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Bonnie went to the shed. Yeah. No, I mean that’s right. We were talking about centerpieces and she said the garden shed. I back. That’s right. What the hell is she doing down there?

Who are you and what are you doing here? I know who you are. You’re, you’re Susan Banks. Oh my God, honey. Who?

A brother with a gun to his head.

Oh, sweetness. Come on. Haven’t we established that I can fend for myself when you’re working late? Yeah, well, I stopped by the pub, had a bullet chatter with your brother and uh, then he insisted on telling me all about his new fly fishing rod. No, I’m not getting any ideas. Okay, listen, I’m just gonna have one beer and head home, so don’t work too hard.

Yeah, I love you.

Hey buddy, haven’t seen you in a long time. Hey, do you mind if I join you? Well, I don’t think I’d be great company. Oh, what’s going on? Nothing good.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

God, honey, did this to you.

Oh. Oh my goodness. How Kiki did you come back from the dead to save Me? Oh, no, honey. Oh wow. Lord Sent Heavenly me. You. Oh, hardly. I’m Bonnie Kikis. Oh, you Justin Sch new wife. Yeah, that’s, oh my God. Definitely has a specific time. Doesn’t name show. If the Lord didn’t send you, then who did? Coincidence came down for a couple of planters.

Well, I mean, there is no coincidence. It’s the Lord and he’s working in mysterious ways. Okay, speaking of mysterious ways, honey. Who did this to you?

Come on. Trip. Trip. Pick up. Damn it. It went straight to voicemail. I guess EJ wasn’t kidding with that photo. Yeah. Well, he’s gonna find out that he messed with the wrong Vitali. Do you really think EJ is gonna pick up? You know what? It doesn’t matter.

Ej, listen, you son of a bitch, you lay one finger on my son and I will kill you. Well, it’s nice to see that you care about the health and welfare of one of your sons. Really, really? Whining right now. I mean, EJ Damara could kill trip and it’s still, mommy loved him best. Huh? What is something funny? No, I just, I think EJ definitely bested you and you can’t say that you didn’t have it coming,

buddy. Listen, are you sure you’re not just jumping the gun here? I mean, so Eric took pictures of Nicole. That’s work. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything going on, but there is. There is. Look, it’s not just the photo shoots. Okay. Yeah. Ever since Eric came back into town, there’s been this, so Paul, between he and Nicole, are you sure you’re not just being possessive?

I know dudes can do that sometimes, so I’ve. Look, I keep finding them in each other’s arms and there’s always an excuse, but after a while, you know, well, I understand why it’s not exactly ideal for your wife to be working with her ex, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those, uh, explanations aren’t true. I mean, they’re still friends, right?

Good friends, Steve, I believe. But they were always and will continue to be more than friends. Okay. They were divorced, it was messy. Eric took off, he came back, and then Nicole hired him so they can work together, be together, cuz um, they never stopped loving each.

What are we doing? What we’ve been wanting to do for months?

Looks like your precious trip isn’t getting out of this anytime soon.

EJ doesn’t waste any time, does he? I have to call Zander. You don’t wanna do that. Trust me. Would anyone, uh, like a drink Bob? Waiting for Bonnie? I can murder a beer.

What now? Ah, sorry. I got a text. Dam it. This is something emergency at the office and gonna have to call in. I’m so sorry. An emergency. It’s this hour of the. At a pharmaceutical startup, who knows what it could be, but it’s a good sign, right? That they need him

clown. Yeah. I mean, you don’t see that very often, do you? Do you mean like a clown? Like some kind of joker? No, I don’t mean a clown. Like some kind of a joker. I mean a clown with a red nose and a shelter bottle only. He didn’t have a shelter bottle because he needed to tie me up cuz you wanna need his hands free.

Um, But honey, it wasn’t a real clown. Yeah, he just said he was, he’s a man dressed up as a clown. He was in disguise so that I wouldn’t be able to tell who the kidnapper was. Okay. Why would someone wanna kidnap you? You know what? I just don’t know. I don’t, but you know what? The man, the clown, the man dressed up as a clown.

Well, he has a Bosh co name, the Ring mesh. You heard the cold? No, no, I made it up. I’m very creative and being tied up because really boring. So could you just tell me where we are in Keri’s Garden? She, why are you here at the garden? Chicago Nu. I came down to get a couple of lanterns from Maggie and Victor’s 11th anniversary.

Oh, that my, I gotta tell you, wherever this club was, he sure as hell know how to tie a mouth. Thanks for the compliment.

