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Adam: [ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ]

Sally: We almost made it. We loved each other with all we had. But… it’s time for us to move on. Away having learned something so that next time we don’t make the same mistakes. Next time… …you and some very lucky woman will make it. We have to let each other go so we can find our true happiness.

Chance: Adam? Hi. Yeah, I’ll do another round. And same for him. Thank you. Looks like you had a rough night.

Adam: Hmm.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Nick: I guess it’s no mystery what happened here with you and adam.

Sally: I — I’m really sorry that you had to see this.

Nick: Me too. Uh… well, I guess I finally have an answer to the question you’ve been evading — how you really feel about adam’s proposal. I’m gonna go. I’ll see you.

Sally: Nick, wait.

[ Sighs ] Look, I — I swear that I was gonna tell you about this, maybe not so bluntly, but you deserve to know what happened.

[ Sighs ] You need to have all the information before you decide to walk away. Un?

Chelsea: So, how’s the sleepover going? Are you having fun? Aww, connor, I’m so glad. Don’t eat too much junk food, okay? Alright. I love you. I’ll see you later.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Billy: Who’s ready for movie night?

Lily: Thank you.

Daniel: Lily.

Lily: Hey.

Daniel: You, uh, meeting someone here?

Lily: Uh, no, no. I just ordered some take-out. I have a hot date with a pile of work on my desk.

Daniel: Ah. Yes, I, too, was about to order some takeout. Go do some more work on my gaming platform idea.

Lily: Yes.

Daniel: I haven’t quite figured out all the logistics, but, um…

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: You know what? Actually, I just got done reading this study, and it said that people are way more productive when they take short breaks. What do you say? How about you and I both take a breather and we have dinner together instead?

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

Jack: Hey. Everything’s gonna be alright.

Diane: Oh, thank you.

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Cellphone pings ]

Diane: Oh.

Jack: Want to get that?

Diane: Oh, no.

Jack: What’s wrong?

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] Jeremy just texted me.

Billy: Brought the perfect goodies — classic snacks for a classic comedy, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Chelsea: Does it look like i need cheering up?

Billy: Well, I mean, everybody could use a — use a laugh, right? I mean, I could use one right about now. I mean, we could go superhero. We could watch some costumed people blow a bunch of things up. Or we could go sci-fi. I mean, with me, older, the better. “Santa claus conquers the martians” right there for me. So many choices, so little time. What do you say? Your pick.

Chelsea: Um, uh, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you think.

Billy: Yeah, maybe I, uh — maybe I should have called first, huh? Are you upset that I showed up unannounced?

Chelsea: No. No, no. I’m really — I’m happy you’re here. I am.

Billy: I’m not buying that. Feels like there’s something else going on. I mean, I mentioned “santa claus conquers the martians,” and i didn’t get nothing out of you. Straight crickets. So, what is it? What’s going on?

Adam: It’s been a while since we’ve been on, uh, drinking-buddy terms.

Chance: Yeah, well, nothing wrong with sharing a nightcap or two.

Adam: Yeah, I’m actually glad we got the opportunity to chat ’cause I owe you an apology. I’m sorry that I was, uh, rough on you with the, uh, locke investigation.

Chance: Case closed, right?

Adam: It is in my book.

Chance: [ Sighs ] So, what’s your deal?

Adam: Um… well, I just had to face the fact that I lost sally for good.

Sally: After adam blurted out that proposal to me in public and after he gave me all those desperate speeches about how he still loved me, I had a lot of feelings. I was angry that he felt that i didn’t deserve more than some drunken attempt at some grand gesture, fury with myself for falling for him in the first place, despite all of the warnings, and confused because my feelings for you are very real, as well. And I need you to believe me when I tell you that none of that was a lie. But there was also doubt because the truth of the matter is…

[Voice breaking] I was in love with adam. But I have been very honest with you about that from the beginning.

Nick: Yeah. You have.

Sally: And adam’s proposal, as inappropriate as it was — it got to me in a way. Earlier today, he apologized to me for all of it, for the abrupt way that he dumped me and — and for how he’s been behaving ever since. But he stood by his proposal. He was certain that we were meant to be together. And I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he was right. You know, if maybe we were just on some crazy journey to being together forever. And I was — I don’t know — just scared to admit it or believe it.

Nick: Yeah, I asked you that a few times myself.

Sally: I know. But I-I… I just realized I-I had to know for sure.

