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 Eric, what do you do here? I can’t stop thinking about you. These last few days have been like a terrible nightmare. Oh God. You feel that way too? I woke up this morning and I realized I made a terrible mistake. I’m sorry for being upset about the baby and lashing out outta you. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault and I don’t want to throw away what it could be.

Our last chance at happiness. What do you saying? I’m asking you to forgive me. I want you to leave here. I want you to come home with me where you.

I, I, so.

Hey. Morning, sleepy. Ed

brought you coffee. Black. That’s okay. Thank you. I’ll be careful. It’s hot, but it wasn’t nearly as hot as you were last night.

Excuse me. Hey, when a man is in my bed, I like to be the center of his attention. I’m sorry you’re not having regrets about last night, are you?

Good morning. Good morning. The bear of tea again. Thank you, Kate. I’m so kind of you. You look good, relaxed. Thanks. I am feeling a lot better, not just physically. Emotionally too. Not that I’m happy that Eric’s in jail. I mean far from it, but I will admit it is a relief not having him so close by. Well, Eric’s not in jail anymore.

Roman told me they released him yesterday. Thanks to his new attorney, Sloane Peterson,

I have absolutely no regrets about last night. Well, thanks for restoring my self. Fuck you ever lost it?

Well, what’s the matter cuz I can tell something’s wrong. It’s just a headache. Like I said, I don’t really drink a lot these days. Shall I get you an aspirin? No, no. I’m fine Nick. I think a little breakfast will kind of do the trick. Oh, well, I’m not really much of a breakfast kind of gal, but I think I have a granola bar somewhere around here.

Well, I was actually thinking of something more substantial. Hmm. I like this.

Oh, of course, Roger. I completely. This memorial service is rather imprompt you. There’s no need to change your plant. Mother will be touched that you left your tour to make a pilgrim, Mr. Grace Lan, her honor. Oh, I’m with you on that. I hope the woman who murdered her is burning in hell.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I’m sorry. I thought that you knew. No, I haven’t heard from Eric. Well, that’s too bad. I thought that he would’ve at least checked on you when he was released to see how you were doing. Well, I guess he figures there’s no reason to now. Yeah. Well that’s just wrong. You know? He owes you that much. No, he doesn’t, and I don’t owe him anything either.

You know, I’m glad he is staying away. Do you really mean that? I do. Eric and I are history. He’s somebody else’s problem now.

Do you remember when my sister said getting into bed with you would be the worst mistake of my life? . I remember Asha was speaking figuratively, . But I don’t think she could be more wrong.


Um, just gimme a minute.

Hey, Tony. Hey, uh, sorry to bother you. I, I hope I didn’t link you. No, I was up. What can I help you with? Well, if you don’t mind, I, I need to come in and grab some of my grandma’s things. I, I wanted to wait, but, uh, I need to get ’em down to the church before the memorial service, so Yes, of course. I, I understand.


Listen, uh, Johnny, I’m really sorry about Susan. She was a real sweetheart. Yeah. Yeah, she was. Uh, Hey, I’m sorry again for, uh, acting like such a jerk when I found out my dad was letting you stay here. And part, part of the reason was I just see I, I really like you and I really like ra and I was hoping things would work out between the two of you.

Yes, so was I, but I realized that Ray and I were wrong for each other from the start, and he is a really good person. And as hard as I try to ignore reality, I am not and I never will be. Thanks, Roger. Please, please keep in touch.

What can I do for you? Commissioner? You need a statement about the circumstances around your mother’s death. You’ve missed two appointments to give it to me. I don’t know what else there is to say. As I told you before, the Ransom exchange went badly, Eva panicked and drove off a road killing He. Am my mother

very, very unpleasant for me to talk about this, as I’m sure you understand. I understand. I understand that you are grieving UJA and I respect that, but I need more details. Why? Why? So you can bring Eva to justice. It’s a bit late for that. Let the dead stay dead. In that Witch’s case.

So he left the priesthood for Nicole, huh? The first time? The second time I, the second time

when things working out with Nicole and I. I thought I should go back to the priesthood, you know, and, uh, pick up where I left off. And, um, you know, which I did. Rededicated myself followed. I feel a Bible sized butt coming on another woman. I was defunct on a technical manner that was, uh, the matter of, uh, Canin Law.

