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Gladys. Sasha. I’m glad you’re both here. Sonny. Where’s nina? Hi. I thought you two were having dinner. Oh, yeah, she got called to crimson. Some work thing there. Hmm, never a dull moment with that one. Thank you for the flowers you sent. They were lovely. Well, you were on my mind today, so I thought I’d come by and see you. I am touched that you remembered that today would have been liam’s first birthday. Well, in this family, we never forget a birthday. Feel free to forget my next one, sonny.

[ Sasha and sonny chuckle ] Not a chance. Listen, if — you know, since brando’s not here, if you’ll allow me to say something for him?

[ Sighs ] Liam mike corbin is always gonna be in our hearts.

[ Coughing ] You should do something about that cough. Who’s the doctor here? You or me? Ooh, down, girl. You invited me, remember? I’m sorry. I didn’t have a very good day today. And, yes, I should do something about my cough. Well, I got some killer lozenges in the car. I’ll go grab them. Hey, forget about the lozenges.

[ Sighs ] I know exactly what I need. What’s that? Well, I’ll never get to heaven, so tonight, we’re gonna raise a little hell. Oh, this is a lovely little bistro. Oh, well, it’s a tad more private than kelly’S. I figured, at this point, you must be a little weary of everybody coming up and saying how wonderful it is to have you back. Everyone’s been so kind. But, yes, it is nice to have a bit of you and me time. Not that I’d turn down a visit to kelly’s at some point, though, because I still remember those onion rings. I also, uh, hope you remember… who your friends are. Your true friends, that is. Robert, why suddenly so serious? Well, I think that friendship’s a serious business, and so’s betrayal. Potato leek or mushroom bisque?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. This is your sister. What kind of soup would you like? Well, I don’t want you sitting home alone, mourning, so I’m coming over whether you like it or not, and I’m bringing you sustenance. Ah-ah-ah. No “but”S. Marty, we’re family. We support each other. That comes with the deal. So, I re-interviewed the guard who was with anna devane and heather webber, but he still doesn’t have A… uh… if agent whitten calls, could you let him know we still don’t have anything? Got it, detective. Thanks. Hot on the case? Yeah, always. Hmm. What are you doing here? I haven’t seen much of you lately… yeah. …So I figured I’d make an excuse to come visit. Well, you know you don’t ever have to make an excuse to come visit me. But since you went to the trouble, why don’t you lay it on me? I can’T. It’s a surprise. Oh, my god, the baby. Elizabeth, do something.

[ Door closes ] Her pulse is slightly elevated, but she’s breathing. What’s wrong with esme? Can you tell? It — it’s probably something just simple like low blood sugar, right? We need to call an ambulance. You know we can’t do that. That’s why I asked you to come out here, to help her. I’m a nurse, not a magician. There are signs the baby’s in distress. If we don’t do something, she might miscarry.

how’s the guardianship arrangement going? I’d say it’s a work in progress. I was very happy to participate on sasha’s behalf in the decision deception’s partners made to forgo bonuses and make other sacrifices to keep that company afloat. Any objection to taking such drastic action? I’ll admit, I had reservations at first. But then I thought of what you said after brando’s funeral. Help me out on that, gladys. What did I say? That family is the most important thing, more important than money or power or anything. Right. Have you seen the new changes that giselle made? You know, nina’s new chef in the kitchen? No, but I would love to. Alright. You should order a drink so you can catch up to me, and then we can head to the savoy and rock the casbah till they kick us out. You know I’m always up for a good time, but is this about the cowboy in your life? Do you see a cowboy on the premises? No. That’s kind of my point. Things seemed to be progressing, but now he’s mia and you want to go dancing?

[ Sighs ] Can’t we just pretend like it’s old times and just forget about everything else for one night? Brad and britt against the world! Brad. Dr. Westbourne. I’m glad I caught you both. “Betrayal” is a strong word, robert. You’re right. I probably overstated it a bit. But honestly, I thought we were in this together, soul mates. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if you’re — it’s anna. Ever since she escaped from that prison van, I expected her to get in touch with me. I have no clue as to what her plans are. I’m in the dark. Knowing anna, she’s probably keeping under the radar to protect the people that she loves — one of whom is you, robert. Have you thought about calling robin? Oh, she would never bring robin in on her plans. No, you’re probably right. She’s gone underground to get the goods on victor. I’ve just got to hope that she can find her man… or woman. Yeah, of course you miss lucy. Yeah, what happened was a terrible shock. You know, I don’t want to get your hopes up about something that I may not be able to deliver on, but I just want you to know that there are a lot of people who are risking their own lives to try to find lucy. Is the interrogation room free? Uh, yeah. Yeah, it seems like it. Okay. We might want to do this in private. Wait, wait, what do you mean? This — this surprise requires privacy? It’s your call. Go ahead.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, we definitely need privacy for this. Uh, hayes…