So this pull between them, have you spoken to Nicole about it? Yeah, the knife. And what’d she say? She denied it. But you don’t believe her like that, Steve, that’s not the point. She doesn’t want to admit it to herself, let alone to me she, she doesn’t want to feel this way. She just, Dude, I know it’s hard, but maybe you just need to trust her.

That’s good advice. Yeah, exactly what I said to Jada. All right, Jada. So does she think, um, Eric and Nicole are.

Well, she, uh, certainly gives every indication that she believes that. Yeah. Because every time she sees Eric and Nicole together, she finds a way to tell me all about it. So you think Jada is serious about Eric? I dunno, I don’t know that. Well, I think she thinks that it’s serious. Um, uh, she always talks about, uh, Eric being God’s gift to the world.

Pretty sure he feels that way. Wow. Well, Jada has a tough exterior, but she is still pretty young. She’s new to town. She’s got no. It’s got a new job, man. I hope this whole thing doesn’t end in end in tears. Yeah. All the way around. We, we haven’t been fighting this for months. We , we just lost our heads for a all.

I didn’t. I kissed you just now because I wanted to. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I mean, every time I’ve seen you actually, and every time I fight it, it just gets stronger.

Eric, I want you, and from the way you kiss me, just.

I think you want me too, Nicole. We were once married. We’re always going to be attracted to one another. This is more than just an attraction. The way I feel about you now is the same way I felt when we got married and years before that. Can you honestly say we just lost our heads and there’s not a hell of a lot more to it.

You got married and you, you just got home from the courthouse and I was at your, your doorway. Do you remember? I remember

I was there because I wanted to tell you how I felt about.

Just after even Pauling his wedding, it just seemed like we should just talk. But that’s when I found out you and Rafa just got married, so my feelings didn’t really matter anymore. Wait, no, that, that’s, that’s not true. It’s fine. It’s just with briefing. I’m.

Fuck you and, and Jada. I mean, it’s a thing, but it it’s not what we have. She knows it. Believe me. She knows it. What are you saying to me? That’s your break with Jada and you break up with Raven. We just let the chips fall. They may. I mean, Jada and I, we haven’t, we haven’t made any promises or anything like that.

I mean, we’re getting to know each other really. But Nicole, you’re married. It matters That really matters.

Okay? Now, I’m not saying you’re right or you’re. But if you’re this jacked up about it, I think you need to tell Nicole how you’re feeling. I did. No, no. What I just heard you say was that you asked her how she’s feeling. What you need to do is tell her what you just told me. Okay. Not the advice I was expecting from you.

Well, I know Kayla and I have had more than our share of ups and downs over the years. And one thing I know is that you can’t solve a problem by ignoring it. Right? Yeah. Well, point taken. Point taken. Hmm. So can we change the subject? How about those cups? Yeah. Hey, Jed. Oh, fancy seeing you here. What? Well, I, I meant, uh, because you live here.

Oh, yeah. Great. Are you okay? Uh, actually, I, uh, I got some work things to go over with Rafe. Okay, well, I’ll leave you too. Hang in there buddy. All right. Okay. You.

So what’s going on?

Give that to me. Are you really gonna let EJ get away with this? You’re just gonna give up 20 million. I don’t care about the money. I only care about trip. Yeah, we know that. The important thing is EJ knows that, can’t you see? He’s bluffing. He’s not gonna hurt trip. This might be photoshopped for all we.

But if you give Susan up, you give up any leverage that you have. Okay? And then what am I supposed to do then? Nothing. Nothing. What if you are wrong? What if you are wrong? And EJ does hurt trip, mom. You are reacting like EJ wants you to react. He wants you emotional, not rational. This is my son we are talking about.

Yes. And because he’s your son, you’re e quivering mess. You kidnapped E J’s mother. Did he fall apart? No, he regrouped and he went straight for your Achilles heel. Because EJ is ruthless. That is what you need to be right now. We both know that you’re up to that particular task.

It’s up to you. Are you going to beat EJ at his own game or cave like a house of card?

You get away from her? I tell. I will say back. Sit that down. Stay back. Listen lady. You do not want me to lose my tender. If you don’t wanna be stirred like a male, hey, get outta here. Not gonna happen. How?

Xander has a very important new job. Sarah. Tell Mathusla, hear all about it. He’s an executive at redneck. Why would rednecks need an executive? No. Red Max. It’s a pharmaceutical startup and he’s in upper management in charge of the entire sales department. I, if it’s so major, why haven’t I heard of it?

So you kidnapping me now too. I bet your boss didn’t count on a two for one deal, did he or she? This isn’t gonna work, you know? Do me a favor.

