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elizabeth: Ava. There’s no need for phony small talk. It’s a bit risky, isn’t it, for a woman like you to be in this chapel? You wouldn’t want to be struck by lightning, would you, after sneaking around with my husband? I know I owe you a — what? A thank you, maybe? For keeping nikolas occupied until you realized that you wanted him again? I’m sorry. Oh, no, you’re not. But you will be. I’m sorry. Don’t be. You needed that. And you should stop denying yourself what you really need.

[ Grunts ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Sam, I need to talk to you. You’re still here? The — the gym? No, in port charles. I thought you were leaving town.

[ Breathing heavily ] Yeah, I was going to. Dante convinced me to stay.

[ Chuckles lightly ] That’s because when dante sees you, he sees you as his childhood friend. But when I see you, I see you as a bully and a con artist. Now, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, so I came to the gym –listen, I heard about the cop who got killed. How’s dante handling it? I couldn’t say. Look, I know you want me out of dante’s life, sam, but… [ Scoffs ] Just answer me this one thing. I mean, bully or not, dante’s my friend. I’m worried. I can’t tell you how dante’s feeling ’cause I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since yesterday. Dante. Tj, um… I need to get rory cabrera’s medical records, me’s report, uh… all that. Anything that might help us catch his killer. Yeah. Um… let me know if there’s something… yeah. Actually… will you still be here in a few minutes? Yeah, I’ll be here. I’m hoping you can help me with something. Okay. Dante. Chief. You look like hell. Oh, thanks. Appreciate that. Did you talk to cabrera’s mom? Yeah, I told her that, uh, the me would release rory’s body as soon as possible. Is that the, uh… autopsy report. They found snake venom in rory’s blood. So let me guess, the same toxin that was found in brando, diane, and oz haggerty? Looks like we got a serial killer on our hands. Are you sure I can trust everything that you recalled? Excuse me? Look, the stakes are high, okay? I don’t have time for games, ms. Makenzie. I checked out your story. The one that was identical to harmony’s — remember that one? You didn’t tell me the truth about willow’s mother. Every word out of your mouth has been a lie. You’re calling me a liar? Yeah. Because you lied. And I need to know why. What are you covering up? Who are you trying to protect?

Um, I’m — I’m good now. Really. You can go. I’m under orders not to leave you alone. Sonny is your boss, not mine. I’m not leaving until steve gets here.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Suit yourself. It looks like saint elizabeth has finally shown her true colors. Not only were you screwing nikolas behind my back, you were doing it behind finn’S. You know, I ran into finn the other night, and he — he seemed a little off. And now I have to wonder, does he suspect? Does he know? Maybe I’ll ask him. He knows. I told him.

[ Chuckles ] Of course you did. It’s best to get right out in front of it, isn’t it? Claim to be sorry. Tell him it’ll never happen again. Catch me up, though. Do you plan on keeping both nikolas and finn on their respective leashes? Not that I care at all what happens between you and finn. Although he seems like a decent guy, probably deserves a lot better. But if you think that you are holding on to nikolas — no. That is not gonna happen. No. Nikolas and I only — we turned to each other because —

[ Laughs ] Oh, no, I know this one. Oh, I know this one by heart. You and nikolas, you turned to each other because you were both feeling so lost and confused and in so much pain. Let me tell you something, elizabeth. Neither one of you knows what real pain is. So take cover. ‘Cause not only will you lose everything you cost me, but by the time I am done, you will have lost so much more. You haven’t heard from dante since that cop was killed?

[ Groans ] He texted me. He called last night to say that he was gonna be okay. He wanted the kids to know that he was gonna be okay. I could practically feel all of his feelings bottled up. I mean, I-I get it. It’s really tough when you lose one of your own. Yeah, I bet. Um… and, uh, yeah, I guess dante is doing his whole hey, don’t worry about me, I’m fine” thing. I can’t say I’m all that surprised, though, you know? No, I-I don’t know. What are you talking about? Well, you know dante. I mean, he’s always the first to step up when someone else needs help. But the last to ask when he needs it. You know, one time he broke his arm in camp. He ended up being the one who consoled mama q, not the other way around. Dante… always being the strong, silent type. No. No, what? Well, one of the things I love the most about dante is how open he is and how willing he is to talk things out. Oh. Oh. Well, th– well, that’s new. It’s good. It’s great. But…new.

