Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis have a talk with Diane and threaten to tell Jeremy Stark where she is since he will probably have a score to settle with her when he gets out of jail. Diane tells the ladies that she isn’t scared of them and if they tell Jeremy Stark where she is she will turn the tables on them so fast it will make their heads spin. The ladies talk after Diane leaves and realize that Diane is terrified of Jeremy Stark so he must know some secrets about her.

Audra tells Tucker that his plan to merge Chancellor-Winters and Jabot with McCall Unlimited and have Ashley and Devon help him run the companies is too ambitious and may not work. Tucker is confident that he can merge the three companies into one family company.

Lily gets Amanda’s resignation letter in her email and later talks to Devon about it. Devon tells Lily that Amanda feels she needs to be with her family right now. Devon also tells Lily he thinks he and Amanda should part ways.

Chance tells Abby she and Devon have feelings for each other that they can’t admit, and she and Devon should be together. Chance wants a divorce, but Abby wants to fight for their marriage.

Diane tells Tucker that she is not afraid of him anymore and that she is staying in town.

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis decide to find Jeremy Stark and bring him to town so, he cn confront Diane.

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