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[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Clears throat ] Not to, uh, ruin the moment there… you’re fine. You’re fine. Yeah, we’ll continue this later. Besides… the moment is here. So, the, uh, genetic screening results are in? They are. Phew! Now we find out if I’ve passed the genes for schizophrenia on to curtis… and any generations that may follow. Hi. My name’s finn. I’m an addict. I hadn’t been to a meeting in two months. This is now my second in 24 hours. I… I guess I’m making up for lost time. Maybe I’m here to, um… avoid using. Or maybe I’m just avoiding my life right now. Or maybe a little of both. Jeff: Elizabeth?

It’s your father. Let’s talk.

You set the parameters.

Anywhere, anytime you want.

Just give me a chance.

That’s all I ask.

[ Knock on door ] Carly, now’s not a good time. You need to make time.

[ Knock on door ] Josslyn, it’s kiley! We need to talk!

[ Knocking continues ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Knocking continues ] Josslyn? I’m coming in.

[ High-pitched whirring ]

[ Tool clicking ] No!

The role of nikolas cassadine is temporarily being played by adam huss.

[ Lock clicks ] I don’t like it, either. It’s a shame to spoil the view. But security was more important. This room needs something strong enough to resist being pried off and thick enough to muffle the screams. Spencer: Trina. Are you okay?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Uh, ran out of hair products.

[ Chuckles lightly ] You really shouldn’t be here. Neither should you. But here we are. I just hope that I haven’t come too late. Too late for what?

Jordan ashford just dropped by my house an hour ago, and she told me you were found on the docks after a run-in with esme. What the hell happened? I was on my way to spoon island to see nikolas. I encountered esme. I went to call 911. She tried to grab my phone. Next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground and she was gone. Oh, my god. Well, does cam know? Yes. Does josslyn? I don’t know. I’m on my way to her place next. Josslyn: Oh, what are you doing? Um, did somebody give you permission to let yourself into my room? I was told you made a complaint about bedbugs. I need to inspect you room and get pest control in — oh, no, that’s — that’s not necessary. I don’t have bedbugs. All I said was that I heard a rumor. You sure? Yeah, I’m positive. Can’t even remember the last time I felt an itch. That is such a relief. ‘Cause bedbugs, they’re like a whole thing. The paperwork alone just — yeah. Okay. Well, today’s your lucky day. Great.

[ Both chuckle ] Anyway…carry on. Uh, what happened with the bedbugs? Nothing. Because I don’t have bedbugs. But you said — I can’t believe that you ratted me out to the R.A. I mean, kiley almost came in here when I was gone. What’s the big deal? You afraid they’d find your stash? I don’t have a stash. Then what are you hiding? I’m not hiding anything.

[ Loud thud ] You were saying?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Why don’t we go to my office and we can go over the genetic counseling results in private? Yeah. Okay. Good afternoon, everyone. Jordan. What brings you here? I was hoping I could speak to portia for a second. Oh, well, you know what? We’re actually right in the middle of something right now, so… well, I will keep it brief. Marshall: Uh, you know what? This day has been a long time coming. We could afford to wait a few more minutes. Oh. It’s okay. Uh, I’m fine. I still have to pick up a report from the counselor. Anyway… your office? I was on my way anyway.

[ Chuckles ] Ugh! Nikolas: Thank you, demetrius, for a job done well and discreetly.

[ Sighs ] You can’t do this to me!

[ Door closes ] Ensure that you’re safe and well cared for? Including a healthy breakfast to start your day. You don’t get extra points for feeding your captives. I like to do what’s fair. Like, your utensils here are all plastic and recyclable. Sadly, you’ve lost silverware privileges.

[ Chuckles ] I won’t miss them for long. Once elizabeth baldwin tells the police that you were with us on the docks last night — if elizabeth said anything about me, the commissioner herself would have sought me out for questioning hours ago. Even if she did, esme… no one’s gonna look for you here. This is your home now. And if you attempt to escape again, I will have you relocated to my family’s island in greece. You look like you could use a vacation. You’re despicable. Count your blessings, esme. The acco mmodations hereare much nicer than pentonville. Though you’d make a better fit at d’archam.

[ Scoffs ] I am not going to prison. But you will. This… will blow up in your face. Doubtful. But if it does? There is no risk I won’t take to protect my family. I’m your family, too. For now.

