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Well, thanks for dinner. I’ve never had Ethiopian before. What was that? That marinated minced beef stuff. That was Marin the chili powder. S marinated. Yes. Oh God, I’m so good. And then there was spongy like sour flatbread thing the way wrapped it up in it’s called inna. Yes, both of them. So good. Well, I’m glad to expand your horizon, huh?

It’s the least I could do.

I’m sorry. I, I came over here to sell up my attorney’s fees and I ended up talking area off about Nicole. I don’t mind really. I promise. I mean, breakups are rough. Plus it sounds like you really loved her. Yeah. Did She’s, um, certainly already moved. Just shacking up with her ex, her other ex-husband.

We left the bloody doors open.

Woo. I finally got Holly to bed. Only took two and a half stories. . Well, I hope she doesn’t find it too difficult to fall asleep in an unfamiliar. Well, you know, I think she’s has some fond memories here when she was living with Chloe and Stephan, so I think it’ll be an easy transition. Thank you again so much for doing this.

Oh, you’re more than welcome, Katherine. Night cut. . I thought she’d never ask.

I can’t get it fast enough.

So, how was your day? Well, I um, woo. What’s going on in here? Hmm. I got here just this room, Michelle, with the stage of sin in

it was Xander who kidnapped Susan. And Bonnie Lockhart. God, I hope no one can hear you. This is all top secret. So why are you telling me I have no choice tonight? Bonnie found out that Xander’s the culprit and I really need you to help me get her off his scent.

Xander Zander. Wake up. Oh, stander. What’s going on? Where are we? You tell. Would I go, come, I know you’re the clown. Me pull

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

It is just not like her Rafe to disappear like this and, and not tell me where she is. Okay, thanks. I’ll see you soon. Rapes on his way. Okay. So Maggie and Sonny went down to the garden shed. Yeah. Although I highly doubt that Bonnie would wanna revisit the crime scene. Yeah, I talked that too. And Mimi, you said you were gonna call her.

She hasn’t heard from her mom either. Why am I getting a sickening sense of dejavu? Honey, I already told you many times I, I’m not the one who kidnapped you and Susie. Yes you are. I had your ass dead to rise. And I was about to tell Justin when somebody knocked me out from behind. Was it one of your coconut conspirators?

Oh, of course. No. Sure. Can’t be even Vitale because she did a film in Louise with Susan Banks trapped inside the car with her. Oh, tell me who are you in cahoots with now? Huh?

I’m sorry you had to come in through the back, but honestly it it’s best that nobody sees. You heard that week who often, so what do you need me to do? Okay, well, Knocking out Bonnie was really only a temporary fix. Um, soon she’s gonna wake up and she’s gonna go blab to the police about Zander. So I came up with a brilliant genius idea of making it look like Zander is also the one who’s kidnapped.

They’re both currently tied up in a warehouse that is truly inspired. Miss Busybody, how do I fit into this? Right? Well, Bonnie needs to see that Zander and the clown are two different people. So you my dear darling, lovely friend, I need you to give me your best rendition of sending the clowns,

okay? So let me try to get this straight right within a matter of weeks. Nicole was married to the commission, got back together with you, and is now possibly hooking up with the Town Mobile. Sounds about. I mean, is this typical of her? Like, seems so fickle? Well, when she and I were married, she was fighting her attraction for Reef and she had a one night stand with Xander Cook.

So yeah, Nicole, let’s swell part for the.

Hi Mary. I, I mean, sister, uh, Nicole and I were merely sharing a nightcap. And you do think that’s a problem? No, I don’t. We are laying your poor mother to rest tomorrow. And here you are canoeing on the chauffeur, drinking the devil’s juice with a woman who is not your wife. No, but she used to be, uh, excuse me.

Could you two stop talking about me like I’m not. And again, maybe I go No, you’ll do new such thing. Nicole. This is my mother’s sister, sister Mary, my I exactly who she is. Mm-hmm. . Yes. She’s the Godless, slipping him up. Love her sister’s bed.

Nicole is my invited guest, as are you, and if you wish to remain so I suggest you apologize to her post-haste. Hey, apologize to her. Okay. I’m leaving. No, you are not.


I’m sorry,

youre Godless Trace sister. You are the Jebel who lured father Eric Brady out of the first two. And how did you repay him,

which caused the sacred union to end in divorce.


want another. Okay. Um, you know, actually I should, I should probably, I

do. You seem kind of reluctant.

You know, to be honest, I’m not really looking forward to going home. My not. Much a welcoming party right now.

