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the doctor I argue the one who fell down the stairs. It was reiko.

[ Scoffs ] You think reiko fell because of you? I don’t just think it, finn. I know it’s true. Demetrius, she’s not in her room. And she tied her bedsheets together to make some kind of a rope. Probably so she could use the ledge to make it to an adjoining room.

[ Exhales sharply ] Now, I looked throughout the entire main house. She’s nowhere to be found.

[ Exhales deeply ] Felicia: Well? Mac: Give him a moment. You’re right. Moment’s over. Is mac your father? Um… you’re not my dad, mac. What? Are you sure? Yeah. It’s not a match. Ma– uh, may I see that? What’s the point of dragging it out, felicia? Looking at the paper’s not gonna change what it says. Cody’s not my son. I’m sorry, mac. You okay? Congrats. You know?

[ Chuckles ] Scorpio gene pool remains pristine. I’m so scared. I don’t wanna die.

[ Whimpers ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Door opens ] Michael. Um… did melanie get wiley okay? Wiley’s fine. What did I just walk in on? Damn it, anna should have been here by now.

[ Be ep ] Dispatcher:

We need a unit to check out

the hardware store

on maplewood drive.

The alarm was triggered.

[ Chirp ] Nothing about a police transport. Anna, where are you? I have not heard from you. How’d it go with anna? Dante: Hey. What do you know about anna?

[ Radiator hissing ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Chirp ]

Prison transport 1015.

What’s your status?

[ Chirp ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ] Do yourself a favor. Stay unconscious.

[ Door chime beeping ]

[ Groaning, breathing heavily ]

[ Chirp ]

Prison transport 1015.

Do you copy?

We need a status update.

[ Chirp ]

[ Groaning ] Okay. Okay. Ms. Devane. Anna. Anna. I need you to wake up, now. Come on, help me out here. I heard that anna’s being, uh, transferred to pentonville tonight, and, uh, so I just want to make sure when she gets there, she’s being taken care of. Unofficial, of course. Well, uh, unofficially, thank you. ‘Cause you know she shouldn’t be there, right? You know she was set up? Yes, I know. Okay. What are we gonna do? We — we — there’s literally nothing we can do until we get some evidence of what really happened to lucy coe. You working on it? Yeah. What do you think? What gave it away? Your badge. The badge and the gun? Yeah. [ Chuckles ] I was doing a witness statement here, but I’m glad I ran into you because I was thinking I wanted to, I don’t know, get together. Let’s get a beer, go to the hatchet range. Have a — have a guys’ night, you know? I’d love to. Okay, good. But aren’t you supposed to be spen– you know, spending free time with sam and rocco? You know, working your — on blending your two families? Blen– yeah, we’re — we’re blended. We’re blended up, man. Come on, if I can make the time, so can you. What’s going on dante? Thanks for agreeing to the dna test. At least now we know the truth. Let’s go. Well, hey, hol– hold on a sec. Uh… uh, maybe we should — oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, good call.

[ Breathes deeply ] I don’t understand. What’s left to talk about? Well, look, I mean, you know, we may not be related, but… I don’t know… britt kept telling me how great of a guy you are. And other than dante, I don’t really have any friends here. [ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles awkwardly ] So, what, you want to go out for a beer sometime? Would that be so bad, you know? I don’t know, shoot some pool, go for a hike, I don’t know. Look, cody, you don’t have to fake a friendship to spare my bruised feelings. Why’s it gotta be fake? I mean, if britt’s right, you’re a pretty good guy to have as a buddy. In case you get arrested again? That’s the sense of humor she was telling me about. What do you say, we — we maybegive this friend thing a shot? Sure. Why not? All right? You and I, we’ll go out for a beer sometime, okay? As long as you don’t feel forced into it. Yep, deal. This memory you’ve been having was about reiko, and you’ve been too afraid to tell me? It was a jumble — and all the flashes. The– then I suspected my dad was involved, and I-I was really confused. I didn’t wanna burden you with this until I knew more. And now I wish I’d never found out that I caused reiko’s death. How do you even know if anything your parents were telling you is true? Michael: None of this makes any sense. Willow, you’re supposed to be at your ob appointment. What are you doing in dr. Randolph’s office? Michael… I — michael, there — there’s information that you don’t have. Whatever I need to hear, I’ll hear it from willow. Why’d I walk in on you in an empty office in the arms of another man? And what exactly is going on here? Oh, my god. Michael. Do you think I’m cheating on you with T.J.?

