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[ Breathing heavily ] Hey, there. Carly, hi. Hey. Out for a run? Yeah, just finishing up. Lucky me. You being here when I just happened by. Yeah. Quite the coincidence, isn’t it? Mm. Yeah. Hi. We have to be really careful. Somebody knows about us. Easy. You’re awake. Unless I’m dreaming.

[ Exhales sharply ] Your fever’s going down. How do you feel? Much better.

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Groans ] How’s the side? Only hurts when I move. Okay. Here, hydrate. First of all… thank you. If you hadn’t taken care of me,I’d be totally screwed. You’re welcome. What’s the second thing? I need you to do something for me. Dex, it’s me. Three days is too long to go dark. One email is not enough. Get back to me. Now! Hmm. No word from dex on my end, either. I haven’t been able to track him through my sources. Thanks for the update. Yeah. That — that’s not the only reason I asked you here. Mm-hmm. Last night when I said that I was all cool with everything that went down with you and carly… I’m not.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hey. Hey. Dr. Talone’s on her way. Oh, joy. She’s a leading specialist in huntington’s disease, and her waiting list is usually months long, so… I appreciate the strings you pulled to get me a consult with her. But you don’t have to stay. I know.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I can stick around if you want me to. Yeah, sure. It would be nice to have some moral support… if this really is the beginning of the end.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, here. Now, I’ve come to meet you.

[ Clears throat ] Okay, being dominique’s son can only get you so far. What do you want? Some legal advice.

[ Exhales deeply ] I may be coming into an absurd amount of money. Robert: The game’s over. I-I don’t know what you’re ta– enough! I baited you with a phony address to anna’s hideout 15 minutes ago. Whitten, from the agency, descended on that property, acting on an anonymous tip. You supplied the tip! How long have you been working with victor?!

Dex, I’m not getting you clothes. I bled all over what I was wearing. I’m sorry about your brother’s shirt. I told you. Michael won’t miss it. And that’s not the point. Right. The point is, I can’t just walk out of here in bloodstained clothes and hope no one notices. The point is, you can’t walk. You can’t even stand. Yes, I can.

[ Groans ] Dex, don’T.

[ Groaning ] See? Josslyn saw us kissing the night sonny brought her home. Ah, and she didn’t say anything until now? Well, she’s got a lot going on. She’s fine. And josslyn can be trusted. Yeah, that’s definitely true. I mean, even when she was a kid, she had my back. Mm. She always made me feel like family. You are family. That reminds me. Michael and willow asked me to look into something that could be important to us. “Us.” I like the sound of us. Mm.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, well, well. Fancy running into you two here. You have the wrong idea. Damn it. You can’t talk your way out of this, kid! Yes, I’m doing victor’s bidding. But not by choice! Not by choice! And the more that I tell you — oh, god, it’s so complicated. The more that I tell you, the more there will be a target on your back. Oh, damn it! There’s a target on everyone’s back as long as victor walks around. What? We got luke murdered, anna framed. And from what I’m hearing, we’re all in danger, and you included! Look, I can help you. But you gotta tell me everything. And I mean everything. You’re coming into money, huh? Illegal money, no doubt. Nope. Nope. I’m coming into this honestly. Turns out serena… may not have walked away with all the taub fortune. How do you mean, “may not have”? Well, there is some dispute as to whether or not the fortune belongs to leopold taub’s heirs or cesar faison’S. Dr. Talone, thank you for making the time to see me. It’s an interesting case, but I’ve got to leave for toronto soon, so let’s just dive in. I’ve asked dr. Gatlin-holt to sit in for moral support. That’d be me. Thank you for coming, doctor. I’m the one who forwarded you her records. Yes, I’ve looked them over. You tested positive for the gene two years ago? That’s correct. What made you get tested? Family history? That, and I thought I was experiencing symptoms, but it turns out it was just my carpal tunnel acting up. The details from that visit are vague.