Yeah. Jada, she, uh, lives right down the hall from me. Right. It’s not exactly very easy not running into her without being reminded of what she’s done. I know it’s, it’s not fair, and I know that it was, I should respect her.

That you thought to stop doing that? Doing what? Denying yourself of your feelings. I mean, you are entitled to be angry or sad or, or both about this abortion. I mean, especially if she told you she was gonna keep the baby. I just wish you would’ve told me she changed her mind. I know it’s not fair. It’s her.

It’s not about Jada. Actually, I’m not mad at her. It’s, it’s Nicole. I mean, why couldn’t you just keep her mouth shut? And I don’t wanna take my anger out on Jada, and I’m afraid if I go home tonight, I just, I might do that. If I see her and

I’ve got a solution. Don’t go home.

Just stay here instead.

So Bonnie is still not answering your phone and, and once I found her scarf in the park, Look, I know Ava is dead. Yeah, but her minion’s still on the loose. The guy in the clown mask. Yeah, exactly. Listen, I understand your concern. My problem is Bonnie’s only been missing for what, a couple hours now. So I can’t declare her a missing person, but I will tell my officers to keep an eye on and, uh, so I’ll put out an alert.

In fact, let me step outside. I’ll put in that call right now. Okay, good. Thanks. Okay.

So and mad, you didn’t find any signs of Bonnie at the shed? They left. They’re taking a drive to check out some of her favorite spots. It’s a good idea. Where are you going? I can’t just sit here and wait. Don’t do the same thing. I’m with anyone. Then who the hell knocked me over the head? It was a kidnapper.

Of course. That is impossible because you are the. How my title next to you, Bonnie? I don’t know. You’re working with him or you did it yourself. This is just nonsense. Listen Bonnie, you’re about to answer Justin’s call when suddenly this muscle band cla in a blue suit, came outta nowhere and knocked his boat out.

I put up a fight, but he was strong as hell and you got the best of me. All right. And you look kind of beat up exactly. And the next thing I know of her, I wake up tied to this chair and, oh, Bonnie, you have to believe me.

You want me to pretend to be the clown of the kidnapped Bonnie? Yes, and you’ll be absolutely brilliant. Matt, you are a world class impersonator. You are. Um, um, miss Peggy is just cracking. That’s true, but I hate clown. Mother sent me to clown school when I was a child. I was exceedingly talented, but all the other young clowns were a bunch of bitches and they hated on me.

I vow, I would never again dom that sacred red nose. Right? Well, technically this is a mask and also I do have a job now, so I can pay you handsomely.

I am financially challenged at the moment, as you know. I won’t accept anything less than $300 deal. I was gonna pay you double. Ah dammit. Okay, hurry. You need to make your grand entrance. Oh, there’s just one problem. I’m no stranger to the gym, but I am not as pumped up as your ex boy toy. I’m more lean muscle, not to mention I stand a few inches shorter.

There is no way Bonnie’s gonna believe I was the OG clown. Don’t worry, I’ve already thought of that and this is gonna be an absolute slam dunk. I assure you.

Justin, what brings you by? Um, thanks. Um, I don’t suppose you heard from Bonnie. She’s not home yet. No. Your mother told me about what happened at the pub, how she freaked out and took off, and I thought since you were there, you might have some idea about where she went. I don’t. Sorry. She said that she needed some air.

I think she was embarrassed about attacking Roman. Maybe she just wanted to be alone for a little while. Yeah, well I thought so, but then I found her scarf at the park and there was no sign of her anywhere. So I called Rave to look into it, and I may be overreacting, but. After what happened to her last time?

I just, yeah, Justin, I’m so sorry. I mean, I, I can kind of relate because Xander went for a run a really long time ago, and now he’s not answering his phone and I’m, I’m sure it’s probably just a coincidence, but. But what? Just say it, Sarah.

I don’t wanna be disloyal to my husband. Sarah, please. Whatever it is. I mean, if you can help us to find Bonnie.

There was a moment where I thought, Maybe Xander was the clown that kidnap Bonnie.

I don’t know, man. You and the clown are the same height, same build. I’ve been in that shed, Bonnie. It’s, it’s pretty dark. Well, you admitted to Sarah and the others, so you’re terrible at describing people. Okay. I said that. I mean tonight you said the same phrase that clown said not once, but twice. Andrew uncommon phrases Bonnie has already pointed out is it’s just a coincidence.

Okay, fine, but how about this for a coincidence? The minute I accuse you of being that clown, he all of a sudden just shows up out of nowhere, may maybe he was following you. Why would he do that? He’s probably worried that you can ID him. You don’t know that. And Susan are both gone. You’re the last Luc end and that’s, how am I?

