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So you and Marlena were fighting about me white smack dab in the middle of Horton Square, and it got all heated and everything. You’re joking right? I wish Milick got so loud and looked around. All the Christmas shoppers were just standing and. I don’t understand. Why were you two fighting about me?

Did you just say you’re quitting your job at basic life effective immediately. Okay, Eric, come on. Come on. You had one rough night. All right. I know you feel bad about missing some photos. I do feel bad, but it’s not the reason why I’m leaving. All right. What is it? What is it? Is it schedule? Just tell me.

I’ll fix. Listen, there’s nothing you can fix, Brady. I just don’t wanna work with Nicole. Why not? I know it’s a lot of hours to spend with your girlfriend, but it’s, she’s not my girlfriend.

Not anymore. Cole and I broke up.

I can’t imagine why Johnny went, he knows his grandmother’s service is about to start. Yes, he does. I saw him outside. He, he said he wouldn’t come in with me yet because he was looking for a woman. What woman? Ava, how is this possible? And they, they said nobody could survive that crash. I guess I’m hard to kill.

So what did you just spend in Salem this whole time? So my dad said he saw you at the crash site. He’d been drinking a lot. He thought it was a hallucination, but it was real. What do you think? Wait, wait, wait, wait. So, so if. Survive the crash. Does that mean my grandma’s alive too? I’m afraid not. I mean, how, look, after we went through the guard real, I jumped out of the car.

Susan did not, Hey, but what’s going on? Why are, why are you here? Why are you dressed and in a disguise? Why would he be chasing down some woman? I do not know. I saw him earlier and. Peter ran off shrinking a little of our conversation to go after her. Well, whatever it was about, I could have waited until after mother serves.

Where are you? I ticking.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Okay. According to this update, all of the shipments have been rero. and our subsidiary should receive everything they need by tomorrow night. Great. So Christ is averted, right? . Ask me again once the deliveries have been made. 10 million worth of merchandise. That is a lot of boxes. Mm. Well, I’m optimistic.

Mm. One of the things I love about you That and your ability to navigate a global network of distribution centers. From your keyboard calling. Thank you. No thanks. Necessary. I mean, we needed to handle this crisis and I didn’t want supply chain and issue to keep EJ from his mother’s service. Yeah. Well, I appreciate it and I don’t think I should keep you here any longer, so go enjoy your day.

I will Take care of the tracking myself. I’m no, I don’t mind staying. You sure? Unless there’s somewhere else you’d rather be. No, no. There is nowhere. Uh, not anymore, at least. Um, Brady and I were supposed to be in New York tonight. He got us tickets to one of my all-time favorite operas, and they don’t perform it that often, so it was special.

Hmm. And then got a new dress and new shoes. We were gonna meet my mother for an early dinner. You know, you were really looking forward. Yeah, I was until Brady ducked me for your sister. So you and Nicole broke up. I’m not sure we were ever back together. We were obviously upset the other day when you came to the office and wanted to talk to her alone.

I just assumed you were having some kind of a disagreement. Listen, it’s a lot more to it than that. Things aren’t easy for you too right now, especially the fact that Jade is. Great. Immediately. Look, you, you, you were so confident before that you’d be able to do this man that you could co-parent and be with Nicole at the same time.

What the hell happen? Things changed. I get it. It’s a complicated situation. Nicole’s gonna feel insecure about the fact that you’re having a baby with your ex. Right? Right. But you please can’t give up. You gotta reassure her that Nicole’s alone that you love and Jada’s gonna be the mother of your child.

And Nicole has to get used to the fact that the family is not gonna look the way she thought it was gonna be. Okay. But please, and, and you guys have been through challenges before. You got through so much more than this. All right. All right. Just, just stop. What, here’s some more. Nicole, she talked Jade into heaven.

An abortion,

uh, this woman Johnny ran after. Must have been pretty important. I’m pretty beautiful. Are you glad that my grand nephew is having lusting thoughts in this holy. I was just speculating. Ladies, please, can someone just tell me if Johnny said anything else? Well, all he said to me was he, he called after her and she didn’t turn around, so he never had a chance to talk to her.

Well, this is very disconcerted. As I said, I saw him earlier and, uh, I didn’t see any woman. Well, maybe at a vision of the Virgin Mary. The blessed mother would never appear to a demara. No finish untaken from experience. I can tell you if any one of us were to hallucinate, we’d most likely see someone evil.