[ Door closes, lock clicks ] Aah!

[ Tray clatters ] Welcome to pentonville. Sorry I can’t offer you any refreshments. I think that today might be the butler’s day off. I’m here for the company anyway. Such as it is. Imprisonment has stunted my conversation skills. In here, the less said, the better. Sounds lonely. Better off lonely than making enemies. Or the wrong kind of friends. Well, the right kind are waiting for you back home. Me included. You said we were toxic. That’s because I didn’t have all the facts. Because you were keeping them from me. And asking cam to keep them from you. I’m not here to talk about cam. Okay? I’m here to talk about you and me. To see if there’s something left to salvage. And if you even want to. Mr. Cassadine, you have a visitor. Demetrius, I told you no visitors. And I was informing demetrius, the way things are going, I just might get him in the divorce. Keep an eye on the matter upstairs. The north tower? The place is falling apart. Which is why I’d prefer we meet anywhere else. This is the only place that can guarantee privacy, and this particular matter cannot wait. What matter might that be? Your boarder.

Finn: Hey. Alexis: Hey. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t been to a meeting in two months, either. We’re really bad. Worst. The worst. I’ve been very busy. I’ve been bogged down with that paper. And I know I should be grateful because it is a job, after I lost the one that I loved. Yeah, but, you know, you got to — you got to celebrate these small victories. Mm-hmm, let’s celebrate the small victories. No, you got to do that, you know? And you’re not the only one that has that opinion. You know, my dad, all — all he talks about is, uh, you and the invader… and you. And me, and me, and the invader, and your dad, and anything except talking about what it is that you were trying to avoid during the meeting. So, what was that?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Carly: God, this is crazy. I just want this whole thing to be over. The sooner they find esme, the sooner we can put this whole mess behind us. Do you really think she’s running around attacking people with a hook? Don’t you? I don’t take anything for granted these days. Elizabeth? Are you sure you’re okay? Oh, I never said I was okay. My boarder? Uncle nosy? Slick vic? Victor isn’t my boarder. Not yet, anyway. Oh, he hasn’t moved in yet? Lucky for you. Well, I happened to see your uncle just last night, and he dropped the most unsettling piece of gossip in my lap. About what? Esme prince… is alive and well and roaming around port charles. Apparently, elizabeth had a run-in with her on the docks, and she called the pcpd. Are you listening to me? The cops are after esme. So we got to find her first.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Are you offering me the chance to fix things between us? Yes. I am. Why now? Because it was impossible before. You weren’t straight with me. How much can one person truly mean to another if you can’t even be honest? You should ask my father. I’m asking you! At my party, the night before you came here… there was a letter for me, but you refused to hand it over. I told you the gist of it. Why are you rehashing this? Because I need to hear it from you. What were you trying to tell me that night? That I lied to your face for months. That I believed in you. And that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were innocent. Trina, I always have. That it? Yep. Here it is. You know, I don’t have to be here for this. You’re gonna take off? Well, all I’m saying is it doesn’t have to be a family affair. Well, that’s exactly what it is. Unless you just don’t want to be here for this. No, no. No, I do. It’s just, uh… you got all quiet. I thought maybe you wanted some — some space or privacy. Actually…

[ Sighs ] Actually, I was thinking about jordan and portia… and how they’re making a show of getting along. Of course, you know, that’s all it is. A show.

[ Chuckles ] What? Your ex-wife and your fiancée are only pretending they get along.

[ Chuckles ] Son, if that’s the worst that ever comes of it, count yourself lucky.

[ Sighs ] Good point. Yeah. Back to you. Back to me. What’d I do? Well, dad, you offered to leave, and you can’t just head for the door every time things get a little hairy. Okay, okay. I did that for your comfort. Like I said, I thought maybe you wanted some space. No, just — just you being here. Pop… I wouldn’t want to do this without you. Come what may? Come what may.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Breathes deeply ] So, we gonna do this? I’m ready when you are.

[ Exhales sharply ] What is it now, jordan? I’m picking up on some tension here. Oh, this right here? This is resentment. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve that, but — well, then you are a lousy detective.

