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How’s donna?

[ Chuckles ] Well, you’re missing all the fun. You know, your daughter, she is a go-getter. She is running circles around me and pilar. Well, that’s about right. So, how’s your day? I’ll tell — I’ll tell you about it when — when I get home. Okay. Well, we’ll be here. Um, donna and pilar are having an early supper in the kitchen. But for you and me, I ordered a gourmet dinner for two to be delivered from the metro court. Alright. I’ll s– I’ll see you when I get home. Alright, handsome.


[ Knock on door ] What’s on your mind, dex? Just wanted to follow up on that deal you mentioned. Some third party that wants to use your facilities. What about it? You said you might want me to assist you. Well, that depends. On what? What’s more important to you — working for me… or making time with josslyn?

[ Humming ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Humming ]

[ Knock on door ] Oh. That must be dinner. Hey, guys, you’re early. What are you doing here? I don’T… I don’t know what to say. When I was in the police academy for training, I had several instructors tell me that I was gonna be a great cop because I’m so… naturally stoic. Big emotions like this don’t come easy for me. But tonight… I-I don’t know. I guess my feelings for you are just so strong that I had to say something. And even though this is new to me, I just want you to know how much I meant it. Every single word. I love you, trina. I think I’ve lost my appetite. Wow. Um… I wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel after actually saying that, but [Chuckles] I feel great. And just so you know, I don’t expect you to say anything in return. I actually got you something. And, no, it’s not another can of soda. We’ve…progressed. I wanted to get you something to symbolize how I felt. It’s called l’amour, which seemed fitting. Rory…this is… esme, where the hell are you? And what have you gotten yourself into now?

[ Keys jangling ]

[ Lock clicks ] Hello… …lover. They tell me that you can’t talk to me… but I bet I know what you’re thinking. Blast from the past, right? What are the odds? You and me together again for the first time.

[ Exhales sharply ] How long’s it been? Almost feels like a lifetime ago, but… some things in life… you just can’t forget. We both know… that when we were bad… it was very good. You went to spoon island? Yeah. Like I said, I was looking for esme prince. What made you think she’d be on the island of all places? I was just following the trail. What trail? The one that begins and ends with you.

I don’t understand. How could I have led you to look for esme on spoon island? Well, you’re the last person to see esme before she attacked you on the pier. And if you hadn’t been able to call the police first, who knows what esme would have done? But she didn’T. I mean, we should just be thankful I only ended up with a bump on my head and leave it at that. Yeah, I know, but who knows… who knows that it would have ended there? Y-yeah. I do– I don’t know. I… you see, I think esme’s hiding on spoon island. And now that I’ve been there… I’m even more convinced I’m on the right track. You remember how we first met? It was ages ago. Decades. But I can still see it… as if it was yesterday. I was hiking the cascade mountains. A regular nature girl on a journey to find a place for myself outside the rigid confines of middle class society. That’S… when I smelled smoke coming from a cabin in the middle of nowhere. And there you were… chopping wood with a hatchet. The blade gleamed in the moonlight. You always were… handy with a blade.

[ Sighs ] Such a shame to lose this hand. It was… so talented… …in so many ways. I said… “my name is hazel.” You said you were richard. We were both playing the same game. We’d found each other. Soul mates. For a brief interlude. Is this beginning to come back to you… “richie”? Rory: Trina? What’s wrong? Oh. I don’t understand. They said your release was weeks away. It was supposed to be, but please don’t let me interrupt your dinner. You’re clearly in the middle of something special. We are. Spencer. What happened? How are you a free man? Trina, don’t worry. I didn’t escape this time. It’s okay. So what changed? My great nephew’s exemplary behavior earned him an early release.Thank you, uncle victor, but trina is far smarter than that. The truth is… I did what I always do, and I relied on my family to get me out of trouble. Why are you surprised, josslyn? Everyone, including yourself, knows that sonny and i are involved. Well, I’m here to pick up donna… and it was my understanding that you’re not allowed anywhere near my little sister. Well, I’m happy to tell you that that information is outdated. Really? Yes. Sonny and carly, they reached a new understanding, and I had the best day with donna. So much fun. She’s in the kitchen with pilar having an early supper. Okay. Well, I will check in with my mom about the change in rules when I get home. Uph. Sonny isn’t home from work yet. Oh, shocking. The family man is too busy obstructing justice or doing whatever it is he does to spend time with his youngest child. So he leaves her with the girlfriend. Lucky donna. She’s still too young to understand where she ranks on sonny’s list of priorities. Sonny is on his way home right now, and I know that he would love to see his daughter and kiss her before you take her back to carly. So… you wait a little while. I could take it… if you can. I didn’t go to josslyn for help. Okay, I never meant for her to be involved. But she was involved. What happened? I c– I can’T. I can’T. Okay, you know what? You can lie to me later. What? Let me see. No, I-I-I don’t lie to you. Okay. You can “refuse to answer me” later. Let me see your side. It’s just a crease. “It’s just a crease”?! No internal bleeding. No bullet to remove. Oh, so you were shot. God. I shouldn’t even be here. Well, you are, and you’re bleeding from a gun wound, so give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the cops! ‘Cause I’m asking you not to. I don’t know if josslyn saved my life, but she definitely saved my freedom. And people know I work for you, boss. If she had called an ambulance or — or called the cops, you would have been investigated at the very least. Dex, what’s your point? Just say it. Josslyn did me a favor, and I am grateful. But that’s as far as it goes. Good. Because I spent today cleaning up the mess you left behind when you were driving that transfer van to pentonville. I was concerned that somebody could have identified you as the driver of the van, so I made sure that nobody is going to identify you. I appreciate that, boss. And I promise you, I will learn from my mistakes. I believe that you mean that when you say it… …but like my old man used to say… …some mistakes are too big to make.

