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Client never wanted a,

my client has no comment at this time. Of course, governor Elect price believes in justice. That’s why she’s asked me to remind everyone that in this country, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s all for now. Thank you.

What now?

Oh, hey, you read the intruder?

They’re all sharks and they smell blood in the water.

Bloody clothes. Damn. We do now.

Right. Well, we reached out to the Accused Bakery sweep bits for comment, but it seems that there’s some sort of a cover up that is expanding faster than the. Dough in their ovens? No. Oh God. How am I supposed to do a cover story on this? And I can’t even get comment from anybody.

Hi Gwen’s. Check from the Spectator. I know who you are, Gwen. Yeah. Your, um, sister-in-law’s girlfriend who’s just arrested for mad. You know, there’s unidentified sources that say that there’s some sort of a cover up going on. So tell me, when did Allie know this? What does

Ra It’s Allie. Um, I’m calling because. I need to see Chanel and they won’t let me. They’re saying that trash is not allowing visitors. If there’s anything that you can do, let me know. Show me back please,

Alex. Hey, I heard about Chanel. Thought maybe you could use a friend.

I don’t care what that fool trash says. I’m coming down there to see my baby girl. I’m the governor elect. What’s she going to do? Arrest me, Paulina. Listen, as a mother, I understand where you’re coming from. But as your daughter’s attorney, I have to ask you to just stay away. Okay. You and Abe need to avoid the press.

Good morning, Ms. Dupree.

Sleep well. I just thought after a long night in lockup, you might be ready to have a little chat with me. So what do you say? Are you ready to confess to murder,

like sands through the hourglass? So are the days of our lives.

You okay? Yeah. That’s a dumb question. No, it’s not. I mean, what else are you supposed to say? I’m not. Alex, well, let me see her. I mean, I watched them take her into a cell last night and then it’s alright. And then, I mean, I came home and Henry asked me why Chanel’s not here to do his favorite goodnight puppet show with him , he likes her funny voices better.

So I had to do both characters through tears. Obviously he knew something was wrong, but he eventually, he passed out. Did you get any sleep at all? No. I couldn’t sleep in our bed. I mean, I came out here, but this couch sucks, but I knew I wasn’t gonna sleep anyway. Yeah, I get it. I’m sorry. I, I don’t, I don’t even know what this is about.

Like how could this happen? Chanel arrested for murder and they’re saying that they have all of this evidence. God knows where they got that. Yeah, actually I know where they got it.

Since when are you a reporter for The Spectator? I’m asking the questions. Thank you. Okay. Tell me, so when did your husband find out that his sister was dating a murderer? No fricking comment. Especially after everything you did. The Chad and Abigail. You have some nerve accusing anyone of anything. Don’t think I’m not gonna write about.

Maybe he won’t answer your questions, but I will.

I tried to squash that story, but the intruder isn’t really big on facts or integrity or, what’s that word again? Oh yeah, truth. Well, I’m well aware of the depths to which the injury will sink. The problem is their readers will believe this trash. I mean, all they care about is boosting click numbers, but all they have to do is feed their readers These sensationalized lies like this.

I was the target before. Saw the scars from the hatch job first. They went after my one night stand with Glen Resk, and then my alleged affair with Leo Stark Lime rat. Good morning, governor Elect price. I have your schedule, your call log your half, half vanilla soy with just a dusting of turmeric.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find your favorite pastry that bearclaw from Sweet Bits. So I took the initiative of making you a cake and a mug in the microwave. You fired Mary. Uh, but I’m Leo, I don’t give a damn what your name is. I’m kicking your ass to the curb. You are done here, but I I, I’m the only one standing between you and all those blood thirsty reporters out there.

I just told them I saw Barbara Streisand putting in her advanced order at the Brady Pub for 800 taken baked turkeys for all those weird underground mall employees. She has those press vs flanked over there in a wild goose chase. But they’ll be back. But you won’t. I’ll take my chances with the press.

But you are the voucher I need to get rid of. Cause you are the reason that my daughter was arrested for murder.

It’s just a matter of time. Chanel, trust me, it’ll be better for all of us. Even you if you just confess what the hell is going on here? You know damn well you can’t question my client without me present. I was merely checking in with our guest here and since you finally decided to join. I’d like to ask you a few questions Chanel, and get the answers we are all looking for, and I assume that your attorney has had a chance to look over the file of evidence that we have.

Yes. As a matter of fact, I’ve had a chance to look it over and that’s exactly why I’m here to insist that you drop all of these charges.

