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. Oh, hey Brady. Uh, how did your meeting go at Titan? Uh, it was long for, the main takeaway is Alex Kakkis is thrilled with your Bella cover shoot that you did with. He would shut up about the chemistry that the two of you had. He said that it sizzled off the page. He’s so excited. He wants to do a second cover shoot with you.

Oh God. Shoot me now.

I hate you. I know that I hate you more.

Jing Wen logged in from Jakarta. Are you sure? No, I am not questioning the competence of the IT department. I just thank you for the information.

What are you up to, little sister? What’s wrong? It’s your hands freezing. Really? It’s like a hundred degrees in here. Maybe you’re just cold blooded. Maybe you’re getting sick. I’m fine. Okay. Maybe I’m a little nervous. No, Vicky, I’m, I’m sorry. I’m, I’m sorry if I, uh, made you uncomfortable. No, it’s not you, it’s what we’re about to do.

I mean, we really tracked down the mysterious Dr. Rolf more like the unhinged Dr. Rolf. Based on everything he’s done, he’s a really dangerous guy.

Is that what this is? Are we talking about my cold hands or your cold feet? Do you wanna abort the mission?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hello? Chloe, what are you doing here? I work here now What Basic Black is operating out of Dera Enterprises offices now? No, I’m no longer at Basic Black. I was given a promotion to Dera. You gave your girlfriend a promotion. Your fiance did. Lee didn’t tell you

the hell are you doing in Jakarta? Inua. I know you’re not there onto mirror business after spending 36 hours to get here. No, I don’t want to abort the mission. I’m totally committed to this. If Lee’s involved in something shady you, I need to know. I’m glad you still feel that way. I do and I hope against hope that there’s some other reason he sent Dr.

Rothfield that doesn’t have anything to do with the plan to brainwash Stephan. I hate to think that Lee’s capable of something so vi. Well, that’s the difference between us. I know all too well what my father is capable of, but I do hope you’re right. Yeah. Well, whether I am or not, I dunno why I’m so dense, you know?

Pride myself on being tough, right? Having nerves of steel. Look, it’s, it’s completely understandable. Okay? You’re going up against an actual mad scientist with formulas that can warp your mind. It’s a little outta your wheelhouse. Oh, but not yours. Mine too. Yeah. But Wendy, I’ve got your back, I promise.


How’s that feel? Yeah, it’s good.

Um, I will get my nerves under control. I know you will got faith in you.

It’s my brother.

Look, uh, like hell no. Uh, excuse me. You could never look like hell. It’s just that, uh, I think you’re wearing the same thing you had on yesterday. Yeah. Well, um, I was here all night. You slept here. Unfortunately, sleep was not involved. Okay. You were here. So where was Holly? Maggie’s They had already planned to sleep over.

Ah, look, I know we’re a little behind. With everything, with with Chloe leaving and with you, dealing with this modeling shoot, but you working yourself to death, it’s not gonna help anyone. You’re gotta take care of yourself. All right. I know Brady, I, I wasn’t working, um, you Ray fight or something. It was more like an uncomfortable conversation.

Mm-hmm. , lemme take a wild guess. It was about,

I know that RA wasn’t thrilled about you doing a shoot with Eric, so if it helps, I can talk Alex into dropping the second cover idea with you, Ray Brady. It wasn’t, it wasn’t about the cover

last night. I. Told Re that Eric and I wanna be together

here. Nicole’s laptop, figured she needed for work. I’ll send the rest of her things over. Nicole’s not here. I haven’t seen her since yesterday. She didn’t stay here last. No she didn’t.

I’m sorry. I don’t want to hear it.

Nicole, in no uncertain terms told me that she’s leaving me for you, but you’re saying that she didn’t stay here last night.

It’s complicated. Ah-huh. Right. I mean, of course it’s gotta be awkward moving your ex-wife in under the same roof as your now ex-girlfriend. Where’s Jada getting kicked out? Jada’s not getting kicked out. Oh no. Well, I can’t imagine that she’d wanna stay anyway. I mean, given the circumstances. Or even that you and Nicole would want her to or am I missing something?