[ Chuckles ] Dante and I, we don’t keep things from each other. That’s how I know that whatever he’s going through, it’S… it’s bad. Dante: There’s got to be something that’ll help us figure out where esme’s holed up. Soil samples, grass, something like that. All we have is an earring that elizabeth found on rory. Yeah, well, the lab hasn’t come back with anything on that.

[ Cellphone ringing ] We don’t know where that thing came from. Excuse me. Yeah.

[ Ringing continues ] Cody? Yeah. Um… hi. What can I do for you? Uh, listen, I’m — I’m sorry to bug you. I just still have your number in my phone from when we thought I might be your son. That’s all right. What’s up? Uh, I was hoping maybe you knew where — where dante was. I’m standing with him right now. Why? I’m with sam at volonino’s, and she’s pretty worried. Dante didn’t come home last night. Thanks. I’m on it. Uh, where was I? You were saying you realize you have nothing to prove. That’s right. And — and right before you got into that staredown with carly. Well, that’s a — that — whatever. Whatever. Uh, I’m — I was saying that I have accepted the fact that my past is my past, phyllis, and I’m done apologizing for it. From now on, I’m just looking towards the future. Well, I, for one, am glad to hear it.

[ Exhales deeply ]

You came looking for me. It’s not my fault if you don’t like what I had to say. I don’t like it because it’s not the truth. So, one more time — I don’t have to take this. Hey, guys! Uh, drew. Um…hey. What’s going on? Hey. Carly, this is, uh, this is denise. Denise makenzie. I can’t believe it’s come to this. But it’s really for the best. I mean, this friend of mine and drew’s, she cannot find out who her birth mother is. It — it will cause her a world of pain. Are you trying to justify it to yourself or to me? Because I don’t care about the reasons. Not as long as your check clears. Carly. Nice to meet you. [ Chuckles ] If you say so. Drew: Denise was a member of the friends for peace and love commune. That’s when she knew harmony. Of course, at the time, harmony went by her given name. Uh, lorraine, right? Yeah. Exactly. Well, denise and i met yesterday, and I asked her how lorraine ended up raising willow. And I told you. You told me a story. And that story doesn’t add up. How do I know that? Well, that’s a very good question. I’m gonna tell you. I did a little digging… and I found out that the woman that you claimed to be willow’s mom, poor joan, doesn’t exist. That’s a problem. You lied. And you’re not leaving here until you tell me why.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Father, I didn’t hear you come in. I’ll read this somewhere — hey, spencer. I need to talk to you. About esme? Nina, what happened to that happy-go-lucky woman in love that I was just talking to? Well, she’s still in there. She is. It’s just, I’m mentally preparing myself for carly to come down on me again. Didn’t you just say you were done apologizing for your past? My past, yes. But my present is a different story. What happened? I got into another fight with willow. And I’m sure you had a good reason. I certainly thought so at the time. Willow’s pregnant. I heard. And the argument upset her so much she fainted. Fortunately, carly was there. I never thought I’d see the day you were thankful for carly’s presence.

[ Chuckles softly ] You’re not kidding. I didn’t know what to do. I just froze. She didn’t hesitate. We both came together and helped willow. And thank god she’s gonna be okay. I know you and willow have had your differences, but I know you don’t wish her any harm. No. Of course not. Even carly admitted that.

[ Scoffs ] Wonders never cease. Yeah, but…

[ Sighs ] I just — I feel terrible about it, though. You know? I never knew that willow was having such a rough pregnancy. Um, drew, I-I think, uh, denise has her reasons, right? I-I mean, maybe she was trying to protect harmony. Lorraine — or something. Yeah, I mean, she was my friend. It was a long time ago, but still. Right! And I also think it’s very important to remember that lorraine is gone. So, tell us the truth. And I’ll make it worth your while. Okay…

[ Exhales deeply ] All right. You got me. There was no joan. Lorraine and doug… already had the baby with them when they joined the commune. These are the rest of rory’s personal effects. Can you see that his family gets them? Yeah. I’ll, uh, take care of that. Thanks. Look, I didn’t know rory well, but he seemed like a good guy. He was. And a good cop. I hope you catch this psycho soon. That’s the plan. Look, we’ve done all we can here. You should go home and get some rest. Uh, you know what? I think I’m gonna go back to the crime scene. You’re off duty. That’s an order, detective. Well, what am I gonna do? I’m too wired to sleep.

