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 what? The volunteers aren’t here yet. Well, that makes sense, considering we are early. They’ll be here. Thank you for doing this. It’s no small task supervising the decorating of rice plaza. It’ll be fun. Besides, I should be thanking you. I know it was a leap of faith putting me in charge. I don’t exactly have the best rep these days. Are you ridiculous? No, you’re the perfect person for this job. I hope so. I know so. Well, if that’s the case, then get out of here. Oh, I will. I will. Go on. Start your day. Okay. But you’ll text me if there’s any issues, right? No, because there won’t be any issues. Okay. Well, I can hardly wait to see the finished product. Good luck. I think I’ll need it. Hey, fancy meeting you here. Chase! Hi. What are you up to? I’m decorating rice plaza. You want to help? Dante, hi. Thank you so much for coming over. Look, I am so, so sorry for the delay, but here you go. Voil. One highly anticipated letter to the civilian complaint review board. I was up all night writing it. Look, I know I could just e-mail it to them myself, but I thought it would be better if a cop delivered it, so… you are that cop, fyi. Hello?! You were the one who begged me to write it. Look, I explained all the circumstances that led to chase punching valentin and linc. And I was very persuasive, if I do say so myself. I took full responsibility for both incidents. Sounds like an awesome letter, brook lynn. He speaks. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Do you want to go upstairs, get some rest? No, no. The couch is fine. You need anything? Like a tea or… you can go back to work.

[ Softly ] Right. Well, I don’t want to leave you alone. Alone? [ Chuckles ] There is an estate with an entire staff right up the driveway.

[ Chuckles ] Michael, please. It really helps to know that you and wiley are keeping things as normal as possible. It helps me feel more normal, too. Okay. Fine. Yay. I’ll, um… take care of a few things, and I will be back soon. All right? I look forward to it. I don’t deserve you. Oh, no. You deserve the world. And I intend to give it to you.

[ Smooches ] Just lay back and close your eyes. Yes, sir. Okay. And he says he doesn’t hover. All right. I’m going.

[ Door closes ] That daddy of yours worries too much.

[ Breathes sharply, groans ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Good morning. Let’s try this again. Good morning. Morning. Sorry. Hi. Important assignment? It’s an application, actually. I’m changing my major. Really? To what? Pre-med. I want to become a doctor.

[ Knock on door ] Valentin: Your man outside just waved me through. I told him I was expecting you. How’s anna? Does she need anything from me? Uh, no. She wants to be left to her own devices for a while. If she needs anything, she’ll reach out. Why are you here? I have a business proposal for you. Like I would do business with you.

I have a 4.0, but I’m weak in sciences. Oh, I can’t imagine you’re weak in anything. No, it’s true. I only took bio my freshman year. Luckily, the application includes an essay where I can explain my reason for changing. That’s great. Are you gonna disclose that you treated a gunshot wound off the books? Yeah, I don’t think I can include that, actually.

[ Chuckles ] What prompted this? I mean, changing majors is a big deal. Not really. Communications was always just a placeholder until I figured out what I really wanted to do. And now I know. How do you know? What made you realize you wanted to study medicine? I hate feeling helpless. And that’s exactly how I felt when dex got shot. I believe this is yours. Thanks. So how did it end up outside the gatehouse? Must have dropped it. That’s pretty careless. Not your usual M.O. Yeah, well, it wasn’t a usual night. I’d just been shot. Shot doing what? Helping anna devane escape — on sonny’s orders. I, uh — I collaborated with you for anna’s sake because she’s more than a friend of mine and robin’s mother. And you’ll do anything for robin. And stone’s memory. I even worked with you. But that doesn’t make us allies. As a matter of fact, you… you threatened spencer when he was a kid. Yeah? Spencer was never in any real danger from me, sonny. Well, you say that now, but it didn’t look that way. Listen, I don’t know what… anna sees in you, but I do know that your first loyalty is always to yourself. I’m here as an intermediary with a business offer from a third party. And, yes, admittedly, there is something in it for me, but there is a hell of a lot more in it for you. The ccrb is already reviewing chase’s appeal. The meeting started 15 minutes ago. Okay, so take the letter over. You know, do your whole lights and sirens thing. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. Why won’t it work? You’re the one who begged me to write it. Yes. They needed this information last friday. No. Yeah. I’m sorry. You know what? I’ll go with you. I will talk to the review board myself. And I’m gonna make them see that they don’t have all the evidence, that I have pivotal information — which you didn’t hand over to them. Because I was unavoidably delayed. Okay. They’re not gonna let you into the meeting, but just say, for argument’s sake, that they would let you into the meeting, what’s the “unavoidable delay”? I don’t know. I’ll come up with something crazy convincing. What? Chase doesn’t want that. You and I both know the last thing he wants is for you to save his badge with a lie. Sasha: The metro court is sponsoring this year’s community decoration project, so nina asked if I would oversee the actual decorating. And, clearly, you accepted. That’s really generous of you. Honestly, I’m just happy to have something to focus on. I pitch in where I can at deception, but after all the pr that I generated last year — and not in a good way — there is only a limited amount that I can do. And who doesn’t love decking the halls? Right?

