Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel returns home to spend Thanksgiving with Phyllis and Summer and he and Lily catch up on old times. Daniel tells Lily that Heather got a job in Portugal and took Lucy with her. Daniel tells Lily he has an idea for a new project and he wants to set up an appointment to talk to her about it.

Diane tells Ashley that she could hurt her family if she, Phyllis, and Nikki bring Jeremy Stark to town. Ashley thinks Diane is just telling her that because she is scared that Jeremy Stark will reveal her lies to everyone.

Jack tells Tucker that he is ready for his takeover attempt, and he will never get Jabot. Tucker tells Jack that he likes to keep him guessing so he doesn’t confirm or deny that he is attempting to take over Jabot.

A drunken Adam proposes marriage to Sally and she turns him down because he doesn’t know what he is saying because he is drunk. Adam tells Sally that Nick is using her for sex and she is using Nick to make him jealous. Adam tells Sally that Nick is always looking for a woman to replace his true love Sharon. Adam asks Sally to think about his marriage proposal because it sincerely comes from his heart.

Lily is bothered when Billy asks if he can invite Chelsea to be with them on Thanksgiving if Chelsea doesn’t have Thanksgiving plans.

Jack tells Ashley that he has just spoken to Tucker and he agrees with Diane that Tucker wants to go after Jabot. Diane offers to spy for Ashley and Jack and find out Tucker’s plan

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