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 Hey mom. Oh, Sarah honey. I’m so sorry I had to rush out to work. I missed your anniversary party, so I just, I wanted to drop this off. Oh, whoa. That was so sweet. But it was, um, last minute. So the frame is empty , but it is steel for your 11th. And I thought if you took a photo at the party last night, or maybe we could take one tonight, that, that would be lovely.

You don’t like it? No, no, no, no. It’s not that. What, what’s wrong? It’s, you know, it’s Bonnie Justin. He’s terribly worried about her, and so am I.

What the, oh my God. Buddy buddy, sweetheart, Justin. Okay, I praying Brandon here. You sweetheart. Sweetheart, who did this to you? The evilest clown you’ve ever seen.

Where are we? And when are we gonna get there? And most importantly, when the heck are you gonna let me go? What? With all the questions. Aren’t you supposed to be psychic? You know what? It doesn’t work that way, Uhuh. It’s not like I’m some side show Fortune Taylor from Peach Six. And you know what? It doesn’t take a psychic to see that you are one Sorry.

Excuse for a clap. Oh yeah. How’s that? You’re not very whimsical. You’re just rude. Rude, rude. And you’re kind of boring. Oh, well, I’d prefer you to be the boring kind of a captive. So why don’t we try that for a change. What do you say? Like I said, rude. Who’s ever rude is a rude clown. Why don’t you just sit back?

And be quiet so we can enjoy the ride in silence.

Alice, rusty, this has not been too much for her, for all of us really, but I’m relieved that you and Eva have made an agreement. I just want all of this to be over. As much as it pains me, I have every intention in doing whatever that evil woman wants, whatever it takes to ensure the safe return of my mother.

Come on mom. You know you want to kill her? Kill Susan Banks. That is not the deal I made with EJ the deal. Since when is EJ honored to deal with you? He kidnapped your son. He thinks he can win this. You need to make him lose. I just upped the ransom. He is about to lose 30 million. You are Ava Vitali. This isn’t about the money EJ disrespected you and we both know there is one way to answer for that.

He needs to suffer. You need to make him suffer. We both know how this ends. True revenge. The mother has to.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Honestly is isn’t what I expected a clown car to look like. I mean, it’s roomy in the inside, but I mean, it didn’t seem all small on the outside or not very clown like either clown French, can you cram in here, Mr. Griffin? Y you who I supposed to. It means you never shut up and it’s driving me crazy. What happens to silence?

Well, I don’t like silence, so either you start answering the questions or I’m gonna start to sing Elvis’s back headlock in chronological order. All right. All right. You know what, Mr. Co, I’m gonna set the scene for you. It was year 1953 and it was a hot blistering August day in Man Fish when a handsome young man walks right into the Do On Records and he away.


this is not a real clown car. Okay? Don’t mind. It’s a. And I don’t know how many clowns I can cram in here cause I don’t have any clown friends. You happy now? No. And you showed darn angry. I’m angry. I’m just frustrated on the club. Mr. Clown,

how about I ask you a question? Okay. Shoot. Wait, don’t shoot. Ask one. Watch with the silly hat.

Huh? Yeah. Mr. Crown are calling me Shelly. Well, you know what, for your information, my haage cold and so when you unti me, I grabbed my hat, my lucky hat. Mind you, I’d my bag. See, I like to be prepared for the weather for misfortunes. Well, doesn’t seem so lucky to me. Given the circumstances. I mean, you know what?

As long as I have this little head on my head, everything’s gonna be alright.

So you don’t have any clown friends soon? Just the clown wife. Don’t start that again. Xander said that Bonnie texted saying she was gonna go visit Mimi, but didn’t say. Right. Um, well, Justin just spoke to Mimi and, uh, it’s clear that the text didn’t come from her mother and that Bonnie never went to Chicago.

Uh, wow. Okay. I understand why you’re all so worried. Where’d she go? Um, . We don’t know. . The last we all knew is that she, Headed out to the garden shed. Okay. Okay. Uh, someone in a clown costume tied you up in here. Yes, he is. So, Creepy. Like the clown clown. That makes you heavy jeebies. Okay. All right, LA So let’s just figure this out.