Oh, well, you know what? As a lawyer, I can testify that it’s the technicalities that’ll kill you, . So after last night and this morning, Can I presume that you’re not gonna run off to the priesthood for our third shot? It’s a safe bet. I’ve had some pretty good and clear signs that I was on the wrong path.

That’s what you were looking for. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a, uh, it’s a symbol of all the things that were most important to grandma, faith,

family, and the king.

Yeah. She was, uh, she was truer to herself than anyone I ever knew. A lot of people looked down on her for it, called a Rolo to her face, . She didn’t care and she never gave a a damn about what, uh, anybody said or thought. Never tried to change, never even wanted to. You gotta admire that about a person, you know?


Hey, Nicole. Um, yeah, I was just a kid, you know, when you were my stepmom, but I remember that, uh, you took really good care of Sydnee and me, regardless of how your relationship was with, with my dad. I don’t know.

Well, that was easy. You and Sydney were a.

You know, I remember after I had gotten my eye surgery, you stayed up with me all night for a couple nights. You read me goodnight Moon, I, I don’t know how many times I asked you to read Goodnight Moon, but you had to have wanted to tear that book to pieces. . I can’t believe you remember all that. Of course I do.

Yeah, it meant a lot. And as much as my mother may have despised, you tried to convince me you were some horrible person. I never believed her. I love spending time with you. Not only did you read to us, but you were funny. You made us laugh. You’re so funny. Thank you, Johnny. That’s very kind. You know, you’re funny too.

Yeah. And you’re, you’re very sweet. Well, um, I had better did this off to the church on time. Oh, I’ll see you Johnny. See you

Steve. Hey there buddy. You got back from Seattle fast? Yeah, I took the red eye. Yeah. Stephanie and I are. Fly back for Christmas. Join Kayla and Joe out there. Sounds like a planned. How’s the trip doing? Well, he’s still pretty broken up about his mother. Yeah. Glad you could be there for him. I was lucky you happened to be in Seattle when Ava was killed.

Wasn’t exactly look

EJ if someone other than Ava was in any way culpable in your mother’s death. I am sure you’d want them brought to justice. Of course I would. What are you implying? Not implying anything, but I do find it very strange that you are so reluctant to tell me the whole story of what happened. As I told you before, this is very difficult for me to talk about.

Right. So let’s start with why you didn’t call the police when Susan went. Eva threatened to kill my mother if I told anyone. So you thought it would be a good idea to handle this on your own? If I did, yes. And as you said, something went wrong with the Ransom exchange. Causing Ava and your mother to lose control, go off a cliff and die.

Oh, uh, excuse me. Good morning Nicole. What the hell are you doing here? What do you think she’s doing? At more commissioner, put those detective skills to good. Obviously Nicole spent the night.

Oh, your stamina was impressive, but I guess you do a lot of time to make up for no, uh, not. Casual sex was never in the cards for me. Mm-hmm. , you know, when I, I left the priesthood the first time, . Right. You know, I kind of had the standard dreams of kids white picket fence. Hmm. Yeah. So what happened, well, seemed obvious to me that that was never really in my cards.

So I just needed to, uh, stop fooling myself getting emotionally involved. Hmm. I just, I just wanna make it really clear that I’m not really into getting into a relationship. Did I say something that made you think that? Because if so, please just scratch that from the scoreboard. I mean, not the sound jaded or anything, but you know, I’ve never really been the happily ever after type.

Don’t really believe in it. Never have. We’re on the same page, definitely. So, Um, here’s to no emotional attachment. Just pure, wild, unbridled passion. Sex. If you’re, I’m up for it.

It’s not what it looks like. EJ offered Holly and I a place to stay until I can figure out a more permanent situation. I told Nicole they’re welcome to stay for as long as. Wow. How very generous of you and you know, you should, uh, you should enjoy your consolation prize since both of her ex has rejected her.

Re yeah. And since you seem so determined to stonewall my investigation into your mother’s death, I will find the information I need elsewhere. Rest is. This case is not closed, and I will find out the truth of what happened between you and Ava. I’ll be in touch.


