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 how you doing? Yeah, good. How was the flight? No problem. Smooth weather. Easy check in. I’m a little hungry, though. Lunch is on me.

[ Laughs ] Yes. How’s montreal? Oh, yeah, we made some progress on that front. Plus, I got a few options to discuss with you. Yeah, before we talk, I want you to meet some someone. Hello, gentlemen. Brick, this is… the woman who stole your heart. Leo, hey. What do you got there? Just my leaf collection. Oh. I’ll go. No, wait. You don’t have to go on my account. What’s the hurry? Hey. Is something bothering you? Everyone’s mad. Everyone? I’m not mad. Yes, you are. You and michael are mad at dad. Are you mad at me, too? Still at it? Yeah. How was your nap? It was good. The baby and I must have really needed the downtime. Maybe you do, too. Ahh, later. Look, I’ve been filling myself in on bone marrow donations, and the family’s already registered because of our history with cancer, but most people don’t realize how easy it is. Look, I say that we partner with gh and organize a donor drive, you know, and provide tests and get as many people to register as possible, hit up social media sites and advertise in places like kelly’s and charlie’s and other hot spots around town. Michael, that all sounds — sounds wonderful. Thank you. Yeah, of course. Look, we’re in this together. I am so sorry that I kept my leukemia diagnosis from you. No, no, no, wait. It’s fine. It’s fine. Hey, it’s okay. It’s in the past. We’re focusing on the future now, okay? A future with you is all that I want. And I’m going to make sure it is a happy and healthy one. Do not

movefrom this bed. Joss — I owe you. Big time. And I plan to collect.

[ Sighs ] Josslyn. Oh, my god. I have been calling you and calling you and you haven’t answered! What the hell’s going on? Um…

[ Sighs ] Actually…

[ Keys jingle ] Come on. Come on. Quick, quick. We need your help.

[ Groans ]

[ Door creaks open ]

[ Sighs ] Creepy, drafty old place. Probably haunted on top of that. Hear my voice, o spirits.

[ Door closes ] Scare the crap out of nikolas. He deserves it. I don’T. No, what we need, ace… …is some

advice fromyour grandpa. Jeff: Excuse me. I’m looking for nurse elizabeth baldwin? Oh, I’ll see if she’s working today. Who may I say is asking for her? Her father. Finn: Jeff webber. Oh, you’ll have to excuse me. Have we met? No. You don’t know me. You knew my wife. You slept with her. Elizabeth, come in. Are you alright? Why do you ask? I heard you were attacked at the pier last night, that you were taken to gh. I’m relieved to see that you weren’t badly injured, but should you really be up and about? Well, thankfully, it was just a little bump on the head. But you already knew that. I did? Well, you must have. Would you have just left me laying there on the pier if you thought I was badly hurt? You need to who is that? Hey, it’s okay. Just rest. Just rest. What happened to him? Joss, don’T. Please. He got shot. I found him last night on the quartermaine grounds. I couldn’t take him to a hospital, mom. They’d just report it to the police. Right. We can’t have that, can we, dex? You got shot working for sonny, right? I’m so happy to meet you, brick. I’ve heard so much about you. Thank you.Why don’t you join us? No, no, no. I don’t want to intrude. Not at all. Not at all. Okay, well, I have to warn you, I may be called away on hotel business. Oh, that’s right. You’re the new co-owner of the metro court. Congratulations. And you know she’s also editor of crimson magazine. What? How do you find the time? Well, I’m working on that. You know, I know the ins and outs of the fashion industry, but I’m still learning the ins and outs of the hospitality business. So you and sonny go way back? Yes.Yeah, we have been through quite a lot together. Oh, any stories you can tell me? Well, actually, there was that time in houston… you don’t want to get into that — oh, I want to hear this. Excuse me, ms. Reeves. The chef is ready to talk about the new tasting menu. Oh, thank you, trish. Okay, this won’t take long, and then I want to hear this houston story, okay?

