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 Okay, tell me everything. About? Your poli-sci lecture.

[ Chuckles ] The dinner with rory. Did he like your outfit? Um… he kept saying I looked cute. Well, I’m sure you did. What else? This is when you tell me all the details. What’s wrong? Did you know spencer’s out of prison?

[ Knock on door ] You wanted to see me, commissioner? Come in. Have a seat. Remember the domestic you broke up last week? Uh, the landry case. I heard you waited in the er with the wife for two hours. I didn’t want to leave before she was seen. But it was the end of my shift. I was off the clock. I — don’t worry. You’re not in ouble. Actually, quite the opposite. Ms. Landry came in today. She’s gonna press charges against her husband.

[ Sighs ] Uh, the way she was talking, I wasn’t sure she’d go through with it. She actually said it was because of you. Rachel realized her husband never would have sat with her for that long. Unlike you, a complete stranger. She decided she deserves better. Nice work, officer cabrera. Thanks, brother. Thank you. Spencer: Hey. Spencer. What are you doing — I-I had no idea that you were out. Surprise. Oh, my god. Th– this is — this is awesome. Welcome home, man. Thank you. Okay, I’m confused. Did I get the dates mixed up? Because I’m pretty — no, I got released a few weeks early. Yeah. Hope you, uh, learned a thing or two from your time in there. Well, not to get caught, for one. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Kidding. I have no intention of ever going back to prison. So from here on out, I’ll play by the rules. I’ve never hosted a party before, so I want this to be epic. Ah, it will be. The good people of port charles will be talking about it for years to come. Something to remember me by. Oh, but I did want to talk to you about the invitations. Oh, my god. You sent them out, right? They all went out. So what’s the problem, then? It’s not a problem, per se. I just noticed a certain someone wasn’t on the guest list. Cody. No, mom, it’s fine. We’ll get together another time. Nothing is wrong. I mean it. We’ll talk another time, okay? I love you. Bye. Cody: I’m impressed. You know, listening to you, I’d believe that you’re doing okay, but just one look… is it that obvious? Anything I can do to help? You’re under no obligation, remember? I mean, now that we know mac is not really your father. We’re not related, so… like to think we’re friends? Friendly? Okay. Okay. So lay it on me. What’s up? You ready to show me your moves? I did that last night. And then some.

[ Chuckles ] Come here. No! Your boxing moves. Oh, yeah, right, right. She, uh — she’s worked up, your aunt. What — yeah. Go. Oh, you know what? Let me go check on her, okay? Yeah, go, go. Make sure everything’s okay. Aunt liesl? Aunt liesl!

[ Grunting ] Aunt liesl, stop! Stop! You’re gonna hurt yourself.

[ Breathing heavily ] I’m already hurting. Meeting’s set for tomorrow. You ready? Ready as I’ll ever be.

Not that I would blame you for excluding cody after what he did. Gosh, I still can’t believe he was supposed to be your perfect match. You don’t know? Know what? Society setups is a fraud. Yeah, is it ever. No, literally. That zelda woman is a front for spinelli. So this company is just some dressed-up dating app? Yeah. I knew it. No, you didn’T. Okay, no, I didn’T.

[ Scoffs ] But i should have after we found out cody was only after that necklace. Well, joke’s on him. He lost the jewels and the girl. I really thought he was better than that. Oh, you did, did you? What? Like you’ve never gone after a guy for his bank account? Well [Chuckles] Obviously.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. Rolling in the dough isn’t what comes to mind when I think of you. All you ever do is work. Um, hello. Party. Yeah [Chuckles] That’s a good first step. But will it stick? What does that mean?

[ Sighs ] When will you finally start enjoying your life? Austin blackmailed spinelli. Can you believe that? Who does something like that? Um, did he have a good reason? A good reason for threatening someone? N– alright. T-that — that totally came out wrong. Um, so what exactly did austin do?