[ Chuckles ] Are you really supposed to do this all on your own? Uh, volunteers should be arriving soon. Fingers crossed they actually show up. Well, one of them’s already here, so, uh, put me to work. Yeah? Absolutely. ‘Cause I was just teasing before. No, you’d be doing me a favor. Trust me. Need something to focus on, too? Actually, I do. Yeah? Is everything okay? Uh, brook lynn and i broke up.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Knocking continues ] Nina. Hi. I am so — did I — did I wake you? I was just resting my eyes. What — what can I do for you? I know it’s — it’s pretty bizarre that I’m here right now, but I was wondering — can i come in just for a few minutes? Wiley’s at school, so if this is an attempt to accidentally run into him — no, no, no, it’s — it’s not. I actually chose this time because I knew wiley wouldn’t be home. I — the last thing I want is for wiley to look at me and be confused. Thank you. If you are not here about my son, then why? Well… I was hoping that you might want to help out a friend. Are you familiar with the pikeman security group? Yeah, I’ve heard of them. They do munitions and mercenary operations. Yeah, that’s exactly right. Right. Well, pikeman is interested in moving certain… classified merchandise through port charles without the interference of government or law enforcement. They feel that your organization’s facilities would be ideal for their purposes. Well, I hear what pikeman gets out of the deal. What — what do i get out of it? Money. A lot of it. For every successful shipment, pikeman is willing to pay you $10 million. There was a last-minute change. An inmate from d’archam was added to the transport. And that inmate had a guard of their own. I was made when he realized I wasn’t headed for pentonville. He drew his gun. We struggled. I got shot, and the van crashed. And anna? She managed to get away. Fortunately, my wound wasn’t too bad. How did you end up at the gatehouse? I was on foot, bleeding. I was actually looking for you. I thought you might be able to get me medical attention or, at the very least, a ride home. But I wasn’t there. No. But, uh, josslyn was. I did what I could to help dex. Joss, you did a hell of a lot more than most people would or could have done. Mom, if you hadn’t shown up and figured out a way to get him antibiotics, then who knows what would have happened? You would have had two choices. Yeah. Take him to the hospital, where he probably would have been arrested, or wait it out, and he might be dead. Look, I never want to be put in that position again. Okay? If someone in front of me is sick or hurt or in need of help at all, I need to be able to help them. So I need those skills and that training to be able to treat them. I get that. But I want you to be honest with yourself. Is that the real reason you want to be a doctor? What other reason is there? Your feelings for dex.

Why didn’t you just write the letter when I asked you the first time or the, you know — I don’t know, the eighth time? Because I was selfish. Mm. Shocked, right? I wanted my cake and to eat it, too. Which, by the way, is the dumbest expression ever. Who has cake and doesn’t want to eat it? Well, I think it just means you can’t have everything. No, I get it. Now, of course, when it’s too late. But I did. I wanted it all, you know — revenge on linc, make chase a star, keep us together. You and chase? Yeah. I was so scared that if he went back to being a cop, it would mess with my first two objectives, you know? I don’t know. I guess I just wanted the music and me to matter more. I wanted to keep chase in this world that we were making. Not doing police work. So you stalled on the letter? And now he knows. Now it’s over. I lost him. If you don’t want to talk about it, I completely understand. God knows I’ve had my fair share of people nosing into my business lately. But if you do want to talk, I’m here to listen. Well, the details are incredibly convoluted because, well…brook lynn. Got it. But the underlying issue is really simple — brook lynn and I have different priorities. Okay. How different? Well, hers was making me a pop star, while all I wanted to do was get my badge back. And it turns out she could have helped me with that. Brook lynn could have helped you get back on the force? Yeah. And chose not to. The hotel is sponsoring the community decoration project, and I actually pinned sasha to oversee the decorating. I’m sure she’ll do a great job. Yeah, she’s gonna be great. She’s at rice plaza right now as we speak, you know, with a crew of volunteers. And if I know sasha, she’s probably trying to do all the work herself. She could really use, you know, some helping hands. Isn’t that what the volunteers are for? No, I mean helping hands that belong to a friend. Would you be willing to pitch in, willow? This isn’t a great day for me. I apologize for it being so last-minute, but this is a bigger project than we thought. And, you know, I’m sure that sasha would be grateful for your help. It’s not that I don’t want to help. And this — you know, she’s had a really tough time this year, as you know. With christmas around the corner, it’s such a triggering time, she really needs her friends to rally around her, willow. Okay. It’s safe to say that most of your interactions with dex have been under highly stressful circumstances. Right? Right. Okay. When emotions are running high like that, it’s easy to get confused. So, what, you — you don’t want me to go into medicine? No, that’s not what I’m saying. Honey, sit down. Joss, pre-med is really hard, and it’s a lot of time that you could be spending doing other things with other people. And don’t get me wrong. Being a doctor is amazing. But I think it’s really important for you to be clear on your why and your motivation. Mm-hmm. Is dex a factor in your decision? I am not switching to pre-med to be dex’s on-call doctor, if that’s what you’re implying. I just want you to be truthful with yourself, that’s all. I don’t know what that means, mom. Do you want to become a doctor because it’s safer than admitting you have feelings for dex? We’ve been over this. I know. You want josslyn nowhere near our plans to take sonny down, but she insisted on helping me.