[ Laughing ] What? She’s stunning. You look happy. Yeah, she makes me happy. Glad to hear it. But I’m guessing that doesn’t go over too well with michael. Well, you know, whenever michael and nina cross paths, it’s trouble, and I just think it’s gonna get worse. Organizing a bone marrow drive is inevitably going to lead to some questions, and I know you want to keep your diagnosis private. Look… I know I can’t keep this a secret forever. I just — I want to be me, willow, and not willow, the woman with cancer, for as long as possible. If you’re worried about people pitying you, don’t be, okay? The people who love you will support you and recognize your courage and strength. Well, they’ll still look at me differently. Admit it, when you find out someone has cancer, that’s the first thing you think about when you see them. You focus on the illness. Maybe if I — if I don’t know them. Look, I’m sure that the people who do know you, they’re going to continue to admire and delight in the things that make you you. I am just allergic to the idea of people feeling sorry for me. Yeah, I know. That’s because you’re independent and you are so used to doing things all by yourself. And that’s probably because, you know, growing up, you couldn’t always rely on your parents, so you felt you had to handle everything on your own. You’re right. I-I had no idea how deeply that feeling has been ingrained in me. Willow, you are not going to be alone ever again, okay? You, me, wiley, and the baby, we are a family, and that is not going to change, ever. I hope not. I’m gonna make sure of it. Your wife? Oh, I think you’d remember reiko. You were on saipan with her. I know, I — I just wasn’t expecting to see you. It’s a nasty business, isn’t it? Affairs. Finding out your wife cheated on you with some jerk who abandons his kids. You don’t know everything. Is there someplace we can go to talk?

[ Groans ] I got nothing to say to you. I know you were on that pier, and don’t act like I’m imagining it. I’ve had enough people mess with my head. I don’t need you gaslighting me, too. I won’t, elizabeth. I just didn’t know if you’d remember. Well, I did. I actually was on my way to see you when I ran into esme prince. I tried to call 911. She went for my phone. I must have fallen and hit my head, and the next thing I know, you’re standing over me, telling me to trust you. And then you were gone. You just left me there. Why would you do that to me? I went after esme. I didn’t want her to get away. But she did get away, because jordan said they’re still looking for her. I lost her. So you just decided to go home? Why didn’t you come back to see if I was okay? I-I heard sirens and I figured the police were on their way. We had made eye contact, so I didn’t think you were badly hurt. Unh-unh. That’s not it. You know something. Where is esme? To be perfectly honest, ace, I’m a little afraid of your grandfather. Okay, maybe more than a little. I’ve done my research, and he’s a dangerous man, and unpredictable. But… he’s the only father I’ve got, and he needs me. He may think he’s the most brilliant serial killer ever, but he’s currently in spring ridge pretending to be a vegetable. Not that my situation is much of an improvement over his. He’d be so disappointed in me. You know, he’d have some strategy that I’ve overlooked, some way to turn the tables on nikolas. So instead of asking, how do I get out, I should be asking… …what would daddy do?

Mad at you. And I am certainly not mad at you. We’re buds. But you’re mad at my dad. Well, I’m not going to lie to you. We have a disagreement. But, hey, families argue from time to time. You’ve been arguing a long time. I don’t want my dad to go away like he did when mom and dad were mad at each other. Oh, yeah, yeah. I hear you. You don’t have anything to worry about. You really don’T. And plus, your mom and dad made up, didn’t they? Yeah, they even got married again. You see, that’s the cool thing about family. They argue, and then they make up and they still love each other. That is cool. Can you and michael make up with my dad? Carly: You’re burning up. I’ll be fine. Yeah. What were you doing at the quartermaines’? I was looking for… for a good place to hide out. Like the boathouse. That’s when I ran into joss. He was in bad shape. I couldn’t just leave him there to bleed. You could have called the police. Or you could have called sonny. Mom, hospitals have to report gun wounds. You know that. And I know that sonny was probably the reason that he got shot in the first place. Since you have a fever, that most likely means you have an infection. Can I take a look?

[ Dex groans ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Breathing unsteadily ] Yep, it’s infected. He’s going to need antibiotics. Well, I-I was just going to get some. Really? And where were you going to get them, josslyn? I don’t know. I was figuring that out. Now you don’t have to. So you’ll help us?

[ Sighs ] I tested it myself. I could barely taste the cauliflower. Oh, cauliflower in a smoothie. Yeah. Well, I mean, vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, they’re good for inflammation and high in folate, so it’s good for you and the baby. Well, someone has been googling “cancer diets.”

[ Both chuckle ] Well? Uh, not — not bad. Okay. Could you taste the cauliflower? No, no. The banana pretty much covers it. Thank you. Thank you so much.

[ Sighs ] You know… I have been thinking about the idea of tracking down my biological family. Even if I find them, and that’s a major if, how do I just show up out of the blue and ask for a bone marrow transplant? Well, what would you do if the situation was reversed? I’d help if I could. Okay. Well, there’s your answer. Look, there are a lot of good people out there who want to do the right thing, just like you, willow. I guess I’m jaded. People like nina make it hard to remember. I convinced cortez that the price of challenging you in montreal is way too high. He’s agreed to move on. Well, you have saved me considerable aggravation, and I’ve had more than enough these days. How’s business here? Uh, stable at the moment. What about dex heller? The guy I ran a check on. You cut him loose yet? No, I’m gonna keep him around. I might even give him a promotion at some point. Really? He came through for me at some very crucial moments, and he was loyal, kept his mouth shut. Except the last job went a little south, but… would that happen to be the prison transport that crashed? Dang, you’re on top of things. Always. Good. Yeah. Anna got out. Dex is in the wind. Correct. Yeah, I’m reporting myself for a violation of conduct. Yeah, please send over the form, and I’ll fill it out and return it to you. Thank you.