Who did you decide to call someone who can make this all go away?

Steve Johnson. Steve Hit’s. I need to see you. It’s an emergency

Now you’re playing the game.

Something’s going on at the station. Uh, not exactly. Okay. But something’s bothering you. I just saw Nicole and Eric at Peace Black. Oh yeah. I know. I was there when he showed. You were there. Mm-hmm. . I went to talk to Nicole about the pictures you told me about, and um, turned into another big fight. I’m sorry.

Yeah. Turns out I was all ticked off about Nicole modeling four, Eric, but it only got better from there because I found out that Nicole was gonna be in pictures with Eric on the cover of Bella. You were kidding. No. No wonder you got in a big fight. Yeah. Um, I’m tired, so. Okay. Yeah. Well, obviously you feel the same way about this whole thing as Ivy Jada.

Hey, Jada. Jada. Hey Jada. Jay,

Bri and I have been fighting. So much lately, and I hate it. I hate it because I know the kind of man he is. He’s, he’s not jealous, he’s not possessive. He just wants to know the truth, and there’s part of him that knows that I’m keeping something from him. Oh, God.

And the last thing I wanna do is hurt him. And I love him. I do. And this, this should be a good marriage, but it’s not. It’s not because I, oh God. And he was so right about this. He was so right. I married him. I married him. Sorry, I could forget about. It is such a horrible thing to do to him, and I did it to a man and he deserves so much better.

No wonder if you wanted to forget about me. Look at the way I treated you when we were married. What kind of man would marry a woman like you and then run for the hills?

I live with so much regret. I’m sorry

we really screwed things up, didn’t we? All the pain

and after all that, I, I may still love you.

I always will. I think.

Eric, I just, I had to say this to you, but if you don’t wanna be with me,

it’ll hurt. Oh God. Will it hurt?

I’ll accept it.

But no matter what I, I need to end things with RA because it’s not fair to treat him like a consolation fries, because every time I look at him, all I can think about is being with you.

No, I house is away. I,

I know no one can hear me. It’s okay. It’s okay. Maggie knew I was coming down here. Sooner or later, someone’s gonna find us. Rednecks sounds made up to me. You’ve really never heard of it. How could he? It’s a startup. You know, 90% of all startups fail. Stop that right now. Not to worry. Most of those failures didn’t have Senator Cook in the key management.

You, uncle Victor, is your faith in me that keeps me going.

Happy anniversary, Maggie. Oh, thank you. Many, many, many. I’m gonna think that one over. So what was the emergency? All taken care of. Hmm. Oh, now, now it’s my turn. The hospital , yes, but the ER is really understaffed, so here a happy anniversary. Mom. Victor, I’m sorry. That’s okay. Don’t wait up. Well, I guess it’s just gonna be the four of us for dinner.

Maybe we should just call the whole thing off. No, no. You and Victor are gonna have dinner together and start to work out two differences. Let the healing begin and Bonnie and I will, what is keeping her? She should have been back by now. She’s been abducted by aliens. Well, I’m gonna go and look for her.

Thanks for seeing me. What’s going on? Trip told me EJ forced you to leave town. Yeah, well, I came back. I don’t like being pushed around. I never knew that about you. Okay. But EJ somehow found out that I broke the deal. So what’d he do? Threatened to send you to prison? Oh. It is much worse than that.


Should I go?

If I stay, you know what that means?

I think we both know what it means


it’s like you and I gotta do the right thing. I can’t stay with Jada, especially when my heart belongs to someone else.

As, as angry as I was with you. I never stop loving you. Thank you,

Eric. This time we, you, no, we are not. You gotta screw it up, I promise. Yeah, let’s not.

It’s ra what?

Hey ra. What’s going on Eric? Listen. I’m at the hospital. You gotta get down here. It’s Jada.

Well, thanks Joe. Yeah. No, no, everything’s fine. I just want to check in with you. Love you too. All right.

Trip told Joe he was going camping. Yeah, right with a gun at his head.

All right. It looks like this picture was taken in his apartment in Seattle. I don’t think EJ would take it much further than that. Wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense. So EJ is mad at you for coming back to town. He kidnapped trip. That’s overkill and it’s way too risky. Hey, what’d you do, Ava? Nothing. I don’t believe you, but I don’t have time to drag it out of you.