I’m here because I wanted to pay my respects to your grandmother, and I’m incognito because I didn’t think I’d exactly be. I’m not sure I’d buy that. Oh, you think your family wants to see me ? Definitely not. What I can’t believe is that you have any interest in honoring my grandmother, considering what you did there, her.

Okay. I am truly sorry that your grandmother ended up as collateral damaging the war between your father and myself, but it is a war. He started when he tried to make me leave town. I’m sorry, but I could not stand for that. And if I recall correctly, you couldn’t either.

Whew. Look, we wait. The longer my sister languish isnt purgatory. Now we need to reunite my sister with our Lord and Savior right away, but Johnny’s still not back, but that is a shame. But the kingdom of heaven win. You’ll have to leave my sister’s arrival to the pearl gates one minute longer.

I’m sorry. Brady ruined a plant for tonight. Yeah, that’s okay. He already ruined our entire future. What’s one opera, . I’m sorry. I’m having a moment. Oh, no. It’s okay. Brady hurt you badly. You’re allowed to be upset, but I was under the impression that you were getting over it. I am. I mean, I know he only ended things with me and move Kristen in because it’s what’s best for Rachel.

At least that’s what he claims. Hmm. You don’t believe it? Well, I believe that Brady wants what’s best for Rachel, but. He also knows that he can co-parent without co-habitating and moving Kristen in so soon. It just makes me think that he’s had feelings for her this entire time. I’m sorry. It seems to be weighing very heavily on you, but I promise by New Year’s you have forgotten all about Brady.

How can you be so sure he does once I whisk you off to Miami? We spend our days on the most beautiful beaches and our nights in the finest restaurants. You won’t have a spare second to think about Brady.

How’s that sound? Pretty damn good.

Man. Hey, I’m sorry I had no idea you were dealing with. It’s all right. Thank you, Steve.

That’s probably not in the business, but I’m gonna put in my 2 cents because I’m your brother and I love you. So here it comes. Wasn’t Nicole wrong in talking to Jada about her pregnancy? Yeah. But from everything you’ve told me, it sounds like Jada made the decision that was best for her. So to try to blame Nicole for somehow talking her into it, I think that would be unfair.

Brady, the decision about the abortion was, it was up to Jada. Let’s not forget. Nicole went behind my back and gave Jada this whole speech about single motherhood and how hard it would be. That doesn’t really matter. Why didn’t, why did you break up? We broke up because of the same reason we got divorced.

We’re different. We’re not good for each other anymore. I mean, we got it all wrapped up in this whole forbidden love and we didn’t follow through with that and we came crash into the earth. And you remembered why it didn’t work out, Heidi? Nonstop. In fact, we actually got in a fight earlier this morning.

She trailed me over to Sloan Peterson’s and she laid into me for sleeping with. I’m sorry, what? Someone offered to take on my case, you know, thing led to another, why are you looking at me like, uh, sorry. I’m just, uh, proof. I’m surprised. Sure. That’s the path you want to go down. It’s not like I can turn back now.

Eric. Eric, look, she’s attractive. I’ll give you that, but her reputation is abysmal. Did you hear him about what she did? To, to, to, to Paul, Lena and, and chan. And indirectly to Abe. I mean, I don’t know if, do you really want to get messed up with a person like this? Oh, that’s real, really classic. Coming from a guy who’s shacking up with Chris and Damara,

I shouldn’t say anything. Oh, come on John. If you and Marlene are fighting about me, I deserve the right to know. Hey, it’s obviously on your mind, or you wouldn’t have brought it up, so why don’t you just tell me,

doc wants to kick you out of the house, and I have a problem with that. Oh, really? Mm-hmm. . Mm. Because you weren’t exactly welcoming me with open arms. I know. I know. I know. When you first moved in here, I had my suspicions, but let’s just say that I’ve kind of softened my stance. How so? This whole idea that you are solely here to suck Brady back in.

I don’t see that, but it’s all the doxys. I mean, she was, I called one night for the night. I came back here. When I came here. You know, this is because she has these worries here and what they’re doing is blinding her to what is really going on For, for example, the other night we came home from dinner, walked in here, Brady had his arm around you.