[ Scoffs ] It doesn’t matter. You seem to think it does. Okay, well, he claims he just wanted to make sure that we were a good match for each other. But if what he really cared about was our relationship, why didn’t he just talk to me about it? ‘Cause sometimes that’s a really hard thing to do. Why are men terrified of feelings? That wasn’t a rhetorical question. Oh. Oh, so — so now I’m speaking for all men. Okay, you said you wanted to help me. Help me understand why men do stupid things. Why they take the arguably more difficult route when they could simply open up to the person that they’re close to.

[ Chuckles ] Aunt liesl, look at your hands. Why would you do this? Stay here. Okay? I’m not gonna need you till tonight. So you can take the afternoon off. I won’t argue with that. See you tonight, boss. Sweetheart, are there ice packs in the back? Aunt liesl’s knuckles are in pretty rough shape. Even with the gloves? Yeah, with the gloves. You know, the weird part is… it’s like she wants to be in pain. Wants to be in pain? Are you worried? Alright, I’ll — I’ll get some ice. Thank you for telling me about mrs. Landry. It means a lot. I knew it would. That’s what makes you a good cop. You go above and beyond for your community. Keep it up. Plan to. Will I see you at the holiday party? Um…we can bring a guest, right? Oh, I take it things are going well with miss trina robinson.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Okay. That well. You’re fortunate. Trina’s a very special person. Don’t I know it. Spencer’s uncle victor got him released early. Typical. I am so glad he’s out of that place. So am I. Wait, why are we talking about spencer? I asked you about rory. Because spencer and his uncle showed up at the pc grill. Oh, no. Did they ruin your night? Rory loves me. As in he acts that way? Or he said those words? He said the words. All three of them. Wow. I know. Why didn’t you tell me? I am telling you. Well, then, what? What’d you say back?

[ Sighs ] Nothing. I-I was so floored. I-I never expected it. I mean, it’s too soon, right? On our three-month anniversary? I mean, we haven’t even slept together yet. Well, I mean, I guess it’s a little quick, but… is that the only reason why you hesitated? Why else? Well, how did you feel when rory told you he loved you? I mean, besides shocked, obviously.

[ Sighs ] I felt… scared. That’s not a good sign. No, it’s not. And I like rory more and more as I get to know him. He’s — he’s sweet and considerate. And he really makes me feel special. But you’re not in love with him. Not yet, at least. Are you sure it’s time holding you back? Or could it be your feelings for spencer? Missed this place. Well, I bet you cameron could get you your old job back.

[ Chuckles ] Let’s not go overboard. Luckily for me, I don’t need the paycheck anymore. Now that ava has “so kindly” given me access to my own money. Ah, well, good luck, whatever comes next. Thank you.

[ Scoffs ] I cannot believe you didn’t text me that you were back. I’ve been a little busy, cameron. How’s reentry? It’s interesting. I’m staying at wyndemere. Whoa. Yeah, not by choice. It’s a condition of my release that I have to stay with my uncle, who, unfortunately for me, is living with my father. The plan is to spend as little time there as possible. Well, winter break just started, so I’ll have plenty of time to hang out. So will joss. Have you, uh, reached out to her that you’re back? No, trina is the only person I’ve seen so far. How’d that go? Not great.

Trust me, I am not the guy you want to go to for relationship advice. Uh-oh. Things not going so well with britt?