Where are you going? Where do you think I’m gonna get EJ to release trip and then I’m gonna shove his teeth down his throat. Okay. No, Steve, you can’t do that, do you? You cannot go talk to him. You just can’t. Why the hell not Ava

have my phone? Wait. Damn it. Oh. God put some water in my pocket when that jerk grabbed me. Did you see my phone anywhere? Hey, come on. Where do I get food? Maybe Xander’s right? Maybe Bonnie did fall. I’m gonna go look for her. The hell you are. It’s dark out there. Xander. Why don’t you, uh, offer to go? I was just going to, I.

Oh, Maggie did, did I just hear your phone? I think maybe you got a text. What? Oh, oh, it’s from Bonnie. Something came up, uh, with Mimi. She’s on her way to Chicago. Happy anniversary. Oh, well. At least we know she’s all right. Ugh. Can’t breathe again. Los Xander looks like it’s just gonna be the three of us. Oh, absolutely not.

It’s your anniversary. You don’t need a third wheel. You wouldn’t be Sandra, please stay. Have a nice romantic dinner, Sarah, and I’ll be in touch soon. We’ll set something up. Sandra, wait. Um, fix her. Don’t you wanna congratulate Sander on his new job, or do you wanna spend the night in the garden shift?

Sander, congratulations on your new job. Don’t be so enthused. It was fine. Maggie. Heartwarming. Thank you Uncle Victor. Have a lovely dinner. I’ll walk you out. Huh?

At least you broke the ice. You did. Thanks for trying. Oh, he’ll come around and even if the evening it didn’t turn out as planned, things are starting to look up for you and Sarah.

Appreciate her. What happened? What’s wrong? Sarah’s examining her now. Uh, we were at the pub talking and she’s fainted. What room is she? Sarah? Hi. She, uh, well, she’s much better. She’s alert and talking. Okay. Why, why does she faint? I’m thinking it’s low blood sugar. She said she hadn’t eaten much today. Um, but we drew some blood, so we should have some.

Can I see her? Yeah. Yeah.

I told Cook there would only be two of us for dinner. You know, after all these years. I still get tickled when I say cook. There’ll just be two for dinner.

Oh, I think he was a little disappointed. I’m not. Hmm. I can tell. Well, so sue me if I went you old to myself on our anniversary, Barry, you was the best thing that ever happened to me. Then I think this would be a very good time for you to echo the sentiment. It would only go to your head, which is already swollen enough, , even if it is the truth.

You know what we are, Maggie? Mm-hmm. Lucky. Mm. Damn lucky. Yeah.

You just thought I’d check on you too,

just as well, even though no one can hear you. Like I told you, people know I’m here.

You sent Maggie a text. You’ve been called away. Family emergency. So thinking up and made me, I’m on my way to Chicago. Happy anniversary. What? Are you gonna keep us in here forever? Look. As soon as our son pays up, you’ll both be out of here. Hopefully there’ll be any moment. Now you’re not going to get away with this.

It’s so stupid of you to deal with the deras. You know what? And the Cga family is now gonna come after you. Your life. Stupid is gonna suck in more ways than you can imagine. How do you know about Mimi? You know me. You know me.

Why don’t you want me to talk to e j? Because he’s furious with me. You know how vindictive he is, and if he finds out that I told you, who knows what he is gonna do to Chad, what is it? You’re not telling me nothing. You’re a. Steve, what the hell? Does it matter why or how this happened? Please just go find trip.

Please. Look, our son, he is a good guy. He’s just like his father and he doesn’t deserve this, Steve. He doesn’t deserve it. Of course, I’m gonna find our son and I’m gonna bring him back. Thank you. Thank you.

I was still with Eric in the office when you called. Uh, I just wanted to see if Jada was doing all right. Yeah, well, uh, Sarah said it was just low blood sugar. Oh. Eric’s in there with her.

Can I get you anything? I mean, do you want some water? I’m fine.

It’s a good thing that re was there when he fainted. Yeah, he was there. There. Jada, is there something wrong?

What’s, uh, what’s going on? Well, I wanted some privacy. Yeah. Um, to say I was sorry about.

I was making a big deal outta nothing. Mean the cover shoot. Like it’s just work, right?

No, Rafe, um, you are right.

It’s, it’s more than that. I, uh,

Just say it.

I, uh,

I wanna be with Eric.

Okay. So, Before I went to go see Rafe, I went somewhere else.

Hi. Oh, that was fast. Um, the lab hasn’t finished your full blood work panel yet, but I did get some preliminary results and I think I know why you painted. Really? Um, what is it? Eric, um, I think I should speak to Jada in private. Oh, um, sorry. No, it’s, it’s okay. I, I want him here.

Are you sure? Okay.

Oh my.

I’m pregnant.

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