[ Clicks tongue ] I was, in a way, incognito at the time. I gave a false name to the doctor. I’m sure what the doctor told you was accurate, but without a full medical history, it may not have been complete. The swallowing symptoms you described, if they are what you fear, would imply that you’re further along. How much further? It’s possible that a secondary condition of carpal tunnel was masking over tremors caused by chorea… a symptom of stage 2 huntington’S. If you weren’t up front with the doctor about your identity, I assume you also withheld details of your life, say, 5, 10 years ago? I was essentially on the run for most of that time, except for the year I spent in prison. Were you experirritability, depression, restless limbs while sleeping?

[ Scoffs ] Did you not just hear me? I was on the run and then a prisoner. So, yes, I was quite restless and anxious and — and depressed. It’s entirely possiblethat at that time, you were experiencing the first, harder to detect, stage of the disease.

I would never disrespect you by making a move on the mother of your kids. I believe you, brick. But when carly meddles with my business, with my people, usually ends up with disaster. You know what I mean? Give carly some credit. She handled herself well and took over the reins while you were missing. I get you. But whatever she’s into now could be conflict for my kids. I can’t have that, brick. If — if the situation was dangerous, I’d tell you. I give you my word on that.

[ Knock on door, door opens ] Supplier wants to meet you outside. I’ll be right back. All right. Hey, um, well, I was just, um — I was just walking by when, uh, drew — yeah, I was just finishing a run. Do a little stretching. Yeah, yeah. So I see. I see. Yeah. Yeah, I was just taking a stroll in the park since I have so much time on my hands since I’m not at the metro court anymore. Mm-hmm. What about you? Oh, I just dropped leo off for his first basketball practice. It’s just a little — little intramural thing, you know, with other kids on the spectrum to practice their, uh, team-building skills before the big season starts. Oh, I love that.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Hold on one second. Mm-hmm. Um… I have to go. Something has come up. So I will — I’ll — I’ll talk to you guys later, all right? Okay. Yup. Leo had quite an adventure last night.

[ Exhales deeply ] Yeah. Yeah. Leo’s such a — he’s such a great kid. I think so. He can’t stop talking about that cellphone he found outside the gatehouse.

[ Breathing sharply ] Are you gonna sit down? Or am I just supposed to watch you fall over? I’ll admit I can’t run any marathons, but I can make it back to my place. The last time you tried that, you popped two stitches and the wound got infected. Well, that’s ’cause I was trying to sneak out of your brother’s house at night, okay? I was in a hurry. I brushed up against a tree. That’s when I popped the stitches. Fortunately, it’s broad daylight now. Look, I just need you to go get me some clean clothes, and I’ll be out of here. You — you can’t leave yet. You’re still too weak. How many people live on this floor? 30. How many floors are there? 10. Okay, so that’s 300 ways to get caught. Um, if you go out there and collapse, that’s another way to get caught. Right, and if I do that, I’ll be on my own and you won’t be implicated. Joss.

[ Groans ] I didn’t come to you for help, but you helped me anyway. I’m not gonna repay you by getting you charged as an accessory after the fact. An accessory to what? You still won’t tell me what you did. Correction. What sonny ordered you to do. Look, I only stayed last night ’cause I was too messed up to leave. Okay, but I’m better now. So if you won’t go get me the clothes, I’m gonna have to put back on what I have and take my chances. Britt: What are you saying? That I could have been showing symptoms while I was on the run? I mean, that was eight years ago. I’m trying to make the symptoms you have today align with what we know of the disease.

[ Exhales sharply ] Trouble swallowing is your main symptom? Dr. Westbourne, if you’re honest with dr. Talone, it might help her make an accurate diagnosis, right? I’ve been more irritable lately. The tremors still show up every once in a while. Define “once in awhile.” Okay, fine. Fairly regularly. But I keep them in check. I’d like to conduct some tests. Cody: Leopold taub, he bequeathed several pieces of jewelry to his direct heirs, one to include a necklace that somehow ended up with peter august. Right. That britt found that necklace in a safety deposit box? Mm-hmm. But it’s funny that the girl who had the necklace was now hooked up with you through society setups. Yeah, well, I-I guess it was fate. Or not. Anyways, the necklace contains diamonds cut from the ice princess. Oh, yes, the ice princess, the diamond the cassadines, they were gonna freeze the world. Yeah, that’s what I heard. Well, look, I got a little piece of advice for you. Run for the hills! I’ve been lying to you. My memory of the last two years is anything but hazy. It’s seared into me. Let’s take it from the beginning, huh? Come on.