Uh, Maggie said that you came down here to get some lanterns. Yes. Yes. For her and Victor’s anniversary party to be the centerpieces on the table. Right. So when you got here, this creepy clown, evil bozo was just lying in Wait. No, no. And he wasn’t lying. And wait, he found me here after I found Susan Banks.

Charlie, I don’t think, don’t think. Act, your precious trip could have been killed. Yeah. But he wasn’t. Okay. He’s safe now. And we made a deal and EJ agreed, yeah. To give you lots of money. Great. But since when has it been about that 30 million is a big payday. Sure. But to destroy a man, to crush his soul, that is how you become somebody.

The Vitali that you used to be, the Vitali that you’re destined to be. Again, show EJ what happens when you mess with a Vitali, not just any vital mom. Ava Vitali put him in his place. The best way to do that. Put his mother in this place.

I spoke to my banker. And the necessary funds are in place. I was under the impression that this was going to be an electronic transaction. It is. There’s just one more thing I need to deal with


Susan May be insufferable, but she’s innocent. She’s done nothing wrong, which is why her death will hurt EJ even more, and you’ll get the payback you deserve. Awful, less facing. Susan might be innocent, but she is annoying as hell. Insufferable, like you said, EJ will be devastated, but the rest of the world, they will breathe a sigh of relief when she finally.

I know you want me to shut up and I know I can be a bit annoying, but I do think that I deserve to know where we’re going, especially considering you aren’t very forest coming by the lash location. How’s that? Uh huh uh, I mean, you told me that we were in a soundproof bunker, some undisclosed NoCal, when really we were in old stinky victor’s old, stinky garden shit.

And I, I, I don’t mean to sound on great bull scenes that you haven’t killed me at all, but don’t you think this is getting a little boring, this kid laughing stuff? Well, You and I are on the same page when it comes to that.

I think I might be even more ready for this to be over than you are. And since you asked somewhat nicely, I guess you do deserve an answer. I do, gee, you’re gonna tell me where we’re going? Yeah. I’m taking you home.

Ava just texted me the location she wants to meet at the airstrip in 30 minutes. Do you really think that that firearm is necessary? I’m sure there’s been more than one poor soul who’s made the fatal misstep of meeting up with Ava. Vital, unarmed. If I left this gun here, it would be a grave mistake, and possibly my last and this cloud had Susan in here too.

Oh, yes. I walked right into this. And this clown is trying to get EJ to pay for the return of his mother. He had Susan all trust up like a Thanksgiving Turkey, same as me, except obviously he didn’t think it was worth as much. So where’s Susan now? Clown God only knows where right before you two burst. I’m sorry.

So Justin and Alex are down at the shed. Yeah, they’re just trying to figure out where Bonnie disappeared to. Well, we all know Bonnie can be a little scattered. Yeah. But she didn’t just get lost on the grounds. I’m sure she’s gonna turn up, I hope. Speaking of which, yes, when I left for work, my husband was here.

So where is Zander now?

I devil himself here, down you.

That didn’t. You’re on the DER grounds, aren’t you?

What the hell are you doing here? Hey, she have to help me. This crazy. He,

he did exactly what I asked him to.

Don’t tell me you’re not in Missy’s clown. Oh God, no. My relationship with this clown is purely profess.

You just think that my grandson Gianni trusted you. I stood up to you for you. Okay, daddy, shame. Shame on you. He’s gonna be so disappointed in you. Oh, how am I ever gonna survive? Now go stand in the corner. Will you do something? Maybe you can. Summon up the spiritual world and top the ear off of some dead damara.

I need to have a word with this clown. Hey, you know what? Since you guys are gonna be talking about me and my welfare, hopefully, um, I think I should be parted to this conversation. Or not. Okay. I’m just gonna flip over here and see what we have. Oh,

I know you weren’t very bright, but it’s only now that I realize you are a total moron. I told you the place I was keeping Susan being compromised and I had to move her. Who told me you’d let me know when your son was safe? Yes, and I just got word that Steve just rescued. Trip. Great. Then we can finally end this.

Get our money from EJ and offload Money Motor Map.