Why would I believe a single word that came out of your mouth? You never know. Maybe I have some insights that could be valuable to you. . Yeah, not a chance. What do you think the state bar would do if they found out that you coaxed Leo Stark, your client? Into lying to the police gui to dignify that with the, and how do you think that the state bar would react if they found out that said obstruction of justice led to the wrongful arrest of an innocent party?

Namely me, you know, if this really is your line of questioning, I would say that there’s no proof that I had any knowledge of my client’s true intentions. And with the information that my client gave me, I acted in his best. Also, I am currently available for council. So why don’t you hop on over to my website, uh, you know, for the little piece you’re writing, why don’t you go to Hill?


better question. Do you have any knowledge of who gave Melinda Trask the dirt on Chanel dupree? And the answer, ding, ding, ding. Is me. Great. Your skeezy lawyer friend is the one who had evidence on Chanel. Where did she get it? I don’t know. And for the record, Sloan is no longer my friend or anything else for that matter.

Ever since she has proven to me that she’s nothing but a ambulance chasing she Devil. Yes, that should pretty much be on her business card. And now it turns out that she’s blackmailing Chanel’s mother for some mystery. Not that I even had a clue about that when I stole the file of evidence from her apartment.

Oh, wow. I mean, thank you. Please do not thank me yet. It’s not the end of the story. Sloane somehow got the file back. She gave it to the da. Why on earth would I drop the charges when I have everything I need to convict your client right here in this little file. Right. Listen, I know you’re really busy, so you might have forgotten, but we’re in Salem.

Oh, is that where we are? Yes. And the incident in question actually happened when Chanel was living abroad in the United Kingdom. So Ms. Trask, you don’t actually have jurisdiction. So I’m just gonna go find someone to uncuff you and get you out of here. Oh my God, thank you so much. I wouldn’t thank her just yet.

Ms. Dupree, because you aren’t going anywhere, I have obtained permission from Scotland Luard to question your client on their behalf, . Okay? You think a judge is gonna buy that? Mm, I’m sure. Or else I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble. Okay. We’ll see at the arraignment, but until there’s a ruling, my client’s not answering any more of your questions.

Okay, sure. Fine by me. Oh, uh, Ms. Brady, did you happen to see your husband out there when you were making your call? What do you want with Sean? Well, we’re gonna need someone to haul in Chanel’s mother for question. If your client won’t talk, maybe Governor elect price will

Ms. Price. If you would just let me explain what the hell is there to explain. See, Stephanie Johnson told me. Everything. So now I know that you, you, you took sw, you are the one who left that Sloan Peterson into my safe. Well, no, no, she didn’t tell you everything because she left out the part about being an accident.

I only opened up that safe in my capacity as your assistant to execute your executive orders. You said I could have an advance on my salary. Remember, that’s what this is about. The payback said shyster, and I didn’t want to interrupt the newly elected governor of this great state. So I opened up the safe and I took the advance from petty cash.

Not a penny more you can check, but I had no idea those documents were in there and no idea that sneaky Succubus was gonna smash them out from behind my back. I know you probably want to kill me right about now. Don’t gimme any ideas.

How did Governor Elect price persuade the voters that she was the Law and Order candidate when she has a daughter in prison for murder and another on the way there for that same charge. And then the journalist goes on to, to say that Hanau was let away in handcuffs on election night and then declares their guilt as if he’s judge, jury, and executioner.

I mean, it seems like he’s, he’s, he’s coming at this like he’s got a personal vendetta. You know? There’s not a single fact. Okay. Okay. But until we know the full story, let’s stop focusing on the little details. Fact or fiction. Right now, our only job is to take care of Paulino and her family. So the question is how do we spend this?

What do you want with my mama? I think you know, Ms. Dupree, that this file has evidence that your mother is an accomplice after the fact that she covered up your crime to cover your ass. And that is, as I’m sure you know, illegal and I think the good people of this state should know who they elected as their.

I’ll just go get a detective and go down to our campaign offices. And if Sean isn’t available, well, I’ve planned people on staff that can make the arrest. No, no. Wait, I will answer your questions. No, Chanel don’t. Yes. Do this. Yes. Ask me anything you want and I will answer. I will not let my mother pay for something that I did.

Wait, I think I got it. Okay. You said that reporter wrote the articles if it was personal. Well, our venomous district attorney makes everything personal, right, that she does from what I’ve read and heard. She was determined to put Pauline’s daughter Lonnie behind bars for the rest of her life and would therefore be deeply disappointed if not infuriated, that that did not happen because Pauline had forced her hand, made her cut a deal.

So if she couldn’t get one daughter, then you get the other one that could work. That’s brilliant. You’re brilliant. Okay. Let’s keep the spin focused on our clients. But, okay. How do we, how do we drive this home? How do we get this story about a da with an ax to grind to a media outlet that doesn’t do hatchet jobs?