[ Upbeat music ]

Sally: I can’t put the blame on adam for what happened here. This was on both of us. I just wanted to know if there was anything left between us. We wondered if — if we still had that original spark that drew us together, and we needed to know if there was anything left for us to salvage. But I am certain now. There’s nothing left. And what you walked in on was the aftermath of that realization. The end. It’s over. And adam realized it, too.

Nick: You’re sure about that?

Sally: I’m positive. I think it was a little bit harder for him to let go. You know, he was still holding on to the fact that there was a possibility of saving us, but… there isn’T. What we once had, we’ve — we’ve lost. I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna apologize for what happened because I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Adam and I can now finally

[Sighs] And fully move on.

Chelsea: I’ve just been dealing with an issue with connor.

Billy: Okay. What happened?

Chelsea: Um, this kid at school overheard connor and johnny talking about me, and he started taunting connor, calling me crazy.

Billy: I’m sorry. Johnny didn’t mention that to me.

Chelsea: No, I don’t think johnny was there. I think it happened later in the day. This kid cornered connor. Needless to say, they got in a fight. Connor came home very upset.

Billy: Yeah, of course he did. I don’t blame him.

[ Sighs ] Do you want me to call the school for you?

Chelsea: No. No. You’re starting to sound like adam.

Billy: Oh, my gosh. Don’t insult me like that, okay? I’m just trying to help you.

Chelsea: Well, after —

[ Laughs ] After connor told adam what happened, adam freaked out, and he basically said he wanted to call the school and get the kid expelled or change connor’s school entirely.

Billy: Okay. For once, I actually agree with adam. Just promise me you’re never gonna tell anyone I said that.

Chelsea: No one would believe me. I was able to talk adam down. And as much as it upsets me that this kid was so mean to connor, the truth is, he’s gonna have to deal with the fact that there are difficult people in life.

[ Sighs ] I just hate the fact that he’s getting bullied because of me.

Billy: You know, chelsea —

Chelsea: I know. I know. I can’t blame myself.

Billy: Good. Well, I got to ask — why didn’t you mention it to me? I mean, it involves johnny. It just kind of makes me think that there’s something else going on.

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Billy: Well, it feels like you’ve been avoiding me — my text messages, my calls — ever since thanksgiving. And your therapist stresses that honesty is the way to go. And I’m honestly asking you. And it just feels like you’re doing your best to avoid me.

Lily: So, how’s your dad?

Daniel: Oh, danny? Danny is, you know, out there performing and touring, doing what he loves all over the world.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Daniel: Sometimes I think that man has more energy than i do.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s great. And, uh, lucy — how is she? I mean, I know that she’s in portugal, but, I mean, what is she like now?

Daniel: Lucy is amazing. Yeah. You know, she’s at that age where she’s starting to give me a hard time about everything. You know, the things I say, the clothes I wear.

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: My driving. Yeah, no, she doesn’t like that. Or my — my dad jokes.

Lily: Oh, she sounds very, very smart.

[ Both laugh ]

Daniel: She’s brilliant. She is. You know, despite all her scathing critiques, she — she still never stops wanting to just go get ice cream and sit down by the riverfront, just to sit there and talk. It’s actually some of those talks that started me on this new career path and led me to this gaming platform idea.

Lily: Wow. Sounds like you two have a very special relationship.

Daniel: What about the twins? What are they up to?

Lily: Mm. They’re good. They, um — what are they doing? I mean, mattie’s a senior at stanford.

Daniel: No.

Lily: Charlie’s studying film at nyu.

Daniel: Seniors?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Really?

Lily: I know. I can’t believe it, either.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. But they’re good. And how is, um — how’s heather? How are things with her?

Diane: This text brings back all the memories of what he put me through, the — the threats and the manipulations and the vicious intimidation. I mean, one minute he’s at your house, and the next he’s sending some not-so-subtle, threatening texts about your family.

Jack: Stark is definitely a bully, but he has no proof that you informed on him.

Diane: It doesn’t matter. He will seek his own justice if he even thinks it might be true.

Jack: I told you I will not let any harm come to you. Look, I will hire whatever security I have to, to protect this house, this family, and you.

Diane: Don’t you get it? This man will not be deterred. And now that he’s found me, I’ve got to figure out a way to deal with him.

Jack: Listen to me. You are not alone.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: I’m here to help you. Now, tell me what you think he wants.

Diane: I know exactly what he wants. Payback. Listen, I’m done settling.

Jack: Wait. He wants payback? For what, exactly?