Yeah, you’re missing something. Jada’s pregnant,

huh? Nick Guy. I can’t say that I’m surprised to hear this. You and Eric, you always kind of find a way back to one another. Out Rafe, take it as about as well as you’d expect,

right? I should have never married Rafe in the first place. I know that now, and once I did, I should have never. What, what? I just can’t help feeling that I’m getting exactly what I deserve.

What did you do to deserve a job at Damer hq? I mean, must have been good to overcome 16 negative performance reviews. All of which were written by Kristen, uh, and they were all false. Now that she no longer works here, they have magically disappeared from my file. And when did this all happen? Mm, last week.

Maybe Lee told you and you forgot. No, I don’t forget things. Mm. Especially not ridiculous, horrifying things. Then maybe your fiance’s keeping secrets from you.

Come on Jing One, you’re never away from your phone. You avoiding me for some reason. Let it go to voicemail. Can’t. Lee knows I’m surgically attached to my phone. I’ve already missed a few of his calls. He’s bound to get suspicious. Does he usually call you several times? Controlling big brother much. I mean, maybe there’s a work emergency.

That could be why he keeps calling. Yeah, or maybe he’s onto us, which means there’s not any time to waste. We need to go find Ralph. Come on.

call me as soon as you get this. It’s urgent.

In cute secrets from me, Stefan, you just said he didn’t tell you about Chloe’s. Well, probably because he didn’t think it was worth mentioning. And you know, I understand why you wanna work at Demer. I know. I know you’ve been having a hard time at Basic Black and it must be a relief to get away from Brady now that you’ve broken up.

I have no idea. Oh yes, yes I do. Oh, great. The engraver finally sent the proofs from my wedding invitations, Elliot. Elegant. Right. Oh, that is lovely font. Thank you. Wait a minute.

You getting married New Year’s Eve? Yeah. I mean, what could be better? The whole world throwing a party for us. Champagne. Fireworks. You look a little unsettled. Stephan, what? You have a problem with me getting married so soon?

Rolf, my sister Ngn may try to contact. Not to tell her anything. Not a word. Did I just hear you take Ralph’s name in vain? What’s going on? Is there a problem? Oh yeah, it’s a big one.

Okay, don’t worry. I will be right out here the whole time. Just speak to normal volume. The mic is very sensitive. It’ll pick up everything. You never thought you’d be using your fancy film equipment for something like this? Well, you’d be surprised when I was a kid. I, uh, I wanted to be an FBI agent, even learned a few tricks of the trade from my stepdad, Rafe.

Sounds like you’ve had quite a past. Johnny d and I will tell you all about it when we get home. Wendy S And remember, if you need any backup, any backup at all, just use a secret word black belt. Got it. Okay.

Dr. Ralph, I presume.

Why would you even say that, that you’re, you feel like you’re getting what you. Because I’ve made so many bad choices. Brady, I mean, I cheated on Eric with a man. I detests. I blew up EJ and Sammy’s marriage. I blew up Ray’s relationship with my best friend, well, my best friend at the time. All right, let’s, let’s, let’s look, let’s look at that.

First of all, one would argue that you did Rafe a favor there. Second of all, as far as EJ and Sammy are concerned, uh, they can take most of the credit for their relationship falling apart. Okay? Oh my God. Will you stop trying to make me feel better? I’m no better than Ava. Uh, she’s a mafia princess. She’s a ruthless criminal.

She tried to frame rape. Remember? She tried to send him to prison for God’s sake. Yeah. Well, I broke his heart. I kept telling him that I loved him and I wanted to be with him. You were saying what you believed at the time. You know what, if anything, you , you lied to yourself is what you did. Even so. But at some point when I stopped lying to myself and I knew that I was falling back in love with Eric, I still told Ray that I loved him and wanted to be with him.

And now, now, now what you told Ray, that you and Eric have decided that you want to be together. I mean, look, it’s gonna be tough. Onri Reef’s not the only one. When Eric went to tell Jada the news, She had some news of her own to share.

Jada’s pregnant. She didn’t fame because of low blood sugar. Ah, Obviously you’re the father.

