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[ Knock on door ] Curtis, what can I do for you? You can check the “joyfully accepts” box. I came to invite you to our wedding. And how did your follow-up go? Oh, just like all the others. I still don’t understand why I have to be poked and prodded on every few months. Can’t they see I’m my old self again? Well, who you calling old? You left your purse in the exam room. I didn’t leave it. I just wanted to give you something to do. And you are the man that I wanted to talk to. Oh? Yes. Have you given any thought to what we discussed on thanksgiving?

[ Sighs ] Oh, what did I miss? Nothing. Let’s go. Wa-uh-uh-uh — no, no, no. I’m not going anywhere. And somebody better start talking right now. Well, I suggested that marshall might want to get genetic counseling.

[ Clears throat ] Thank you so much for convincing curtis to let me off of house arrest so I can come out with you. You are not under house arrest. I mean, it sure feels that way sometimes.

[ Sighs ] Curtis just wants to keep you safe. We all do. But it’s broad daylight, we’re in a public place. I happen to have a gun in my purse.

[ Whispers ] Ava. I do. I have a permit. I know how to use it.

[ Chuckles ] But enough about security, though. Okay, let’s get into the holiday spirit. Let’s see. Oh, this! This should be my new look, I think. What do you think? I — is that good? Yeah, I think avery thinks so.

[ Laughs ] How many gifts have you gotten her? Eh, probably too many. But I love it. I love spoiling my little girl. This is nice, isn’t it? Spending time together. I miss seeing you every day at the gallery. Not any more than I miss you. Oh, but look, I have, um, some competition. Somebody else who covets your time and attention. You wouldn’t know it inside these walls, but out there, is christmastime, with all the magic and merriment it entails. If you say so. You know, spencer, it’s, uh, not lost on me that you’ve been keeping your distance ever since your great uncle’s visit. How perceptive. Would you like a prize? What I’d like is some common sense on your part. Tell me you’ve realized which side of your family you can trust. Happy holidays, mr. Cassadine. You have something for me? My intel confirms that holly sutton has a long recovery ahead. And the necklace? The authorities still believe it was destroyed in the fire. Unacceptable. Johnny, I thought you said I had a visitor. Hello, heather. Long time, no see. Hello, friend. Hey, what do you think? Yay or nay for violet’s stocking? No. Yay! Yay? Look at you, all christmassy. Used to be all “bah humbuggy.” Yeah, that’s before violet changed everything. For the better. That’s what kids do. It’s also what significant others do. Subtle. Very subtle. What do you think? Too blingy? I think you’re too blingy. Is that your way of ignoring my advice that I gave you? That you should talk to elizabeth? Nikolas: Thank you for coming so quickly. Is esme faking again? I don’t think so, but you’re the professional. Nikolas: What’s wrong with her? Has she been given any meds? Uh, just the prenatal vitamins that you brought her. Can I see them? Uh, yeah. Those were supposed to last a month. Are you suggesting that she took all of these?

[ Groaning softly ] You don’t need to get that personal. And tj is al we discussed you — you really didn’t have to include me. Well, we wanted to. We discussed it, and it just feels right having you there. Why? Because you’re important to me. And you’re tj’s mother, and tj is always going to be like family, which makes you family. And you know I throw a mean party. You always have.

[ Chuckles ] And hopefully… you will have caught the hook killer by then. And everyone in port charles can breathe easy. You sound confident. Well, after that recent article in the invader, it’s only a matter of time now. Right? Not necessarily. Alexis and her paper may have hurt our investigation, not helped it. Can you overdose on vitamins? You can overdose on pretty much anything. We need to pump her stomach immediately. Are you insane? You know, this little routine of yours is getting pretty old. If I were you, I’d try some new material. You didn’t really believe that we would fall for another fake-out?

[ Chuckles ] But you did. And you even called up your, uh, trusty florence nightingale, here. Yeah, okay. Well, excuse me for caring about my child.

