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Are you nearly done? You’ve about worn out that carpet. Well, we can certainly afford to replace it. Now that you’ve decided not to pay for your mother’s ransom, would you calm down? I’ve told you I’m handling this well, of course you’re handling it by comedian. A major felony of your own

trip’s gonna be, okay, Ava, I’m gonna bring him back. Safe. Promise me Steve Promise. I promise I’m gonna bring him home. Safe and sound

Dam. Eva, why aren’t you answering my calls? I’ve tried being patient, but obviously you had no plan B when Egypt didn’t pay up right way to get some mother back. I’ve had some uh, Complications on my end. So you need to wrap this up right now. I’ll not my wife, find out what I’ve done for you

pregnant. Are you sure? That is what the test indicates, but it’s not possible. Are you not sexually? We are, but we use birth control well, um, as you know, birth control isn’t a hundred percent effective.

I assumed this is a complication

you wanna be with.

When I asked you that a few hours ago, you adamantly denied it. I know. I know. Wife, and I’m so sorry. Why did you marry me? Because I loved you


I still have feelings for you. You’re a wonderful man, right? Oh, don’t just, don’t you stop. Stop humoring me. Okay? Just tell me the damn truth.

When you realized that you could have Eric back, you regretted getting involved with me, didn’t you?

I was just.

A substitute for your real love

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I feel terrible. You don’t deserve this. You were so good to me. Oh, oh, stop. Just stop it, right? I don’t need you feeling sorry for me. You’re trying to absolve your feelings of guilt by telling me how good I was to you or whatever. I don’t give a damn about that anymore. Okay? I just, I just want the truth.

I understand. Okay. Okay, good.

You told me just a few hours ago you didn’t have any feelings for Eric. Yeah. I mean, you swore to it. In fact, as I recall, and I meant it at the time I did it, is just that things changed. Apparently everything changed. You honestly expect me to believe that you just had these feelings now since the last time I’ve seen you a couple hours ago.

No. Now these feelings, Eric, they’re not new. They didn’t just dawn on you. No, they didn’t. No. Okay, so we got married in June.

When you stood in front of me and you looked me in the eye, you promised to have hold and cherish me. Did you wanna be with Eric then?

No. No. Oh no. It was before we even sat our vow, wasn’t it? It was the moment that he came back into town.

No, be fun. When we, when Eric came back into town, I was, I was confused and I was infected in ways that I, I just didn’t expect. But, but when I looked in your eyes and I. My vows. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be with you forever, so please, please don’t erase that. Why not? You just did.

He just told you, I don’t give a damn what you just told me. I wasn’t the one and you knew it. Hell,

please forget that I said that. I’m so. That is none of my business. I’m going to let you talk. Is there any chance that the test could be wrong? Uh, stupid question. I know these tests are very, very accurate. No, not, not a stupid question. Um, yes, they are very accurate, but I would be happy to run it for you again.

Just let me know. Okay? I am gonna let you two talk.

I dunno where to start, even know what to say.

Me neither. If only this. A happy surprise, but those seem to be in very rare supply these days, unlike unhappy ones.

Ah, Kayla, I thought you were working late. Obviously Steve is just comforting me. It’s okay, Ava. I am not. But I do wonder why you’re here. Tripp told us that you were moving to Seattle because of, uh, some problem you were having with ej. Yeah. Well, EJ doesn’t get to tell me what to do or where to go. End of story.

You call kidnapping Trip Johnson a felony. I call it a solid defensive maneuver. Tony, Eva put me in a corner when she took my mother. What else was I supposed. You pay the ransom , please don’t be in a standoff with this woman. She’s unpredictable and dangerous. Swallow your pride and just why the funds, Tony, me, you need to trust me on this.

I have no doubt whatsoever that my mother is safer because of what I’ve done. Not the opposite.

Bad day.

I didn’t see you there. That’s my surprise. I mean, given the way you barged in here and made a beeline for the bar, it’s obvious that you needed that drink. Just unwinding. What are you doing here? Chris was shopping. No, I’m working. Actually, today’s my first day at the Spectator. Hell of a start too.

You know, Paulina Price gets elected and her daughter gets arrested. Chanel was arrested for Madda. Yeah. You really don’t know the whole body town’s buzzing over it. Ah, I’ve been busy. I my first day of work too. Oh, so you were finally gainfully employed, are you? I am indeed. Well, don’t leave me in suspense.

Tell me everything.

Sounds like it’s a big problem with ej. Nope. Why are we even talking about that jerk? Just forget him. I said, I would help you, Ava, but I’m not gonna keep my wife in the dark. Keep me in the dark about. You know, and Steve’s gonna have to explain it. I’ve gotta take care of something.

I’m counting on you. I’ll keep you posted.

What’s going.

Trips been kidnapped.