Diane: I had some of jeremy’s money ready for transport when he got arrested.

Jack: And?

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone thuds ] I kept it.

Jack: Wait, the feds didn’t confiscate it?

Diane: Well, they weren’t aware that it existed. I mean, the charges were based on cash that had already moved offshore.

Jack: And you didn’t tell them?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Well, I-I-I didn’t want to invite any more scrutiny.

Jack: You were afraid that they would figure out that you were living in L.A. Under a fake identity.

Diane: Well, I’m — I’m not sure that they would have even charged me with anything, but i just — I didn’t want to take that risk.

Jack: I see.

Diane: Okay, maybe you think that was cowardly, but it wasn’t just my fear of being arrested. I just wasn’t ready for anyone in genoa city to know that I was alive.

Jack: None of that matters. What is important is you have something that jeremy stark wants. So, if handing him back the money is the only way to get rid of him, then maybe that’s the prudent course of action to take. Just hand it back to him.

Diane: I can’t do that.

Jack: Why not?

Diane: The money’s gone.

Daniel: Actually, I’d rather not talk about heather right now.

Lily: Yeah. Okay.

Daniel: I would, um, prefer to discuss how my dream might actually be on the road to becoming a reality. I got to tell you, I’ve taken umpteen classes in gaming design. I’ve gone to so many conferences trying to learn the field. Now I’m doing a deep dive into strategy. I mean, if you and devon — if you green-light this platform, I’m gonna be ready.

Lily: Wow. You’re very passionate about this.

Daniel: You bet I am. What do you think? Should we make our game specific to certain platforms, or should we make versions for all the platforms?

Lily: Someone’s done a deep dive.

[ Laughs ]

Daniel: I just want to make sure I have every aspect of this figured out before moving forward. You know, there are millions, if not billions, to be made if this thing is done right.

Lily: You know, I really love how enthusiastic you are about this. It makes me feel very confident that you’re the person leading this division.

Daniel: [ Laughs ] Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first thing we have to do is we have to make sure that this game is as good as it possibly can be. I mean, I want to make sure that every little detail of this world that I want to create is just right.

Lily: I don’t remember you being a perfectionist.

Daniel: Well, I haven’t always been this way.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know. Maybe I just grew into it. You know? I mean, the way I see it, some things are worth being done perfectly, or don’t do them at all, right? And lucy deserves this to be perfect.

Lily: This means a lot to you, doesn’t it?

Daniel: It’s not just about the game or even the gaming division. This is about bettering myself, making a better life for myself and setting myself up for success. So, yeah, it means everything.

Chelsea: I haven’t been avoiding you, exactly. I-I think I’ve just been leaning on you too much, you know? Right now I need to be focused on my network of support — my therapist, adam, chloe, sharon. It’s not fair for me to expect you to always be there for me when I need someone to turn to.

Billy: Where is this coming from? I mean, what’s got you thinking that way? Is this something your therapist suggested or…?

Chelsea: Well, when I spoke with lily, she reminded me that I can’t possibly expect you to be there for me 24/7. And she’s right. I mean, she’s right, you know? You’ve got kids and a relationship and a life. The last thing I want is to ever become a burden to you.

Chance: Sorry to hear about you and sally, man.

Adam: Mm.

Chance: Oddly enough, I get it.

Adam: I don’t know how you can get it, chance. I mean, you’re lucky enough. You have the, uh, perfect marriage.

Chance: Trust me, man, my marriage is far from perfect. Abby and I are getting a divorce.

Adam: What? Come on. The two of you are splitting up?

Chance: Yeah.

Adam: What went wrong?

Chance: [ Sighs ] Everything. I don’t know. You know, trying to balance work and family, philosophical differences, spent too much time apart, you name it.

Adam: Sounds rough. But I’m not really buying that, chance.

Chance: Why would I lie about something like that?

Adam: Well, I don’t think you’re lying, exactly, but i just don’t think you’re telling me the whole story. You would do everything in your power to fix the problems in your relationship, and now you’re just jumping to divorce? It’s got to be more than just work-life-balance stuff. Something really bad must have went down.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Something bad did go down. I tell you, man, it is driving me absolutely crazy. Feel like I have to confide in someone.

Adam: I’m listening.

Chance: Abby slept with someone else.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Ieve so keep

Adam: Abby cheated on you

Adam: Abby cheated on you?