[ Sighs ] It makes sense now. What does? I knew josslyn was acting strange that night, but I was distracted, so I didn’t — I didn’t press her on it. She helped patch me up. I was actually in the gatehouse when you and willow got home, but I managed to slip out.I understand how it played out. Okay? And I’m not faulting you. I just — I still… I don’t like it. You’re definitely not gonna like what happened next. You know, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This isn’t a something- for-nothing situation, sonny. The risks are significant. The reward should be substantial. Well, before I even consider the offer, what’s in it for you? I’ve worked for pikeman on several occasions as a logistics contractor. Um, it was their idea to use me as an intermediary. That’s not what I asked. I’d be doing them a favor, hoping that they return it. What’s the favor? It has nothing to do with you or your organization.

[ Laughs ] You have my word. Well, your word don’t mean that much to me at this point, so… well, that’s fair enough. All right. You either believe me, or you don’T. But pikeman wanted me to bring you this offer. And here I am. They want to do business with you. And in my opinion, it’s in your best interest that you agree.

The situation with dex definitely shifted my perspective. It not only showed me that I wanted a change, but it showed me what that change was. To change your major and study medicine? So I can eventually practice medicine. This is a decision I’m making for my future. And I’m sorry, but I think parents are usually pretty excited when their kid comes to them and says that they want to be a doctor. And I will support you 1,000%, but I’m your mother. It’s my job to offer you advice. Fine. If you do have feelings for dex, there are two things you need to consider — he works for sonny. And he’s already been shot. And the odds are good he’s gonna have more violence in his life. You grew up in sonny’s world. You know what that life costs. You’re right. I do. I saw so much heartache during my years with sonny. Selfishly, I don’t want that for you, joss. Mom. You are getting way too ahead of yourself, all right? Dex and I are not there. We’re not even close. You’re not there yet. Okay. I’m not gonna lie to you. I do feel something for dex. I have yet to define what it is. I don’t even know if it will last. Half the things I know about him, I don’t like. The things I do like are… significant. But that is not the reason why I’m gonna change my whole life. I know that I can become a doctor. I know that I am smart enough, I’m hardworking enough, and I-I will do what it takes. I will put in that time and that dedication so that I never have to feel helpless the way I did with ava.

Dex saved ava’s life. Not me. And, you know, I didn’t even think about it until this very moment, but if ava had died because I didn’t know what to do… …I couldn’t put that down. So I’m doing this so that I know what to do. And, yeah, dex is a part of that. Because he did. Somehow josslyn managed to get me back to her dorm room. How, I’m not really sure, since I don’t remember any of it. By then, I was spiking a fever. Okay, look. It’s not that I don’t care about your health, okay? I do. But you do understand how concerning this is, right? I mean, were you delirious? I was pretty out of it. But I don’t think I said anything compromising to josslyn. You just said you don’t remember even getting to her dorm. How can you be sure? Well, she would have called me on it. Don’t you think? Your sister’s not one to shy away from asking questions. No, no, she’s — she’s not. Did she ask you anything about it? About us working together? No. Okay. Further proof that I didn’t slip up. I mean, she — she would have been all over me if she was suspicious. Okay. Okay. We — we dodged a bullet on that one. But it doesn’t change the fact that you committed a crime by helping anna escape. And now josslyn… look, if you go down, josslyn could go down with you. Tell me if I have this right. You thought sasha needed to be busy over the holidays. So you took over the community decoration project and nominated her to run it with no input from sasha? Well, I thought it’d be nice for her to do something for someone else. And it seems like I’m right. Does it? Yeah, it does. I mean, I just left her at rice plaza, and she was upbeat, she was energetic. And yet your first stop was to see me. If sasha’s doing so great, why does she need her friends to rally? You are spinning your own narrative, like you always do, with zero consideration for anyone else. Pick a lane, nina. Is this project good for sasha or not?