You knocked her up knowing that you are in love with another woman. This conversation, well, does Jayden know that you’re leaving her? Huh? Does this change your plans for the future?

So Jada just found out herself last night after she fainted the doctors ransom tests and, okay, what does that mean? I mean, for you and you and Eric. I don’t know. After Eric told me that Jada was pregnant, I was thrown and so rattled and I just took off and I, I haven’t spoken to him since.

So whatcha gonna do? You gonna sit here and feel sorry for yourself? You gonna drive yourself? I have an idea, maybe you should call Eric and I don’t know, talk to him. Maybe I don’t wanna hear what I know. In my heart he’s gonna say, I mean, you know Eric, he’s such a good guy and he has always wanted a child of his own.

So I’m sure he’s gonna do them right thing

and stay with Gina.

Are you okay? How are you feeling? I’m fine. They only kept me overnight as a precaution. I’m just here to get my stuff. What? What are you talking about? You can’t expect me to stay. Where are you gonna go? I don’t know. Uh, maybe the Salem in or Steven, Kayla can help me find a place. Hey Jay. Jack, do you need hand?

Oh, thanks. I’m fine. No, I’m Can’t be lifting heavy boxes.

You told him.

Oh my God. Where the hell do you get off? Talking about my body to my boss? I’m sorry, I just, just what? Trying to explain why you’re not riding off into the sunset with his wife. You know, don’t let me stop you. You can have Nicole, because I want nothing to do with you ever again.

So there’s no other reason for your sister to be in Jakarta? None whatsoever. She said she was working remotely today. She tried to make it look as though she was logging in from Salem. But our IT department was able to pierce the VPN she created and pin down her actual location. Oh, maybe she’d be playing hooky.

No, Jing. Gwen doesn’t do hooky. She used to email her teachers saying she was too smart to need to follow anybody else’s rules. She’s ended up acing the test anyway. Well, in other circumstances I would admire her. But how did she find out where you stashed Ralph? I have no idea. The only person I told was ej.

But why does she even care about Ralph at all? I mean, let alone to track him down halfway across the world. The only possible reason I can think of is that she somehow suspects what we did to Stephan.

Who the, how are you? I’m Wendy Chen.

Maybe you know me as Lee sister. Jean. What, ah, the technology, what account your reputation precedes you? I was, I’ve heard so much about you. Oh good. I hope, of course, Lee sent me here To personally ensure that you have everything you need.

Oh, this lab is just as beautiful as you said it would be. The facilities are state of the art. I have however, had amassed that event in my food fly colony. Oh dear. So our fresh supplier of your will be much appreciated. I trust you can see more fruit flies. I’ll get right on that. Thank you. I’m surprised you didn’t let me know you were coming.

Oh, I’m sure he sent you an email. You probably just missed it. He was determined to give you a royal welcome. After all, he’s extremely grateful for everything you’ve done for him. Ah, you mean my years of faithful service to the mirror enterprises? Of course. There’s that, of course. As well as,

You know, the way you brainwashed Stephan Damara to fall out of love with Gabby Soly could have her for himself.

Of course, I don’t have a problem with your wedding date. Why would I care when you get married? Well, then why’d you bring it up? I, I don’t, it’s just, I don’t know why you’re getting married. So. Okay. You are a bells and whistles type of person, and that takes time. Then again, impetuous is your middle name.

You’ve always followed your every whim. Mm-hmm. Nope. There is no whim. Okay. I have known Lee for years yet, weeks ago you stood in front of me and told me you loved me and now what? You’re getting married to what? Throw it in my face. You’re lucky. That’s the only thing I threw on your face. Oh, really?

Belligerent much. I was engaged to Lee way before you magically rose from the dead. And I, I’m sorry, but you told me my marriage did not bother you. It doesn’t. It’s.

It’s an important day for me. The first time I stepped foot in Salem, it was New Year’s Eve. No, I know. Unfortunately, I was there the day that Vivian unleashed you onto this town. Think of all the, the pain and suffering. We could have all been spared if you just, Steve, where you came from. Oh, guys good. Uh, Gabby don’t you think you’re being just a little bit harsh?