[ Clears throat ] I’ll be in the interrogation room, and I don’t want to be disturbed, okay? Hayes: Understood. Copy that, detective. Oh! Ooh, okay. Now that’s what I call private. Well, yeah, you know, some things are just too good to share with the entire squad room. Mm. Miscarry? Elizabeth, you can’t let that happen. You have to do something. If this baby stands any chance, we need to deliver it, like, now. Here? But — no, it’s too soon. I mean, the baby is too premature to deliver it now. If you don’t want to take her to the hospital, then what choice do we have? Now, get to the kitchen and find a knife. A knife? I will sterilize everything, but we need to move quickly and prepare her. For what? A c-section. Without anesthesia.

A cesarean? Here in the house? I mean, I’m no fan of esme’s, but that just seems like too big of a risk. You’re a nurse, not a doctor. Do you know how many c-sections I’ve assisted? Besides, don’t you want to save your baby? Of course. That’s the priority. But without anesthesia? That just seems inhumane. Okay, nikolas, you need to get ahold of yourself. I’m going to need your help, and I promise I will do everything I can to save this baby. And esme? Do you trust me? Yeah, I do. Then do exactly as I say. There’s a 50/50 chance mother and baby will make it. Get your grubby paws off me and my baby! It’s nice to see my nephew is out enjoying himself. He works so hard. Poor thing. I’m glad he has a friend he can depend on. We depend on each other. If anyone ever tries to hurt brad, he knows I have his back. What britt means is — I know exactly what she means. I appreciate her honesty and her courage. Excuse me. Give my nephew and his friend whatever they want, and put it on my tab. Have a good evening. -Thank you. -Thank you. What has gotten into you? Nobody talks to my aunt that way. Not if they expect to live very long. Selina wu? I’m gladys corbin. We met at the party deception had, celebrating going public? It’s so nice to see a fellow investor. What makes you think a woman is involved in victor’s schemes? Well, I’m referring to our deputy mayor, eileen ashby, who’s clearly working with victor. Why, did you think I was referring to another woman? Laura: Robert, holly. Hi. Hello. Please, join us. Oh, well, thank you. I won’t be long. I’m just waiting for my to-go order. I’m actually bringing my brother some soup. Your brother? Martin grey. Oh, yeah. It’s kind of a long story, uh… but the upshot of it is that I have two brothers that I didn’t know about. One of them is pretty awful and the other one is quite wonderful. And sadly, he’s grieving. He was deeply in love with lucy coe. I — I think I met him at anna’s arraignment. Yes. Yes, he mentioned that, yeah. Poor martin is absolutely convinced that anna shot lucy in cold blood. Dante: [ Gasps ]

[ Sniffs ] Oh, my gosh. Are you kidding me? You got me a hoagie from sal’s?

[ Chuckles ] You’re an angel. Am I awesome? Yes. Angelic? Uh, not always, no. That’s true, but you bringing me food in the middle of work? I call that divine intervention. Go ahead and eat. I had mine with the kids. Oh, you did? You guys all had sal’s, too? We did. That’s awesome. I was about to make dinner, and all the kids were like, “no, we want to go to olivia’s house.” And I just couldn’t show up on her doorstep like that. You should have. You totally could have. She would have loved that. No, I know, but your mom cooks for us all the time. And then I was gonna get take-out. And I asked everyone what they wanted, and rocco suggested sal’S. Yeah, of course he did. So I was standing in line… I also love that they still make you order in person. Well, I love it less when the line’s out the door… mm-hmm. …But I did order you a sandwich to have for when you got home, and I thought I would surprise you and deliver it to you. Like I said, you’re an angel.

[ Groans ] You pathological liar. You were faking the whole thing! At least I wasn’t faking a medical degree. You were gonna let this nurse play doctor and cut me open! Oh, I knew there was nothing wrong with you that a little scare wouldn’t cure. And here, the way people talk about you is like you’re some goody two-shoes florence nightingale. Alright, well, now that the medical crisis is over, because there was never one in the first place, I need to get back. I was in the middle of something I would like to finish. Uh, hello? I’m the one with the baby? The one who’s being kept against her will? Right. See, I might have sympathy for you, esme, but then I remember you filmed a sex tape of my son and his girlfriend and made it public. Personally, I would like to see you give birth in pentonville. But I’ll let your baby daddy make that call. You’re not going anywhere, esme. Get used to it. And what happens next time if I’m not faking it? How about it, nurse baldwin?