Our child. And you. Were you seriously gonna pump my stomach to force me to come clean? If I had to. But I knew it wouldn’t get that far. You are sick. Look who’s talking. So you didn’t take all of those pills? I took one. Threw the rest away. Thank god. Wait, you actually took a prenatal vitamin? You said it was good for the development or whatever. Oh, don’t look now, but nikolas might not be the only one who cares about this baby. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me. But you were out of line suggesting that my uncle victor tried to kill my grandmother. That’s just — no. You would be wise not to put your faith in your great uncle. So I should put my faith in you instead? I was referring to a higher power. “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” It’s doing my time in here that will set me free. Oh. Not the truth. And, by the way, for a guy who quotes scripture, you sure are quick to sit in judgment of my uncle. I didn’t accuse victor of anything new. Believe me. That doesn’t make him guilty. Nor does it make him innocent, either. That is for a jury to decide, just like they did with you. And, by the way, there’s a glaring difference between you and my uncle victor. He is on the outside while you are stuck in here.

[ Sighs ] Okay. My dear spencer… the difference is I am a sinner seeking redemption while your uncle wouldn’t know the meaning of the word. Not exactly brimming with holiday cheer, are you? The necklace may be a dead end, but my plans are still very much alive. So you have another angle? Always. Care to fill me in? In due time. Your job is to help me keep laura distracted and my family intact. You’ve pulled the necessary strings? I’m working on it. Work harder. Why — why don’t I leave you two to catch up, huh? Oh, you don’t have to go. I saw an ornament earlier that caught my eye. I want to snap it up before somebody else does. It’s nice to see you, officer cabrera. You, too. Hi. Hi. Are you free tonight? For? Dinner. Cops know the best places to eat. It’s a, uh, documented fact.

[ Chuckles ] I’m so holding back a doughnut joke right now.

[ Laughs ] For real. I want to take you someplace special for our anniversary. Anniversary? Three months ago today, we became official. It’s true what they say. Love is wasted on the young. Don’t you agree?

That’s what redemption’s my family’s history isn’t exactly spotless. No one’s is. But people can change, right? That’s what redemption’s about. Before redemption comes repentance. Is victor prone to asking for forgiveness?

[ Both chuckle ] I didn’t think so. And then there’s us. Putting in the work, trying to make amends for our mistakes. That’s a bond even stronger than blood. But we have both. And I truly hope that bond continues when you’re released, spencer. And when that day comes, uh, there’s something I want you to take with you. Consider it an early christmas present. As a matter of fact, I disagree. True love is a gift no matter when you find it, and no matter how hard certain people try to take it from you. You, you’ve never experienced love like that. Have you, victor? Hm. Well, hope springs eternal, ava. And when you’re free from that dysfunctional marriage to my nephew, who knows? Maybe there’ll be hope for us. Each of these claims to be written by the killer. So now I’m wasting valuable time and manpower tracing every one, even though we basically know they’re all bogus. I get the frustration.

[ Sighs ] Although, I do believe that when alexis printed that letter, she only had good intentions. She interfered with a confidential investigation. Yes, we have a theory that points towards esme prince. But if alexis takes it upon herself to decide what to leak and when, well [Scoffs] That just makes it harder for us. A theory. Legitimate one with actual evidence? Jordan. My soon-to-be stepdaughter’s life may be at risk here. If you have a way to end this nightmare… I need to know. Why are you avoiding my question? Avoiding? Who’s avoiding? We already discussed this. I want to discuss it again. So let’s rehash. Because you were very upset the last time we talked about your late wife cheating on you. And that’s pretty much the end of the story. Is it? Hm. Hey, look around. This is not really the — the time or place for this. What are you afraid of? Afraid? Who’s afraid? So, is there another reason you’re not talking to elizabeth? Off the record? Everything we say to each other is off the record. Mnh-mnh. The man that, um… reiko slept with… was elizabeth’s father. Did you fly all this way just to see me?