I do not. Okay. Look, I know you’re feeling some things and maybe rejected, but you’ve moved on. Stuff has moved on. You guys seriously? Stefan’s moved on. You you moved on with With who? With her.

So, so what’s the deal? You, you go trick or treating with Holly and then next you’re a couple. You knew I had feelings for. True. Yeah. Yes. You haven’t stopped reminding me. And, and, and, and you, uh, you work very fast, don’t you? I mean, you’ve been broken up with Brady for what, like five minutes and Brady just moved Kristen into his house.

Really? Really. So why shouldn’t Chloe be able to move on with her life? No reason at all, I suppose. And, and, and next you’re gonna tell me that, uh, your wedding date is at Christmas. Now, uh, see, Stephan and I we’re taking things slowly. Oh. But not too slowly. Right. Good for you. Yep. Good for you. Why don’t you tell me where you register?

I’ll buy you steak knives. I don’t know what’s taking Lisa Long. I’m gonna go find him.

Thought she’d never leave.

Jayden, can we at least talk? There’s nothing to talk about. You want to be with Nicole, so go. I don’t need you in my life. I am very capable of taking care of myself, but this isn’t just about you anymore. And that’s the point, isn’t it? You’d probably be with Nicole right now if I hadn’t learned that I was pregnant, but you.

And that involves me. We’re in this together. You know, I’m gonna give you two some privacy. Jada, if you need anything, just say the word. Thanks, Ray. Yeah, and listen, if you need to take any time off, I’ll let you know down the line depending on what I decide to do, right? Yeah, I understand.

Like I said, I’m gonna go back, Jada, wait.

We have separate rooms and you paid your rent through the end of the month. Don’t feel like you have to rush out.

Okay? I guess I could take some time to think things through. I know you have decisions to make,

but before you do, I just want you to know one. What’s that?

You do not know what Eric is going to do. Oh, just because Jade is pregnant doesn’t mean he’s going to stay with her. Hey, this is the 21st century people co-parent all the time, and they aren’t couples. This is Eric Brady we’re talking about. Do you really think he’s gonna walk away from his own child or the.

Of his child. I mean, look at you and Chloe. Chloe and I are a completely different situation. No, you’re not. Yeah, no. Because you love her and she loves you, and you broke up with her and moved back in with Kristen because she’s the mother of your child. Am I right?

Didn’t your sister just get into town? I mean, why would she know anything about Stephan? Much less care about what happened to. I don’t know. I, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what could be driving her. Okay.

I’m, I’m, unless what, do you remember recently when we were talking in the conference room? Yes. We opened the door and, and she was right there. She said she dropped her phone. Right, right, right. She, uh, maybe she was actually eavesdropping, did we say? We were talking about Rolf. Right, right, right. But but you, you didn’t mention Jakarta.

We, you just said that he was overseas. Yeah, but it’s, it’s, it’s all starting to add up now. Jing Gwen has always been too curious for her own good. Mm-hmm. or ours. Seems. Well, Lee, you are gonna have to track down your little sister and get her in line before she finds out what you did to Stephan.

Brainwashing. Stephan. I don’t know where you heard that. I got it straight from the horse’s mouth. My brother, or are you calling me a liar? Of course not. I’m just surprised he confided in you. Well, we tell each other everything. The ferry close. I see. And he was extremely grateful for what you did. Making sure Stephan didn’t come between him and Gabby there.

I was happy to have, yes. Okay. Okay. Now we just need to get my dad’s involvement on record.

Working at Damara headquarters has been really enlightening. Hmm. Zing. All the alliances. This seemed to change by the. Oh, it is an invigorating place to work. After all, change is the spice of life. Very true. And also, a few weeks ago, Lee and EJ Derro were mortal enemies. And now what was that? What was that?

I didn’t hear anything. I’m registering a sudden electromagnetic interference.

I seem to have found the source and it is you.

Your brother didn’t send you Diddy. Jing. Then what are you really doing here? You’re varying via, don’t you come near me, old man. I have a third degree black belt. What doing with that ready?

Wendy. Wendy.