[ Muffled ] If something happens to me and my baby, will you be able to live with yourself? Come on, nikolas! Elizabeth, you’re supposed to help me!

And your kitchen is amazing, but you weren’t just giving me a tour, were you? Uh, listen. After what happened to liam and brando, gladys showed more depth and compassion that I thought she could, but at the end of the day, it’s still gladys. That’s why I wanted to have a one-on-one with you, because I didn’t want her putting a spin on things. So I want you to be honest with me. After that meeting at deception, she tried to block the deal, didn’t she? Of course I remember. I was so sorry to hear about your son. Such a tragic loss. Thank you for your kind words. I miss brando every day. In his absence, I’m looking after his widow. Actually, sasha and i are looking after each other. That’s why I took the liberty of calling myself an investor, because the court has made it crystal clear what’s sasha’s is also mine and vice versa. Right. And your daughter-in-law is one of the owners of deception. That’s right. Interesting. Perhaps we have even more in common. Aunt selina doesn’t frighten me. Really? ‘Cause she scares the holy bejesus out of me. What’s your secret? What makes you think I have a secret?

[ Sighs ] Come on, britt. It’s me, alright? I may not be the bravest man in the world, but I’m not stupid. My aunt selina openly despised you, and now you guys are practically exchanging christmas cards. What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. She blackmailed me. I sympathize with martin’s grief, but anyone that knows anna knows she couldn’t have pulled that trigger. Right, holly? I assume so, based on the woman I knew, but I haven’t lived here in decades. Well, unfortunately, there’s video of a woman who appears to be anna shooting lucy, and my brother believes that video doesn’t lie. Well, video doesn’t lie, but people certainly do. They manufacture a truth and then gaslight you into believing it, and by the time you realize that you’re being used, it’s too late. At the risk of putting you on the spot — uh-oh. Mm-hmm. Will you be coming home tonight? Oh, yeah. I’ll be coming home. Yeah? But it won’t be till later. Anna is still on the loose, and, well, this U.S. Marshal that’s been assigned to the case, he’s a real, uh, jerk. Mm, wait a minute. Why bring in a U.S. Marshal? Oh, because the deputy mayor supposedly believes that we’re too overwhelmed here with the search for the hook, when the truth is that she knows that half the department, if we came across anna, would look the other way and the other half would probably drive her across the border. Well, I think that’s good, because anna didn’t shoot lucy. Victor obviously framed her. Yeah, I know that. But he did a damn good job. That evidence is pretty convincing. Well, of course it is. Has anyone told this U.S. Marshal that victor ran the wsb for many years? Instead of treating anna like a criminal, you should be investigating my great-uncle. Yeah, no kidding. I would love to be doing that. But I’ve been assigned to search for anna, so I have to do everything by the book and document every step and hope that anna and my father have covered their tracks. Wait, sonny is involved? I don’t know what hurts worse, ace — my aching back or my wounded pride.

[ Sighs ] Don’t tell anyone, but your mom just got played by cameron’s mother. And here I thought she was some mealy-mouthed goody-goody. But…

[ Scoffs ] …Elizabeth baldwin outsmarted me. If your grandfather were to ever find out, he’d never forgive me. Clearly, I’m having an off day. There it is again. God… is this just indigestion? Okay. That was even stronger than the last time.

[ Inhales sharply ] That’s not indigestion. That’s you, ace.

[ Chuckles ] I’m feeling you. The way you played esme, you had me fooled, too. In all fairness, you’re the expectant father worried about his baby. It probably impairs your judgment. You were beyond convincing. The point is, I convinced esme that I was going to perform a c-section. Without anesthesia. And then she stopped pretending. But after what she did to cameron, if I genuinely scared her, I’m okay with that. And you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with the baby? Okay, don’t get me wrong. She should absolutely be seeing an ob/gyn on a regular basis. But as for today, her reaction is all I needed to know that she was faking it. So, now that you know the baby’s not in jeopardy, what are you and esme going to do? Well, let me be very clear. There is no “me and esme.”