[ Receiver clicks ] What do you want? I’m worried about lizzy. Is she alright? I just flew in this morning. I need to know — is my daughter okay? Now you care? You don’t understand what happened. I understand that you had an affair with my wife, who I thought was happy in our marriage. She was, at first. But reiko got lonely. She was on saipan while you were on rota. I mean, it was her first posting. Reiko sometimes got overwhelmed with the suffering we saw. She needed someone to talk to. And you were there. Don’t worry about esme. I took care of her. Did you kill her? God, no. I can’T. Can’t? Won’T.

[ Sighs ] You have to trust me. If you want me to trust you, then you’re going to have to trust me. Now, tell me, nikolas, what did you do? I took matters into my own hands. Like when you had hayden shot? I haven’t hurt esme. She’s fine. Sounds to me like you know where she is. Do you? Alright. I’ve had enough. I’m just gonna call the police and see what they have to say. Come on, don’T. Why? What are you going to do? You’re going to make me disappear too? It’d be real easy. No one knows I’m here. Do you really think that I’d harm you? You’re my touchstone, elizabeth — the one true friend in my life. Then, nikolas, just tell me, where’s esme? She’s here. I made sure she can’t hurt anyone else. That’s what prisons are for! Esme can’t go to prison. But… I won’t let her escape, okay? And she’ll pay for everything she’s done, eventually. I swear on our friendship. Can’t you just leave it alone? No, I can’T. I want to see her right now.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Go away. I’m on a hunger strike. Elizabeth: Esme? Are you pregnant? Please, you have to help me. Nikolas is crazy! He wants to kill me and my baby! I got word from dex via email. Hmm. He’s laying low, but he’s gonna contact me as soon as he can. Okay — we’ll talk about it later. Hi, sorry about that. Okay. What are you doing? Where were we? Oh, I remember. Houston. Oh, no, no. We’re done with houston. We don’t — are we? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t think so. Listen, nina, we were at a game, in one of these private boxes —

[ Cellphone rings ] Mm-hmm. Excuse me. I’m sorry. Problem? Probably not, but I should take this. Excuse me, y’all. Of course. Excuse me. Well, you were saved by the bell, literally. You know, I am gonna hear this houston story sooner or later. No, no, no.

[ Chuckles ] Carly, this is a surprise. Hopefully a good one. A dream come true, actually. You may not feel that way after you hear my request. Do you have a contact in town? Me. I’m right here at the metro court.

What’s up? You’re here? Excellent. I need a huge favor. Anything for you.

[ Sighs ] Since a bone marrow transplant is my best option and a relative is my best match, let’s do it. Let’s track down my biological family. Okay. Let’s get started right now. Remember when you said I can’t really believe anything harmony said about my birth or my birth parents? I agree. But there is one thing I know for sure. Harmony was a member of the friends for peace and love commune when I was a baby. We should start there. Okay. Brick: Hey, hey, y’all. I’m sorry, folks. I got to cut this short. What? Oh. Well, I hope you’re in town long enough for us to take you out to dinner. I look forward to it, especially continuing that story. He ain’t getting off that easy. Trust me on that. Alright. Okay. Talk to you later. Bye-bye. Brick, he’s a charmer. He has a reputation. He’s a good guy, and one of the very few people I trust with my life. Yeah. What is going on with the chef? Well, we have reached a new understanding. I promise never to mention asian fusion again, and she promises not to throw any more sauce pans. Plus, I got a stylist to give her a deal on her wedding dress. Ah, a little bribery never hurts. Well, you seem a lot more relaxed than you did last night. I knew something was bothering you. Things are looking up today. Good. Yeah. I’m glad. Um… so last night, I didn’t want to worry you… what is on your mind? More of the same. Mm-hmm. I had another run-in with michael and willow. So it’s that old story, huh? Sleazy mentor takes advantage of the young doctor just out of med school? If that makes you feel better. None of this makes me feel better, jeff! I’m just trying to get the truth. The truth is, reiko and i never meant to hurt anyone. Right, just… you couldn’t help yourself. Something like that. I understand you’re a cheater. Hayden’s proof of that. But, reiko, she wasn’t like that. I-I don’t know what you want me to say. What would make you feel better?

