Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 17, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Noah tells Allie that Audra told him she miscarried their baby after they broke up. Noah also tells Allie that he wished he would have handled his breakup from Aura in a more mature way so that Audra would have felt comfortable enough to tell him about the pregnancy before she had the miscarriage. Noah also tells Allie that his relationship with Audra is in the past and she is his present and future.

Nick and Sally have dinner and Nick tells Sally that he has everything he wants in life except for a personal life.

Billy tells Lily that Chelsea tried to jump off the roof of the Grand Phoenix and he literally talked her off the ledge. Lily feels badly that Chelsea was in so much pain that she felt she had no other choice to end her life. Adam isn’t happy that Chelsea has decided to tell Connor the truth about her suicide attempt right now because he thinks it is too soon to tell Connor what happened. Adam is determined to support Chelsea, and despite his feelings, he takes Connor to Chelsea’s apartment so they can talk to Connor together.

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