Y&R Short Recaps Friday, December 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker spends time with Devon and is also thrilled to spend time with his grandson Dominic.

Ashley and Nikki tell Phyllis that Jeremy Stark coming to find Diane could pose a danger to all their families. Phyllis thinks that the only way to get Diane out of town is for Jeremy Stark to confront Diane with her past. Nikki decides to ask Victor to increase security for their families.

Victor talks to Nick and tells him he had Sally investigated and found out she faked an illness in order to hold on to a man who didn’t love her. Victor thinks Sally is trying to drive a wedge between Nick and Adam to further her own ambition. Victor thinks Nick will regret it if he chooses Sally over his family.

Sally and Adam have a talk and he apologizes once again for hurting her. Sally tells Adam that she has been unable to concentrate on anything since he proposed to her. Adam tells Sally he wants to marry her and she tells him she still loves him. Sally and Adam kiss as Sally finally stops fighting her feelings for Adam.

Diane waits for Jack to arrive home since he texted her earlier to meet him at his house for dinner. Diane hears a knock at the door and is surprised when Jeremy Stark says “Hello Diane.”

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