[ Sighs ] Then I’m taking you to the gym. You know, a workout will do you good. Let’s go. Come on. Nothing to say? No lame excuses for betraying finn, for jumping back into bed with nikolas? At least you weren’t married to his brother this time.

[ Groans softly ] Why are you even here? Are you seeking solace? Guidance from above? Absolution? All I can say is — go on.

[ Sighs deeply ] I’ve made terrible mistakes, and I’m going to have to live with what I’ve done. Gi ve me a break,mary magdalene. I should go. No one is gonna buy this noble martyr act. And I will not be made the bad guy here. For once, I have done nothing wrong!

[ Breathes unsteadily ] If you think that you can tear my life apart, shed a few crocodile tears and skate — oh, my god, ava! Shut up. Not everything’s about you.

You know, just because you’re standing guard doesn’t mean you have to actually stand while guarding me. I’m fine. I thought that you were mad at me. After what happened at kelly’S. Maybe I was. Did you really think I need you to defend me against spencer cassadine?

[ Chuckles ] Well, he did knock you flat with a sucker punch. Should I have fought back? No. I’m glad you didn’T. Spencer is an idiot and a total jerk, but he’s been through a lot. So, giving him a beat down would not have proven anything. Would have proved that I can defend myself. For future reference, I don’t care what spencer thinks. What about the cam thinks? Sorry. For what? Causing problems between you two.

[ Weights clanking ] Will you stop it? Uh… stop what? You’re lurking. I’m just doing some curls. Now you’re stalling. I’m lurking, stalling… what are you hanging around here for? That. Oh, look, mac. Sam is here. What an amazing coincidence. Yeah. I’m guessing you dropped the dime. You calling me a rat? Sam: [ Chuckles ] Hi. Dante: I’m sorry I didn’t call you. Phyllis: Sorry about that. Our pos system went down. But don’t worry. I fixed it.

[ Sighs ] Oh. You seem…preoccupied.

[ Inhales deeply ] Again. More carly? Who? [ Chuckles ] No, actually, uh… I was — I was just thinking about how happy I was when I found out I was pregnant. You know, silas and I, we were gonna be new parents, and I was overjoyed. Oh. I’m sure. Of course I was nervous because I was a really young mother, but I really, really wanted that baby. Silas and i were having problems. He was cheating on me with ava, actually. And now you’re best friends?

[ Chuckles ] Isn’t life funny? I thought that my baby would save my marriage, and… maybe it would have. But thanks to my mother, I — I never got to experience the one time that I would or could

[Voice breaking] Ever have a baby. I will never forgive madeline for robbing me of a life with my daughter. Wait, so lorraine and doug had the baby with them when they arrived at the commune? But we know that harmony wasn’t willow’s birth mother. A dna test proved that. So… so back then, did — did they claim that willow was theirs? Lorraine and doug told everyone that their friend joan had given them the baby to raise. But that was before they joined friends for peace and love. S-so you never met willow’s biological mother? No, I didn’T. So why did you lie to me? Like I said, lorraine was my friend. I wanted to protect her and protect whoever that baby grew up to be. What do you mean, protect? I always got the sense that lorraine was running from something. Or someone. About esme? Esme killed rory cabrera. Right. Yes. I heard an officer had been attacked. Killed. Isn’t that the young man that trina was seeing? It was. I was at kelly’s with trina when she found out that he’d been attacked. Joss and cam were there, too. We all went to gh together, and trina got to sit with rory as he coded, or flatlined, or whatever they call it. She’s devastated. I’m gonna put this back. Ho– how are you feeling… about all of this? I barely knew rory. Yeah, but you care about trina. Yes. Yeah, I care. I want to be there for trina. But I’m the last person who should be, so I am relegated to standing by helplessly or staying away altogether, because I am literally useless in this situation. There’s nothing that I can do. I don’t know. I think that trina would want all the support that any of her friends would give her. Even from the so-called friend who brought esme to town in the first place? How much sense does that make? You are not responsible for esme’s actions. That’s exactly what grandmother said. So it must be true, if you two agree. Your grandmother tried calling me. It must have been about officer cabrera. You’d have to ask her. Well, I’m glad she was there for you. Anyway, I hope they find esme soon. Spencer. There’s something else you need to know. I served ava with divorce papers. Which means a reconciliation is right around the corner. How exciting. There’s not gonna be a reconciliation. Not this time. Why not? Things happened. Things?