Well, I, uh, I have an in, what’s the only reputable newspaper in town? Of course, uncle Jack owns a spectator. Yeah. But Jack’s visiting Jennifer in New York, but they did hire a new reporter who I think is a year to make her mark. And you know, this person more intimately than I’d like to.

Check’s daughter. Great. What do you think Gwen Riz check will do you a favor given her history. I don’t know. I’ll make it happen. So you are the one who gave evidence against Chanel Dask. Guilty.

Right. So first you try to railroad me and now you are going after the governor elect’s daughter. What did you, did you vote for the other guy? No, no, no. I don’t get involved in politics. There’s way more money in the middle. Yeah. There’s also lots of money in fabricating evidence. Isn. Fine. Don’t take my word for it.

Never. Well, why don’t you be the judge? I can just send you the file. What’s your angle here? I have no angle. I’m just doing my duty as a good citizen. Besides, I think the people deserve to know the truth that that mommy of two murderers just got elected as governor. Keep an eye out from my email.

Look, I had no idea what was in that file, had anything to do with Chanel, and if I had known that, I would’ve burned the damn thing right then and there. Yeah, but you didn’t know, I mean, you were just trying to help. Yeah, and then I ended up causing a colossal mess.

Look, right now, I am here for you and to help you any way I possibly can. That’s it. Thank you.

Oh my God. Okay. Ray said that he pulled some strings. I can go see Chanel. That’s great. You gotta go. Oh yeah, I know. It’s such a relief. He said I can go right now. Perfect. Good. Cool. Hey, um, oh my, what am I gonna do about Henry? I obviously can’t bring him there and my new roommate’s outta town. I can babysit.

Really? You don’t? You don’t mind? I don’t mind. What do you mean? I just told you whatever I can do to help. You just said I don’t want my mother to pay for what I did. Is that an admission of guilt? Mr. Dpri? You do not answer that. Okay, fine. Let’s start with an easy one. Do you recognize this woman in this photo?

Yes. What’s her name? Martha Bedford. And this one, is that you? Yes. When I was in college. And here is the copy of the incident report. Is that your signature at the bottom indicating that this is your sworn statement?

Yes. So you admit you are the one who murdered Martha Bedford. Okay, we’re gonna stop right there. Don’t say another word. I can bring her mother in here if I need to. You know what? You can bring in her mother, her grandmother, the Pope, or the Easter bunny. This interview is over.

I did not give you the okay to open my safe, did I? Did I? So since you took that upon yourself, my little girl was arrested for murder. But she didn’t do it right. She’s innocent, isn’t she? Ms. Price? I understand exactly what your daughter is going through. I too have been falsely accused and it’s traumatic.

It’s horrible. I still have nightmares about it, except Chanel isn’t being falsely accused, is she? She’s guilty of sin.

Yeah, more lies from the desk of Sloan Peterson. I swear to God, if I get a virus from opening his attachment, I’m gonna bloody kill.

Oh my God. Hello Gwen. Sorry. I know you just, um, you just started at the Spectator and, uh, and boy do I have, I have a big. Story for you. Trust me, you are gonna want this byline. Not as big as the fish that I just landed.

You’ve tricked me. I turned my back for one second. Counting the money to pay you back and you pluck a personal file from safe. That’s theft. And now you’ve returned to the scene of the crime. Call the police. I have no problem testifying against her. I see you’re back to your old tricks, Mr. Stark. You just said your back was turned.

So how can you testify as a witness? Uh, no, you said that. I said my back was turned and now I retract that statement. I will have no problem telling the cops I saw you reach into that safe. Now I see it. I kept asking myself over and over, why, why would she hire this little pip squeak? And now it’s so clear.

Go, you’re done here. I’m just trying to help and you’re making things worse now just get. Fine, but you have not seen the last of me Peterson, and mark my words. You will eventually be very, very sorry. You ever messed with me in such an appallingly, deceitful way,

and good luck finding turmeric in this little burg I bought out Salem’s entire supply for you.

So, Another daughter made a mess and you swoop and clean it up, but yet again, all your power and money couldn’t save it from blowing up in your face. You know, I really thought this finger paint would come off a little easier, but we’re just gonna have to give you a bath later. For now, you do your thing.

Block time. It’s block time. Yeah. No, mommy must have forgot something. Good work. Yeah. Good work. Oh.

No, I don’t want my mother involved. Chanel. You do not say another word. Counselor, how about you and I have a little chat outside. Huh?