[ Chuckles ] Things aren’t going at all. Yikes. I made a choice. It was the wrong one, apparently. Britt doesn’t want anything to do with me. That can change. Doubtful. You’ve messed up before, and britt got over it. Maybe that’ll happen again. Okay, so what about you? What about me? You gonna get over this issue with austin? Isn’t the whole point of this conversation that I don’t know? Do you want to forgive him? Isn’t that the same question? No. Uh, you can be mad and be done with someone like britt. Or you can be mad and still want to work things out. Or you can be mad, still want to work things out, but be terrified that he’s not the person you thought he was. So, how’d the rest of the fall semester go? It was busy. I, uh, had a lot to do, you know, with soccer and school and work. Didn’t have much time to do anything else. Barely even saw joss. You guys are good, though, right? Oh, yeah. No, we’re great. That’s good. Couldn’t come back home to everything having changed. Yeah. So, um… they ever let you watch the news in pentonville? Is that code for, “do I know that my ex-girlfriend is running around town attacking people with a hook?” Oh, okay, great. I thought I’d maybe have to ease you into it, but you already know. But, you know, we don’t know for sure that it is esme. She attacked your mother, and you’re defending her. No, no. I’m just saying it’s one thing to push someone and cause them to fall and a totally different level to murder somebody. Well, I got to hand it to you, cameron, that’s another thing that hasn’t changed. You always see the good in people. Lucky for you. Yeah, and I know it. My friendships with you and joss are pretty much the only things that make sense right now. I’m trapped at wyndemere for the rest of my sentence. And then… who knows? Well…do you think you’ll apply to pcu? But even that wouldn’t start until next fall. Maybe I’ll head to gstaad for some skiing. I always did love the aprs life. What? What happened to being your own man and not relying on anyone else’s money? It’s easier said than done, cameron. So that’s it.

[ Scoffs ] You’re just gonna leave and go back to europe? Why not? It’s not like anything’s keeping me here. Trina: I am not in love with spencer. Did I say that? It was strongly implied. How could I love someone that I can’t even trust? But every time I see him… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s — it’s like… some part of me just wakes up. Does that sound weird? Josslyn: It’s like this wall

went up between us.

And you remembered that you

have to protect little old me from big, bad you. I call B.S. On that. I make my own decisions. I know the risks I’m taking. If you don’t want me, just say that. I’m trying to do the right thing here. Try being honest instead. You want honest? No. [ Scoffs ] I get it. Yeah, it’s like… …I’m drawn to spencer, even though I wish I wasn’T. And I don’t have that same pull with rory like I wish I did. Are you gonna break up with him? It’s tough. Rory makes me feel good about myself. And we definitely have fun when we’re together. But is that enough? Is that even fair? Is what fair? To keep dating him. Knowing how he feels about me, if… I don’t feel the same way. Do you want me to call scott? He’s out of town on business. I’m fine, really. You should go. J would never forgive me.

[ Sighs ] My precious nathan. Yeah, with christmas coming, I’ve been thinking about him a lot. Is that what’s wrong, aunt liesl? You’re missing j more than usual? A mother should have more time with her child. I wholeheartedly agree with that. But we have james, don’t we? And he’s looking more and more like his daddy every day. Aunt liesl… j lives on. But britta won’T. Thanks again, commissioner. Hey, rory. Hey. I got an update on the hook case. Great. Uh, can I stay with the connections to trina? Of course. Fill us in. Well, the lab was able to identify the venom found on the hook. Comes from a sea krait — a highly venomous, semi-aquatic snake. Okay. And where would one find such a snake? Well, according to the herpetologist at the pc zoo, not around here, not in the wild, anyway. They come from the south asian islands. Okay. So they would have to smuggle it into the us. Right. So I looked up arrests of exotic animal smugglers for the last 10 years. We got about five hits in the port charles area. Okay. Well, can you get on as soon as possible? Yeah, will do. It’s been two months since oz haggerty was killed. The hook’s letter basically said, stay out of her way, and you’ll be fine. Could this mean that she’s done? It could. Or it could mean she’s nice and rested and ready for her next victim.

much as I’d like to believethe attacks are over, serial killers rarely stop on their own. This is the longest break so far. Yeah. The lead-up to haggerty’s killing was two weeks. This has been longer than that. Isn’t that good news? Well, no one dying is good news, but it’s premature to think the killer is done. She could have been arrested for another crime or left town for some reason. Well, whoever she is and wherever she is, she’s got to be stopped and brought to justice. Okay, can you, um, talk to the manager and find out how early we can get into the haunted star the day of the party so we can set up? Yes, ma’am. And on my end, um, I need to find amazing shoes that I can still dance in, um, set up a massage that morning, talk to my lawyer.