Actually, there’s been a change of plans. I’m gonna go meet EJ and get the money and you’re gonna stay here. Stay here. Why? To kill Susan.

What are you talking about, Ava? We had a deal. No one gets hurt. No one gets hurt. Oh, well then it’s clear. We have had a little bit of a misunderstanding here because my goal from the very beginning has always been to hurt EJ for what he did. To me, that’s become very clear to me that our only path forward is to take away someone.

He. And that’s what we did. And now the next step of the plan is to trade the person he loves for a vast sum of money. I didn’t sign up for murder money. Money means nothing to ej. He was born with it. He will always have it. He will always get more. You need to take away something that he cannot replace.

He has to pay in.

I knew you had a screw, but now my God, you’ve totally lost it. Come on. Lucky hat, I’m taking you home back to your son. Are you sure about that?

Lord. Lord, I know you.

This is a Demy game. Avery and I have been playing, but I have no doubt that I will bust her because she’s reckless. Her moves are erratic. But that’s what makes her so dangerous. It’s also what makes her fallible. I was hoping I can’t talk you out of this, at least let me come along with a backup. She wants me to come alone at this highly sensitive moment of our negotiations, unwilling to make that compromise.

Tony, as much as I want to end Ava tonight. My mother’s safety is the priority. This gun is a last resort, I assure you.

Hello. physically, you’re all right, but I’m sure this ordeal was very upsetting. I’m just glad it’s over, you know? Oh God. My, my hands are still shaking. Geez. Here’s some kind of meal tea. It’ll help sooth your nerves. Oh, um, I think maybe a. Hello. Island iced tea might work faster for me, though. I will take care of that.

Thank you. Thank you, darling. Okay. Can you, uh, tell us anything more about what happened about this man who took Susan? Honey, how many right now? I’m, I’m, I’m just more interested in drinking than talking. Can we just put this off just for a little bit, please? Uh, no. No, you can’t. Cause as long you wait, more likely you are to forget something.

Something that could save Susan Banks’s life.

Susan beat your captor

boy. How would you do this to me? Why the hell did you do that? You brought Susan here and added me. I just returned the. And now you have no choice but to do what needs to be done.

Ah, will you look at the time? I have a date with EJ at the airstrip. So I’m gonna take your car. I’m gonna go get the money from EJ and tell him the terrible news about his precious mom.

Oh, and if it’s any consolation, Susan, there’s a very nice spot right here between Stefano and Andre. So when your son finds your body, he won’t have fire to go to bury.

Bonnie, do you remember anything else about this clown? Any details could be incredibly helpful. Like I told you and everyone else already, he was wearing a clown mask. No, that he never took off. And a suit like a clown suit? No. A blue business suit like the one you always. Thank you. Looks so. Quit. Uh, you’re not implying.

And then it was Alex. No. Lord, no. How at anyone so sweet and with such a sweet face ever hurt anyone? No. Okay. Just the record. Alex was here with me and Maggie during the time that this clown was down at the shed.

So, uh, you remember any more details? Oh, come on you guys, guys. No, I’m no good at describing people to the cops. I mean, really the last time I did this, I Id the wrong person. Okay. Well then maybe you can think about not just what he looked like, but maybe what he sounds like. Can you describe his voice? He was muffled and kind of strange.

Come on. I, I, I can’t do this. Okay. I, I don’t know what you guys want from me here. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. That’s enough. Um, you’ve been through a lot, so can we just finish this up? Okay. Yeah. Right. Uh, Bonnie, if you do remember anything else, anything at all, please let me know. Okay? Thank you.

Hold on. There is something, wait. Even though this guy wore a clown mask, he wasn’t very clown like, what does that mean? Well, first of all, he wasn’t very funny. In fact, he was downright mean and creepy. No, no, no. I mean, if this guy really did work in the circus, there’s no way he’d be a clown because his build, you know, and the way he carried himself, he, he was.

He was more like the strong man, you know?

Hey, Mr. Andrew Clown. I, I mean Mr. Cook, Mr. Clown Cook. Gender. You don’t have to do this. That, that heartless lady with the soul decisive a piece, she doesn’t get to boss you around. Right? I promise you. I promise you, you know what? If you just let me live, you know, live the long life that God intended me to, I promise you.