I have a’s son, that’s checkmates. As soon as she will realize this and it will all be over. You seem awfully confident, don’t you. Now tell me how the negotiation’s been since you sent Ava a photo of trip being held at some point as she bombard with calls, a flurry of texts. No, I didn’t think so. She went ready, silent, didn’t she?

Give her time? A mother who’s desperate to save her son doesn’t need time. She replies immediately by saying she’ll do anything she can to get him back. She’s just trying to prove that she’s tough. Oh. Or she’s trying to give you a hint that she cares more about the money than she does the welfare of her son.

Hey, I know you think you have the winning move here, but it’s possible that what you’ve done, it’s brought you that much closer to losing your mother.

So the company’s called redneck, eh? Yes. A pharmaceutical startup. Right. Okay. That’s very exciting. Our job’s a job, right? And I needed the money buried under a mountain of debt from the Salem in as well. You know, isn’t your wife a doctor? Sarah’s still on probation and reduced salary on five bills to pay.

You know, it’s funny. In all the time we were together, I never remembered. You mentioning being interested in pharmaceuticals and, um, don’t companies like that hire people who are experienced in the field? Not necessarily. I mean, they, like you say, I had tons of potential and you know, I’m a hard worker and that’s an experienced con artist now what’s that supposed to mean?

It’s just that. While we’ve been sitting here, I’ve been discreetly scouring the internet for this so-called company and, um, can’t find a thing. Nothing. It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist. It’s brand new, a startup. So, I mean, there should be some sort of mention of it if it’s startup or not even a bare bones website.

But there isn’t. Just tell me. Why are you lying about your job?

Sorry. Fuck. I wanna be honest with you, but it’s, it’s complicated.

Well give it your best shot.

When I accepted your proposal, I wanted more than anything to be your wife. But,

but, but that was before I knew Eric left the priesthood,

so I was right.

I was right. You, uh, you regretted getting engaged. Pretty much from the moment I put that ring on your finger.

So our marriage was a farce from the beginning.

You got another unhappy surprise today. Is that what you’re saying? To me? Finding out that I’m pregnant is the last thing I expected.

This is the timing that’s really hitting me. The timing.

Can we please not pretend, I saw you about an hour ago, Eric, kissing your ex-wife.

You saw I went to Basic black looking for you, and there you were locked in what looked like a very passionate kiss with Nicole.

I guess shooting that magazine cover. Really stir up some old feelings for you.

Were you planning to tell me? Yes, yes. I was planning on telling you, and then Rave called to tell you I fainted, and now we know why.

Look, it’s been very obvious to me for a while now that Nicole has very strong feelings. But it wasn’t until today, until I saw the two of you kissing until I can see the look in your eye that you have right now that your feelings for her are just as strong. She just didn’t admit it. You want to be with Nicole despite.

Despite her marriage.

Call it what you want.

I will not call our marriage a farce. I loved you on our wedding day, and I still love you now. Just not enough.

You remember, do you remember we had a fight few weeks ago and I passed you? If you rushed into marrying me cause you were afraid of the feelings that you have for Eric because you said No,

it wasn’t. Was

and I were over for a long time and I, I felt neglected by him. And he felt guilty for not putting me first. We were never in sync. But you were in love, right? You were in love. That’s the point that I’m trying to make.

You were just tough. You just using me. You loved him. So I was convenient way for you to get over that. I was Your escape wasn’t I, wasn’t I to?


I admit it. It’s made fun.

I’m so sorry.

Two minutes on a laptop and you’re convinced I’m lying. Deny it me once. And I know you, there’s a reason why you are knocking back all those drinks. You’ve had a stressful day. Hmm. Right. Here’s how I think your day is going. You need a job. Yeah. But, um, there isn’t really a job out there for a man with your very special, unique talents and the pressure is on because you have to provide for the new.

And, uh, you can’t let her carry the load on her own. Cuz that would be quite, um, humiliating, especially since all the other kayakers men are doing a fine cracking job at it. Yeah. So you put on that very nice suit and you tell the Mrs you are off to start your new job and then you pop out two wild away the hours at a coffee shop or a pub perhaps to make it look like you’re putting in eight.

Of work until you go home. Am I close? You think you’re so damn clever, Gwen, you can be further off base. I am working. Problem is the job that I took is just a wee bit illegal.

Travis been kidnapped. Ava came over here to tell me that, oh dear God, all we have to go on so far is that photo, which was taken a couple of hours ago, and what appears to be his apartment. So my guess is he’s not far from there. I’m so sorry. I mean, who would wanna do this? Who, who? I mean, what could they possibly want from trip?

I don’t know, but I know who’s behind it. E. You think EJ kidnapped? Your son looks that way. Oh, that son of a bitch. I’ll kill him myself. Favor, I’m concerned I haven’t heard back since I text you. My latest negotiating starts. Surely we can get these talks going again since we each have something the other wants.