[ Scoffs ] Nikolas, you couldn’t be more wrong. You two are literally attached at the hip. You now share a child together. You and lucky share a child. How often do you two co-parent together? Well, that’s on lucky. I don’t keep him out of my boys’ lives. My point is, you’re living proof that being a single parent works. I was a single parent with spencer. I can do it again. I still don’t understand. What is your end game? That’s where you come in. Me? You proved it tonight. From now on, whatever happens to esme and the baby… depends on you.

yes, gladys did try to block the deal. And at first, it upset me. You know, this was the first time since she became my guardian that we disagreed. But then, I realized that gladys is only trying to protect my share in the company. I have been so focused on staying sober and not letting brando down. Besides, it worked out and the deal went through. So you’re fine letting gladys take action? She’s better than some stranger assigned from the court. True, I did not expect gladys to be quite so hands-on. But at the end of the day, I know that she’s looking out for me. Okay, you got my attention. What else do you think we have in common? I host a private party from time to time at the savoy. Oh. I’m not much for dinner and dancing. What about texas hold’em? Poker? It’s just a friendly game, of course, but money does exchange hands, sometimes quite a bit. But if you’re not interested… I’m not disinterested.

[ Chuckles ] Please, tell me more. Blackmail? I don’t know why I’m so surprised. Aunt selina always gets whatever aunt selina wants. Wait… what did she want from you? Remember when you had your heart set on going back to work at G.H., But I encouraged you to work for your aunt? Do you really think I would have done that if selina wasn’t holding something over my head? Like what? There’s no need rehashing my less-than-stellar history. But in the end, I caved. I’m really sorry, brad. And if you hate me for it, I totally understand. I don’t hate you, britt. And I’ve already told you, I like working for aunt selina. I thought you were just telling me that to make me feel better. No, it’s true. Look, you may not have wanted to make that recommendation, but the way I see it, you did me a favor. I did? Yeah. And now it’s my turn. I know that you’re dealing with something big — and don’t say that you’re not. So how can I repay the debt and help you out? Holly, are you alright? Your reaction just now was, um, a little big. Are you having memory flashbacks as to what happened to you for the past two years? No, no, that — that time is still a blank. Who knows what happened? Who knows who’s missing me? But my heart goes out to your brother. I know what it means to lose someone. I know how many ways there are to lose them — with violence or negligence or even selfishness. But I know without a shadow of a doubt that anna is not responsible for lucy’s disappearance. I’d stake my life on it. I believe that, too, holly. But lucy went missing before you washed up on the shores of lake ontario, so tell me, how can you be so sure? Do you know something we don’t? The same day anna was supposed to be transferred to pentonville, I overheard sonny talking to someone on the phone about anna. When I asked him about it, he said he was arranging for her to be protected in prison. Oh, and yet, by some astonishing coincidence… yeah, within three hours, anna had vanished without a trace. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know of any of my father’s safe houses that you can direct me to that are in the area, would you? Mm, don’t waste your time. I mean, if I were anna, I would put as much distance between myself and port charles. You would? Yeah. She knows victor’s pulling all the strings. She’s not gonna turn up any evidence here. So if you were anna, what would you do? I would go someplace secure and investigate victor… mm-hmm. …Figure out how he set the frame up, what people he worked with. Maybe one of them will talk. I hope anna is, like, half as good at this stuff as you are. Oh, give me a break. She is a super-spy. She can take care of herself. Yeah, I know. I’m just saying, you can take care of yourself, too. Oh, I — I know. I can definitely take care of myself. Mm-hmm. I just like knowing that now… mm-hmm. …We take care of each other. We do. Tonight was a one-off, a favor for an old friend with his fair share of troubles, but I have troubles of my own that I need to prioritize. I’m gonna go to the launch and get back to town. And then what? I was in the middle of a very important conversation with finn when I got your S.O.S. I would like to go back and finish that. You’re not gonna go to the pcpd and tell them I have esme? You do realize that it’s already too late for that, right? Because you’re a part of this now. Are you threatening me? Of course not. But esme will. Since you didn’t rescue her, she will most likely want to make you pay. Given the chance, she will lie through her teeth and say that you were in on this with me. She will make you an accessory to kidnapping, among other things. Damn it, nikolas. I have children of my own. Even if I was willing to risk this for you or that — the baby who is completely innocent of his parents’ drama, I will not risk losing my boys. Elizabeth, I think you misunderstand. All I’m asking for you to do is to go home and keep silent. Say nothing about what you’ve seen here or what you know. So in other words, I won’t just be an accessory to kidnapping. Eventually, I’ll be an accessory to murder.

So…this is all I need to join your poker game? That and a little luck.