[ Scoffs ] That does sound irreparable. Don’t tell me you’ve finally seen ava for the toxic opportunist that she always — do not talk about ava that way. You’re still defending her, I see. So it’s not really over, is it? It is. But it’s not because I don’t love her. Then why? I was unfaithful. I know. With esme. And the less we could say about that, the better. No. It was with someone else. Great. Whose girlfriend did you bang this time? I don’t have any siblings. So you would have had to branch out. Who’s the lucky lady? Elizabeth. I beg your pardon. My husband cheated on me with you. You’re damn right that’s about me. You left nikolas months ago. So what? I leave nikolas all the time.

[ Scoffs ] And like an idiot, I always come back. I suppose I should thank you for snapping me out of it! I didn’t do this to hurt you. This what? Cheap affair? Tawdry hook-up? I hope you don’t think it was anything more than that. That you’re special somehow. You know, you weren’t even nikolas’ first choice.

[ Laughs ] That honor goes to his son’s girlfriend, esme. But… but you know about that, don’t you? He told me about esme. So he lied to me. And he told you and you jumped into bed with him anyway. So now what? Do you think that you and nikolas are gonna have some kind of… happily ever after? That you can forget about all the pain that you’ve caused people and just move on? You and — and nikolas and your brand-new baby?! There’s not gonna be a baby.

You have not caused problems for me and cam. Glad to hear it. The problem is me.

[ Sighs ] I’ve been putting off a conversation that I have to have with him. I’ve been hiding, which makes me a coward, which I hate, but it has nothing to do with you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, it’s steve. He’s here. Good. You can go. Please tell steve to wait outside. I don’t want any of sonny’s people in my house. One question. What? Are you sorry we kissed? Yeah, me neither. And here I thought you were focusing on your future.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. That’s easier said than done. Okay, meanwhile, back to the present. Why don’t you distract me by telling me all about this hunky guy that you are texting? Ooh, ahh…

[ Both laugh ] Look, I’m sorry I lied. You clearly care about lorraine’s daughter. Whatever she’s calling herself now. But my advice… not that you asked… mm-hmm. Don’t go digging into lorraine’s past. Whatever she was running from, whatever trouble she was in, she was afraid of it. She didn’t show it very often, but she also didn’t stay in one place very long. Now, maybe she was restless, but… I think it was something more. All I’m saying is — it sounds like willow has a good life now. Mayb e she should keeplooking forward instead of back. Oh.

[ Sighs ] Denise left her gloves. Mm. Denise! Thank you for not ratting me out.

[ Scoffs ] I’d like to say it was a pleasure doing business with you, but… I just want to go home. It was stupid of me to get mixed up in this in the first place. I — I understand. Question. Are you telling the truth to drew? Was lorraine really running from someone? She was jumpy around strangers. Always seemed to be looking over her shoulder. Mac: Thanks for calling. I’m sure sam and dante are feeling better now. Yeah, well, bringing people together is what I do. You did a good thing. Thanks. So what about you, chief? Sam was talking about how, uh, hard it is for cops when they lose someone in the line of duty. You doing all right? I’ve been through this before. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier. Yeah, I bet. You know, I just can’t help thinking about [Sighs] The future rory might have had, you know, all the things he could have done with his life if he hadn’t gone to that apartment alone. Such a waste. Yeah, it’s crazy. One bad decision could change your whole life. Elizabeth. Elizabeth who? Do not tell me that you mean cameron’s mother. I do. My god! She’s practically family! Does cameron know? I’m not sure. I don’t think so. How did this… why? We were both having a hard time. Maybe you were having a hard time. She was having a full-blown crisis! She had to check herself into rehab because the sleeping pills that she was on were making her think crazy things! Cam’s been worried sick about her for months. And you — what? You saw that she was vulnerable… …distressed, in pain, confused, and you thought, well, there’s no way she’ll turn me down. You’re disgusting. It had been a long time sinceelizabet h had come home — I should light you up right now! God! It had been a long time since elizabeth had come back from the hospital. We are both consenting adults. No. No, because she was obviously unraveling. And that is the only reason that she turned to you. And you took advantage of her friendship! How are cameron and I supposed to even look at each other now, after you’ve done this? I wouldn’t be telling you this if this was a one-time indiscretion. Elisabeth and I… have been seeing each other. After you slept with esme, I did not know that I could think less of you. Turns out I can. What do you mean there’s no baby? I mean that I am no longer pregnant. Does nikolas know? No, not yet. Oh. Well.