It’s not in your best interest to ignore. Fine. I won’t. Oh, you are gonna wish you had just paid up a miserable son of a bitch.

Where’s my mother? Where’s my son? You lost your advantage when you kidnap. Now I’ve got as much on you as you’ve got on me hotly. Ooh, look at that. I make you nervous. You’re not used to that. Are you squaring off with someone when the odds aren’t stacked in your favor?

You have met your match and it scares the hell.

Play. Wait, Kayla, listen. Listen. When I heard about this, my first instinct was to confront ej, but that’s not the smart move. Not when trip’s. Safety is our priority. I don’t understand why EJ would do this. He threatened Ava to get her to leave Salem when she came back. I guess this is his way of making good on the threat.

What about Joey? Was he at the apartment when they came and took Trip? Joe’s fine. I talked to him. Apparently they covered their bases by getting trip to call Joe and tell him he went camping. But I think we should keep Joe thinking that, at least for now. I still don’t get it. Why would EJ involve trip in this if this problem is really with Ava?

I think there is something that she’s not telling you.

You wasn’t working for Ava and she had you turn, fuck. Well, at least I know where she went now, after I turned her down, she turned up when I was in hospital, she wanted me to get revenge on ej.

Didn’t expect to see you here or you. Sandra and I just bumped into each other. Yeah, after you were called into work, Victor and Maggie’s dinner fell apart and I didn’t feel like calling it at night yet. So popped in here for a drink and Zander has been filling me in on his new job. Fascinating. I’m sure there’s lots of things he hasn’t even told you about.

I never intended on keeping the truth from you.

The truth is, is I’ve been in denial about my feelings for Nicole for a while. A while is in the entire time we’ve been together. Jada, I honestly believe that Nicole and I were done. No matter what I was feeling, she was married to somebody else and I kept telling myself that I needed to accept it and move on with my life.

And that’s when you got involved with me, I think. I think you’re an incredible woman. I’m not incredible enough to make you forget.

I honestly thought I could go into a new relationship and genuinely give the best of who I am myself, no matter what I felt for Nicole, but I couldn’t. I’m sorry.

Get out.

I said.

That had to hurt because it really hurts saying it, oh enough. Walk away. Just go, no, I’m not gonna walk away. Until you understand that I loved you enough to marry you. I swear, Rafe, I thought if I committed to you and I went all in to be the best wife that I could be for you, that it would end my feelings for Eric once and for all and be the beginning of a lifetime of loving you well.

Wow. Nice try.

Blame you for eating me or you wanna cut me out of your life forever. But I want you to know, and when I said my vows to you, I meant every word and I wanted them to be the last vows that I’d ever said, oh, come on. That’s, if, that’s just when, if wedding vows ever meant anything to you.

That is not fair. Ra. Oh, sure it is. Marriage is just a game to you. No, that is not true. Well, I think that Victor and Lucas would disagree. EJ would disagree twice. Oh, please, RA, don’t do this. What am I doing? Huh? I’m just telling it like it is. I mean, you are who you are. Nicole. I mean, you, you, you even cheated on Eric.

The love of your life was Xander of all people. Why don’t you stop? No, I’m not gonna stop now, baby, cuz I’m on a roll. And while we’re here, why don’t you, why don’t you actually tell me how long you’ve been cheating on me with Eric? I haven’t been cheating.

Yes, Eric and I kissed today, but. It, it just happened. It wasn’t planned. You and I had a fight and Eric and I, we were, we, we were just in the moment. It’s all right. Well, you did what you’ve wanted to do for months now what happened next? Huh? Guessing that led to the conference table? No. No. We stopped right away and we talked.

Did you, what You guys talk about what you wanted each other? Even though, uh, Eric’s got a girlfriend and you have a husband, we acknowledged our feelings for each other and then what we’ve been suppressing for all these months now, God, that’s cuz uh, what’d you guys do next? Did you come up with a plan?

Plan, how you were. Break up with me and Jada as quick as possible so you can get back to your, your feelings.

Well, you got what you wanted, Nicole, and clearly in the end, that’s all that matters to you.

Honestly, I was quite surprised. To hear about the work that Zander’s doing? Quite shocked, actually. Shocked. Oh, why? Well, you know, pharmaceuticals not really something I thought that Zander was ever interested in. And, um, I didn’t even know that he was qualified to work in that, um, particular field, but, All know how very smart Zander is and what a good work ethic he has.

So, um, I think that they are very lucky to have him. Don’t you think? Yeah. I’m very proud of him

hospital and they might need me to come back

for a second there. I thought that you were, tell her. Why didn’t you

honor amongst thieves, I suppose,

and look, despite everything that’s happened, I still care about you thunder, as much as I would just love to boss you and Sarah up. Um, I don’t have it in me to hurt you like that.