[ Scoffs ] A little extreme, no? I mean, I know people will sue at the drop of a hat these days, but do you really need to consult your lawyer? Um, I actually didn’t mean to bring this up today, but since we’re here, I am talking to my lawyer about my will. You’re scaring me. Don’t be scared. It’s just, um, this whole mess with the necklace and not knowing who it belongs to, it just reminded me that it’s important to write things down. Besides, it’s the responsible thing to do. Do you have a will? Me? [ Chuckles ] Please. All I have to leave to posterity is a, uh — a fabulous wardrobe. It is fabulous.

[ Laughs ] Well, just so you know, I am leaving everything to you. I agreed to meet rory’s parents. You did? Before the whole “love” thing, he invited me to his family’s christmas eve. And it sounds pretty casual. People coming and going all day. It seemed like the next step. Right. And that was before he said what he said and spencer showed up. It was so much easier when spencer was away. Is that horrible? You’re just being honest. But now he’s home, and I’ll probably be seeing him everywhere. You can always avoid him. That’s not sustainable. Uh, and I’m supposed to be hanging out with rory. What am I going to say? I don’t want to date rory just because I can’t have spencer. I don’t even want spencer. But you do. But I do. How’s trina doing? I thought you saw for yourself last night. Well, we didn’t exactly have a heart to heart. She told me that there’s no way for us to start over. I’m sorry. But can you blame her? No. I guess I just want to make sure that her life is back on track. You know, after i completely derailed it. Trina’s doing well. That’s good. She’s happy with rory? Seems like it. He’s a good guy. Trina deserves nothing less. Great. Who is that guy? He looks really familiar. His name is dex. He works for sonny. Right. Don’t you need — don’t you need to go take his order or something? Oh, no, he — he can wait. Wow. You really don’t like him?

[ Inhales deeply ] Dex is a wannabe gangster. Joss was convinced that sonny wanted to hurt him. But you just said that dex works for sonny. So why would sonny hurt him? You remember how ava was the first hook victim, and that she was found at the quartermaines’, and joss was the one who found her? Yeah. Well, dex was there, too. He helped joss get ava to the hospital. He was also at charlie’s the night that brando got attacked. And he was at brando’s garage when diane miller got attacked, so… seems like a pattern to me. Sonny saw a pattern, too. That’s why he had him…detained. Detained him how? I don’t have all the details, nor do I want them. But sonny got dex out of police custody, and then dex just vanished. Josslyn figure that sonny was behind it, and, um…she went to pozzulo’s to look for him. Well, obviously, she found him. He’s sitting or… standing right there. Yeah, well, it’s more complicated than that. The guy who was questioning dex was not listening to josslyn. She had to call michael for backup. And then that’s when things got pretty heated, dangerous. That’s ridiculous. Sonny would never let any of his people hurt josslyn. All I know is that it was a major confrontation. If joss was mad at sonny before, it’s on a whole nother level now. Joss is upset because her mom and sonny split up, and now sonny has moved on to nina. So I sympathize, but sonny has always been more than decent to josslyn. It — it’s — it’s not about that. Whatever happened at pozzulo’s, whatever sonny did to dex, josslyn hates him for that. Alright. I don’t understand. Did something happen to britt? Obrecht: She’ll never have children. Aunt liesl, she could change her mind about that. When britta’s gone, there’ll be nothing. Why do you keep talking about britt leaving? It’s not my story to tell. That may be true, but it’s obviously tearing you up. You have to let it out.

Nein. No, this is simply a moment of weakness. I-I can keep the secret. I-I-I will keep the secret. Aunt liesl. Did you see what I did just then? I not so subtly reminded you that we are family. Okay? You can tell me anything. I’m not gonna tell anybody. You can trust me. It’s too much. Then let me shoulder some of the burden. Okay? I won’t tell anyone. Trust me.