[ Insincerely ] I’m so sorry for your loss. No, ava, don’t say — I should go. Oh. Word to the wise, if you’re expecting nikolas to comfort you, you can forget it. That man only cares about himself.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door slams ]

A man who would usea woman’s emotional problems to try to move in on her — that’s not what happened!That’s exactly what happened. And the fact that you can’t see that makes this all somehow even worse. To thi nk I almost bought into uncle victor’s garbage about finding strength in family. There is no strength. There is no family. You have proven time and time again that this family is unsalvageable. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — I’m done with you. Spencer.

This is over. And you know the sad part… was that I bought into the fairy tale… that grandmother’s influence saved you. But she was too late. Because you are already a cassadine through and through by the time she cameinto your life. My mother made me a better person. You were worse than this before? There were reasons. And I told you, I don’t care. The second that my sentence is over and I am free to live where I please… I’m out of here. Hey, phyllis, when you were in new york, do you ever remember lorraine talking about a baby or — or a friend that was pregnant? Not that I recall. No? Okay, thanks. Hey. Hey. Thank you. So what was that all about? Oh, uh… phyllis was nina’s nurse when she was in a coma. Harmony worked in the same building. They knew each other. Oh, yeah, I think I remember phyllis telling me about that. So, if harmony and doug had the baby when they arrived at the commune, that changes everything. Elizabeth: What am I doing? My parents finally told me about reiko’s fall and how they tried to make me forget what I had done. If the truth is supposed to set me free, then how come it feels like a stone around my neck? But I guess it’s not the truth that’s the problem, is it? Nope, it’s me and the choices I’ve made. I’m just tearing my life down piece by piece, brick by brick. I lost finn. I’m helping nikolas hold a pregnant woman captive because I thought I was keeping everybody else from getting hurt. But now that cop is dead, and I know it can’t be esme who’s the killer. This isn’t me. I’m a good person, aren’t I? Aren’t I?

I don’t care what uncle victorwants. I cannot — I will not be around you, so… stay clear of me. I have my own money now. I’m gonna get my own place. Preferably as far away from here and you as possible. Spencer, I’m — I’m so sorry that I disappointed you again. Th ere really is no bottomfor you to hit, is there? I feel really sorry for you. But there’s one good thing about this, and it’s that I am more determined than ever to be a better man than you. I know you will be. I mean, you — you’re already your own man. I am so proud of you. No, I — give me a break.

[ Breathes deeply ] Just stop. I know we’re done. But you just know —

[ Cellphone rings ] You just know that I love you. And I believe in you.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Whispering ] Hey. I just had it out with ava. How did it go? I told her there was no baby, let her believe I had a miscarriage. Anyway, it’s done. No more fake baby. Now I just have to fix all the other million mistakes I’ve made. I know this is hard. But we made our choices. There’s no going back.

[ Door closes ] Hey! Ava: Hi. I was just about to call you to check in on you after, you know, what you told me about elizabeth and nikolas. Mm. Coincidentally, I just ran into elizabeth. Did you let her have it? Started to. And then she told me that she lost the baby. Ohhh. I mean, I hate them for what they did to you, but still, it’s — I know. As much as I want to give it to nikolas — and I really want to let him have it — can I really go after him after he just lost a child? Well, I, uh, better head out. Uh. Yeah, me too. After I hit the showers. Can’t go into the world smelling… like this. Oh, and, uh, don’t worry. About? I won’t keep bugging you. In fact, um… I’ll delete your number right now. No, no, no. Hey, keep it. You don’t mind? Feel free to use it if you’re ever in a jam. It’s my job, you know? Protect and serve? Right. See you later, chief. See ya, cody. Dex: Are you sorry we kissed? Yeah, me neither. I’m trying to do the right thing here. Try being honest instead. You want honest? [ Sighs ]

[ Muffled scream ]

[ Sighs deeply ] So harmony had willow when she arrived in colorado, and denise really thought that harmony was running from something or someone? What if harmony stole willow from her parents? You think harmony kidnapped willow? Well, if denise is telling the truth. It sure sounds like harmony thought that someone was trying to track her down. Yeah. So, where does that leave us? Well, either way — either way, we know that the story about willow’s birth mom od’ing — that’s a lie. Which means it’s possible that somebody could be out there… somewhere wondering what happened to her little girl.

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