Don’t test me, miss Broody. I will haul in Paulina Price. Oh, please. If you’re going to, you would’ve done that already. I’m here to see my girlfriend finally, and nobody is going to stop me.

Alex, I didn’t expect to see you here. Well, ally went to go see Chanel, so I offered to stay. Henry. Oh, well that was nice of you. I, uh, I came by to see Allie too. I wanted to see if she was doing okay and if she needed help with what to say. You know, the press approaches her. Ah, so you’re here on a PR mission for the governor?

Yeah. Hmm. She was only elected yesterday and already as a major crisis. I’m just here to help however I can. Well, that makes two of us came here with the same message and, uh, Ended up becoming the backup babysitter. Oh, well, looks like you’ve got everything under control on this front. Yeah.

Hey, it’s okay buddy. Hey, it’s okay. Hey, mommy’s gonna be back soon. Promise. Okay. She’s gonna be back soon. Come here. Come on, let’s go. Alright. Alright buddy. She’ll be back soon. Shell be back soon. Maybe I’m needed here. After all,

the prisoner isn’t allowed. Any visitors. Well, commissioner Ray Hernandez says other. Here is his written authorization.

I, I’ll have to have a word with the commissioner actually, last time I checked Ray reports to the mayor, not you. So Yes, you can go in. She’s in there. Thank you.

The mayor, huh? Huh? You mean Mr. Paulina? Price? If he thinks he can sweep all of this under the rug too, then he’s in for a rude, awake.

Leo, are you okay? No Jackson, far from it. I am utterly miserable console me.

Oh, um, I was actually just doing some early Christmas shopping Ferrari, so I should probably, you know, get back. Yeah. You’re such a good daddy. I wish I had an adorable daddy buying me gifts, but this is for sure going to be a screw gear for little old me. You sit for a few. Just a few. I promise I won’t keep you.

Not that I could or should. Unlike me, you have a life, you have a job, a husband, child, family, and friends. Why would you wanna squander time trying to cheer up ale? Mazel like me.

Do you? Um, Do you wanna tell me what’s going on? Where to begin?

Aside from hating myself for being the most annoying person on the planet, by all accounts,

my new career is over before it even began.

I am not quite sure as to what you’re referring. Please. Let’s just skip this part. Okay. Your assistant just threatened to perjury himself. I think we both know where we stand. Well, that man is no longer my assistant. Okay. If you wanna do it that way, fine. Let me just spell it out for you. You lied about the murder of TR Coats to protect your eldest daughter, Lonnie.

Common Knowledge. Right, right. And now Trask knows what Chanel did and how you covered it up. Are we on the same page here now? So two daughters, two crimes, and two coverups. So now it’s only a matter of time if we’re slapped with handguns and let away and disgrace. Does that sound about right? Governor?

I am gonna give you an SJ p r exclusive. Are you, you ready for this? Da Trash Targets Governor Elect and Family over Old Grudge. Hey, uh, Gwen, are you listening to me? I, if you want to be a reporter, you’re gonna have to pull yourself off social media or whatever it is a, a stupid game. You’re, you’re playing and, uh, and focus on the news that’s happening right in front of you.

You know, I r l Baby. Fyi, I am not on social media and I’m not playing a stupid game. In fact, I’m doing research on my. New article. How does this headline sound? Right? Okay. Damning evidence surfaces in Governor elect criminal cover ups what I happen to be in possession of a copy of the evidence against Chanel and her mother.

The reporter never reveals her sources. And what the hell since you’ve seen so obviously invested. Sloane Peterson. Peterson gave you that. Me and Trask. And while Trask is gonna take it to the court, I’m gonna take it to the presses. Oh. Ah, no, no. You can’t publish that. Watch me.

Oh, Dupree. I was so worried about you. Oh, I’m good. Horton. Now that you’re here, and I’m so sorry for where you must be going, forget about me. You’re the one who’s in here. You’re the one who’s being falsely accused. I just, I miss you so much. So does. Oh, sweet Henry, is he here? Is, is he? No, no, no. He’s home.

He’s with Alex. And then I realized I wanted to go all the way home, but I couldn’t. Oh, no. How come? Oh, I wanted to run home, but I realized. I have no legs. Wha What do you mean you have no legs? We a tick. I have no legs either. What do we do? I dunno. But maybe it’s good. Now we found each other you mean because we both have no legs.

Yeah. We’re the same. We’re the same. Well, since we found each other, whatever shall we do, maybe we should kiss. You want me? To kiss you.

Alright. Here goes nothing.

Okay. Well, I mean, it’s not like he actually gave Peterson the file. Of course not. The last person I would ever be in cahoots with is that miserable skank. It was an accident. Did you explain that to Paulina? Madame? Governor Scrooge would not hear it, so she bagged me right out the door like I was a common criminal.