I don’t know why I lost my cool and I, I don’t know what kind of reaction she was trying to get outta me, rambling on and on about her wedding like that. I mean, was she trying to make me jealous? Clearly, I keep telling her I feel nothing but contempt when I look. Are you sure about that?

What I did to Stephan? You mean what we did to him? Oh, credit. Where credit is duly. It was your idea, which you gladly went along with. Yeah, but if I’m found out, no one’s going to care. You see, it’s one of the advantages of my reput. Everyone expects me to be underhanded and devious and see since Brady and Chloe have already broken up, if Stephan does get his memory back, it’ll make no difference to me.

But on the other hand, if Gabby does find out what you did to Stephan. Oh, hanging too. It’s going on

this situation with Kristen and me. It was extremely complicated. I know, I know. But what’s pretty simple is the two of you are together again, raising your child. Jada is not Kristen. Well, neither am I. You know when EJ and I were together, I was so desperate to hold on to him. I stole your sister’s baby after I had a miscarriage and EJ stayed with me and he is hardly a man of honor and.

Whereas we both know that Eric believes in the old-fashioned traditional definition of family, as if that’s what we grew up with. Well, maybe that’s what he’s always dreamed of, and he’s never been so close to having it as he is now. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about all this. And I’m sorry that I allowed us to get too.

Yeah, well, it’s a good thing you realize this sooner rather than later that you were in love with Nicole. Although I have suspected it, I just was, I just chose to be in denial about it. I thought we were always safe. If you’re referring to birth control, it’s not a hundred percent like Sarah told us when she first gave us the news.

I know you. It’s your body, it’s your choice, and I’ll support you in whatever you want to do. Really, Eric, I’m kind of surprised since you were a priest that you’re so open-minded. I left the priesthood twice, so I’m not gonna be dog manic or make any demands, but if this makes a difference, I always wanted a.

I never, I never thought I could have one on my own. I’m only telling you this, so you know, if you do decide to carry the baby, you can count on my support financially in any other way he want.

I’ll be there a hundred percent for this baby and for you if you want me to be. And where does that leave you in, Nicole?

I can’t ask Eric to turn his back on the one thing that he’s wanted his whole life. He’s wanted you his whole life. I know you’ve spent a lot of your life thinking that you don’t really deserve happiness, Nick, you are wrong. You do. You do. And so does Eric, and my hope is that two of you kind of find that happiness together.

Thank youre. Thank you for being the best friend anyone could ask for.

Ah, there you are, laptop. I took it by the pod, but you weren’t there. Sort about Jada’s news. Because that really throws a wrench into your plans with Eric. But uh, clearly you’ve already moved on Ray Rays just being a friend. Oh, right. Okay. Is he? Well, that’s great. But, uh, you know, no one knew you should keep your options open.

Just don’t never come crawling back to me.

Am I sure I hate. Let me count the ways you still don’t seem convinced. Well, you seem very eager to throw whatever this thing is that we have going on in her face. Well, of course, I wanted her to see that. I am very happy with you. You are the only woman for me.

Am I interrupting something? Kristen was just asking for her job back and she got upset when I said I couldn’t help her. Not without AJ’s approval. I am only second in command after all. Well, it was worth a shot. Well, since there’s nothing you can do for me, there’s no point in me wasting your time or mine.


Lee, are you lying to me? What are you talking about? Well, you told me you talked to EJ about getting Kapi Sheik back to me, but you just told Kristen you couldn’t even get her her old job back at de. You, you made it seem like getting Gabby Sheik back to me was very doable. Why? Why did you tell me you had the power to help me?

They’re two completely different situations. Gabby EJ sees Kristen as a traitor. He doesn’t want her anywhere near him, but since you are out of Dara, you’re more of a minor annoyance to him. He doesn’t need two fashion houses. Right. Yeah. Thank you. You, you’re the best. Yeah. Question. Um, did you manage to find your sister?

Mm, yeah. Well, it turns out Jwe was playing hokey. That’s strange. But she was so eager about getting this job at Dara headquarters. What, why would she blow it off on her second week at work? You don’t know Jing Wen as well as I do. She is, uh, full of Surpris.

Wendy. Wendy. Hey. Hey. Can you hear me? Oh my God. What did he do to you?

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