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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea makes amends to Sharon, Adam, and Billy for everything she did to them in the past. Chelsea told all three of them that she was taught by her mother to hurt others before they hurt her. Chelsea apologizes to Billy for drugging him in Myanmar, sleeping with him, and then accusing him of rape which landed him in jail. Billy tells Chelsea that Johnny was born from that experience so, for that reason he is grateful, but he wouldn’t want Johnny to go through such a terrible experience.

Johnny and Connor have hot chocolate at Crimson Lights and talk about video games and their mothers’ rules for them, and if their moms are strict.

Lily tells Daniel that she is worried that Billy is falling back into his old patterns and trying to rescue Chelsea.

Chance tells Sharon that he is worried that the divorce will affect Dominic when he grows up.

Devon tells Nate that what happened with his relationship with Amanda is none of his business.

Elena sends Nate a text message telling him she can’t go with him and Victoria on their business trip.

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