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No! Come on, now. C’mere. Ooh. How about — how about this? Why don’t I whip up dessert for us? Oh, is that why you’re here? Because I forgot. Uh, well, you made dinner, and then we got… distracted. The way I see it, there’s bad distraction and good distraction. Oh, and what distraction are you? You tell me. Okay. You’re a terrible… terrible, terrible distraction. Mm, dessert! No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. C’mere. We’re doing something different, ’cause you’re not lifting a hand tonight. ‘Cause I had panna cotta delivered from bernardino’S. Wow, how decadent. Wait here. Right there.

[ Laughing ] Ahh! Oh! Is it safe to talk here? Yeah. I used to own the place. This is the break room for the pool staff, and the pool’s closed, so… okay. Please tell me it all went off without a hitch. Don’t worry. Your friend drew no longer has any reason to look for that poor girl’s mother. I just met with someone who knew harmony on the commune when — when harmony unofficially adopted you. Did you find out more about my biological mother’s identity? I did. Why the hesitation? Well, I should verify the information first.

[ Sighs ] I-I can’t wait that long. I have to know what your source said. I’m sorry, willow. It’s — it’s not great news. Did you hit a roadblock? It appears that your biological mother… died. Yes? I’ll give you one guess. Wrong! A birthday party, britt? First, the injury. You’re planning this party yourself? It’s not like you don’t have port charles’ premier party planner at your disposal. Me. Maxie — second, the insult. I had to find out about this self-planned party from austin. Tick-tock, spine lli.You do what I asked you to do? I did. I ran society setups’ algorithm on you and maxie behind her back. Now you’ll know if you are truly meant to be. You know, you really don’t need to stick to these mocktails on my account. According to your lifestyle section, they’re all the rage. Well, then I hope it measures up to all the hype. Right now, I’m just sort of focused on, uh, the news that’s dominating our front page. And how’s it going with that? The police given you any more information about this killer? The police are very tight-lipped, although I do have a contact that may have access to some inside information. Just be careful. You want to investigate criminals without becoming one. I mean, threading that needle between journalistic responsibility and the public good is a balancing act. I’m gonna stop you just for a second. There’s something that we need to talk about. Elizabeth: I know I don’t deserve your consideration, but my boys don’t know about the pregnancy. And I’d just really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone. I would never do anything to hurt your boys. Ava, what are you doing here? It’s time we addressed the fate of our marriage. When a cold comes on strong, knock it out with vicks dayquil severe. Just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms. To help take you from 9 to none. Power through with vicks dayquil severe.

That your biologicalmother was an only child, but there’s still hope that your biological father’s out there. There is? Well, yeah. Sure. I mean, it’ll be difficult to pinpoint exactly who that is because they weren’t in a relationship. I see. But we have options, right? There’s the genealogy services. Maybe your biological father registered for one. People find lost relatives all the time. Yeah. Yeah, maybe. I’m sorry, willow. I know this wasn’t the news that you wanted to hear. No, no, no. No, don’T. Don’T. I, uh — I just need some air. I can’t believe it’s come to this. But it’s really for the best. I mean, this friend of mine and drew’s, she cannot find out who her birth mother is. It will cause her a world of pain. Willow: Every time — every time I think we’ve made some headway, you prove that there is just no reasoning with you. You only see what you want to. Denise: Are you trying tojustify it to yourself or to me? Because I don’t care about the reasons, not as long as your check clears. I do understand that it is your party and you can exclude who you want to. Maybe it’s just for G.H. Hospital staff. Maybe you’re only inviting doctors. But, I mean, are you really not gonna invite me? I wanted to give you this in person. Oh. Well, then, apology accepted. Did I apologize? It’s implied. Mm. Oh, printed invitations. High-quality cardstock. You are going all out. What’s, uh — what’s this about? What, a girl can’t throw herself a party? Please. I’m the queen of celebrating birthday week. You, on the other hand… what can I say, maxie? I contain multitudes. Yeah, so does austin, which is probably why he was so protective over spilling the beans about this party of yours. I mean, he comes to town, this swashbuckling country doctor who delivers my baby in the woods and gets knocked out for his trouble. Generally, he’s been very good to me. And so what’s the problem? Aside from alienating every one of my friends one by one? Except for you, which I am extremely grateful for. He can’t have alienated everybody.