[ Inhales deeply ] I was investigating rudge and his casino. That much is true. And the rumor was that victor was alive and well and working with rudge. Given his — he still had allies in the bureau. And word must have got out and my cover was blown. And rudge kept me captive in the casino for weeks until… you managed to call me.

[ Cellphone rings ] Scorpio. Holly: Robert! Hey.

Help! Speak up. I can’t hear.

[ Static ] Hello?

Robert! Hey, talk to me, will you? I need you. Look, I can’t — robert. Holly? Please! Well, I just knew you’d be on your way. That’s when victor revealed himself to me. He wanted me to know what would happen if I tried to contact you again, to make an example of someone I cared about.

[ Gun cocks ] That’s when he brought in paloma. Victor: Goodbye, paloma.

[ Screams ] Paloma? Your sister?

[ Sobbing ] The bastard made me watch while he m-murdered my sister in front of my eyes.

En if I tried to escape. Paloma — she looked just like you. It was her body we found on the casino grounds. Holly’s wedding ring. Wearing my wedding ring. Add some f-falsified dental records… voil! Everybody in the world thinks I’m dead. Evidently, paloma was expendable. But victor… thought he might have some use for me someday. Open the door! You bastard! Let me out of here! It was kept in the lap of luxury till my temper got the better of me. Let me out! What are you doing?! Help! Help! Victor moved me from crete to… god knows where. And then he did find a use for me. Brought me here. Anna was getting in the way of his master plan, whatever the hell it is. And he wanted me… …to distract you… …after framing anna. Tell me… tell me you didn’t shoot lucy. Ohh! It was me. How? I don’t believe it! H-how could you? She was your friend! And you kill her! I did no such thing! You just told me you shot her! I said I shot her! But lucy’s not dead. Hey. You’re supposed to take that with food. Hold on. Here. Thanks. Did you have any trouble? No. I was in and out in less than five minutes. As far as I know, nobody saw me. Socks? Well, I didn’t think that you’d want to wear your old ones, and I wasn’t about to dig through your bloody bag of clothes to find the other ones. Right. Okay.

[ Groans, breathing sharply ] Okay. Stop. Give me those. You know, the fact that you can’t get dressed by yourself may tell you that you are still too weak to go. Ah. Can you help me with the pants?

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts softly ] Hey, here, give it to me. I can — I can take it from here.

[ Groaning ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Ta-da! It’s impressive. What are you gonna do about the shoes? All right. [ Sighs ] Where were we?

[ Cellphone thuds ] Look, I respect you, sonny. And if what happened was about business, I would tell you. But I prefer to leave other people’s private matters… private. Doesn’t our working relationship, our friendship, allow for that?

[ Knock on door ] Boss. I hear you got the wrong idea about me and brick. I’m glad you’re here while I set you straight.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing? Well, it’ll look weird if you’re carrying around an empty duffel bag. Just put my stuff in it. Oh, right. And if somebody happens to open your bag and it’s full of bloody clothes, that’s not gonna make you look guilty at all. What are you gonna do with them?

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna take it to my mom’s and burn everything in the fire pit, along with the sheet and everything that I brought from my michael’S. You’re going to a lot of trouble for me. Yeah. I am. So, don’t get caught.