[ Chuckles ] You’re looking for a quick fix? Gee, it’s too bad you can’t wipe out my memory, shut me up the way you and your wife shut elizabeth up. Nikolas: Stay back, esme. No, wait — leave elizabeth alone! Thank god you found me. He won’t listen to reason! Well, you weren’t reasonable when you attacked me on the docks. Or did you forget that little detail? I’m so sorry. That was a big misunderstanding. I-I thought that you might be working with nikolas, that you were calling him. I was running for my life! Yeah, right. Okay, you’ve seen that she’s fine. She has a comfortable bed, food. She’s trapped in here? She tried to escape off that terrace. I had to make sure she doesn’t put the baby in danger again. How long has she been in here? He’s had me in here for weeks! Ava and nikolas tried to kill me, and when that didn’t work, then he locked me up in here. Elizabeth, listen to me. I had to lock her up. Esme is the one who’s been attacking people with a hook. She killed brando and that bartender. She attacked ava, diane miller, and she even tried to attack me. I did not. He’s lying. Elizabeth, you have to believe me.

the last thing that willowsaid was “drop dead.” And all I was trying to do, sonny, was apologize. Nina, why can’t you just leave it alone? I don’t know, I’m just — no, I’m asking you. I’m just trying to get them to understand that I’m not a bad person for wiley’s sake. And she is so cold. I don’t know what’s going on with her. Can we just go with the original plan, which was to stay clear of michael and willow? Yeah. Yes. Okay. I’m sorry that you can’t see wiley either. I don’t like it, but it’s not forever. You don’t really believe that, do you? I understand you’re angry about reiko. What happened with reiko was years ago. What you did to elizabeth is unforgivable. Carolyn and I did what we thought was best for our daughter. Great job, dad. But you and your wife’s little brainwashing trick didn’t stick. Elizabeth has been dealing with this for months. She was sleepwalking. She could have hurt people. She could have hurt herself. That’s exactly what we were afraid of 25 years ago! Lizzie was just 15. She couldn’t cope with what happened to reiko. So what, you make your daughter forget, and then you ship her off to be someone else’s problem? That’s not how it was! That’s exactly how it was! That’s exactly how it was. Elizabeth thought she was delusional, did you know that? She was going out of her mind trying to figure out what was wrong with her because of what you did and your wife did! She’s the one who’s suffered through this. These are printouts of articles about the commune from around the time you were born. Any luck online? Not yet. Okay, well, look, hopefully we can use these to compile a list of members who were there when you were born.

[ Knock on door ] Well, hello there. Hey, hey. Maybe he’s not mad at me. You thought I was mad at you? At my dad, too. Willow! Want to see the leaves I collected? I sure do. Wow, these are amazing. Leo, um, sensed the tension between us and ned. He was worried because we were angry at each other, but I reassured him and told him that families argue sometimes and it’s all good. Well, it seemed like it worked. Yeah. But the kid’s right. We’ve been at odds with ned for months, and we got to fix that. Brick. [ Chuckles ] He’s the right guy to know. Yeah, well, we’re lucky he’s in town. He’s going to text me when he has the meds, and I’m gonna go meet him. Okay, he didn’t ask why you needed them? He’s not one to ask questions. Okay, yeah, he’s probably done this a million times for sonny. What was dex doing when he got shot? He wouldn’t tell me. And last night, when you told me you were with friends, it was a lie, right? Yes. I lied. But, mom —

[ Scoffs ] I mean, it’s not like we tell each other everything. I don’t know that you were dating drew. What? Yeah, I saw you. What does that have to do with anything? I saw the two of you guys kissing. Josslyn, listen to me. Me seeing drew and you being in danger, they are two totally different things, okay? Yes, I am seeing drew, but we have to keep it quiet, and we’re not going to get into that right now, because we have bigger things going on. Okay. Okay. That’s fine. Thank you for calling brick, and thank you for understanding everything — okay, listen to me. I’m not here to visit, alright? I’m here because I’m worried about esme. What about esme? Esme is in town, and she attacked elizabeth last night. Cam’s mom. Is she okay? Yes, she’s okay. But esme got away, and no one knows where she is. I’m sure y ou could use a drink.I know I can. Was she lying? Yes. The first thing esme did after she escaped was come after me with a hook from the boathouse. She’s been in town for weeks. And look at her victims — I mean, esme despised ava. I don’t know why she went after brando. Maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? That’s what the police think. They think that josslyn was the target that night. That fits. Esme hates trina and josslyn, and diane and that bartender ruined her plot to frame trina. Do you really think she’s a serial killer? Yes. All the more reason, then, to call the police. She can’t go to prison. She’s pregnant.