Son of a bitch. So why did you happen to go to Seattle in the first place? Eh, that’s a long story. I can’t really get into the details. Steve. Hey, glad to see you’re back. Hey, thanks Jada. It’s good to be home. Yes, Sue, you are in Seattle. How’s Trip doing? He’s hanging in there. Thanks. How are you feeling today, Jada?

Uh, I’m feeling much better. Thank you. Uh, in fact, I’m actually gonna be heading to work. Were you sick? I took a few days of medical leave, uh, but I’m better now. Glad to hear it and now I better head to the station. Hey, you know, I’m uh, headed that way myself. Can I, uh, give you a lift? I have something I wanna discuss with you.

It’s a police matter.

What’s the matter? Mommy dearest? Oh, you forget about your dead baby boy already, as if I could. Because I’m here to help. A little birdie told me today was the big day. Oh, it is indeed. I presume you have a plan, ladies. And it’s simple, it’s direct. Uh, I don’t, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

Well, don’t keep me in suspense. How are we getting our final revenge on EJ Damara? EJ is going to die.

Sorry, just one of my clients has an issue, but okay. Done that. More pleasant matters. Listen, I came over here last night because I needed to pay my retainer, right? And then I distracted you, which means I still owe. You a bill or you can just come over here and pay it in person. I hope that’s not the only reason why I’m welcome here.

Of course not. If you want, you can stay another night. Thanks. But I can’t. I know what I should get back to the pub, or you’ll likely running to Jada, right? Oh, it’s not likely. It’s a given. I’m gonna have to face it at some point.

Nicole. Hi. Hey Roman. Can I get a black coffee to go please? Sure thing. So I was just wondering, is Jada around you missed her. She just left the work. But to save you a return trip, I don’t think she wants to see you at all. Well, Jada can make that decision. You know, we both agree with that. Jada should make her own.

Okay. I know Eric blames me for Jada’s Choice, but I did not force her hand. Oh, really? Well what were you being altruistic? Were you doing her favor by? By telling her how awful her life would be if she had Eric’s baby. Nicole, you need to know that Kate and I were on your side. We were both open, that you and Eric would find your way back to each other and it’s all my fault, right?

Go ahead, say it. I messed everything. You know, I thought the baby was, Eric’s my biggest problem and it turns out our biggest problem is that there’s no more baby. Have a seat. Steve,

are you sure you don’t wanna make an official statement? No, this has to be off the record for now. But I don’t want any secrets from Rafe. I want him to hear this too. You want me to hear what

DJ Damara kidnapped my son and that bastard needs to pay for it. Forgive me if I’m a little confused about what? Well, the original plan was to kidnap ejs mother and then make him pay us back with blood, sweat, and tears. And lots and lots of dollars. Yeah. And that plan was kicked to the curb when he snatched your breath.

Yeah. Trip the golden boy. I know. But then you drove Susan off a cliff, incinerating her to the point that they don’t even have a scrap of clothing to remember her by. And that wasn’t revenge of for you. No, it wasn’t. And I’m not gonna let EJ Damara live long enough to ever lay another finger on my boy again.

I, uh, I took Grandma’s cross down to St. Luke’s so it can be on display at the service. Thank you, Johnny. I just wish you told me you were going to the church. It would’ve come with you. I didn’t want you to. As, uh, hard as this has been on me. I know. It must be even worse for you. I, I still can’t believe it’s real.

Neither can I. Um, father Bernard did ask me, um, since there’s snow remains, uh, if we wanted to arrange for some kind of marker in her memory.

I was thinking about that myself. I’d like a place to visit. Where I can feel close to her, perhaps a plaque down in the family crypt. Of course, it’s full to the brim with dead Demis. Although last time we added Jake, your Uncle Stephan came back to us. Who knows, maybe someone else will rise from the dead this time.

Let’s go down and find a spot for shall

so. I guess it’s a good thing that our original plane didn’t work out after all. I mean here I thought that you and I were gonna live happily ever after in the underworld, but it seems you’re hard to kill mother. Hmm. Yeah. I suppose I am. Must be on my. Eighth life by now. Mm-hmm. But you did have a chance to kill EJ and you didn’t take it.

You had him right where you wanted him the other night. He was passed out cold and helpless on the roadside. You could have ended his life right there. Why didn’t you?