Look, until I saw that you were involved in any of this, not even my sweet, sweet, sweet.

That’s close enough. Ej,

where’s my mother? I want to see her. Oh, you’ll get what you want after I get what I want, except I think it’s become clear. We have good reason not to trust one. Go hell with your trust. Bj, I want your money. So unless I get an alert very. Very soon that you’ve wired me the $30 million, I’m gonna call my associate and tell him to put that bullet in your mother’s rainless little head.

Nope. Nope. Won’t tell anyone.

I’m sorry, Susan. The stakes are just too. I can’t even trust Ava or Amy. Now she’s just gonna murder me in cold blood. You’re not getting it. Sarah would never understand this and things were just getting back on track. I have to do it for her. No you don’t. Please just no more talking. Let me make this harder for both of us.

Okay? Okay. I’m Spanish, Spanish fan. I’m gonna listen. I wanna listen to you. I promise Sarah that I was a changed man, that her love changed me, but she finds out what I did. She’ll, she’ll never forgive me. She’ll see me for what I really am. Okay, hold on, hold on. For, but you don’t have to be, you don’t have to be that you, you don’t have to do this.

I’m not gonna tell. I promise. I promise I crossed my heart and hope get, you know, the best. Maybe you won’t, but if I don’t do this for my, just how spy tell everyone,

and I cannot lose Sarah against Susan. I just, I can’t

Oh, sorry.

It’s done. Where’s my mother?

Nice dream business with you.

Leaving him with our leasing arrival. Oh, I’ll release her to you. Or should I say I’ll release her body to. No. Yeah, no. Yes, yes. Ej. I’m afraid, and it’s true. Your dear old mommy is dead,

got a shower and help you wash away some of that guilt didn’t. You are wrong.

Well, here we are, father, yet again. We are for one of my brothers to return.

Ah. Like father, like son. Isn’t that right?

I just hope EJ keeps his cool. Where is he?

How did you get him? The door was open. Where the hell is ej?

Wow. Huh? That look on your face. Ej, it is worth more to me than 30 million. Damn you. You thought you could take my sun trip? You could threaten my flesh and blood and then just pay me off. If it’s true, my mother’s dead.

No next.

A night, huh? I’m just glad you’re safe right here next to me. Next to my hero,

five 12.

So EJ is on his way to the airstrip right now to make the exchange? Yes. Well, why the hell didn’t one of you call? Well, he was about to call you when neighbor’s call came in, and at that point the ball was already rolling, so he had no choice but to act. Listen, commissioner, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t worried about my brother.

By giving your own personal experience, I’m sure you understand we’re not dealing with your average kidnapper. The rules don’t seem to apply when you’re. With Ava Vitali.

Go ahead, ej. Kill me. But you and I both know I won. I be and I will gladly go to migrate. Known that. Come on.

Before you, if you make it a quick. Oh, okay. I don’t mean to be difficult, but I don’t know any quick prayers. I’m, I’m a, I’m a God-fearing Bible or something, Christian, you see. And I met my sister, my sister Mary Moore around. I mean, she’s the one who’s quick with the first Oh, okay, okay. Okay. I’ll, I’ll come up with something.

Um, oh God. God. Just stomach prayers so little time. I just, oh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. I got one. I got one. Okay. And then I wanna say, Not ready.

Oh Jesus, half mercy. Poor, poor man’s soul. A father,

just forgive him. He knows not what he’s done.

I’m ready you.

I can’t do this. I can’t shoot you. Oh, oh. Will Right. I against my prayers for my life of an answer, even though I didn’t have a chance to say it. Oh, okay. You know what? Let’s, um, what do we do next? I mean, I, there, there, there, there is a, um, supply room at the Brady Pub that, um, it’s great for Holden Camp at your store.

Covered before I changed my mind. She Oh, oh, oh, okay. Okay. You know I,

she’s telling the whole world what I did. Right.

I laughing, kicking through the grace of God. You gotta favor right now that thou kill. Can we get, I mean, how many times one night can a girl get a gun? Don’t worry, honey, it’s gonna be the last time. Unless EJ puts his gun. Now.