[ Elevator dings ] Okay, brook lynn, drew, your mom. Even georgie and spinelli hate him. And I’m not sure what to do about that. Thank you for doing what I’ve asked.

[ Scoffs ] If by “asked,” you mean “extorted.” I think you have me all wrong, spinelli. I never really wanted to go public with your criminally effective algorithm. But you would have. Eh, maybe. I mean, I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter, ’cause now we have this. Dr. Gatlin-holt, I — I implore you, one last time, please do not force my hand like this. Yeah, I don’t think I have a choice, because you and everybody else in this town have been whispering in maxie’s ear, telling her to cut bait. Wait. This isn’t about insecurity? This is — this is purely about proving everybody wrong? Is that — is that really worth it, to be dishonest with someone that you hope to have a future with? I’m sorry, alexis. Have I done something to offend you? No! No, no, no. Offend? That’s — that’s too strong of a word. Okay, then…? It’s just a small thing. You know how, um, when we first met, we had this — this kind of push-pull, back-and-forth professional/personal banter? It was so much fun. Well, now that we’re friends, it kind of feels like I’m being talked at, not talked to. Talked at? Lectured.

[ Chuckles ] Well, i am a lecturer, so occupational hazard. I get that. I get that.

[ Laughs ] I’m a minefield of occupational hazards — probing questions, rules, regulations, procedures, technical– not to mention objections. Sorry, bad joke. I just think it would be best if all our conversations didn’t turn into ted talks, for the sake of our friendship. If maybe you could recognize that if I want advice from you, it should be invited advice. That’s all. Don’t tell me the topic of our marriage has left you speechless. You typically have so much to say on the subject. Yeah, I just — I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Coincidentally, hope is what I’m here to discuss. Okay. Logic dictates that I — I cast you aside. We have both caused the other a tremendous amount of pain. Mostly you hurting me, of course. Ava, I — but there’s no denying that when we are there for each other, we are a formidable team. We would follow each other into hell. And lead each other there, which I suppose is part of the problem. But as a united front, well… we haven’t been that, have we, in quite a long while? No, we haven’T. And yet, somehow, against all reason, I keep coming back to the same question. Can we find our way back to that? I think that we owe ourselves a final, definitive answer. You aren’t suggesting to move back in, are you? I was just about to clock out, but before I leave, can I get you anything?

Here it is. Panna cotta. Ah. Yeah. Well, that looks delicious. Can’t wait to dig into it. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you know, donna leaves those blocks all over the house, and I find them everywhere. Yeah. Yeah, that’s kids for you, right? I’m so glad that you and donna spent time together. I know it’s a little awkward, but it’s gonna get easier once carly and i redraw the boundaries. Yeah. Carly knows that you’re not going anywhere, but I don’t want any distance between you and my daughter. And I really appreciate that. But what if that’s for the best? Wow, you cut to the chase, don’t you? I saw too many friends on the commune get sucked into all kinds of shadiness. I learned the hard way, it’s best not to get too invested in anyone. Then tell me what you said to drew. I corroborated harmony’s story. A sweet, troubled girl named joan got caught up in the family way, joined a commune, had her baby, and skipped out. Then, years later, I happened to witness joan’s passing — drug overdose in a flophouse. Alright. What about the father? What about him? What about him? You were supposed to tell drew that both of the baby’s parents were dead. This payment only covers one imaginary dead parent. You want two in the grave? Now, that’s gonna cost you.

[ Crying quietly ] Willow? I just need a second. It’s, uh… it’s freezing out here. Can I — can I get you your jacket? You don’t want to get sick.

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry, um… it’s just… you have no idea… how important this was to me, how much I was counting on it. But I guess this hail mary isn’t going to happen, is it? Drew: Your body is going through so much right now. I know — I know it’s got to be so hard. Who told you? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Are you okay? Yeah. Oh, no. I woke you up. I’m so sorry.