Sonny: You’re probably standing there thinking, “you know, I’ve done such a solid job. Why is sonny so hard on me?” Something like that. It’s because when I was about your age, I-I-I was in debt… …to a guy named joe scully, and I would have done anything to pay him back. Anything? Yeah, anything. Joe wanted me to do a job. I was young, inexperienced. I did the job. I left a trail that could have led straight back to me. Even worse, could have led straight from me to joe. Obviously, you’re still in the game. So what happened? What saved you? I had a guardian angel. He took it upon himself to clean up after me. That’s lucky. Yeah, well, luck is only gonna get you so far in life. In this business… …you have to have brains. You have to trust your instincts. I have both. Okay, think of this as a crossroads in your life. Y-you’re the one who’s gonna have to make that call. You got to figure out… what you’re gonna hold on to, what you’re gonna let go, what matters, what doesn’t matter. Oh, I can wait until donna is done eating, because we both know that pilar cooked that meal, you didn’T. But let’s be clear — the second that she’s done, we’re leaving, whether sonny’s back or not. Josslyn, why don’t we just go to our separate corners until the referee rings the bell for round two? Round two? What, like a fight? Why would I want to fight you, nina? I’m so grateful. Well, your idea of gratitude leaves a lot to be desired. No, really. You did what no one else ever could. You took sonny away from my mom, and you set her free. Now donna, I do feel a little bit sorry for, but in the end, I know she’s better off. I mean, she doesn’t have to grow up listening to her mom defend the indefensible like I did. See, I watched my mom turn herself inside out for sonny. But she doesn’t have to do that anymore. She can live her life the way she wants to, and she has never had a better time. So, really, nina, thank you. Out of all of sonny’s many girlfriends, you just may be my favorite. You make it sound like I’m the latest in a long line. You said it, not me. Spencer: What can I say? When your grandmother is the mayor and your great uncle is victor cassadine, you can pretty much get yourself out of anything. Rory: What, you’re saying that the mayor pulled strings to get you an early release? When you have family connections, the one golden rule is never advertise who did what. Though I will say that my uncle cyrus did look out for me while I was inside. Cyrus? As in cyrus renault? Happily that unfortunate family tie came to an end the second spencer walked out of the pentonville gates. Well, we will let you get back to your dinner. It was good seeing you. Spencer, spencer, that was — that was very graciously done, but you’re making one mistake. What’s that? You’re a cassadine. Cassadines never quite. So, what’d you find on spoon island? It’s more what I didn’t find when I went to wyndemere. You went to the house? Yeah, I sort of thought, you know, nik might cooperate, help me look for esme. But he kind of played the big shot and supposedly had some of the staff search the property. Even if they did look, they weren’t gonna find esme. Then you walked away empty-handed. Of course, nik said he was just looking out for your best interest, but I wasn’t buying it. Why not? Well, you know, his lips were moving. Remember how we used to bundle together in the cabin… on those cold winter nights… when the wolves howled outside the window? We’d howl right back at them because that’s what we were — a couple of timber wolves too wild for all those poor, pathetic sheep out there. You’re in there, aren’t you? You might have everybody else fooled… …but I know you… …inside and out. You’re not really paralyzed, are you? This is just your way of controlling the situation, getting everyone lulled into a false sense of security, and that’s when you’re gonna strike. I know that I’m getting to you, because after all… …I’m your hazel… …and I can affect you… in ways… that nobody else can. You left me… without so much as a goodbye. You broke my heart. I don’t think you’ve ever been hurt as badly. But that can be arranged.

You know, I get the sense that nik’s only willing to cooperate when he’s in charge. Sounds like him. Hm. Maybe. What do you mean? I mean… I have a feeling nikolas is hiding something.