All right. You talk. I’m buying it, man. My God is telling me that you are the creepy clown. Who are you calling? Cur.

Hey, Alex Ray. Hey. Any update on. Hmm. Afraid not. Where’s your dad? He went to go look for her. Ah, I’m staying back here in case he returns. Okay, great. I’m gonna head back to the station. Just, uh, let me know if there’s any news. Okay. All right. I’ll wait a second. Re um, before you go, I just wanna apologize for what it was.

My idea to put Eric in the Nicole in the cover of Bella, they were resistant to it at first and. I practically forced it on them. Hmm. I see. Had I heard about you and Nicole splitting up if I caused any problems for your marriage at all? Man, I am truly sorry. No, no, no, no. Nothing to be sorry for. You know, in fact, you may have bought the situation to a head.

So yeah, as, as painful as it’s been, it’s uh, for the best. Wow. Okay, then. Well, thank you for being so cool about it. I’m unlike Eric Brady. Oh, yeah. What does that mean? Oh my God, the guy’s been a complete jerk. He just blew up on me the the other day, just because I suggested that he and Nicole do another.

Well, uh, I did hear they had a pretty major fight. Oh, well that explains it. Are you good now? I don’t know. And, uh, to be honest, couldn’t care less. Sister. I’m not kicking Nicole out. She’s a friend of mine and she’s in a bind one. Luckily she calls down her own. She’s a corruptor of souls. Well, I’m not exactly a saint either.

And the same can be said ej. It’s, it’s okay. You don’t have to defend me. And you’re right, sister. I am a sinful person. The Corruptor agree and I’m worse than you think. I did commit adultery and I’ve been divorced, and now I’m getting another divorce. You know why? Because I was lusting after another man.

Oh my word. Oh, the devil. Stronger in you than I thought. Yes, he’s, I left my husband so that I could reunite. With Father Eric Brady. But don’t you worry. Don’t you worry St. Eric and I are not getting back together. He ended things because I talked his girlfriend into getting an abortion. An abortion.

Joseph, and thanks to me, Eric will no longer be a father in any sense of the word. What do you think about that sister? Huh? I

thank you. For the offer. I, I can’t impose. We only met this morning. Yeah. But it feels like we’ve known each other much longer. I mean, I’d welcome the company, especially if I’m such a charming guy. I don’t know how charming I’ve been seeing that. I’ve been complaining about my life all day. Besides, how do you know I’m not a serial killer?

You’re Brady. Your family Sterling reputation proceeds? No. You obviously haven’t met my twin sister, Sammy. Mm. Or my cousin Teresa. And don’t forget, you and I only met because I was in jail for assault. I’ve been around my fair share of dangerous men, and I don’t really feel like my life’s in danger around you.

Oh, I’m the bad way. Anyway. Look, do what you want, really. I mean, the place is yours if you want. Not exactly the Dira Mansion, but I can promise you you’re not gonna run into any Xes here. That’s a big plus. Just one caveat though, we would have to share the bad. I mean, nothing sexual has to happen. Of course.

I certainly wouldn’t mind it.

Oh my God. It’s true. Someone else is the clown. I told you. Who are you? You freak. Tell me your name. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Although to be. I’m gonna kill you anyway. No, don’t get away from me. Don’t, don’t touch me. I’m wanting you clown Julie. One finger on my mate’s wife and you’ll have me to answer to.

I’m cranking in my boots. You’re all tied up. Your big A I’m gonna finish. You can do about it.

Nothing yet. Come on, Matthew. I hope we can pull this off. Where exactly did you get this? It was part of, uh, Doug and Judy’s costumes from this last Halloween. Ooh, I’m digging these platforms. Are they my size? It doesn’t matter. You’ll squeeze your feet into them, won’t you? Now get the suit on. Get the shoes on.

You’ll be good to go.

God, I hope this works. Better. Be careful. Don’t worry. Bonnie, this creepy clown is gun down.

Please answer to you. No, it’s all a popup. Who the hell would it be? Dumb off. Can’t believe you. And Gwen really pulled this off. I think it’s really working. I know I’ve never felt so butch in my entire life not to be a service. Time for the grand finale. You know what to do.

Alexander, are you okay?

Fuck you messed with the wrong family clown. And now you’re gonna pay for what you did to put a Get him. Get him. Knock him out. Hell yeah. You’re not too strong for me. A big

go. Go get him. Don’t let him get away. Go, go.