Okay. Right, right, right. Okay, hold on. But that, he was just comforting me overseas. Exactly. But. Doc, she jumps to this long conclusion. Says there she is. She’s manipulating Brady again. I bet she gave you an ear pull about that, didn’t you? Well, no, she did. She did? Yeah. She warned me that my schemes would never work.

And see that is, that’s so unfair. You were just upset over losing a friend. Right? Yeah. I knew she must to, uh, kick me out of the house only cause she doesn’t understand why Brady broke up with Chloe and moved you in. And now that he has, she thinks that you’re getting too close to Brady and he’s in danger of falling for you all over again.

And what do you think? I think you belong with your daughter.

Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. I was pretty upset when I found out that my dad kicked you out now. I am starting to think he might have done the right thing. What is that supposed to mean? This war between you two? He didn’t start it. You did. When you faked your marriage to my uncle Jake, you said that you understood that and you said it didn’t matter because Jake wanted to marry.

I was wrong. I was wrong. You, you tried to defraud my. You lied to us. You stole from us. I was wrong. I was wrong to defend you, Jonathan. Where? Where is this coming from? I mean, the day that your father threw me out, you were furious with him. You were as angry at him as I was. Yeah. That was before you killed my grandmother.

Shall we begin? Not yet. Ali, please. With all due respect Aunt Mary Marra, we are not starting this ceremony until my son walks through that door. I’ll give you off the sale for me. Stupid. Well, that’s not Johnny. No, I’m Trip Johnson and This’s the summer Bitch. You killed my mom.

I think your computer wants your attention can wait. Not if it’s about the crisis we’re trying to avert. Right. I said when the shipments went out

and, and. Everything is on its way. Ah, there we go. Success. Nice. Now if I hurry, I can make Susan’s memorial in time. I’m sure EJ would appreciate that. I’d be happy to go with you. Oh, you don’t have to do that. No, I want to, uh, I wanna pay my respects to Susan. She was always really kind to me, but if you’d rather go alone No, no, no, of course not.

Besides, I love having you by my. Okay, let’s go then. Let’s go. Yeah. Cute

trip. EJ didn’t kill Ava. Her death was an accident. She drove off the road. Yeah, with EJ in Hopper Pursuit. He hated my mom. You wanted her gone permanently. So you forced her to crash. That’s. My mother was in that car as well. I was trying to catch up to them to rescue her. I wanted Ava to stop. That’s the truth, ej.

Save it. All right. The last person I wanna hear from is the Tramp who slept in my mom’s boyfriend behind her back.

Susan, his death. But I didn’t kill her. No, I thought she didn’t kidnap her. No, that I did. Why? Why would you do that? I wasn’t gonna let EJ damara push me around, turn tail and disappeared just because he told me to. That is not who I am. I needed to hurt him as much as he hurt me. So you used an innocent woman as a weapon?

Look, EJ Damara, he disrespected me. He needed a gun. He wired you 30 million. And then my grandmother showed up at the airfield. You dragged her off at gunpoint. Why You got exactly what you wanted. Why couldn’t you just leave? Why couldn’t he have just paid me the money? He did? No, he didn’t. First he had to kidnap trip.

You think I belong with my daughter? Does that mean you think I belong with Brady? Oh, I didn’t say that. Yeah, but you don’t want my lineage. Kick me out of the house. Let’s, let’s just say the doc and I, we have a, a fundamental difference of opinion about you. Okay. Which is she thinks you’re a really bad person, and I do.

Would you not shacking up with Kristen Joy? You are living with her. We’ve been over this many times. Okay. I moved her into the house cause I thought it was best for Rachel. That’s all. There’s nothing romantic going on with Christopher. We’re not even sleeping in the same room. Okay. That’s exactly how it started last time.

What are you talking about? Kristen was pregnant when she convinced you to move her into the Carus Palace. Okay. Okay. It was a high risk pregnancy. She needed support. It was either move her in or have Dr. Rolf move in with her. Okay? You think I should sign up for that? All right. The point is she manipulated you.

She warmed her way into your house and then into your bed. There is zero chance, Kristin finding her way into my bed. It’s not gonna happen. Brady, you’re so attracted to Aren. I’m attracted to vodka too. All right. But I managed to control myself because I know the road leads to disaster. Okay? It’s one thing when Christian’s on the run and behind bars, you’re living under the same roof.