[ Chuckles ] This — this baby is active. Wears me out. Yeah. You do look a little pale. Oh, my god. You are sick. Aren’t you? Well, I-I wasn’t suggesting that I move back in. Though I assume that you’d be open to that idea. Am I wrong? No, no — of course I want you to move back in. Uh-huh. No, it’s just — I-I just don’t want to rush things. Mm. In fact, I was — I was just telling spencer that I would prefer that he move back in because he wanted to, not because he had to. Spencer’s back? Yes. And that’s why I think it would be best for you to keep your distance from him, at least until we sort things out. That could take some time. I-I take it from your impatience that you want to work on our marriage? I’M… I’m not able to forgive you yet, but I don’t want to give up either. And then there’s the whole problem of victor, which I guess leaves us in a state of limbo. And maybe you’re done waiting, but I’m just hoping that you’d be willing to press pause for now.

[ Footsteps approach ] Finn? Son. Huh? Hey, uh, sorry. I just — I zoned out there for a minute. I-I was just thinking about, uh… you look practically frozen. Where’s your coat? Did you leave it in the car? I don’t know. I just — I was walking, and… you know what? It turns out I really am hungry. Would you mind flagging down the waitress and getting us something to eat, and I can catch up with my friend? One mixed appetizer platter coming up. Neither of us fell for that. Yeah, well, I’m not a very good liar. I’m a truth teller. I try to be. And you have the truth written all over your face. So what’s going on? I took your advice and I followed up with elizabeth. And? And things are over for us. Who the hell are you to lecture me about integrity? All this talk about being honest with maxie? You’re the one who ran that data set to protect yourself.

[ Scoffs ] Dr. Gatlin-holt — you know what? You’re absolutely right. Huh. Where you going? To reset my moral compass. I allowed myself to falter, but thankfully, you — you [Chuckles] Reminded me of the man that I truly am — one who would never betray maxie, even if it cost me my company, my freedom, or anything else.

[ Door opens ]

[ Stammers ] I mean, I get that spinelli’s your friend, but — my best friend, the father of my eldest, my person, and the last time spinelli had bad vibes from someone was peter. Okay, but comparing austin and peter? No, no, I know austin is not peter. But after everything I’ve been through, it’s hard for me to trust, britt. Most importantly, it’s hard for me to trust my own judgment. Spinelli, give it back. What? I can’t give it back. It was never in your possession in the first place. Well, hand it over now, then. Pshh! Austin! Spinelli! What’s this?

Chasing each other aroundthe halls of a hospital? Over what? Some letter or…? “Society setups.” What is this? I had spinelli run his algorithm on us.

His algorithm?

You’re society setups? Wait. You had spinelli run an algorithm on us behind my back? And — and — and you went along with it? No, that’s not possible. You would never do that. He would… if I blackmailed him. Ava: Hi, elizabeth. Hi. What — what are you doing here? With your own keys, too?

[ Chuckles ] Sorry to interrupt. Um, aiden is doing a-a family tree project, and nikolas was kind enough to let me go through some of laura’s stuff. So he gave you the keys to the castle. Literally. Well, we planned for elizabeth to come tomorrow. Would you mind coming then? It’s — I know you came all this way, but ava and I were — no, no, it’s — it’s okay. Actually, I’ll go. Are you sure? Yeah, yeah, I’ve — I’ve said all I need to say. So… good night, then.

[ Door closes ]

[ Elizabeth sighs ] Hey, spencer is upstairs. He might be moving back in. We have to be careful. Yeah, that’s not our only problem. Finn found those. Apparently, he saw the same bottle here at wyndemere. He started asking a whole bunch of questions, wanted to send the cops over, but I stopped him.

[ Sighs ] How?

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations. You’re gonna be a father again. To my child. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out with you and elizabeth. Are you sure it’s over? Does this have to do with what happened with jeff? Well, a lot more went down. But it’s not my place. You know, for an addict such as yourself, it wouldn’t be surprising if you thought about having a drink tonight. Why don’t you pass me a spoon? Here. Thank you. Okay, you know you can tell me anything, right? I did have such a nice time playing with donna. Yeah.