[ Scoffs ] Or just plain disingenuous. Either way, you’re sticking your nose into my business again. My family’s private business. Curtis’ genetic counseling and what may or may not come of it has absolutely nothing to do with you — nothing to do with his ex-wife. I’m here to inform you that esme prince has been spotted in port charles. What do you mean? Where? Pier 55. There was an altercation last night between esme and elizabeth baldwin. But elizabeth — is she okay? She’s fine. I’ve notified trina, and I wanted to loop you in, as well. Thank you. But we both know you could have said all of this in front of curtis, right?

[ Chuckles softly ] I intend to keep my interest in your family professional, not personal. I have no idea what you choose to tell curtis and what you don’T. But it’s clear you still haven’t told him that trina may be his daughter. So someone else ought to?

y, look, if I am avoiding anything right now — and I’m not saying that I am — oh, you are. Right, I… things are just really messy. Okay, well, I’m here, ready to listen. Okay. What if you told me but you left out all the details? I appreciate the offer. Not ready. Okay. Not ready. But when I am… you’ll call me. You’ll find me. And if you can find me, then you’ll find somebody else. Because we have to talk about it. ‘Cause you know what happens when we hold back. Yeah, I know. I know what happens when we… listen, I found out something. I… found out something about reiko. She was having an affair. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. How’d you find that out? Doesn’t matter. Just all these things that I thought about my marriage, about myself, and… I just — I don’t know what to do with any of them. Well, you don’t have to know that right now. I mean, take some time, you think about it, and I’m sure you’ll figure it out. In the meantime, have you talked about this with elizabeth? Thank you for stopping by. I really do mean that. Um, but unless there’s something else, I was kind of in the middle of something. Scrapbooking? Decluttering. It’s too much stuff in the house. I sometimes get the urge to declutter. And when I do, the first things to go are usually the things least personal. That sounds like a good system for you. This looks pretty personal, elizabeth. I mean, these are family photos. It’s really none of your business. Are these your parents? Parents? Yes. Family? Not even close. What have you got in there? Or is it a who?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Can I trust you? I swear. What’s going on? I have a cat. A cat? It’s just a stray. You know, I saw some frat guys harassing it, so I swooped it up and I brought it back here. Aww. You know, I just — I really don’t want to get caught before I can get it a new home, you know? Cool. You’re a good person, joss. Thanks. So are you. I mean, if you don’t say anything. Your secret is safe with me. Alright. Hey, joss… any chance you could put in a good word for me with trina? Trina’s seeing someone. But if that changes, I’ll send her your way. Thanks. See? Good person.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Dex. Dex, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Are you with me? Dex? Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Okay, that’s fine. Hey, come on. Come on. Come on. Dex. Dex! Ugh!

[ Gasping ]

[ Door opens ] I’ll clean this up and get you an early lunch. When I saw you at the pcpd, I knew. I knew you were innocent. I knew that esme set you up. There could be no doubt. Do you know how badly I needed to hear you say that? I thought that it was more important for me to stay close to esme so I could find something that would prove your innocence. Ah, okay. Well, that explains why you played esme, but not why you played me. I wasn’t playing you. You kept me in the dark! Because you’re honest. And when you’re going up against a liar like esme… you don’t think I could have pulled it off? I was not going to risk esme finding out.

[ Scoffs ] Deceiving you was the best thing for you, trina. You sound just like curtis. He also does what he thinks is best for me, but it’s just like — I have a lot to apologize for, trina, but protecting you — I’m not going to apologize for that. Spencer… I don’t fault your motives. Your intentions are golden. But I would have felt more protected with you at my side. And maybe — maybe you’re right. Who’s to know how things would have turned out if — if you told me how you really felt? But let me tell you one thing. It hurt that you thought so little of me… …when I thought so much of you. So, is that “someone else” you?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hey. I see you’re still at it. Hi. No. We’re done. For the moment. Yes. Jordan — she — she gave me the heads-up about something. It turns out that esme is back in town.

[ Sighs ] Okay, well, then let’s forget about this and go get trina. No, no, no. Jordan already warned trina. And trina knows to be vigilant and keep a lookout. I already went over that with her. But trina wouldn’t want us to hold up this news any longer. Not on her account. So, is that — is that the report?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I got a message from the genetic counselor. Mm-hmm. They’ve been delayed. But, honey, I can’t wait any longer. Marshall: Look, um… you know your stuff, right? Can’t you tell us what it says? It’s, uh — it’s up to you.

[ Chuckles nervously ]

[ Exhales ] Yeah. Please. Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay, let’s hear it. What chance does curtis have in developing schizophrenia like I have?