Get real Brady. It’s only a matter of time before you can’t find it anymore. Am I attracted to her? Maybe. Okay. Maybe always will be, but I’m not gonna go anywhere near her, Eric, not after what she did. What are you talking about, Brady? What does she do?

Hey, do not speak to Nicole like that. If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at me. Oh, I’m angry with you. All right. I’m freaking en raped. I got language. We are the house of God. I am so sorry. Trip. I understand that you are dealing with a great deal of pain. Well, you pay that you. You were to blame for all of this.

You selfish, sadistic bastard. None of this would’ve happened if you hadn’t ordered my mom to leave town an order that left her alive and well, and it should have stayed that way. But Ava escalated the situation by kidnapping my mother, no ej. You escalated it by kidnapping me.

My father kidnapped trip. Oh, I’m guessing he left that part out. It is the God’s honest truth. He hired a couple of goons to take my son hostage in Seattle. Is he all right? Stephen Kayla rescued him, thank God. But if they hadn’t, who, who knows what would’ve happened? So you see, I am not the only one who dragged an innocent person into this.

Your father tried to one up me and here we’re, but you said trip’s. Okay. Yeah. Stop. So your son was free. He still had my grandmother. My father would’ve done anything. So you get her back and said you drove her off a cliff. Why?

It’s. EJ had me kidnapped. I assume it’s because you didn’t wanna pay your own mother’s ransom. It’s not like you couldn’t afford it, you just didn’t wanna part with the money.

I was so bloody certain that I could get my mother back without having to pay the ransom. I mean, how hard could it be to Outsmart Ara Vitali, right? . You see, he, he’s not even deny. God, you are a penny pinching, power hungry piece of scum, and you cheated out in your own mother. You bullied mine and now they’re both dead.

That is enough now, won’t you stand there arguing. My sister soul hangs in the village. Now I will not listen to another word. Father,

you don’t think I’m a bad. You know, and I really don’t thank doctors either. It’s just that when it comes to you and Brady, I think her view is a little old, I don’t know, colored by our romantic best, or maybe she thinks that your view of me is colored by a romantic past, figuring out I might be. A little biased, but then again, I remember who you were when I first met you, Kristin Blake, for crying out loud, you were a social worker,

Can you believe it? Yeah, I can. I was there. I saw you in action. You, you remember that summer we did the little league team with the kids . I know. And you came and helped out and Oh my gosh. Wow. I might have helped them between the lines. You were so great. No, you were. I had no idea. But you were the one who made a difference in their lives.

You made a difference on a lot of people’s lives. And see, that’s not the work of a bad person. That was a long time, John.

Yeah, true.

I thought, you know, it’s like I said, When you first moved in here, I didn’t know what your motives were. The longer that you’ve been here, my, my concerns have started to fade cause I see it. I see her, the, the other Kristen, the, the good. Kristen. Kristin, I fell in love with.

What did Kristen do?

Come on step. Let’s just go, I don’t know. Not yet. Brady. What happened with. Hey man, can I get those tickets? What? And obviously you’re not using them. I don’t even know what you’re talking about, man. The tickets to the opera that you were supposed to take Chloe to in New York tonight. The opera. Yeah, that was, that was, that was tonight.

Yeah. Seeing as Chloe and I aren’t gonna be able to make it, I was thinking we could exchange them for another performance, perhaps Valentine’s Day. Okay. Hey, my brother and I in the middle, not only do you bail on. But you don’t even remember that you have plans with her. You are one classy. S o p. Hey, do you have any idea how much this night meant to her?

Any idea? And you add insult to injury by not even remembering that you have plans. Is that how much you care about her? Huh? You care about her more than you know, so much so that you toss her aside from my sister Steph. And that isn’t what happened. Man. Whatever you say, pal. Hey, at least now she’s with someone who truly cares about her, who treats her with the respect she deserves and doesn’t make her feel worthless and disposable.

Okay, come on, we’re going now. No, no, no. Hang on, hang on, hang on. Unlike Brady, I’m gonna make sure that you make it to. It’s very noble. Hey, you were denier, you got cloud, right? Why don’t you just, uh, you know, fly the whole company in privately so you can have your own private show. That’s a great idea, Brady.