I’m never gonna have my happy ending. Like Bob crotch it. It’s crotch it. Leo, what’d I say? It doesn’t matter. Okay. Just maybe this isn’t the end of the story, you know, maybe Pauline will be visited by three ghosts tonight. I, I doubt it. No, no. I, even though it was an accident, it’s still my fault, son for opening up that damn safe without Ms.

Price’s permission. That was, uh, That was not cool. No, it wasn’t. Even though I didn’t have my usual alleged ill intentions, uh, Jackson, I really was turning the corner. I had a decent job. I was eating well, cutting back on the booze, reading all these self-help books about how to be a decent person. My favorite of which, by the way, is called Stop Fetching and Get a Life, which I highly recommend, and then I blew it.

Okay. Well, you know, on the bright side, you didn’t mean to hurt anyone. You, I mean, at least not this time. True.

I guess. I’m so used to crossing lines. I don’t even see them when they’re right in front of me.

Those allegations haven’t, haven’t been proven. I don’t know that you knew the, the whole reporter thing, but if Abigail were here, she would tell you. Then you need multiple, reliable sources. You can’t print it until you can verify it. Right. Well, I appreciate the, uh, crash course in journalism 1 0 1. Yeah.

Cheers. Thanks. But I’m, I’m good. And, uh, I think the, uh, documents that Sloan sent seem legitimate, so if they’re good enough to ask, but I would go to Jack.

But he’s focused on Jennifer right now. Please, Gwen, I’m begging you don’t publish this.

Give me a reason why not to jack your dad. He trusted you. He gave you this chance. I know you helped Jennifer get the help that she needed. Which shows me that I know that you, you want to be a better person. Keep that going and use the chance that he gave you for good. Don’t do trust dirty work. You know, from experience that Sloan isn’t somebody who who can be trusted.

You have to decide which side do you want to be on it.

Why are you doing. You broke our deal. Well, I stole the file. You stole it back. All fair and love in politics. But we were back to square one. I would’ve paid you all the same. Now you got nothing. When you gave that file to the da, you lost all your leverage. Your client must be thrilled. You cost that dirty blackmail, a ton of money.

I guess since everything’s out in the open now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. This was never about the money.

I had this amazing opportunity and I blew it off to smithereens, but hey, that’s what I’m best at, isn’t it? I threw away an incredible. Access to power. A decent salary. At least I still have all the turmeric a girl could want. I’m sorry. Really? Really?

Um, have you had breakfast, Jeff? Hello? Did grab this on my way out the door. Why? Come in now. Have a bite with me. I would love to, but like I said, I’m poor than Bob Crot. Come on you. You bought me dinner last night. All right. I owe you one. You really wanna be seen with the disgraced ex assistant of the soon to be disgraced Governor Elect.

I could care less what people think. All right. And you and didn’t look like you could use a friend. Are we friends now? Jackson? Mm-hmm. . Let’s just. Let’s start with breakfast. Okay,

well I guess our puppet show knocked him out cuz little Hank is sound asleep. he is. So brushes, I know. You know, our date last night didn’t really, uh, end the way a date is supposed to, you know, a good date anyway. And how does a good date end? Oh, oh. I suppose since we now know that we make such a good team, what else should we possibly do?

Hmm. Maybe we should kiss

fine. I’ll go with your story and I won’t publish the file. Thank you. Until I can verify it’s true. Off the record. I hope it’s not Why, so that I can write the story that I’d prefer to write. Trashing Sloan Peterson and Melinda Trask.

This wasn’t about a payout. It’s always been about a payback. You are telling me your mystery client never wanted a check. No more games. Ms. Peterson, tell me who the hell your client is. Who wants to hurt me in my family? Tell us me. Write this second, or one of us is gonna leave this room in a whole world of.

There is no client. The person who wants payback is me.

Why Belinda? Why are you so hell bent on punishing my client? Why? Why do you let your personal feelings or your need to be vindicated or whatever? Why do you let that prejudice? You like this, to prejudice me? Are you insinuating that I’m in breach of my professional obligations? Have you not let it sink in that I have incontrovertible evidence that this woman committed murder and got away with it, but you don’t.

You know damn well that no evidence is incontrovertible. You know what else I. Is it you are just prolonging the inevitable because Ms. Dupree is going down and so is her mother. This is all so crazy. They’re saying you killed someone. I know you Dupree. I know you better than anyone. There is no way that you could do anything like that.

No way.

I am sorry. I’m so, so sorry, but you’re wrong. I did kill someone.

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