[ Chuckles ] And with sonny being your cousin, you already have plenty of that. Keep the card to yourself. The game isn’t for the average public. Not everyone can afford the buy-in, if you know what I mean. Ms. Wu. I didn’t know you two knew each other. Not friends. More like potential business associates. Business? What kind of business are we talking about? I don’t remember the last two years, but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember what kind of a person anna is. Well, unfortunately, someone’s done a pretty masterful job of framing her. And I guess that means my brother is aiming all of his grief and his rage at the wrong target. Excuse me. You alright? Yes, I just need some air. Well, holly seems pretty positive that anna is innocent. Well, she and anna, they go way back. I think it’s more than that, robert. She seemed almost remorseful. You think she’s working with victor? No, eliz abeth, you’retaking me completely wrong. I have no intention of killing esme. I know what happened to hayden when she became a problem for you. Do you really expect me to believe that you wouldn’t follow a similar path with esme? I’m not going to comment on hayden. The fact that she dropped off her baby with finn and never looked back says it all. Yeah, you shouldn’t talk about hayden. You still haven’t answered my question. Once the baby is born, how does this all end? Before you came here tonight, I had arranged for a helicopter to airlift esme and me to a private airstrip. The plan was to fly her far away from here. You were taking her to cassadine island in greece. Esme would be miles away from the mainland with round-the-clock supervision until the baby is born. And then what? Once my child is safely in my arms, esme would live out her life in comfort on the island. I raised spencer without a mother before. I can do it again. Okay, no offense, but are you really saying that spencer couldn’t have benefited from having two parents in his life? If you’re ready, I’ll call the launch. Nikolas, wait.

[ Sighs ] I’m not trying to judge you. I’m trying to be your friend, but you need to be honest — if not with me, then at least yourself. Do you really think that if you follow through with this plan that you’re no better than esme? It’s simple. There’s no alternative. Of course there is.

There it is it again. Is this your way of telling me you’re gonna be a soccer player, ace?

[ Chuckles ] God, does that mean I’m gonna be a soccer mom?

[ Laughs ]

[ Laugh breaking ]

[ Crying ] Damn it, ace.

[ Laughs ] See what you’ve done? What possible alternative do I have? It’s not like I can go back and build a time machine and not have sex with esme. She’s pregnant, and I’m the father, and I have to accept that. I promise you, I am not going to say anything to the pcpd about esme. Good. Thank you. I owe you. Okay, then, promise me that you’ll forget about flying her off to cassadine island. Esme will give birth right here at wyndemere. And, obviously, you’re gonna need a nurse. There’s nothing wrong with me that a pitcher of sangria and some edm won’t cure. Come on, let’s blow this joint and go to the savoy! Okay. Let’s go.

[ Laughs ] As a deception investor, I was glad to hear that sasha is on the mend. Thank you. I am getting stronger every day, with a little help from my friends. Yes, with friends like sonny, you can’t go wrong. I hope you and gladys will start to consider me as your friend as well. Sonny.

[ Chuckles ] Did you and sasha have a nice chat? Aww.

[ Chuckling ] What’s that for? For always having my best interests at heart. Of course. Always. I don’t know, maybe I’m off base as far as sonny’s concerned, and it’s possible that he really did want to protect anna while she was in pentonville. Ahh, it’s also possible that we’ll hit the lottery and we can renovate the kitchen.

[ Chuckles ] Renovate the kitchen? Yeah. That’s what you would do with lotto winnings? You don’t even cook. Well, maybe I would if the kitchen was better. You would? Really? Yeah, no, probably not. Well, then I guess we shouldn’t spend our lotto money on the kitchen. Okay, well, where do you think we should spend it? I, um, was thinking it’d be… kind of cool to take the kids to iceland. Wait, really? Yeah. Have you been? Uh, no. But it’s supposed to be beautiful. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I heard. And, I mean, the kids, they’re getting older, right? I mean, the last thing they’re gonna want to do is go away anywhere with us pretty soon, let alone a family trip. Okay, so maybe it’s possible, like, not to spend the lotto money that we didn’t win, and, I don’t know, maybe we can save up for it. Yeah? Okay. Yeah? Like, what, and go next summer or something? Um, yeah, I think we can divert the money that we were going to use on construction and just do the renovations ourself. Renos ourselves? Yeah. Agh. Why? I don’t know. Stop, you sound intimidated. I’m a lot intimidated by renos. I have no ego over that. Don’t worry. Stop. No, no, no. I will show you the ropes. You’ll show me the ropes, huh? Yeah. All of the ropes. You promise? I promise. I love you. I love you. You know, it’s a pretty big jump from holly being emotional about anna to thinking that she’s working with victor. But you said yourself that you caught her whispering with eileen ashby, and there’s no doubt in my mind that my deputy mayor is on victor’s payroll. And I think I just watched her struggle with her conscience just now. Robert, I know that you love her, but deep down inside, in your heart, I think you know she’s hiding something. Victor, we obviously got our — what are you doing here? Oh, no, no, no, no,no, no, no, no. Please. No. No. Ohh!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

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