All those little coincidences, like the blue suit that started to add up, that made me suspicious. But then I looked up Sanders’s company and it’s legit rednecks. Yeah, it has a website and everything. So I realized that. You know, he couldn’t have been working for Ava after all. Hmm. Well that’s interesting because I offered to bring legal action against rednecks on Xander’s behalf to sue them for wrongful termination.

What’d he say? He was adamant I shouldn’t do it. Maybe he just didn’t wanna get tangled up in a legal battle. Well, he wouldn’t even give me his boss’s. Maybe that’s because he really was working for Ava Vitali. We’re jumping to conclusions. No, no, no. It’s just like you said, it’s just another strange coincidence that both Bonnie and Zander are Mia a you know what I, I shouldn’t have said anything, Sarah.

Just to be on the safe side, can you come with me and tell your theory to Rafe, what. No. What if I’m wrong? I don’t wanna get Xander in trouble, but what if you’re right? You could be saving Bonnie’s life, Justin, even if it was Xander, he would never hurt Bonnie. If Xander really is behind this, then we don’t know what he’s capable of.

Sarah, please. I’m begging.

Okay. Yeah. And maybe in the end this will prove Sanders’s innocence.

You came back. What happened? Bastard got away. I’m so sorry. Oh, please don’t be you. Save my life. Let’s get you home to Justin. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Oh God. I’m so, so sorry for accusing you of being my kidnapper when you were telling the truth all the month. I was totally, totally wrong about you.

I’m sorry.

Mrs. Kiki is a blonde now to Brunett. You got the wrong woman. Thanks. So nothing still? No. Sorry to get your hopes up, grace. I was hoping you’d still be here. Can you sign up, Bonnie? No, not you have, but we’re still searching. Okay. Look, uh, Sarah, I might have some information that could be. Okay, what’s up? Uh, um, well just, just remember that this is probably a long shot and might be totally off base.

Okay. We’re open to anything at this point. So what is it?

Right under the covers, just waiting for you to warm. Are you okay? No, I think that beer’s kind of settling in right now. You are such a lightweight Oh, my , which is very cute, by the way. Well, I haven’t been much of a drinker for years now. You’ve been through a lot lightly. I, I think a drinker too is an order, ah, you know what?

Enough about me. What’s going on with? Amy with Pauline and her daughter. I think you pretty much heard the gist of it. Yeah. I heard that’s been pretty hard for you to carry all the anger and resentment with your parents’ death. Yeah, it was.

I know earlier today you said that our situations. Pretty different, but in some ways they’re actually quite similar. You know, I’m like, we’ve both been wronged by these people who keep excusing their actions and telling us that they’re justified and, and we’re not supposed to be upset about it. I’m sorry.

I let it go sometimes. Why should we need to, I say, screw it. You know, I’m entitled to be. And so are you?

Well, my aunt took to her bed. . You really rattled her? Yeah. Well I thought she was gonna burst out in tongues. , I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I. never gone off on her like that. There’s nothing to apologize for. She treated you terribly. Oh, she did just lose her sister. Grief is no excuse for bad behavior, but I must say you, uh, you’d handled that swimmingly.

It was nice to see that side of you again. Oh, really? Mm-hmm. , you enjoyed seeing? Shock your aunt with my laundry list of sins. What I enjoyed was seeing you fight back and stand out for yourself. You’ve reminded me of the, uh, fierce take no prisoners. Nicole Walker, I first fell in love with.

So what’s your theory? What Justin and I were comparing notes. We realized that it, it could be possible. Justin. Hi. Oh my God. Oh my God. That is so, oh God, me, I am now, now that I’m home. You baby.

You didn’t have anything to do with this, did you? He did. He happened to be there. Why that guy attack me and he saved me. Did I understand my life?

Come on. What’s taking me so long? Where are you, Mattie? Alright, Beverly G. Bloody. Hello. I guess I do remember a thing or two from clown school. Oh, for God sake. Nevermind that. How did it go? Ah, it was so much more exhilarating than I imagined wrestling with Xander, getting manhandled by him. I’m not talking about that.

You bloody nutter. I’m saying Bonnie. Bonnie, how’d it go with her? Did she buy it? Oh, you doggone better belief. She did. Our plan, worked like a charm.

And then Xander used just superhuman strength to break free. And then he went after that guy and then they got into this huge brawl. But that, that clown was no match for him. He was so brave. I mean, it was nothing really nothing. It was like a UFC fight only. I couldn’t enjoy it because I thought I was gonna be dead any minute.