Chance: Yep. Look, I’m not trying to make her look bad or blame all our problems that we had on her. That’s why I haven’t told anybody. So keep your mouth shut.

Adam: Is this an ongoing affair?

Chance: No, she said it only happened once. You know, I actually believe her, too.

Adam: Well, maybe you could work things out then.

Chance: No. No, the sex just forced us to realize things were done. It was like an accelerator, a wake-up call. There’s no point in dragging this thing out any longer.

Adam: Yeah, I-I know exactly what you mean.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Nick. Please say something. What… what are — what are you feeling?

Nick: Obviously it’s, uh… not easy seeing adam leave your room knowing what happened in here. But I’m not gonna act all territorial with you, sally. You don’t owe me anything. Still, it’s, uh…

Sally: Look, I’m really sorry that you had to find out this way.

Nick: Don’t be sorry on my behalf. Like you said, it needed to happen, and I hope [Sighs] You got some closure.

Sally: I did.

Nick: Well, with closure comes grieving, and with grieving comes unresolved feelings and regrets. I think talk of moving on is a bit premature.

Sally: Look, I admit to the grief, okay? But I suspect that all of those feelings will fade away sooner rather than later — ’cause i finally feel like it’s over. And I know I made the right decision.

Nick: I doubt it’s gonna be that easy for my brother.

Sally: Look, I’m not worried about adam, okay? He’ll be just fine. What I want to focus on right now is you. I’ve said my piece. Now it’s your turn.

Daniel: So, tell me. How are things really going for you? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled?

Lily: [ Laughs ] Um…yeah, I am. I’m loving my life right now. I mean, this is the best job I’ve ever had. And of course, you know, there’s challenges, obviously.

Daniel: Well, you’re running a big corporation. Of course there’s gonna be challenges.

[ Both laugh ]

Lily: Yeah. I mean, I was really nervous at first to take on such a huge role, but then jill just — you know, she really supported me. And she and billy — they’ve boosted my confidence and convinced me that I could do it.

Daniel: Clearly, they were right.

Lily: Mm-hmm. And, yeah, the chancellor-winters merger was my idea.

Daniel: Really?

Lily: Yes. [ Laughs ] And devon, you know, took some convincing, but he was on board, and — I don’t know. I feel stronger than ever as the head of this company.

Daniel: Well, what about personally? How you doing in that department?

Lily: I mean, good. Um, you know, billy — he keeps things interesting.

[ Chuckles ]

Daniel: Mm. That is an interesting word choice.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: Look, I got to be honest with you. When I first heard that you and billy were together, I found it hard to imagine how the two of you could make it long term as a couple. And now, you know, I’ve seen the two of you together… I’m sorry. It still just doesn’t make sense to me.

Billy: Okay, first things first — you gotta stop thinking that way, okay? You are in no way a burden to me. And, honestly, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.

Chelsea: What about your family and lily?

Billy: Everybody’s good. Johnny’s on a ski trip. Victoria and katie have a little girls night out, and lily’s working late, so, you know, you’re actually saving me from a night alone. So, can’t we just sit down, have some snacks, and watch a movie?

Jack: What do you mean, the money’s gone? What happened to it?

Diane: I spent it.

Jack: I see.

Diane: Look, jeremy owed me that money after everything i had done for him, okay? And I-I couldn’t very well return it while he was on trial or in prison, could I? Especially since I was working with the authorities.

Jack: What did you buy with it?

Diane: I used it to rebuild my life. I mean, I-I bought my own place and I-I paid for the therapy that I desperately needed and I-I took the required courses to get my real-estate license.

Jack: Well, it sounds like you put it to good use.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Truth is, I was just so relieved to be out from under his thumb. I mean, finally, I could start my life again without — without fear or threats, and I — I felt safe while he was in prison. I mean, that — that money allowed me to do the hard work of — of putting myself back together. You know, I was determined to never have to depend on anyone ever again and to not have to compromise myself. Jack, that money bought me peace of mind that — that, for one moment, nobody could hurt me. And I-I felt free. Well, that is, until, you know, tucker mccall came poking around.

Jack: And you found yourself underneath someone else’s thumb.

Diane: Yeah. I mean, even though tucker helped me get back to genoa city and to you and to kyle, i just — [ Sighs ] I feel like I’ve been trying to escape from my past mistakes all over again ever since. And now that jeremy’s out of prison and came here, I just feel like the whole thing’s about to blow up.

Jack: Okay, okay. It seems like there’s one simple answer to getting stark out of your life. Let me help you repay the money.

