bad for her, not me. I mean, saying her insane. She’s got a lot of people, you know.

It’s never ending. Uh, I’ll see you. Thank you again for my birthday. Surprise.

Good morning, doc. Merry Christmas Eve. Oh, oh

wow. Strawberries. Hmm. Whipped cream breakfast bed. I think you’re spoiling me. You deserve bed so much more. It looks really beautiful. Thank you.

You tossed and turned all night. Oh, I hope I didn’t keep you awake. I’m not worried about you. So talk to me.

Last night at the chapel and when the explosion happened before I even had time to process what happened? I was thinking about some, about someone about.

She’s been known to have God in churches. And then, um, I woke up this morning and I realized that she’s living.

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