Well, we’re happy that you’re alive and will, and most importantly, you are homesick. Yeah. Amen to that. Well, it’s all because of that amazing stud. That stupid clown was no match for him. Uh, where’s this clown? Oh, nice to get away the coward. Okay. Well, did the clown have any distinguishable features? Uh, tattoo, like anything we could use to identify him?

I didn’t even look. Nothing I can think of. So we still don’t know who this maniac is. I’ll make sure to have the whole squad on alert. I mean, I think he was just one of Eva’s old mob contacts. You know, he just seemed like your typical low level henchman for whoever he was. He was determined to kill me.

And you, Xander saved my life. You’re a real hero. Oh God.

My aunt will be departing to her own a boat once this funeral is over, so you don’t have to worry about her for too much longer. You don’t have to kick her out on my account. Well, it’s not just for you, frankly. I’d send her on a way sooner, but she’s my mother’s sister. I am just so sorry that she treated you so belligerently.

Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s just after the day I had, it was the last straw. I’m so sorry that you had such a bad day.

Just Eric and I run into each other and we went at it again. I will spare you all the gory details, but suffice it to say our relationship is over once and for all. I’ve heard that before, . I know, but believe me, there’s no going back for us. Eric and I are done for good,

allowing myself to be angry. It’s something I’m used to just kind of taking the high road and more accepting and forgiving, you know? Mm-hmm. . Well, you definitely give up. Good guy, vibe. I’m surprised you don’t have a big S branded into your chest. . Are you always like this? Well, if you recall earlier, I reminded you about my twin sister, who’s always been the troublemaker.

Mm-hmm. . I guess in some ways it’s just kind of navigated me in the opposite direction. Yeah. So you were kind of forced into the good role of the twin group . I went as far as even becoming a priest. , no. Hey. No laughing. I You get out of here. I did. Oh God. Just didn’t work out.

But despite my honorable good efforts, you know, and I’ve just kind of been somewhat in shambles, have you ever just thought about not trying to be so perfect all the time and maybe giving into your impulses for once? Oh, like helping you finish up that six pack of beer earlier? Yeah, that’s a start.

Listen, I really appreciate your encouragement, but it’s just, I’m so sure it’s in my nature. Well, you should really give it a try, please. He just forget about everyone. Do what you want.

Well, as eventful as this evening has been, I should get going. So I’ll, um, I’ll see you soon. Nicole, before you go,

I would say that I’m sorry about you and Eric, but I’m not, I never thought you two were a good match.

Instead of appreciating who you are, Eric, just stifled your fire and your your spirit. You’re better off with a, you’re better off being just your. Spirited Firey self.

I’m not taking advantage of you and hearing me here. Stay. Am I.

I’m thinking very clearly, this is what I want. This is what I,

sorry to waste your time. No, it wasn’t a waste of time at all. Especially if this can lead us to finding this joker. I’m gonna head to the warehouse and look for clues. I’ll be in touch. All right, thank you. I’ll walk you out. Okay. Thank you

sweetheart. I’m so sorry you had to go through this again. So am I. Now on, on. I am not letting you out of my sight. Well, that won’t be a problem. Why is. That’s because I don’t ever plan to step foot out of this house ever again. At least not until that evil clown is caught.

Um, 300 theft. I hope you find that sufficient. I hate taking money from my bff, but I do need to eat. Thanks, QUni. The next time you need to stage a fake kidnapping, you know who to call. By the way, do you mind if we keep this muscle suit gearing up for next Halloween? Are we? Mm. That and it might actually help me get a few days, you think.

Go on, take it, consider it a bonus for a job. Well done. Thanks. You really went above and beyond for your ex tonight. I hope he appreciates it. Yeah, I’m just really glad he’s not behind bars. Honey, not only did he avoid prison, he went from being the number one suspect to town hero over. He really owes you.

I hope you find some way to collect.

Oh, what was that for? Well, it’s like Bonnie said. You are a real hero tonight, which makes me feel even more terrible about my unfair accusation. I, I, I have to admit, when I didn’t know where you were, nevermind poison, you can tell me. I, I guess I should, I, I don’t want there to be secrets between us. Um.

Justin and I for a minute thought that maybe you were the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and we almost sold Ra Sarah. I know, I know. It’s really stupid and it was disloyal and I just, I feel really, really bad about it. You’ve been working so hard to turn things around for yourself and, and I’m so sorry and I hope that you could forgive me.

Of course I can. I, you know, we won’t make mistakes. Love you so much.

So now I am going to go run my strong hero, a nice warm bath because I bet you need to relax after the night that you have had. Yeah, love.

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