[ Sighs ] Right, with your grandchild. Does spencer even know? What? The baby isn’t spencer’S. Oh, jeez. Okay. Who’s the father? Oh, no, you — you didn’T. I know. It was a huge mistake. You slept with your son’s girlfriend?!

[ Cellphone chimes ] Nikolas! Elizabeth, please. What — what are you doing? I have to go. What are you gonna do? I don’t know. Elizabeth? Elizabeth, listen to me. Hey, hey. Wait, wait! Let me go. I’m sorry. Elizabeth, please. Let me — let me explain. Elizabeth!

I can’t believe she just walked away. She’s supposed to — to help people. I’m not sure if nurses take, like, the hippocratic oath, but they have to take some sort of oath, right? You know, to promise to care for those in need? For elizabeth, I guess that only applies to people she likes or approves of. But for me, it’s fine to leave me captive.

[ Groans loudly ]

[ Sighs ] If only I had some leverage. Leverage… that’s you, ace. I just have to convince nikolas that if he doesn’t treat me right… fist bumps. See you. See you. Glad you stopped by, bud. Friends of peace and love? Leo: Bye! Wow. Oh, that’s — something that I’m — I was working on. Oh. It’s — it’s a commune. I was there as a child. Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. Oh, no, no, you’re not — you’re not prying. You’re family. I’m — I’m just trying to locate my birth parents and see if I have more family out there. Oh. I’ve been there. Good luck to you. Thanks. I’ll need it. I don’t have much to go on besides harmony’s version of what happened. I was the last person in the room with harmony before she died. Okay. She told me that nina is willow’s birth mother. I heard from the lab. And? Nina’s not willow’s mother. Yeah, harmony really was A…convincing liar. I didn’t realize you knew her.

[ Mutters ] Joss? Hey, I’m here. Um, you need to hydrate. Can you have some of this water? I had this wild dream that your mother was here. That wasn’t a dream. She was here. She’s going to get you some antibiotics. Why? Why? Because your wound is infected. No, why would she help me? Because I asked her to. She’s okay with you helping me? I doubt it. But she’s not gonna give me some big lecture about it now, not while you’re spiking a fever, alright? Besides, she’s in no position to judge. Why not? You’re not the first person to get shot working for sonny. My mom took her chances. Now I’m gonna take mine. Why even bother? You think I’m an idiot to work for sonny.

[ Chuckles softly ] You are an idiot. And now you need to lie back down. You need to rest, okay? Thanks, beautiful. I thought I owed you an explanation regarding my affair with reiko, but I do not have to justify how my wife and I chose to save our daughter 25 years ago. Elizabeth is still dealing with this. For her, this is her present, and I am a part of that. Are you? Am I what? I know you’ve been seeing elizabeth. But is that still true? Why do you ask? You weren’t in monterey supporting elizabeth when she needed it. What kind of relationship do you really have?

Anything aboutmy relationship with elizabeth. Yes, I made mistakes…

[ Scoffs ] Mistakes? …But I have sacrificed my relationship with my daughter so that she could live her life without the guilt she felt over reiko. That’s just what you tell yourself, man. You know, even if you thought abandoning your daughter when she was 15 was best for her, where the hell you been for the last 25 years? Oh, lucky me. Giselle wants to yell at me again for my asian fusion idea. Alright. I’ll be right back, okay? Okay. I’ll be here. Do you know something else about harmony? Just, um, that her reputation hasn’t really shown her to be all that truthful. And I’m — I’m sorry if I sound disrespectful. I realize she still raised you, but I do think it’s a good idea for you to verify everything that she said about your birth parents. Well, so far, we don’t have a lot to go on. Do you want me to do some digging?

[ Beeping ]

[ Crying ] Please help me.

[ Sighs ] Where’s elizabeth? Did she call the cops? Not yet. You know it’s just a matter of time. You don’t really think she’ll lie for you, do you? No. That’s why this ends now. The first night we met, you were so mad at me. Okay, dex, I think your fever’s spiking. My guardian angel. Not like a — a sweet angel. Like a — a warrior angel with the flaming sword. So beautiful it hurts to look. Well, it’s a good thing you’re delirious. You’ll never remember that you said that. But I will.

[ Sighs ] Carly corinthos. I swear, you get more gorgeous every time I see you. Well, it’s carly spencer now. Oh. And you look so dapper, as usual. Thank you. Thanks for coming through for me, brick. You know I’ll always be there for you. Come on in. <

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