[ Dramatic music plays ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Is it bad news? There are 10 genes that are, um, tied directly to schizophrenia. 10 genes with ultra-rare disabling variants that promote the, um — the development of the disease. And how many do I have? None. None?

[ Laughing ] As in…? As in zero. A-as in curtis is in the clear. Talk to elizabeth. She can help sort out your feelings about reiko. Just talk to her. Yeah… that might not be real productive at this stage. Why not? You remember all that messiness I mentioned? Who do you think you’re talking to? I’m the queen of messy. And don’t let this thing with reiko put a wedge between you and elizabeth. Talk to her… before the silence does the talking for both of you. Carly: I don’t think I’ve ever met your parents. They might as well be strangers. Haven’t spoken to them for 25 years. 25 years? You haven’t talked to your parents in 25 years? Not until two days ago, and let’s just say that conversation will hold me over for another 50.

[ Chuckles wryly ] Are yo u really gonna burnall that stuff? Well, that’s why it’s in the fireplace. Hey, hold on a second. I don’t have any photos of me and bobbie when I was a kid, and I so wish I did. I know all this feels more like a burden than a blessing right now, but… one day, that might change. And you’re gonna really regret burning all of it. I remember the look on your face when I asked you how you could make that video of joss and cam. I saw how much it hurt you. I hated myself. Almost as much as I hated pretending that I still cared about esme.

[ Scoffs ] Sounds like it. I’m not saying I suffered. Now the way you did. You didn’t have to go down that road. And look where it got you. In here. And if it was hell for you to think about what might happen to me… …it was just as bad seeing what’s actually happening to you. Honestly… I didn’t know you cared. Oh, give me a break. You knew! I was clear how I felt about you. Can you say the same? If you ever returned my feelings… you never said so. You didn’t even try. Did you?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[Phone vibrating]

[Elevator music plays]

[Music gets louder] Esme’s had months to pull the trigger on us. She hasn’t made her move yet, which tells me she knows her accusation won’t be believed. Maybe she’s just biding her time, waiting for the opportune moment to do maximum damage. I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think you’re giving esme enough credit. The longer she’s out there, the more time she has to come up with the way she can hurt us the most. And one way or another, she will do that. Unless we hurt her first. Demetrius? Um…you seem like you’re a good person. You seem like you care. I-I don’t mean for me, of course, but for nikolas. And don’t you see that he isn’t well? He’s got me locked up in here against my will. If he were in his right mind, he would never be doing this. Please… for nikolas’ sake, call the police before this gets any worse for him. Maybe I’m not so good at talking about that — oh, please. Stop. …Kind of stuff. Yeah, if you couldn’t bring yourself to tell me, maybe you could have, I don’t know, put it on paper?

[ Chuckles ] In a letter? The letter is long gone. But I’m not! I’m here . This would have been so much easier over the phone. You know, I tried calling you the other night. You didn’t pick up. I didn’t hear the phone ring. Oh, good, I thought you were ignoring me. No, I was in a hotel bed fighting to fall asleep. I’d just spent a very long day at a comic book convention in new york. Comic convention? You? Since when are you interested in the x-men? I’m not. Rory is. Mwah!

[ Laughs ] Yes! Yes! I knew everything would be alright, dad.

[ Laughs ] Well, I didn’T. Portia. Does this mean curtis has no susceptibility? No more susceptibility than average. Nothing inherited from you, marshall. And I-it’s — it’s actually strange, uh… how so? Well, the odds of curtis dodging some of the relevant genes are good enough, but all of them?

[ Stammers ] The chances of something like that happening are just very… they’re very slim. Well… but… …my son must be very, very lucky.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Dex? Come on.

[ Groans lightly ] Yeah. Come on.

[ Groans ] Okay. Listen. You cannot stay here. You — you need to get off the floor. I’m fine here. No, no, you’re not. You’re burning up. Alright. Come on, soldier. Get up. Come on. Come on.

[ Grunting ] Alright. Alright. Come on. Use me. Use me. Yep.

[ Groans ] Oh, okay. Okay. We need to get you to the door. Alright? What are you doing? Come on. We need to get you to urgent care. No, no. Just help me into bed. Dex — please. Please, joss. I’m about to fall over.

[ Groans, wheezes ] I’ll be fine. I just… I just need to hydrate.