Diane: No. No. Absolutely not. Ew. Gotta get rid of this. I think the big

[ Exhales heavily ]

Nick: I mean…

[ Exhales heavily ] I-I don’t know what else to say. Believe me, under this calm exterior, there’s raging jealousy. I think it’s gonna take more time than you think to, uh, get past this. I think the big question is, what does it mean for us? I don’t mean to put you on the spot.

Sally: No, you’re not at all. And I can answer that right now. I want us to date. You know, with my new sense of freedom, I’m ready to get to know you more fully now that i don’t have to worry what adam thinks every time he sees us out there together. That’s where I stand. The rest is up to you.

Billy: [ Laughs ] Come on. That’s ridiculous. Wow, hey, hey, what — what are you — what are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you shutting that off? It’s not over yet. You don’t — you don’t want to watch the end? That’s the best part.

Chelsea: Nope, not when you’re so busy heckling the screen, I don’T.

Billy: The movie is literally made to be heckled. I mean, do you want me to be quiet so you can hear what the martians have to say? I did not know that you actually spoke martian.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Ahh, you were right. I did need cheering up. Thanks for showing up uninvited.

Billy: Well, I didn’t show up because I’m an angel. I’m here because I needed this, too.

Lily: Uh, billy and I make a lot of sense together. Just ’cause we’re different doesn’t mean that we don’t work. I mean, no relationship is perfect. There’s always things to work on and work through.

Daniel: Mm. I mean, I know that better than anyone. A lot of people had doubts about the two of us when we were dating.

Lily: Yeah, exactly, right? That didn’t stop us.

Daniel: No. No, it did not.

[ Chuckles ] Sure went through a lot together, didn’t we, ibejuliet?

Lily: [ Laughing ] Oh, my god. I forgot about that.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Wow. Look at us now. Stronger than ever, right?

Daniel: You know what? I’ll drink to that.

Lily: Cheers.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: If paying stark off is the one way to get him out of your life, why not accept my offer? Why turn me down?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Jack, your generosity is greatly appreciated, but I refuse to take any money from you. The whole point of my self-transformation was so that I would no longer have to rely on wealthy men. I am finally independent, and i plan to stay that way. So I will not allow you to buy me out of this mess.

Jack: Then consider it a loan.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Even if I was to pay jeremy back every dollar I owed him, it wouldn’t make a difference. If phyllis, nikki, and ashley have gotten the idea into his head that I ratted him out to the fbi, he’s going to want to punish me for it.

Jack: Let me ask you a question. I know you want to right your wrongs to make up for all the mistakes you made, but might it have been better if you had accepted the feds’ offer to enter witness protection when you had a chance?

Diane: No, there was — there was no way I was going to do that. Jack, if I had entered witness protection, I would have never been able to find my way back to my son. I mean, that door would have been closed forever. And getting back to kyle was my only goal, my — my only purpose in life.

[ Sighs ] But now — you know what? — I am at the end of my rope. I mean, what am I supposed to do? I’ve got to figure out a way to protect myself from this dangerous criminal.

Jack: Okay, listen to me. I know you want to be independent. I know you want to help yourself. But it’s also clear you put yourself at great personal risk coming back here to us. So, you need to know this. Kyle and I will not let that man do anything to you. You have to believe me on this. You are safe. You are safe here now.

Diane: Thank you. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your support.

Chance: What’d you mean by that, man? Did you or sally cheat?

Adam: Uh, no, no, not, um — not exactly. Sally and I tried one last time to reconnect. We tried to re-ignite what drew us together in the first place, but it was too late, you know? Too much has happened, and everything was just different.

Chance: Hey, you never know. You could find your way back to each other. Sometimes these things work out.

Adam: I don’t know. If you, the white knight, can’t make it work, I don’t know, uh, how much hope there is for me.

Sally: Maybe you should think things over. Take as long as you need to decide if you want to see me, too.

Nick: Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. We both need to think about things. It’s a lot to process.

Sally: I guess this is good night, then.

Nick: Night.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Thank you, jack, for being here, for your — for your protection and your generous offer of support, for — for everything. But I think I should go.

Jack: Oh, wait. I… I think it might be safer if you stayed in one of the guest rooms tonight.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] I don’t know how much safer i would be since ashley lives here, too, and I doubt your sister would be very happy to find me here in the morning.

Jack: You take that off your mind. I will handle ashley and anyone else. This is my home. And I want you here.

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