You know, you should be part of a think tank or something. But New York, it’s so magical this time of year and romantic, isn’t it? Yeah, man, you really blew it. You had the. Wonderful woman on the planet, and you threw her aside like she’s garbage. At least now she’s with a real man.

Brady, what the hell is wrong with you? He’s outta control. That’s what’s wrong with him. Just like his brother. Leave him out. Him. Oh, but you guys have so much in common. You’re both rageaholic jerks who think nothing of assaulting people. Although I must say the priest seems to have calmed down a little bit since he’s stint in jail.

You know, maybe I should call the cops. They can teach you the same lesson. Stephanie, do you really think that’s necessary? No. Hey, Go for it.

Holy. The cops, Stephen.

Now Kristin, I knew back then now she, uh, she had this real calling and I’m not talking about just serving other people, but just serving God. Not very well, I’m afraid. Don’t come. No, no, no, no. Don’t do that. Don’t sell yourself short there. You were always looking out for other people. Feel you looked out for dog.

When she was possessed, you remember that you were one of the first people who realized there was some problem here and you tried to warn everybody else. You remember that? Yeah. It was a very scary time. Oh, yo. I was in denial. I mean, you were the one that got me to see the truth and the two of us, we helped her.

And it’s a running, isn’t it? What’s that? The doc is so convinced that you have all these evil intentions, but you are the one who saved her from the devil, and she’s still so suspicious of you now, even though you proved how much you cared about her, you were a real friend who, Kristen, and honestly, I, I just, I can’t understand why she can’t find it in her heart to.

Be a friend to you. Now,

what happened on the road that night? Ava? Did you lose control of the car? Didn’t you crash it on purpose? Is that how you were gonna hurt my father by killing my grandmother?

Hey, you are John Roman. We were all wondering where you were. Sorry. Just ran into an old friend. Oh, isn’t it? Just wouldn’t wanna let a little thing like the fate of your grandmother soul together the way if you two catch up. I, I, I am so sorry. Please tell me I didn’t miss the service. It. Elvis refused to start without you and then everything got toughy turvy.

When this young man came charging in there, yelling at him, shouting, shouting so loud that I just couldn’t take it. Shouting about what? How your father kidnapped him.

Son, I’m sorry you’re upset. No, I am not Yourself, and keep your damn hands off of me. All right. We’ve tolerated this interruption long enough. Tolerated. Oh, I’m sorry. EJ is me wanting an explanation for my mom’s murder. An annoyance to you. My be to suit to address Mr. Johnson. No, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t try to palm me off on Dr.

Evans or, or pacify me with your fake sympathy. We’re gonna have this out right here, right now. We are going to pay respects to my mother, and you are going to get the hell out of here.

I’m not going anywhere.

Kristen, you know, I love Jacque iHeart, but this total lack of understanding and forgiveness, it’s really frustrating for me. No, I mean, that was a point she was willing to try. Yeah, I remember that. I think it was, it was Mother’s Day. You were pregnant with Rachel. Yeah, and she sat right here and she said, this is a new beginning for all of us.

Well, Clearly it wasn’t because she can’t get past this idea that you’re rotten to the corn. I’m sorry about that. Well, you know, maybe she still can’t see past my mistakes. What she needs to see is how much you love your daughter more than anything, John. Well, that’s why Broody moved you in here. He knows how much you love Rachel.

She needs you in your life. You need to be with her so she can see what Brady and I already see, and that’s, you’re not only a good mother, but you’re a really good person.

No, I’m not, John. I’m not a good person.

Go. Call the cops. Stop. And please, let’s just get outta here.

My brother declined to press charges against Eric. Guess I could do the same for Poor Brady here besides. Shall sentence is temporary compared to the time you’re gonna spend thinking about what a fool you were to let her go. That’s forever

you. Okay? Yeah. You’re just seeing her with him makes me look crazy, Eric. I get it. I know you wanna put your daughter first. But if you love her so much, why don’t you give Chloe up?

Sorry about that. No, Brady’s the one who should be, sorry. Oh, I shouldn’t have provoked him like that, but I,

I hate the way he treated you, but I will make sure you make it to the opera. Best seats in the house. I can’t wait. How’s the bleeding? It looks like it’s stopped, but you have a little bit of blood on your shirt.

