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At Newman Media, Victoria and Nate discuss their upcoming business trip to Los Angeles. When he mentions that Elena is going to see if she can get time off from work and join him, Victoria is taken aback.  She doesn’t understand why he would bring Elena with him on a short business trip to Los Angeles. She says that they’re only going to be there one day, with non stop meetings. While they’re discussing this, Nate gets a text from Elena letting him know that she can’t join him on the trip because a couple of doctors are out sick and she has to fill in for them.

Devon knocks on the partially open door to Nate’s office and walks in, interrupting his meeting with Victoria. When he says that he wants to speak to Nate alone, Nate counters that he and Victoria are in a business meeting. She says that they’ve covered everything they needed to and leaves.

Once Devon and Nate are alone, they get into a heated argument about Nate inquiring to Lily and then Imani about what happened between Devon and Amanda. Devon lets Nate know in no uncertain terms that what happened between him and Amanda is none of Nate’s business.

Nate defends his call to Imani by saying that he wanted to find out how Naya was and was naturally curious about what happened with Amanda that resulted in her leaving Genoa City permanently and staying in Virginia. Nate tells Devon that he has a “holier than thou” attitude when he’s made his own mistakes.

Seeing as how Devon has jettisoned Nate from both his personal and professional lives, Nate tells him that he need not show up at his office anymore since they’re no longer family or colleagues. Devon storms out of Nate’s office, telling him one more time to mind his own business.

At Society, Daniel gets Lily to open up to him about what’s upsetting her. Reluctantly, she tells him about how Billy is helping a woman get through a difficult time in her life and she’s worried about the effect it’s having on him.

Billy is at Chelsea’s apartment, apologizing to Billy about what happened between them in Myanmar that led to Johnny’s conception. They discuss it in great detail and Chelsea tells him about her regrets. Billy mentions that what matters is that that Johnny is happy, healthy and striving.

Abby arrives at Devon’s penthouse with Dominic, both all bundled up after a cold day at the park. As she tells the baby that “Daddy Devon” told them to make themselves at home there, she has a flashback to having sex with Devon and talks to Dominic about being friends with Devon.

At Crimson Lights, Connor comes in and chats with Sharon and hints that he wants some hot chocolate. Shortly afterward, Johnny shows up. Sharon suggests that the boys find a table and she’ll bring their drinks over to them.  Connor and Johnny talk and laugh about how strict their mothers can be as they continue to bond.

Chance is also at the coffeehouse and opens up to Sharon about his situation with Abby and the effect it might have on Dominic. Sharon assures him that kids are resilient and things will all work out.

She points over toward Johnny and Connor and comments about how well the boys are doing. Chance decides to go over there, sits down at the table with the boys and asks them to teach him how to play the game they’re engrossed in. The boys are more than happy to do that and start telling Chance what it’s about.

Over at Chelsea’s apartment, Billy tells her that he appreciates her apology. She says that she would never repeat what she did all those years ago if the same situation presented itself. He agrees and assures her that she’s not the same person she was all those years ago. He also tells her she’s incredibly brave for taking accepting responsibility for her actions and choices that she made what was a “lifetime ago.”  He tells her that he acknowledges and appreciatse her making amends with him. She tells him  that she is not going to forgive herself for what she forget or excuse behavior grateful for his kindness, it’s more than she deserves.

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