[ Crying ] Britta is sick. She has huntington’s disease.

I’m a beneficiary in your will? Sole beneficiary. Why do you look so shocked? Who else would I leave it to?

[ Chuckles ] Okay, how much are we talking about here? Like a vacay to cabo or…

[ Inhales deeply ] Never mind. So not the point. The point… is for you to be independent. I hope you use the money to get away from aunt selina and start fresh. Well, that’s depressing. Which part? Uh, the prospect of still running errands for my aunt decades from now.

[ Chuckles ] U-unless you’re planning on dying tomorrow. Uh, that is not the plan. But it’s always good to be prepared. Joss says that her familyhas been covering for sonny all of her life. That he doesn’t deserve it, that he belongs in prison. Speaking as someone who just got out of prison, that’s pretty harsh. She means it. She says that sonny is not who we think he is. That she’s seen the truth and wants nothing to do with him. I-I’m not saying that whatever sonny did to dex was okay, but the guy went to work for him. And is still working for him. Exactly. Joss has

no idea what dex didto get in trouble with sonny or how badly he may have screwed up. For all we know, sonny’s going easy on the guy. Don’t try telling joss that. Well, obviously, this dex is manipulating her. If joss is mad at sonny, then she’s going to jump on anything that makes him look bad. And dex knows that, and he’s using it. Does anyone work here? I think that’s your cue. Yeah. Hey, what can I get you? Um, cheeseburger to go. Medium rare, please. Coming right up. Dex, right? Uh, that’s me. You are? Spencer cassadine. Sonny corinthos’ nephew. Good to meet you. You work for my uncle, right? I do. Which means you work for me. And I’m really going to break up with rory right before the holidays? Am I that person? There’s never a good time to end a relationship. No, but there are very, very bad times. And, say, roy and i do break up. That doesn’t guarantee that spencer and i will have a future. He asked if we could start over, and honestly, I don’t think we can.

[ Sighs ] I wish I had the answers for you. Spencer has hurt me so many times. And now he’s gonna cost me rory, too. I-it’s not fair! No, it’s not. It’s not fair. But, trina, you’re — you’re not the only one in this. Alright? Rory’s involved, too. So if you’re honest with him, not about wanting spencer, but about maybe not feeling the same way, then it’s up to rory to decide whether to stay or not. That’s true. Rory can decide for himself. But it’s still gonna be so awkward. Like, thanks for loving me, but I don’t feel the same way? Maybe I should just wait until the new year. No, no. You have to do this. Cam deserves to know the truth. What? Where did that come from? Sorry. I meant rory, obviously. Yeah, you’re right. If I want something real with rory, I have to be up-front with him. Thank you, dante. Yeah. I wish we could assign more detectives to the case, but we just don’t have the manpower. Well, that’s okay, commissioner. I’ll just work as efficiently as I possibly can. I know you will. Uh, you want me to drop that on your desk? I’m headed out. Uh, yeah, sure. Why not? Thanks. That’s actually perfect. I wanted to talk to you about something else. Okay. Thank you again for letting me sit in. I learned a lot.

[ Camera shutter clicks ] I remember so vividly how we all were so relieved when we found out that j didn’t inherit the gene. But — but britt did? If

only cesar was still here.I’d kill him myself. Aunt liesl? Is britt having symptoms?

[ Inhales deeply ] Trouble swallowing, muscle spasms, and it will only get worse. Oh, my god. How do I do this, nina? The thought of sitting by, helpless, watching my britta waste away. I don’t have the strength. You’re gonna find the strength.

[ Gasps ] ‘Cause your daughter is gonna need you.