Damn. What? Oh, this, it wasn’t supposed to happen.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it did. I have to go. Well, I-I’ll drive you. No, no, you’ve done enough. I’ll take it from here. Dex, wait. Um… your keys. Bye, joss. So, now leo wants his own cellphone. And I said, “ah, na, na, na, not till you’re 12 years old,” which, as you can imagine, really didn’t go over so well. I tried to explain to him that he’s about 20 years younger than I was when I got my first cellphone. So, it was a — uh [Whistles] You here? I’m sorry. I ju– [ Laughs ] I was just, um… thinking about carly? I don’t suppose things between the two of you have progressed, have they? So, you’ve been asking questions about me being in brick’s room. Not that it’s any of your business. I just told her you were curious. Here’s the deal. Drew and I are seeing each other, and we havere are some insider trading issues at play. I asked brick if he could cover up our digital tracks. Will you give us a minute? Gladly. Okay. I’m sure you got a lot to say. I’m ha– I’m happy for you. Hey. Still here? Yeah. How’d it go? Hell if I know. Dr. Talone isn’t exactly the warm, cheery type. Her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. Right, you wouldn’t know anything about that.

[ Both laugh ] Thank you. You’re welcome. Oh, you mean

[Chuckles] For dissing your bedside manner? Yeah, you’re welcome for that, too. For not treating me any differently now that you know the truth. It’s a lot easier to talk about this with people I don’t know very well, like you. I’m touched. Right.

[ Scoffs ] I just mean…

[ Exhales deeply ] …It takes a lot more energy to get into it with people I’m closer to. Of course. Like cody? Brad? I know…how my story is gonna end. It’s one thing to hear the gory details in front of an er triage doctor — that’d be me. It’s another for my loved ones. And… I want them to remember me. You know, not what thishorrific disease does to me.

[ Knock on door ] Hi, dr. Talone. What did you find? Okay. T-the ice princess, I-it’s cursed. All right? That’s a fact. Look it up. No, I-I’ve done some research, yeah. Yeah, well, anybody that’s claimed that diamond has died. Including luke spencer. You know what? I don’t want anything to do with this. Okay, so you won’t help me? I am helping you. I’m telling you to walk away. Fine. You know what? I’ll handle it myself. Ah, so forget about the curse. You’re gonna go after this inheritance and you’re gonna screw over the girl that you allegedly care about. Is that really worth it? Lucy’s alive? It was never victor’s intention to kill her. Lucy’s just another person he can use as leverage against the people of port charles. But how did he manage it? There were two shots fired that night. The first — the first one I shot was a rubber bullet. Victor, we obviously got our… what are you doing here? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please. No. No.

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Groans ]

[ Gunshot ] The second shot I fired was a real bullet. I fired it into the water, leaving casing and residue on the pier. But the video, it showed anna. During victor’s tenure at the bureau, he perfected the art of prosthetics, which he made me wear. Just like duke and faison. Got it. Lucy was retrieved from the water almost immediately by victor’s guards. Lucy: [ Groaning ] Wait. What — what happened? Wait, wait, wait. What happened? Wait, where are you ta– taking me? Wait.

[ Exhales deeply ] She’ll be in good hands for the time being. But you. Oh, you still have more work to do, ms. Sutton. Robert: I don’t understand. Why not run to the cops there and then? I mean, with lucy alive, anna’s cleared. Please, robert. Victor must never know that I’ve told you this. Nobody must know that lucy’s alive. I don’t think he’d harm her. He — he seems to have a soft spot for her. It’s not about lucy. There’s another reason that victor can never know that I’ve betrayed him. What has victor got on you? Not what. Who. My son.

I mean, it’s never gonna be easy seeing you with another guy. But you know what?

[ Exhales deeply ] Uh, drew’s a decent enough guy and, uh… …I’m not threatened by him at all, so… but, you know, I’m not surprised ’cause h-he’s around you all the time. Right. Thank you. Yeah. I didn’t come here to get your approval. I came here because I didn’t want you getting the wrong idea about me and brick. Right. How did you know that I was in his room? ‘Cause nina said that she saw you walk into his room. Nina. Ah! Of course. What? I mean, it is her life’s mission to make me miserable. C-carly. Carly, listen. I mean, I-I said I was happy for you.