[ Both chuckle ] Josslyn, she stopped by, and she made it very clear that she thinks that this, you and me, is just only temporary, and then my head started spinning, and I started to wonder if all this pain and agony that we have to go through to be in this relationship — if it would be worth it if we didn’t survive. The only thing we can do is move forward. Carly has, right? Yeah, yeah. Okay, so? I-I totally get that. And then I see the blocks, and then I… I see this “mommy” picture, and then I start to think about what it will mean if I get closer to donna. How so? It’s really awkward for me to talk about, because I feel like it stops me from moving forward. But you know this — the reality is, I am a woman whose baby was stolen from me, a daughter who was kept from me her entire life. So I have this big hole that will never go away inside of my heart that I always keep trying to fill. And the more time that I spend with donna… …the more I’m afraid that the lines could be blurred. We agreed on a fee for you to tell drew some story about how both parents were dead so there would be no one else for him to go looking for. The terms changed. I’m not made of money. That’s a shame. Maybe I should call drew and tell him what’s going on. Or I could find that nice young woman that he’s lying to on your behalf. Or… you could pay me what I’m worth, and I’ll think about calling drew back and telling him that I remember who this girl’s papa is and how the whole family moved on to the great beyond. Willow, are you sick?

[ Scoffs ] What makes you think — my son. Oscar. He was sick, too. Is it…? It’s leukemia. I’m so sorry. What do the doctors say? I’m in stage iv.

[ Sighs ] So, yeah, it’s pretty aggressive, and unless I can find a family member or a close enough match for a bone marrow donation… …I don’t know.

Did you tell finn thatyou’re pregnant with my kid? I panicked. I had to think on my feet, and I had to explain why I ordered prenatal vitamins that weren’t for a patient. Well, why didn’t you tell him that you were pregnant with his child? I had to keep him away from this place! And it explains why I’ve been here and why I keep coming back.

And we haven’t slept together! Oh, my god. How are we gonna get through this? I mean, it’s not like you can fake a pregnancy for months. No, no. I-I would never do that to my boys. I’ve just — I’ve bought us some time. In a few weeks, I will tell finn that I miscarried and… oh, my god, he’s gonna feel so sorry for me. This is so awful. I’ve already caused him so much pain, and everything I do, it just keeps making everything worse. I have to tell finn the truth. About everything. Even if I had considered it, you know I’m not an alcoholic. Mm, yeah, no, I know that. But didn’t you tell me that people in N.A. Don’t drink because it loosens their inhibitions and — and they lose self control and they make choices that are self destructive?

[ Sighs ] Sorry for the delay. I think the other bartender was supposed to make this for you. No, um, I mean, I’m sorry. It must have been a mistake. But, please, if you like… enjoy this. It’s on me. I should get going. I’m here if you want to talk. I know. I think… maybe you already got through to me. For your walk home.

[ Door closes ] Shall we dig in? My family… is in your debt tonight, aren’t we? Nina, I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Mm… yeah, I know you don’T. Um, it’s just, you know, the holidays are right around the corner, and people think about their families. I think about the family that I lost. That’s why you have to move forward. Didn’t I say that? Yeah. [ Chuckles ] And, you know, you’re great with donna. Thank you. I really appreciate that. But I know myself, and I know the closer I get to donna, the more I will inadvertently start using her to fill up this little hole I have. And I don’t want to use donna the way I tried to use wiley. You didn’t use wiley. He’s your grandson. You have every right to be close to him. Yes, and maybe one day I will. But in the meantime, I gotta stop myself from getting closer to donna, okay? I know how messy things can get with avery because of carly and ava, and I’ll just keep my distance, keep the boundaries very, very clear. So, when it comes to donna… …I’m just your friend. Carly: You know what? You really are awful. You know that?

[ Chuckles ] It could be worse. I could be paying someone to lie about their parents being dead. I’m doing this to protect someone I care about deeply. You’re doing it to get rich. And yet you need me. At least I own who I am and what I’m doing. Trust me, your life would be a lot easier if you looked in the mirror and did the same. Willow… why didn’t you say anything as soon as you found out? Chemotherapy could… hurt the baby during the first trimester, so I made up my mind to wait. I figured it couldn’t get that much worse, right? Well, stage iv. What’s the prognosis now? I’m getting chemo, but it’s not enough. I need a bone marrow transplant, and the best chance for a match is with a family member, but I don’t have any. Does — does michael know? Yeah, he does now. He immediately forgave me for keeping it a secret. He’s been wonderful and supportive. Yeah. No surprise there. The only other people who know are tj and my doctors. If we had known, we could have helped. I want to shield wiley from this for as long as possible, and the quartermaines and carly, god love them, but they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Could you imagine if brook lynn or olivia found out? One look at them, and wiley would know something is wrong. Promise me. Promise me, drew, that you won’t tell anybody that I’m sick, not even carly.