How is Sheda doing? Well, I’m just above this good, as you would imagine. Roman, I know Kate is not interested in hearing me out, but I just want you to know I never intended for things to turn out this way, and I’m truly sorry that Eric is having a hard time with it. Eric is responsible for his own actions and uh, on him that he assaulted two people and wound up in jail.

Have you heard from him since he was released? Yeah, I have. He was with his new attorney. And what did he say, Nicole? That he never wanted to see me again. When was that? Yesterday. Why? Well, I’m just hoping he didn’t get into any more trouble. What makes you think that Harry didn’t come home?

I know I have to go back home and I certainly know I can’t go back to work in front. Nicole, live with one woman, work with another. I mean, there’s just no escape for you. I don’t mean an escape. I just need some time. A reset. Well, whenever you need a break, you know you’re always welcome. It’s like we said, no strings.

Just friends with great benefits. Thank you. You know, it’s been a long time since, since what? Since had a real friend trip was kidnapped. Yeah. Is he okay? He’s fine. Kayla and I managed to rescue him. That’s why we went to Seattle. Okay, well that’s good. But you think that EJ is. I know it. Oh, now this makes sense.

I knew that something had escalated the situation between EJ and Ava. So Ava kidnapped E J’s mother, so he retaliated by kidnapping her son, and when we freed Trip, EJ lost his leverage against her. Yep. Which made EJ desperate. And a desperate EJ led to a ruthless ava, which is what led to Ava and Susan being killed in that car crash.

Oh my God. This all make sense now. This is the, that’s why EJ was so down. Why he at the crash site? He knew. He knew if he’d just given Ava the ransom money, his mother would still be alive and kidnapping tripped in a do him any good at all. He essentially committed a felony for nothing. You said that you and Kayla rescued trip yourselves.

That’s. We had to work fast and under the radar, and before you ask, I’m not gonna apologize for doing what I had to do to save my son. Ava asked for my help while conveniently leaving out her part in getting trip kidnapped in the first place. Okay, but why didn’t you get the authorities involved sooner?

Ava begged me not to involve the. And I agreed. At least until I found out if my son was safe, I would’ve come to you right after that. But then we found out that Ava died and I didn’t wanna leave Tripp. You’re telling us now, and that’s the important thing. Yeah. But this is all hearsay. Yeah, that’s right.

Because Ava told me that EJ kidnapped trip, we don’t know. I don’t have any proof of that. And the henchman who was holding trip wouldn’t name names. Huh. Now Ava’s dead. Right? And how bad? Ejs feeling pretty good that there’s no proof of his involvement. That’s why I need your help and which is why you wanted to talk to us off the record.

Exactly. At least until we can figure out a way to make EJ pay for what he did. Let’s go down to the Krypton. Take a look. Shall uh, d wait. I, I don’t know if Grandma Susan would really want her marker to be in the family crypt. Why? I know technically she’s not in the mirror, but she certainly is family. Oh yeah, of course.

It’s, it’s not that it’s just, uh, you know, the devil elder hostage there. I just don’t know if she’d want her memory to be associated with it for the rest of eternity. You know, maybe you are right. It is rather gloomy down there and haunted by so many ghost. Present. You and EJ struggled over that gun at the crash site.

He fell, hit his head, and you were standing over him with the gun. Yeah, I know I was there. Why didn’t you kill him? Did you lose your nerve? Of course not. I didn’t kill him then because I wanted to give him more time to suffer with the guilt of what he did to his mother. You mean what he made you do to his mother?

Exactly. And now he’s suffered enough. Oh, no. No. He’ll never stop. But I think that more people need to pay for the way that they’ve treated me. And, uh, the perfect opportunity has presented itself. So today will be our final act.

I’ll do anything I can to help. The trip was kidnapped in Seattle, which is thousands of miles outside of our jurisdiction. I know that limits what you can do. Yeah. But EJ probably managed everything from right here. If we can prove that, then we have jurisdiction. Well, like I said, I’m all in. So am I.

Anything I can do to bring down EJ Dira, I’m all for it.

Little early for a drink? No. Oh, not these days, Johnny. And especially not today. What happened today? Your former stepfather paid me a visit Rafe. In his typically ham-handed fashion. He tried to implicate me in your grandmother’s death. Fuck, he can’t. He can’t do that. Of course not. He was as angry than Nicole is staying here.