[ Scoffs ] You need antibiotics. And if you won’t go get some… I’m gonna need to bring some to you. Dr. Finn. Commissioner ashford. It’s always nice to see you. What can I do for you? I was looking for elizabeth to follow up on last night. Do you know if she checked herself out? I-I wasn’t aware that she had checked herself in. What happened, and why do you need to follow up with her? If you see her, please let her know I’d like to speak to her. That’s a good point. I will keep that in mind. Yeah, but you’re still gonna burn it all, right? Is there anything else, carly? ‘Cause if you don’t mind, I would really like to get back to what I was doing. Yeah, elizabeth, I know that we’re not really friends… but we’ve known each other a really long time, and I think that we know each other pretty well. And I’ve never seen you like this. It’s new to me, too. I’m reevaluating. Reevaluating what? Relationships. With your parents? With anyone I haven’t given birth to. Okay. Look, if you need to talk to someone and no one’s around — it won’t come to that. But thank you. I appreciate the offer. Yeah.

[ Match strikes ]

Drink this. How are you gonna get antibiotics? Let me deal with that. Do not move from this bed. Joss. I owe you. Big time. And I plan to collect. Josslyn.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Jordan. Hi. Glad I ran into you. Um, my office has been having a little bit of a problem trying to schedule that interview. Interview? Yeah. That you promised. An exclusive, in exchange for my not printing the letter from the killer. Uh, I will speak to my assistant and we’ll get something worked out. Awesome. Thanks. Hello, gregory. Um… I’m beginning to think that, uh, jordan is giving us the runaround, so I think this might be time to activate that insurance policy. So, I don’t get it. Isn’t it a good thing that I don’t have those genes? No, no, it is. It is. It’s just… it’s just highly anomalous. Marshall, have you ever had any sort of genetic screening at all? No. None that I know of. But I was diagnosed a long time ago. Right. The 10 genes screened in this test were just discovered a few years ago. Does it matter? No, not really. Not at all. No, no, no. This is great. Honey, this is wonderful news, and this is worth celebrating.

[ Laughs ] I have got to take care of something really, really quickly. Will you please just give me one moment? Yeah, no. Sure, baby. Do what you — I’m so happy for you. Yes. Thank you. Do what you got to do. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Think I’d better take off, too, son. So soon? Dad? What’s wrong?

[ Sniffs ]

[ Sobs, stammers ] I’m happy, man. I’m just happy. I was so scared. Scared for you, curtis. I was scared. Scared of what I might have left with you. Well, now, let me go. You don’t — you don’t need to see me like this. Hey, hey, hey, hey, dad. Remember the whole reason you stuck around, right? You were here through the bad times. So you got to stick around through the good. With all due respect, I insist.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Yeah. Come here, pop.

[ Crying ] Oh! Jordan. Jordan. Um, we got the results back from the genetic screening, and I just want to let you know that there is no danger of curtis developing schizophrenia. That is a relief. Thank you for telling me. But that still leaves an unanswered question. Is trina taggart’s daughter? Or curtis’? Did you and officer cabrera have fun in new york? We’re not talking about me and rory — well, we might as well. Cabrera’s a good guy. Better than most. Spencer — I’m glad for you. You deserve a good guy. We’re done. No, we’re not! Time’s up. One more minute. You can at least do that for me. The inmate has already had one visitor today. Anybody special? My grandmother, trina. She told me that esme was spotted back in port charles. I know. Please be careful. Wait, wait. Please. Okay, I… I have something to tell you. I’m grateful for what you did for me. Even if it was the wrong thing. I know what you meant by it. Goodbye, trina. Ava: If you’ll excuse me… we should continue this conversation later. Dinner at the metro court? Nikolas… I have nothing more to say to you. Not until you come up with a plan to make sure that esme doesn’t open her mouth. I promise I will never let esme hurt you or anyone else I love ever again. If only you kept your promises as easily as you make them. Please look out for nikolas. You’re the only one who can. Mr. Cassadine has always looked after me. And if you allow it, he’ll look after you, too. Trust him.

[ Door closes ]

[ Screams ]

[ Door creaks ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Man: Excuse me, I’m looking for nurse elizabeth baldwin. Uh, I’ll see if she’s working today. Who may I say is asking for her? Her father. Finn: Jeff webber.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Knock on door ] Back so soon?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

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