[ Exhales deeply ] I won’t lie to you, heather. Really? Why turn over a new leaf at this late date? And I am definitely not interested in dredging up the past. A past that includes our son — stephen lars. Or are you still more invested in saving the world than you are in your own family? If I wasn’t invested in my family, I wouldn’t be here. Aww. You think of me as family? Never. I came to tell you to stay the hell away from mine. Of course I care about the baby. It’s the only thing stopping this maniac from killing me. Do not listen to her. Remember what I told you when you first found me here? That nikolas tried to kill you? I didn’t believe it then, and I still don’T. Why would I have made that up? Uh, ’cause you are a desperate criminal willing to say or do anything to continue your reign of terror. For the last time, I am not the hook. Yeah, okay. But you’re starting to wonder. Why wouldn’t you? You’re curious to see what your, uh, friend is capable of. Go on, nurse baldwin. Ask him. Ask nikolas what happened on the parapet that night. I, for one, cannot wait to hear the answer.

R lies, esme.Mm! Except they’re not lies. Think about it. How did I manage to disappear the way I did, just vanished into thin air? Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice, was it, nikolas? Thanks to you and ava, I was — leave ava out of this. Oh. So protective. What does ava have to do with anything? She doesn’T. Mm. Who’s the liar now? It was a lifetime ago. We were in doctors without borders, and we were assigned to different islands in the south pacific. I guess reiko got lonely and… jeff webber was there. Got it. And I’m sure that was very disappointing, and I’m not trying to minimize this in any way at all. But? But, like you said, that was a lifetime ago. So don’t you think you should have gotten past that by now? There’s more to it than just the affair. Mm. But that’s not my story to tell. Oh. So it’s elizabeth’s story? And it’s new to her. And she’s understandably having trouble processing her feelings. Probably has lots of feelings about that. Yeah. Confusion, pain, anger. But not at you. Mostly at the situation. But we haven’t connected in weeks, and at some point… I guess I just stopped trying. Well [Scoffs] Why would you do that? What if there’s no point? Do you love her? Okay. That’s the point. So you stay in your corner, she stays in her corner. It’s just gonna drive you further apart. And here I thought you missed me. Knock it off, heather. And don’t pretend you didn’t try to contact my family. Making a beeline for my grandson when you had your big chance to escape?

[ Chuckles ] He works at kelly’s, jeff. Home of the famous blt. They don’t write that on the menu, but they should. It’s to die for. Stay. Away. From cameron. And where is this newfound concern coming from, anyway? Last I checked, you didn’t give a damn about your grandsons. Or their mother, for that matter. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, don’t I? Were you there when elizabeth married my franco? Were you there for her when he died? No. You love the idea of being a family man, but when it actually comes to stepping up, doing the right thing, you cut and run. Is that… the one and only. Curtis, you know I can’t share privileged information. Even if it could bring a murderous criminal to justice? Jordan, trina is exhausted. She’s constantly looking over her shoulder. It’s just too much for her, and I’m not even gonna touch on what it’s been like for portia. And you? Well, it’s true, trina is not mine, biologically, but… to me, it feels like she is. Does that make any sense? It does. Then help me. Help me protect my family. I can’T. So much has changed since marshall was first diagnosed with schizophrenia. I just don’t see the harm in getting some current genetic testing done. Well, are you implying that marshall’s diagnosis was wrong? Well, I-I’m sure the doctors drew from the best knowledge they had at the time. But there could be other factors that are involved here. What kind of factors? Well… I’m standing right here, you know? And not saying a damn thing. As if I could get a word in edgewise? By all means. Portia. I don’t need any re-evaluation. I know what’s wrong with me. And I’ve spent my life ensuring that it wouldn’t harm my family. I understand what you’re saying. But from my — no, no. No buts. I’m at peace with my condition. Now, can you please drop this? My marriage to nikolas, as complicated as it may be, hasn’t ended yet, despite your best efforts. We know that esme is alive and the prime suspect in the hook attacks, which makes nikolas’ bogus confession completely useless. So, then, what will you holdover your nephew’s head now? Perhaps we should put our heads together and come up with a plan. I’ll pass. Besides, something tells me I won’t need to coerce nikolas into a divorce. Is that so? I get the distinct impression that he’s more than ready to move on. Don’t be shy. Tell elizabeth how you and ava thought you were rid of me forever until you discovered I was carrying the heir to the throne. What is she talking about? Mm.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll explain everything. Okay? But right now, esme needs some more of those vitamins. Can you go back to G.H. And get some? You’re trying to get rid of me. No, no, no. I’m just — I’m thinking about what’s best for the baby, okay? And right now, I’m seeing an opening of her actually showing some maternal instinct. I want to jump on it before it closes. Please? This conversation is not finished. I am well aware. That was a mistake.