Tried to take it out on me. But if he asks you any questions, there’s nothing I can tell him. Right. I only know that you did everything in your power to bring grandma home. Yes, I did.

Uh, while we’re on the subject of people asking questions, you are more than welcome to invite Wendy Shin to the memorial so you can keep up the cover of you two being romantically involved. Oh, uh, right. Yeah. Thank you. But because the entire family is going to be. You need to be very careful what you two say to each other.

If anyone over hears you talking about our little secret that if Uncle Stephan finds out that you knew Ralph brainwashed him, it’s not gonna be from me. Hmm hmm.

You make a mean cue, . At least I could do. Mm. And who knew you could do it with such few eggs? Well, I’ve been cooking for myself for many years now. Well, I’ve been ordering in for myself for so many years now. Shall we clear the table? I have a better idea. Since you decided to not rush into the pub. Why don’t we pick back up where we left?

I think I have some handcuffs somewhere if you wanna spice things up. Oh, I think things are spicy already. That wasn’t too soon, was it? Never too soon. , next time. Or maybe you have that caller, because I’ve really, really had this like fantasy my whole life. It’s on my bucket list to have my own hot priest.

It feels good to take my collar off and I don’t think it’s going back on. I think, uh, I’m pretty free without it. Are you? Yeah. You know what? Right now I’m feeling pretty free of all my clothing actually. Oh, clothing. I mean, who needs it? Right, exactly. Would you care to take this party to the shower? I am feeling pretty dirty.


Eric didn’t come home last night? No. I am checked with Ray. Make sure he wasn’t in lockup. He even checked the hospital. Yep. Listen, I’m sure he is okay. It’s just, uh, I’m wondering where he could be. Do you have any idea, Nicole? I don’t. Sorry. You know if you’ll excuse me. I just remembered I, I have something to do.

What about your coffee?

Where you supposed Nicole went in such a hurry. Well, I think she was a bit thrown by the fact that Eric didn’t sleep here last night. I’m worried about him, kid. Yeah. So is she. But for a completely different reason.

Stop it. You’re gonna get everything wet. Let’s take this back to the shower.

Nicole Walker, what are you doing here?

Well, I’m glad to see you back at work today. Thank How you feeling? Fine. But if one more person asks me that you. I’m sorry. I’m just tired of everyone acting like I’m some fragile little doll. Okay. Well, just because people care about you, that doesn’t mean you’re fragile. I know. I just wanna focus on work and put everything between Eric and I behind me.

Yeah, me too. I, I would love to do the same thing with Nicole, but, uh, evidently the universe is conspiring against. Oh, what happened now? Oh, I, I went over to e guys’s earlier to question him, and, um, didn’t expect to see Nicole there much less walking out in a bathroom. What? Mm-hmm. ? Yeah, evidently she’s moved in with ej, which, uh, he was very happy to, uh, inform me about, you know, I’m so.

Yeah, it’s okay. You know what? Nothing Nicole does surprises me anymore, but I would like to wipe that smug grin off E j’s face once and for off. Harold will serve luncheon after the service.

I think it’s gonna be one of the first times anyone sees peanut butter and banana sandwiches set next to the critter. Oh, well, grandma would have loved that. No one’s gonna remember what they ate

you, right? Food, the music, none of these truffles matter. I

I just wanna honor her. I want anyone to forget her. Hello? No one is gonna forget about her. You can count on that. Hmm. It’s a good thing that EJ was drunk that night and his brothers convinced him that he imagined the whole thing. He still thinks I’m dead, so he’ll never see it coming. Exactly. Now I can get revenge on the whole lot of ’em.

Oh, check out this baby.

It is going to be a memorable memorial, a colorful spectacle. The sitting Susan bangs. It’s gonna be a blast.

Tate, where do you see this resort in Aspen, buddy. It is amazing. Yeah. You know, first of all, first of all, it has a lobby where you can basically ski right into, and then you can, you can go into this hot tub, which is about the size of a lake. Yeah. . It’s this,

you know what, buddy? I’m, I’m gonna have to, uh, I’m gonna have to call you back. Yeah. Okay. I love you too. Bye.

What are you doing? What does it look like? Or under a missile toe. I’m sure you remember what that means.

Are you just gonna stand there gawking, or are you gonna explain what you’re doing at my apartment? I could ask you the same things.

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