Well, thanks. I guess,

so you are free to go about with Ava’s bidding, but as somebody who’s been there and dodged that bullet, All I can say is, well, best of British luck to you.

I’m sure Ava’s holding something back, but she didn’t admit it. Well, we can deal with that later. Right now, trip comes first. I’m gonna get on the first flight to Seattle. Well, you better make sure that there’s two seats because I’m coming with you. Oh, no you’re not. Oh, yes I am. You are not going up against EJ alone.

Wake up, Ava, your lost chance. Give me back my mother. Cause you don’t wanna find out what happens if you say no. All right. Well, you give me back my son first. And then we’ll discuss what it’s gonna cost you to get Susan back. I’m not gonna be strong armed by a piece of trash. Oh. Oh, I see. So you can threaten me, bully me.

Leave me homeless. John, you committed fraud. You used my son. And if not for my extraordinary compassion, you be in prison right now. You conniving Ingrid. Oh, watch it. Ej. You piss me. I’m gonna have to call my associate and tell him to put a bullet in your mother’s head.

Stop. Pastor, you’re lucky. You are lucky. You’re lucky that my father is here. Otherwise, you would’ve wound up in the Crip next to your fake husband.

Sweetness. EJ being behind. This isn’t a reason to come with me. It’s why you should stay home and let you fly solo while I sit here and stare at my phone. Not a chance. No. I’m gonna call John. I’m not gonna do it alone. I’m gonna get Black patch. On the case? No, you cannot put him on the spot like that.

Marlena just got out of the hospital and he needs to be with her. You know, you tell him about Tripp and he is not gonna be able to turn you down. Listen, I don’t even know what I’m walking into. I’m not gonna put you at risk. Have you already forgotten who came to the rescue in Hong Kong when somebody I know.

Was brainwashed, baby. You just got out of the hospital yourself. And I am perfectly fine now and I am not gonna stay behind while my stepson is in grave danger. I love that boy with all my heart. And if you are walking into danger to save his life, I am going to be there to have your back. Yes. There’s no arguing with you.

No, there is not. And let’s come back.

Go find Nicole. I’ll be fine. We haven’t even talked about, I don’t know what I’m going to do about this pregnancy, but don’t worry about it, Eric. It’s not your problem. Not my problem. Jada. I, I care about you in this pregnancy. We need to figure this. What’s there to figure out? You told me who you want to be with.

There’s nothing else to say. Listen, if you’re trying to give me an easy way out, I don’t want it. We need to make decisions together about this baby. All right? And I want to be here for you. I’m not just gonna walk away.

Five, but we’re not gonna come up with any answers tonight.

I’m exhausted. I need to close my eyes and regroup. So please listen to me when I tell you I need you to go.

You, Schumer. I’m.

I should give this back.

I shouldn’t have accepted your ring or your love.

I didn’t deserve it, and I, I didn’t deserve you.

You deserve someone who’s worthy of you, and it’s, it’s not me.

I did everything wrong in this marriage. And you did everything right?

Yeah, except that it wasn’t Eric.

Oh, Erica. Hey. Hey. Are you okay?

I was just with re Oh God. I told him everything. It was awful. I’m sorry. It’s done. So, um, how’s Jada?

Shit? Jada’s pregnant.

Okay. We make this flight. We’ll be in Seattle in five hours. Ah, what about Stephanie? She’s gonna wonder why we dis. Uh, with all that mess with Paul, and this is the last thing she needs to worry about right now. Well, I’ll call her and tell her that we’ve got outta town for a couple days. Okay? We’ll tell Joe and Stephanie everything after we rescue trip.

Come on,

leave, go assess your options. Soon you realize you’re loud. Now get out. Okay. But I’d start getting my money together if I were you. I am running out of patience. But worse comes to worse. I can always send you a lock of Susan’s sayer. Say you have something to remember. Bye. Do you want no idea who you’re with?


This has gotta announce. Spare me the lecture. What lecture? I’m trying to help you face reality. Dammit. Don’t you understand that she’s unbalanced. Pay her off before something happens that you can’t control.

Do they need you to come back in? Nope. I’m good. Wonderful. I’ll, I’ll get you a drinking. No, no. I was, um, I was thinking that we could go to Julie’s place for a late night dinner and you can tell me all about your first day and maybe we can discuss a new living situation. . Let’s get Cody

cool at Call me if you’d like to talk, talk about. Um, yeah, well I’m working at the Spectator now and, um, I said to Zander that I would write a piece about the company he’s working for cuz startups need all the publicity they can get. Right. Consider it, consider it my way of making amends. They, thanks, thanks.

But, uh, that won’t be necessary.

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