Damn, it can’t go to the memorial like that. Well, it’s probably over by now anyway.

She’s having a reception back at the house. You ready to join? I’d love to this young man, he, he claimed that EJ kidnapped him more like screaming at the top of his lungs was a trip. Trip Johnson, I believe that’s what he said his name was. You All right, I’ve gotta get in there.

I would very much like to hear what you’re feeling, but this is not the time or the place. I know you mean. Well, Dr. Evans, but I’m standing right where I am. This is not No, no, no. Why should I let this monster greet for his mother when he took my mother from me, right. That’s it. No, I said I’m not leaving

you to come with me. Right. Peter, huh?

What do you mean you’re not a good person? I. It’s okay being judgemental here. What’d you do?

Hey, you said Kristen did something. What was it, Eric, please just forget it. I can’t because she’s living in my mother’s house. Eric, forget it. She’s sure seems like it. Why is she living with Mom and John? And don’t tell me it’s what’s best for Rachel. You both know. That’s bull. Answer me. Brady, why would you move this cycle into foster parents home?

I didn’t have a choice. What? What do you mean? She blackmailed me? She forced me to move her in and break up with Chloe.

Are these peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwiches? They are Susan’s favorite, have one? Uh, I think I’ll wait till everyone gets here. Yeah. All right. I wonder what’s keeping them. They should have been back by now. Well, it’s an emotional event. People need time. I know, but EJ was pretty adamant on keeping it short.

He was the only one scheduled to speak. Maybe they had an unexpected guest. My God, mom. Hey, can’t you? Okay. I’m glad to see you too, baby. But we gotta get outta here. No, we’re not going anywhere. Nicole called the police death. The police, I’m assuming this is a mystery woman you were searching for earlier.

She showed up under disguise, returning to admire her handy work. No gas. But don’t worry, Ava’s gonna pay you for what you did to your grandma. Hey, get your hand off. Hey, don’t worry, I can handle EJ trip. Just please go. No, I’m not gonna leave you here. Yeah, you have to. Wow. What’s going on? There is a, What you talking about?

My God. Mom, we got, okay. I’m glad to see you too, baby, but we gotta get outta here going anywhere. Nicole called the police anywhere. Yeah, the police, I’m assuming this is a mystery woman you were searching for earlier. Yeah. She showed up in a disguise returning to admire her handy work. No doubt. But don’t worry’s gonna pay you for what she did to your grandmother.

Hey, get your hand off. Hey, don’t worry, I can handle EJ Tripp. Just please go. No, I’m not gonna leave. Yes, you have to. Why? What’s going on? There is a bomb. What mom? Whatcha are you talking about? Talking about right here.

What was that? I don’t know. Thunder, maybe. Hey, well let’s get back to the bombing you just dropped. What do you mean Kristen blackmailed you into breaking up the. What she holding over your head? If you keep insisting that you are not a good person? I don’t think I have to tell an ex none. That confession is good for the soul.

Yeah, well it’s too bad there’s not a priest around. No. Yes. You’re just gonna have to settle for the next best thing and it’s an old friend. So what’s weighing so heavily on your conscience?

You can talk to me. Kristen, I’m here for you.

Hey buddy. Hey, how about I take care of the next one? Hello. What’s this? By your favorite commission, beer Day? Well, that would suggest that you’re my favorite commission. And I guess you are, since you’re the one and only damn, talk about kicking a guy when he is down. Sorry about that. I’m more serious enough.

Any progress on building that case against CJ Damara for kidnapping my son? Well, nothing yet. Thank our trip. Safe. But he could have easily been killed.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You know, me, John, I, I spent most of my life on the naughty list. But everything I’ve done that, that’s been wrong. I’ve always felt I was doing it for the right reasons. I don’t doubt that.

Cause Kristen, you have got as big a heart as anyone I know. And let me tell you something. Sometimes when, when we hadn’t kind. Spirit and passion that you do. When we, when we so fiercely go after something we, we really want, we can inadvertently end up hurting people we really love. I know this is the last thing you’ve wanted to do.

Yeah. That is so true. That is so true. What I want, what, what I really want most is I want a loving family. I wanna be a good. I wanna be a devoted wife. Oh. But what I want most, what I want most of all is, uh, I want Rachel to know.

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