Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea’s doctor thinks she is ready to be discharged and start outpatient treatment. Adam doesn’t think that Connor should know that Chelsea thought about jumping off the roof but Chelsea’s doctor thinks that Connor should know the truth, so they talk and come up with the best way to tell Connor. Sharon offers Chelsea the apartment above Crimson Lights since Mariah and Tessa are moving into the tack house at the Newman ranch. Chelsea is very grateful to Sharon and gladly accepts the offer. Adam is grateful to Billy for saving Chelsea’s life but he doesn’t think Billy should be part of Chelsea’s support team, but he realizes that he and Billy must work together to help Chelsea. Chelsea tells Billy, he needs to tell Lily the truth about why he is helping her because she doesn’t want to cause a problem between him and Lily.

Nick offers Sally a loan to start her own fashion label. Sally declines the offer at first, but Chloe persuades her to think about the offer. Nick invites Sally on a date and Adam sees Sally and Nick together at Society.

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