Excellent attempt at poisoning the well. But I don’t do jealous. No, I’d imagine a woman like you wouldn’t have to. But don’t forget that nikolas is a human being with needs and desires of his own. Till next time. Bated breath. The favor I called in has been handled. Oh, my god. I totally forgot all about that. It has been three months. It’s wild, right? You came into my life at the craziest time. I can’t believe you haven’t run for the hills. Well, I might have been a rookie, but I knew you were being framed. Thanks for always believing in me. Always. Ooh, um, I got to get back to the station. I’ll see you tonight? Tonight. Cool. I’ll text you with details. Okay. About that young man of yours. Look, I know rory isn’t an art lover, and he hasn’t seen the world or studied abroad. Who cares about any of that? No, I-I was just gonna tell you… I envy you. I don’t feel comfortable accepting gifts from you. Oh. You misunderstand. It’s not for you. I-it’s for your friend trina. Look.

[ Inhales deeply ] I thought 12 drummers drumming might be overkill. This seems more appropriate. You keep one for yourself, and trina takes one as a token of your affection. Trina would love these. Yeah. But I can’t give them to her. Oh, of course you can. No, you don’t get it. Trina finally has her life back — the life she deserves. A life without you? Yes. All I’ve brought trina is pain and heartache. So the best gift that I can give her is to stay as far away from her as possible. Here we go again. What? This is the exact damn reason why we got a divorce in the first place. Because you insist on keeping secrets from me.

[ Scoffs ] That’s not fair. We’re talking about a police investigation. You were a cop. You know how this works. And I also know how willing you are to bend the rules and cross the lines. But clearly, only when it suits you. Curtis, listen to me. I am as anxious to protect trina and everyone else in her world as you are. If that were true, then throw me a bone here. I’m sorry. So am I. It’s not just the past that’s an issue. What else?

[ Chuckles ] What else? I, uh… read the invader’s account of esme attacking elizabeth on the pier. Okay. It didn’t mention what she was doing there. Well, I don’t know what she was doing there. We weren’t given that information. Off the record again, she was going to see nikolas cassadine. This is not a jealousy thing. I just don’t trust that guy after what he did to hayden. I wanted to kill him, but if elizabeth wants to be friends with him, that’s — that’s her choice. But after all that, I just — I have to admit it bothers me that instead of coming to me, she went to him. What? Well, now we know why elizabeth was out on the pier. But why was esme on the pier? I mean, was she targeting elizabeth, or was elizabeth just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Any more questions? Yeah. Where’s esme now? You don’t scare me, you know? You can’T. Not with this little, uh, bundle of joy as my insurance policy. For now. But once that baby is born…

[ Sighs ] Spare me the threats, okay? I’ve already planted the seed with elizabeth. Elizabeth is loyal to me. We’ll see. My bet is that, um, elizabeth is too dedicated of a nurse to let you get away with attempted murder. And when things start to unravel and the police get involved, you are going down and taking ava right along with you. And maybe even, uh, nurse nightingale, too. What do you want, esme? Mm. I thought you’d never ask.

Us it’ll be christmas soon. So? So I am missing out on all of it. The music, the decorations. Magic. I can’t even see out of the window. And in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s, um, not very festive in here. I’ll bring you some candy canes. How’s that? No. I want a tree. With lights and ornaments — the whole deal. Well, that shouldn’t be too hard to arrange. I’ll have demetrius bring you a fake one pre-decorated. No. I want a live tree, and i want to pick it out myself. Not a chance. Why not? Is that an actual question? Come on, it’s not like I can make a run for it anymore. Please? No! Nikolas, this is really important to me. I almost believe that you meant that.

