GH Short Recaps Friday, December 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Dante tells Sonny that he covered for him when he had Dex beaten but he took an oath and he won’t cover for him if he finds out he committed another crime.

Sonny tells Dante that if has to arrest him some day he will not love him any less because he is doing his job.

Sam helps Sasha decorate Rice Plaza and tells her about baby Lila who was still born to let her know that she understands what it is like to lose a child.

Michael advises Drew not to waste time with Carly because nobody knows how much time they have with the people they love.

Carly is able to bring Willow back to consciousness by putting a cold towel on her face. Willow refuses to go to the doctor and Carly and Nina go talk outside. Carly advises Nina to stay away from Willow for the sake of her baby. Nina later talks to Sasha and tells her she is going to follow Carly’s advice and stay away from Willow. Carly tells Michael that Willow fainted and Michael sends a text message to Terry. Michael thinks Willow should tell people she has leukemia in order to increase her chances to find a bone marrow donor.

Drew and Carly are about to make love at her house when he gets a message that they have a lead on the identity of Willow’s parents.

Josslyn refuses to let Dex push her away to protect her because she can make her own decisions. Dex kisses Josslynn and then Sonny knocks on Dex’s door and tells him they need to talk

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