[ Gasps ] It speaks! I knew my mountain man was in there… just waiting to break free. And you just might live to regret that. Or not. Ooh. Naughty boy. I know you wouldn’t hurt me. Since when did you ever mind a little pain?

[ Exhales sharply ] You remembered my sweet spot…lover. There was never anything sweet about you. But that was your appeal. Two of a kind. Like knows like. You know, I actually began to question if this ever happened at all. You seemed too good to be true and then just disappeared without a trace. I actually wondered if I’d imagined the whole thing. It wasn’t your imagination. Take a whiff. I still use the same soap — all over my body. Every…inch.

[ Inhales deeply ] Come on. Sit down. We said we were gonna celebrate your first night of freedom from pentonville, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. A little life lesson — don’t let anyone or anything prevent you from enjoying your first breath of freedom. I am not ungrateful to you for getting me out early. I never thought that I was going to be out of pentonville before new year’s eve, much less christmas. But it is difficult to celebrate when — you feel the same way about the lovely miss robinson? With all due respect, uncle victor, what is the point? Does it even make a difference? We got here just in time to hear rory tell trina that he loves her. I think it makes all the difference in the world. Now, where were we? We were celebrating our three-month anniversary. I hope you like —

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh… I’m so sorry. It’s work. I have to take this. Oh, yeah. I understand. Go.

[ Ringing stops ] Hello, commissioner. Remember, spencer… opportunity is only lost on those who fail to seize it.

[ Clears throat ] Trina, may I join you? Spencer, what are you doing? I have a question for you. Can we start over? I still say your gratitude sounds a lot like resentment. I’m guessing that you talked to your mother about what happened between us today. My mom never mentions you. Then you don’t know. Y-your mother and I, we were at willow’s, and willow fainted. Willow fainted? Is she okay? Does michael know? Well, I would imagine by now he does. What happened? And… and how were you involved? Well, I went over there to talk to willow about helping sasha, and… things got a little heated. She got upset, and then willow passed out.

[ Exhales sharply ] Only you would pick a fight with a pregnant woman. I did not pick a fight with willow. I did not do that. Okay? My point is, josslyn, that even for a split second, your mother and i were able to put our differences aside and help willow. And if we were able to do that, why can’t you and i do the same thing? My mom makes her own choices, and so do I. Even though I am grateful you took sonny off her hands, it does not mean that I like you. It did not take sonny off anyone’s hands. I fell in love with him. How romantic. Okay, the only part of that that I regret is keeping the truth from everyone. And you might not understand this… …but I kept the truth from myself. I came to care for someone when everything else was telling me it was wrong. Damn. What? Oh, this, it wasn’t supposed to happen.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it did. I have to go. Bye, joss. You’re right, nina. I can’t understand. I’m nothing like you. What are you talking about? Who said you were like me? One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn in my life… is went to use a gun… and when to keep the safety on. Taken me almost a lifetime to learn that. You had to start sometime, right? Yes, I did. And so do you.

What do you want me to do with it? It’s yours. Take it. So that deal you asked about, I set up a meeting with the “third party” and I want you to come with me. What exactly do you want me to do? Uh, just — what I’d like you to do, I just want you to just listen. Take orders. I do– you’re probably not gonna have to use the gun. So you just want a little security. Yeah. So, the go-between who set up the meeting, that’s not really a trusted friend or somebody that I’ve done business with. But if the contractors, that’s who they chose, then… I just want to be prepared. Do you have any questions? Nope. Let’s go. Where are we going? Isn’t that what you’re after, nina? Sympathy? Empathy? You want people to put themselves in your shoes so — so they can see you had no other option but to lie? Except I’m not like that. I-I don’t use deceit to get what I want. So that’s why I’m nothing like you. What are you talking about? I never said that you were deceitful. If anything, you’re really honest to a fault. And maybe a little quick to judge people by your own high standards. I’m gonna see if she’s done with dessert. Hey. How’s cameron? Being close to cam is always nice, and he’s one of my favorite people. But? But… I thought that sleeping together would reconnect us and act as some kind of magic fix for what I haven’t been feeling. It’s none of your business. I don’t know, spencer. So much has happened. I don’t even think a fresh start is even possible for us. I suppose that’s fair. I did what I did, and there are consequences that I have to live with. I mean… I appreciate that you want to try… …but it’s hard for me to even think about this now, much less talk it over. Yeah. You and rory are at the pc grill… …not at kelly’s having burgers. I know you two were in the middle of something special, and if I had known that you were going to be here tonight with your boyfriend celebrating, I would have insisted to my uncle that we go elsewhere, especially after I heard what rory said to you. It — I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop. He practically announced it to the entire restaurant. Not that I blame him. If I was in his place, I’d want to…tell everyone too. It’s not what you think it is. Trina… when a guy takes you out… to one of the best restaurants in town… and he tells you that he loves you… what else could that mean? Copy that, commissioner. See you soon. I do admire your dedication, officer cabrera. Excuse me. As an officer, you swore to do the right thing. I assume you know when to stay the course and when to call it a day. What the hell was that for? For what you did to my franco. Fr–