[ Sighs ] God forbid there be any shades of gray. I came here because you’re her friend, willow. Oh, clearly, it was a mistake. You think? Geez! I was so foolish into thinking that you could put our differences aside to help a friend. And there goes that narrative of yours again. You know, other people might buy your goody-two-shoes image, but not me. Willow tait, you’re as selfish as they come. Would brook lynn’s letter have made an impact on the review board’s decision? I don’t know. I mean, but the point is, she didn’t even try. And that really upsets you? Yeah, it upsets me. I thought brook lynn knew how much my badge means —

meant to me. I mean, I only told her every five seconds. But she just didn’t understand, or she didn’t care. Well, I highly doubt the latter is true. Maybe… what? Maybe brook lynn thought that she knew what you needed better than you did. Now, I’m not saying that she was right, but neither were we. We? When we decided that we knew what michael and willow needed. You know, in our minds, we were doing the right thing — taking ourselves out of the equation so that they could win custody of wiley. We were convinced that we were doing everything for the greater good, right? Maybe brook lynn thought that she was, too.

Her greater good, maybe. What if brook lynn sincerely thought that you would be better off as a singer? What if in her heart she was doing it for the both of you? I’m sorry, brook lynn. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. You never thought I was good enough for chase. Yes, I did, actually. I actually thought you were very good for chase. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Instead of him moping around about losing his badge, you — you lit a fire under him, and he started engaging in things again. Like, you know. And then you two started going out together, and forget about it. I mean, I hadn’t seen him that happy since he split with willow. You really think chase was happy? Yeah, I do. Why wouldn’t he be? Look at you. You’re smart. You’re fun. You’re creative. Very generous description. Okay. I’m being serious. You could actually do some good if you get out of your own way. Oh, why is that so hard for me sometimes? It’s like I just had tunnel vision. Like I… I couldn’t or wouldn’t see that what made chase truly happy is being a cop.

[ Sighs ] Are you sure there’s no way to fix this? Not unless you got connections with the ccrb. But I don’t think you should use them even if you did. Chase wouldn’t want you to do that either.

[ Sighs ] I’ll see you soon, all right? Yeah, I’ll see you soon. This better not be “take the deal or else,” because that usually doesn’t turn out well. Oh, no. I-I’m just the messenger, sonny. I-I’m not threatening anyone. If you don’t want to do business with pikeman, they’ll just go to another guy. Okay, well, that seems like the best thing to do, right? Another guy, a different city, so… no, no, no. See, that’s the thing. Not another city. This is the city. Port charles is a shipping hub with access to both atlantic and canadian sea lanes. Pikeman’s gonna be moving their merchandise through port charles no matter what. And, unfortunately, now that you know the plan, you don’t want to cooperate, well, then… that makes you a problem. A problem they’re gonna want to remove.

I am so proud that you’ve decided to become a doctor. Gosh, I did not have that kind of clarity when I was your age. I wasted so much time chasing after what I thought I wanted, and I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. For instance, I couldn’t see that I was in love with jason… mom! …Until it was too late. Oh, my god. Okay. Y-you’re going way too far with this, all right? I’m not in love with anyone. Mm. Well… where’s cameron in all this? I do love cameron. I mean, we grew up together. But things are not how they used to be, mom. And I don’t know why or when it happened. But your feelings have changed? Yes. And this is not about dex. Okay. This is about me. Something’s shifted. And I do care so much for cam. I really do. But… we don’t have that same connection that we used to have anymore, and I don’t feel like half of a couple, if that makes sense. It does. Have you shared any of this with cameron? No. I cannot stand the thought of hurting him. I know… because you’re kind and you’re sweet and you’re amazing. But the longer you wait, the harder it’s gonna be for cameron. Yeah, I know.