[ Scoffs ] Can’t you be happy for me? I will be happy for you when your girlfriend learns to mind your own business.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Found a friend of yours waiting to see you. All right. I’ll leave you to your business. Where the hell… have you been? You’re showing all the signs of entering stage 3 of huntington’s disease. If my timetable is correct, you’re in the low-intermediate stage of the disease. Your current symptoms will increase along with eventual significant cognitive impairment. How much time do I have? The average life-span of a patient in stage 3 is anywhere from 5 to 15 years. But as for living your daily life, it could be as soon as 18 months that you would need full-time care and assisted living. Victor has ethan? After your adventure in monte carlo, ethan found some evidence that I might still be alive, and he came looking for me. Why didn’t he bring it to me? I don’t know. Maybe he was trying to find confirmation first. I don’t know. But unfortunately for all of us, victor’s people caught him. Now victor’s holding him to secure my cooperation.

[ Sighs ] So, um…victor’s got anna on the run. He’s got lucy and ethan as prisoners.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] And he’s got me over a barrel. Is that him? And he’s coming here. You have to go. Put him off. I can’t provoke him! Or he’ll do the same to my son that he did to my sister.

Carly and I decided that it would be best if we just, uh, stayed friends. Oh. Well, hypothetically speaking, if that situation were to change, you know, you and carly would have a good reason to keep things quiet. Such as? Such as a lot of questions that ned was asking about the merger between aurora and elq. Mm. You know, who knew what and when they knew it. The merger that never happened? Oh, sure, sure, of course. But — but — but hypothetically speaking, someone, um… even someone that I’m married to, could raise a pretty big stink with the sec. And if that were the case… …you should know that you can count on me to not say anything. Carly is my best friend. And you’re family.

[ Knock on door ] Uh, just a sec. Carly: Joss, it’s me. Oh. Come in. Dex is gone. Yeah, I know. I just saw him in sonny’s office. What?

[ Scoffs ] Unbelievable. I almost kill myself trying to save him, and he runs back to sonny? You can’t save him, josslyn. I didn’t mean it like that. Dex is working for sonny by his own choice, and as grateful as he is that you helped him, that job is gonna be his top priority. You want me to say that this was a one-time thing, and that I’m never gonna see dex again? Will you be disappointed if it is a one-time thing? I need to go home, and I need to use the fire pit. All right, well, now is a good time. The girls aren’t there. Let’s go. The bullet grazed my side. It bled a lot, and it got infected. Then I found a place to crash until my fever broke. Why didn’t you call in? I lost my phone. That’s not professional. No, I was really out of it the first night, okay? I wasn’t sure if the cops were looking for me. I kept my hat on the whole time. I kept my face in shadow. But there’s a chance the guard could still I.D. Me. What do you think, brick? Out of contact for three days, conveniently lost his phone. I can see why you’d be concerned. Look, I stayed away because I didn’t want to bring any trouble back to you. Okay, I want you to, no matter what, you can count on me.

[ Sobbing ] I’m trying my best to save everyone. Anna and lucy and ethan. But…something has to give! You’re right. Something does. Thank you, dr. Talone, for going out of your way to meet with me. I’m sorry it wasn’t better news. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] Wanna go for a walk? Thanks, but I need to be alone. You want a drink? Austin, you’ve been great. But I need to handle this by myself. Okay. You know where to find me.

[ Exhales shakily ]

[ Sniffles ] Damn it.

[ Screams ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Grunts ] Damn! Damn! Damn.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Screams ] I just got word from eileen ashby. Anna devane has escaped. How is that possible? You tell me. I saw the text on robert’s phone. Anna was at the address I gave the marshal. Robert may be on to you. Best be on your guard. Meanwhile, I have another assignment for you. One that involves an old friend of yours.

[ Groans ]

[ Sniffles ] Gee, peter. Thanks.

[ Chuckles ] Did you get this from dear old dad? Guess what I got.

[ Knock on door ] Britt.

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