[ Scoffs ] You know, I keep a pretty good record of the crimes I’ve committed, the people I’ve killed. And franco baldwin isn’t on that list. Don’t you even mention his name. You victimized my son. And what’s that old expression? One bad turn… deserves another. Oh, you wouldn’t blow the whistle on me, would you, “hazel,” dear? I’d hate to be backed into that corner… “richie”…boy. Well, nikolas’ uncle victor is living at wyndemere now. There’s bound to be something nikolas is hiding. So you think victor’s using spoon island for something?

[ Sighs ] Wyndemere isn’t just a family estate. It’s a fortress. A fortress where they might be hiding esme prince. You know, I think it’s a really good time to have a conversation with jordan. No, you can’t! Why not?

Finn, you’re a healer, not a detective. Your place is here at G.H., Doing the kind of lifesaving work you were meant to do, not taking on a cold-blooded killer. I’m not going after a killer myself. I know that’s the job for the pcpd. But if she finds out that you led them to her, she’s gonna put you on her list. I’m sorry. I can’t just let this go. Not after she attacked you. As long as she’s out there, she’s free to go after you again. Or maybe go after your kids or anybody else who gets in her way. What about your daughter? If you don’t give up the search, what if esme targets violet? It’s violet I’m thinking about. How do I ever look my little girl in the eye knowing I didn’t do everything I could to put a stop to this? Come on. Let’s go to my office. We’ll call jordan, and — and — and we’ll see what she has to say about all this, alright?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Oh, hey, you, uh — you forgot something. Finn, wait! You know, of all the women I’ve loved… …you were always my most vivid memory. I’ve read all about you, baby, so I’m guessing that’s a crock. But I’d love to believe it. I always knew that our paths would cross again. What we had… was kismet. Then why would you even dream of exposing me?

[ Chuckles softly ] Don’t worry, mountain man. I wouldn’t do that. I’m just putting you on notice not to even think about adding me to your list of victims. Heaven forbid. Heaven isn’t your final destination. Or mine. Still… …I am sorry for walking out on you. Who knows? If I’d stuck around… maybe both our lives would have been different. Let’s just say… I owe you one. According to my math, you owe me two. Rory is a great guy. He’s honest, kind, has a very great start on a very solid career. Even ava, who has very high standards, thinks I’d be crazy for letting him get away. And of course, you and ava always agree with each other. Everything okay here? Everything’s fine. Time for me to rejoin my uncle at our table. Trina… it was really great seeing you. So… what did spencer want? So where’s donna? Pilar’s helping her wash up. As soon as they’re done, we’re leaving. Sonny’s just gonna have to do better about his time management with the next visit.

[ Door opens ] No. Sonny: Hey, nina. I didn’t expect to find you here. Well… what’s going on? So is dex joining us?

Josslyn, what are you doing here? Um, I-I’m here to pick up donna. Oh. Uh, I’m gonna see if she’s ready. If it’s alright, boss, I’m gonna pass on the dinner invitation. Not really hungry. I should probably call it an early night. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead. See you tomorrow. Good night, ms. Reeves. Good night, dex. So, you’re here alone… with josslyn? I don’t see any broken glass anywhere. What happened? Well, it’s clear she has other things on her mind. Spencer just wanted to touch base since he got an early release from pentonville. Obviously…I wasn’t expecting to see him tonight. It’s unfortunate that our big night got interrupted. And now I just got called back to the station. Plus, I did tell your mom I’d get you home before it got too late, so… well, we’ll do it again with no interruptions. Oh. Can’t forget my gift.

[ Chuckles ] I really love it, rory. I do. Spencer, if trina chooses officer cabrera over you, then, frankly, it’s her loss. If you’ll excuse me, I need to use the restroom. Finn: You left these behind. You know, it’s strange. I, um… I saw a bottle just like this when I went to see nikolas. Prenatal vitamins. Are they yours? I owe you two? How do you mean? Well, let’s just say that when you left me… never to return… you didn’t just stomp on my heart and walk out of my life. I’m not following. In the years since, I’ve learned… that when you left… you were carrying the child that we created. Hey, what’s going on? Is there something you want to tell me? Please let it go. I don’t want to let it go. Please. I want to hear your voice. But if you don’t want to tell me, I’M… I’m fine to go to wyndemere and get the answers. No, please don’T. Please don’t what? Please don’t what, elizabeth? Please don’t what? Are you pregnant?

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