[ Sighs ] This isn’t gonna be easy. Breaking up with my best friend? Yeah, it’s gonna be brutal. And prepare yourself — you’re probably gonna be labeled a bad guy. And part of that’s my fault. Why? Why is that your fault? ‘Cause people are gonna say, “like mother, like daughter.” Well, screw those people.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Well, I agree. But it will be easier to withstand the criticism if you know in your heart you were honest with yourself and cameron. Yeah. All right. Well… I’m gonna go change. Going for a run? How’d you know? Because you say it always helps you think. Well, let’s hope today is no exception. You’re lucky your fever broke. You obviously had an infection. I was more than lucky. Josslyn managed to get me antibiotics — with carly’s help. Oh, my mom’s involved in this now? Look, they just know that I was shot, okay? They don’t know how. But I’m — I’m guessing with the timing of everything and the fact that they know I work for sonny… yeah, I’m sure they assume that you helped anna escape. Okay, but that’s fine, right? As long as they don’t suspect that I’m working for you. None of this is fine, dex! Yes, I want to dismantle sonny’s life, but not at the cost of my mom and sister. Look, their involvement was a one-time thing. Maybe for my mom. But you and I both know that josslyn is an issue. Look, I need you to hear me when I tell you — I’d rather blow this whole operation up than put my sister at risk. You need to find a way to keep her at arm’s length. Do you understand? I understand. All right.

[ Door opens, closes ] “As you can see, both incidents were entirely my fault. Detective chase acted in my defense because he embodies all the qualities you should want in a police officer.” “He is protective, courageous, and above all, he is compassionate. Chase is committed to his badge and to his duty and deserves to be reinstated. The city of port charles will only be [Voice breaking] The better for it.”

[ Sighs ] No. There has to be a way out of this. There has to be. You have a point. Playing god with someone else’s life, no matter how good your intentions, it’s not fair to them. I mean, can you say “karma”? God, I am in a guardianship, which by definition means that I have no control over my life. Meanwhile, brook lynn made decisions for you that had a direct impact on your future. So it’s payback time? Seems a little ironic, no? Does that mean you think I shouldn’t judge brook lynn? That I’m a hypocrite if I do? I am simply pointing out that we’ve all made mistakes. Hey, chase, sasha. Hey. Have you heard back from the review board about my case? I mean, can’t you see everything that you have in comparison with everything that sasha has lost? She lost liam. She lost brando. She’s had nervous breakdowns multiple times. She’s under a guardianship now. But — but you… you have a perfect life. You just graduated nursing school with flying colors. You get to take days off whenever you want to “rest your eyes.” You live on this beautiful estate in michael’s family’s house with the man that you love and a son that you adore, and you have a baby on the way. Your life is perfect, but you can’t be bothered to show even one ounce of compassion to the woman that you claim is… shut up!! Shut up! Shut…up!

The review board met this morning. I wasn’t there. I’d already said my piece. I made the best case I could for you to get reinstated. Thanks. I appreciate it. Yeah. Look, man, everyone’s pulling for you. Look, I know it’s a long shot, and it probably won’t go my way, but I still can’t help but hope. Chase has been burning off nervous energy by helping me decorate.

[ Chuckles ] You want to join? Uh, yeah, yeah. I can throw up a wreath or two before I go to work. Awesome. I’ll be right back. All right. Wait. Did you volunteer here or something? No, I just kind of happened upon sasha and offered to pitch in. Ah. Of course you did.

[ Cellphone beeps ] It’s final. The review board turned down my appeal. Oh, man, I’m sorry. I’m not a cop anymore. And never will be again. Oh, I’m so glad you answered. It’s brook lynn. Yes, that brook lynn. I made a mess. I got to fix it. And I can’t do it alone.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Are you threatening to remove me? I’m not threatening anyone. I know these people. And I know how they operate. Sonny, you’ve been in power a long time, and they’re satisfied that you can achieve their objectives efficiently. Yeah. And if I refuse? Well, they’ll go with someone else, and you’ll be reclassified a liability. So you can either make a boatload of money, or you can make a whole new set of very powerful enemies and lose everything. Ball’s in your court. But however you choose, you better choose quickly… ’cause these folks are not known for their patience.

[ Door closes ] Brick. Listen, I need you to get as much information you can on pikeman security group. Yeah. You got to get it to me as soon as you can. How dare you? This isn’t about sasha. This is about you. That is not true. Just like everything is always about you. Not true. Sasha was just the latest excuse for you to try to get closer to me to scheme your way back into wiley’s orbit.

[ Laughs ] Which, after the lies you spread, is just ludicrous! I didn’t spread any lies. Oh, really? So you didn’t tell michael that tj and I were having an affair when nothing could be further from the truth? Okay, i did do that. But that was a mistake. I said I was sorry. And if you remember correctly, you told me to drop dead. Yeah, that’s right. Because nothing else gets through to you. You do not listen. You do not stop. You just keep pushing and pushing. Go away, nina! Leave my family the hell alone! Oh, my god.

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