Okay, I feel like you’re angry. I’m gonna give you one minute to explain your justification for blackmailing spinelli. Yeah, I guess there really isn’t one. Okay, then. No, it was stupid. That — that was a stupid thing to do. I — I — I own that. I shouldn’t have pressured spinelli. I think the word you initially used was “blackmail.” Right, that. I shouldn’t have done that either. But, you know, on the upside, spinelli’s secret is safe, and I hope that you and i can get past this. There’s something I need you to understand, austin. Okay. For three years, someone I thought I loved was lying to me and doing really shady things behind my back. Yeah, things.

Things. I didn’t — I did a thing. Okay, how do I know that? See, with peter, I kept overlooking all these tiny red flags. I own that. But you threatening to hurt spinelli, my best friend in the whole world, georgie’s father? That is a huge red flag. Willow: Please. You cannot say anything to anyone about my diagnosis. Willow, I — I just — I want to give wiley a few more weeks of happiness. And, frankly, i need a few weeks of happiness before everyone starts treating me like a sick person. I get it. You want to be in the driver’s seat. You’ve got my word. I won’t tell a soul. Thank you. Okay. But I’m not giving up on the search for your family, okay? I’m gonna find your biological father. There’s — you might have a long-lost sibling out there, or cousins or aunt, uncle, somebody out there. Thank you. Now, can we go inside? Because you may be able to tough this out, but I’m freezing.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Sounds good. Okay. Okay. There you are. How’s it going? Elizabeth, you can’t do that. He will send the cops right here. Yeah, cameron is an adult, but where does that leave aiden and jake? Even if they’re lenient on you, you could serve time away from them. I don’t even know who I am anymore. How did I become this person who would do something like this? You did it because you know that this protects everyone. Sometimes the tough decisions, they have to be made, sacrifices for the greater good. But finn — finn said he wouldn’t say anything to anybody, you know, to give me time to tell the boys. And y-you trust that finn won’t say anything to anyone else? Oh, hi. Hi, dr. Finn. Fancy meeting you here. Yeah. Okay, well, I’ll see you around. Ava, wait. Something on your mind?

I will follow your lead. Thank you. But just so we’re clear, you know, there’s nothing I would love more than for you to have a rich, full relationship with my daughter. Oh, yes. Me, too. So much. I just got to hold — hold myself back. Because I think it would hurt, really, if… if what? You know. If we don’t last. Sonny… I love you. You make me so happy. I love spending time with you. But even you have to admit that the cards are stacked against us. The only thing I’m gonna admit is that I’m falling in love with you a little more every single day. And I don’t care what anybody thinks. I see a future with you. And my family. Because you are… part of that family. And if I haven’t — if I haven’t made it clear… …I’m in this for the long haul. Me, too. Can we just maybe talk about this together? I can’t believe you had spinelli run the algorithm on us in the first place, and you did it behind my back, and you extorted spinelli into doing it! Which one of those sounds like something a decent person would do? Here’s the thing, Austin. Anyone who’s “meant to be with me” would never do that to someone I care about.

[ Door opens ] So, zelda? Is she your partner or…? Oh, my god. She’s just a front, right? There is no personalized matchmaking. No wonder you got it so wrong with me and cody. If ever there was an understatement. Maxie, will you wait? Maxie, are you okay? I’m fine. I’m leaving. I’m going with you. Damn right you are. Hey. Hey. Any advice? Wish I had more to offer than “too bad, so sad,” but… pretty much covers it all? Mm-hmm. I have to believe that finn wouldn’t betray me the same way that I supposedly betrayed him. But after this whole baby matter is settled, he’ll have no reason to stay silent, and ava is going to find out about our supposed affair. No. Oh, no, we are so close to reconciling. That can’t happen. No, there — there has to be a way that we can see through this and — and…

[ Sighs ] And what? You said it yourself. Sacrifices have to be made. Now, can you really keep this up with esme and reconcile with ava at the same time? Just, uh… have a good night. That’s all. Your birth mother is dead? Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that. But, you know, you have all the family you need right here with michael and wiley, me, drew, and even the quartermaines. Thank you. I should, um… I should go. But I will see you both soon, okay? And, drew… thank you. She’s taking it really hard. I didn’t realize how important it was for willow to find her birth parents. Neither did I.

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