Austin lied to me. Duh. Excuse you. Uh, when you like someone

[Chuckles] You want to show them the best version of yourself, you know? So you — you massage the truth a little bit. Like, uh, maybe you say you love to cook when in reality, you only know how to make pasta. Or you talk about your love of exercise when you haven’t seen a gym in weeks. You’re right. I am? You’re terrible at giving relationship advice. And, yes, people are on their best behavior for the first few dates. But if you want to go the distance with someone, you’re eventually gonna have to open up and show that person who you really are. That’s it. Just no? No one wants the real me. Okay, that’s a cop-out, and you know it. Well, I’ve got my marching orders. Time to get to work. Hey, britt, um… I know I always act aloof and above it all sometimes. Hmm, sometimes?

[ Chuckles ] But this, uh — this will thing… it really means the world to me. Well, what can I say? You’ve been there for me when no one else has. You know me better than anyone. You’re my best friend in the whole world. We’re more than best friends. We’re family.

[ Chuckles ] Ugh! [ Chuckles ] Cue the violins!

[ Chuckles ] Right? Pull it together, cooper.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Cellphone thuds ] Oh. Dammit. [ Sighs ] What was that? Oh, I just, uh… I was just at the gym too long this morning, you know, so… run along. The party is not gonna plan itself.

[ Chuckles ] What? Look…I’m excited about the party, don’t get me wrong. I guess I’m just a little confused about the magnitude of it. I mean… you never celebrate your birthday. Never even mention it. Why is this one such a big deal? If I work for you, that’s news to me. My uncle listens to me. So you’d be wise to do as I say. Hey, is the toys for tots bin still inside? Yeah, but — great. Could you get the door, please?

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. I did not want to miss it. Stay away from josslyn jacks. Excuse me? How dare you eavesdrop on a private conversation? Aunt liesl, this… are you happy, hmm? Seeing me brought to my knees like this? I don’t want to see you in any pain. Lies. Okay, you know what? You have every right to be upset. It’s completely understandable, but it’s not fair to take it out on sonny. I’d like to say something, nina, if that’s all right. Oh, and why should I listen to you, hmm? Because I went through something similar to what you’re facing with my own father. He had alzheimer’S. When I found out, it was the worst moment of my life. And I thought I had already lost him. But I was wrong because at the end of his life, there were flashes of his old se– of his old self. And then when his memory loss started setting in and his — his defenses were — were going away… …I saw another side to my father. We were so honest with each other at that time. More honest than we’ve — we’ve ever been before he even got sick. Alzheimer’s takes a lot. But at the end, those times we had… …they were a gift.

I’ll call you tonight. Okay? Please remember — I won’t say a word to anyone. I promise. Thank you for what you said.

[ Crying ] You’re so wonderful. No, really, you are. Aunt liesl has done horrible things to people you love, and you reached out to her. Listen, it — it — you know, when I see somebody suffering like my dad, you know, like I did with my dad, it’s just — I just help, that’s all. It’s not — it’s not just that’s all. It’s everything. You feel like you don’t know the real austin.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I think it’s become increasingly clear that I don’T. Do you think you’ve seen the real britt? Glimpses, but yes. And you like her? Very much. Then don’t give up on her. I’m not sure I’m being given a chance. Trust me. Britt just needs time. What’s so important about this party? The party’s really just an excuse. For…? I want to be more than the woman who fell in the metro court pool. The sucker taken in by cody’s con. I want people to see me in all my glory.

[ Sighs ] Does that make sense? It does. And it’s exactly what you’re gonna get. You have my word. This party will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Spencer, I heard you were out. Home for the holidays. Mm. Speaking of holidays. Let me help. Cameron can help her. I can do it. Thank you. Just cancel my order. I’ll go somewhere else. No, no. You ordered, so you need to pay. No, he doesn’T. Not a problem. Your uncle pays me well, so…

[ Patrons gasp ] Trina. Hey. How are you? Uh, I’m okay. Um… have you seen rory, by any chance? I asked the front desk but no one could tell me where he is. Pcpd! Anyone home?! Ugh! Oh, good, the doors aren’t even open yet. See? We didn’t miss bupkiss.

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