Okay. Susan Uhuh, how about you and me? Take Oh, is that what you wanna do, ej, quit the gun down now. Still good? Still good.

Good you.

You are not going to believe what happened. Someone kidnapped Susan Banks and of all places was holding her in the Kiya shed. And Bonnie didn’t go to Chicago. She found Susan and the kidnapper grabbed her too, but don’t worry because Bonnie’s okay. But he took off with Susan. God knows where. Oh, and this is the weirdest.

The kidnapper was wearing a blue suit. Anne, are you ready for this? A clown mask. Isn’t that crazy?

And that bozo still has Susan,

Sarah, I’m so sorry for this. I have to tell you something.

It’s official nerves are dulled . Well, I’m glad, but mine aren’t. When I find this clown, he’s gonna be very sorry that he ever laid a finger on my wife. Honey. Honey, I’m okay. No really. Honestly, right now I am just worried about Susan. No, I know she seems like a tough old bird, but she was really scared Rachel Finder and he’ll, uh, bring her home safe.

I hope you’re right. I hope you’re right.


Oh my God. Here’s a tip, Susan. Don’t startle the person with the gun. Well, I’m sure, I’m sure, but I, I, Richard realized that I lost my lucky hair. We have to go back. Right now. Freaking kidding. Here’s another bit of advice for you. Keep your mouth shut. Are you gonna lose your unlucky head too?

I’m coming. Mother

is right behind you. And seeing as he used to drive race cars, it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to you. What’s the plan when he does

Eva? You’ve got no place to go now, but prison. No better yet. Hell, and once I catch up with you, I get to decide what are you gonna do? You’re gonna drive all the way to Seattle. The Demaris will hunt you to the ends of the earth. You know that? Just shut up. Okay, shut up. I am trying to think. I didn’t say anything.

Oh, you know what? I, I, I, I, I’ll stay, shut up. But, um, just please, please miss down. Please just keep your eyes in descriptive road. I mean, it would be horrible if we get into an accidental, be here. Tell ej, look at you. You’re scared. EJ is the one who should be shaking in the boots, but you let him get the upper hand, and now he’s chasing you.

You’re running away. Rule number one, vitals don’t run. You should have shot that son of a bitch when you had the chance. I am not scared. You’re crying like a baby because I lost everything, not everything. Yeah. It’s true that Steve didn’t want you, Ray didn’t want you, Jake dead trip abandoned you to move across the country.

But you, you still have me mother. I’m still. And we can be together forever, just like I always wanted. And you can still win this. You can still hurt ej. You know what you have to do.

I know. What the hell is she doing?

Come on one. I’m in heels and you walk so fast. I know, but Sweet Pits is about to close. I remember you saying how much you liked a Flowerless chocolate cake. Huh? My watch must be slow or they just closed early. I mean, one of the owners was just accused of murder yesterday. I should have had dessert at the restaurant even with no dessert.

I had a really lovely time. Yeah, it was our second first date. I wanted this one to be perfect. It was.

What are you up to now? Jen? What are you doing in Jakarta? Why don’t you return my calls?

It’s about the time you called me back. This is not just sister. Oh my God. Ro, what the hell are you doing with my sister’s phone? I received your message warning me about Jin Van Only. It came too late.

Sorry, did you hear what I said? I have to tell you something. Sorry. I thought I saw a roach. I am getting paranoid


Something’s happened. Hasn’t it

something bad? Something’s hurt,

and I did it on an A P B out on a late model four door sedan drivers, a woman named Ava Vitali Vitality. A 10 20 is a Salem Air. Victim’s name is Susan Banks. She might still be a passenger in the car, so I want all units to proceed with caution. Ava Vitali is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

EJ is right behind you and seeing as he used to drive race cars. It’s only a matter of time before he catches up to you. What’s the plan when he does

Eva? You’ve got no place to go now, but prison. No. Better? Yes. Hell, and once I catch up with you, I get to decide what are you gonna do? You’re gonna drive all the way to Seattle. The Damaris will hunt you to the ends of the earth. You know that? Just shut up. Okay, shut up. I am trying to think. I didn’t say anything.

Oh, you know what I.

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