[ Sighs ] My childhood was… lonely. I was adopted, not parented. My nanny was basically paid to raise me. Christmas was a nonevent in my house. But I did have this one friend whose family had this tradition of chopping down their own tree and bringing it home to decorate. It sounded like… heaven. So I begged my nanny to do the same thing. Let me guess, she said no. No. She said yes. But then she slipped and fell and wasn’t able to take me. So she asked the super’s son if he would do it. We picked out the tree. He even let me use the saw. We decorated it together. It was the best afternoon of my life, and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. Those few hours actually changed me. All I’m asking is for a chance to feel that way again. Please? Nikolas, is that a yes?

[ Lock clicks ] Jeff: Steer clear of my family. No christmas cards. No fruitcakes. No surprise visits like the one you gave cameron. Are we clear? I’ll take that as a yes. Enjoy your time here. I know it’s difficult being married to a shrink. They can just turn it off, can’t they? So if you’re ever in need of some holiday cheer, you know where to find me. You haven’t changed a bit. We even have eggnog! You envy me? Is that so hard to believe?

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] You’re ava jerome. Mm. Beautiful, powerful, successful. You have everything. Trust me, “everything” is highly overrated. I’d settle for a guy like you have. Somebody…trustworthy. Dependable. A guy who tells you how he feels. Rory’s the greatest. Uh-oh. What is this? No, no, he really — he really is. He is. So why can’t i forget about spencer? You’ve heard the parable of the prodigal son, yeah? Refresh my memory. Well, he runs away from home. He squanders both his fortune and his good name. Then comes crawling back, expecting to be rejected. He wasn’t? He was embraced. Celebrated. “He was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.” Just… take the gift. Follow your heart. Thank you. I wish I could help you. No, you don’T. Because you can, you just won’T.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Come in. Sorry to interrupt. You wanted a report on security at rice plaza? Yeah. Go ahead. I was just leaving. Good to see, mr. Ashford. Good to see you, rory. Don’t forget to rsvp. This is really like a jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces. So if esme’s the killer, why didn’t she just finish elizabeth off? I don’t know. You know, if — elizabeth said that she called the cops right before the fall, so maybe if esme thought the cops were on the way, it makes sense she would run. But to where? I mean, it’s not like she’s running around hooking people in broad daylight. Wherever she — she is, she’s staying low to the ground.

[ Cellphone chimes ] What’s that?

Invader business? Yep. Okay. Uh… why don’t you go deal with that? I — actually, you just gave me an idea. Oh, I love it when I can do that. Oh, I love it when I can do that. Yeah, I mean, there’s — there’s another piece of the puzzle we’ve overlooked. Thanks for talking to me. Mm-hmm.

I just want what’s be for you, marshall. Well, maybe you should abide by marshall’s wishes and just forget genetic counseling. Instead, in this season of miracles, let’s focus on a few of our own. And what miracles would those be? Your return, for starters. My continued good health. Amen. And portia and curtis’ upcoming wedding. Yes! Oh, and the blessing that trina is safe. Yeah, we do have a lot to be thankful for, don’t we? Yes. Let’s put our energy into that.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Okay? Thank you. Uncle victor, I didn’t expect to see you today. A pleasant surprise, I hope? I’ll leave you to your visit. No, please, do stay. I have some news about my great nephew’s future. Spencer’s release date is weeks away. A lot could change before then. You wanna know what I think? Please. It’s something that I wish that I had learned long ago. Long before I ever met nikolas cassadine. Complicated men create chaos. And maybe it’s best if we avoid them altogether. So all that’s left is for you to sign off on the plans for christmas eve. Commissioner? Sorry. Yes, of course. Leave the report. I’ll look it over.

[ Door opens, closes ] Hi. Alexis, thanks for meeting me. Thank you. Can I get you something? Uh, a club soda, but there’s no hurry. Why did you want to meet me? I’m trying to catch a killer. That makes two of us. Yeah, I just left jordan at the pcpd, and, uh, it’s clear to me that they know more about those attacks than they’re admitting. Right. Maybe much more. So how do we find out what that is? Did you enjoy the show? If you could speak, I imagine we’d have quite a lot to discuss.

[ Sighs ] A winter stroll to pick out a christmas tree? What are you planning? Don’t worry, daddy. I know exactly what I’m doing.

[ Knock on door ]

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