Hey. Hey. Well, I know you’re on the fence about gaining a new family, so look at the bright side. You know, now your life doesn’t have to change. Yeah. Bright side. Okay. Let’s go. Not so fast, tough guy. Dispatcher: Requesting all

available units to route 31.

Prison transport 1015 is

overdue and not responding. That’s anna’s transport.

[ Engine starts ] Anna. Anna, I need you to wake up now. Anna, if you don’t respond, I have to take you to the hospital, and then we’re both screwed. Okay. Okay. Hey, hey. Do you know your name? Do you remember where you are? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I’m anna devane, and… we’re on our way to pentonville.

[ Groans ] Hey, hey. You hit your head. Yeah. But your — your pupils are even, okay? There’s a wound on your head, but it looks shallow, so other than a headache, you should be fine. Yeah. What happened? The guard figured out I was a plant. He tried to grab the steering wheel. What about him? Is he okay? He’s unconscious, but he should be fine. Where’s heather? I’m not sure. When I came to, there was no sign of the second prisoner. Oh, god. I guess I’m just worried about you. You don’t need to be. There’s nothing to worry about. You know, I’m fine. Yeah? Yeah. Look, I know that rift with michael is kind of weighing on you. It’s been going on a long time. This thing with anna, brando getting murdered, ava and diane attacked, that’s a lot of stuff. Well, I’m used to having, you know, a lot on my plate. Well, I’m here to tell you you don’t have to go it alone. I’ll be looking after you when you’re busy looking after other people. Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Sorry. Falconeri.

[ Sighs ] Dex, dex, dex, come on. Okay. Can you — yeah, text me the details. I’m on my way. I gotta go to work. Oh, really? Yeah. Be careful. I will. You, too. Yeah. I can’t believe you think I’d ever cheat on you. Wait. Nina was in the park. She said something to you, didn’t she? Oh, that woman. Just forget nina. Tell me what is going on with you. I will tell you what’s not going on. Tj and i are not having an affair. Nina’s wrong. She totally misinterpreted our friendship. Oh, nina told me you — she’s seen you two having, what, emotional, intimate talks. Why? What’s going on? What is really going on? Do you mind giving us some privacy? Not at all. Good luck. Look, I know that every word coming out of nina’s mouth is a lie. When sonny said that he noticed you’d been on edge lately, I couldn’t deny it. Yeah, originally I chalked it up to you being pregnant, right, starting a new job. But come on, something’s been off with you for — for a long time now. So please, whatever it is, just tell me. Tell me the truth. You’re right. I have been on edge for a while. Because… …michael… …I have leukemia. How are you?

[ Scoffs ] Really? I know you had mixed feelings about becoming a scorpio. I think I got what I deserve. What does that mean?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ooh. I need to go check on a patient. Come on, mac. Talk to me. After all these years of helping to raise robert’s daughter and my daughters, you thought you had a son of your own. It’s got to be a big disappointment. It’s not like I knew cody very well. And now I don’t have to worry about anything disrupting our family. Look, it all worked out for the best. So that’s it? Just back to life as usual? Honestly, I was a little excited at the prospect of having a son. I know. I’m sorry. I mean, if cody turned out to be mine, I — I would have enjoyed that. But that’s not what the test results proved. And it’s okay, because I love my life as is. I’ll be okay. Maybe when we go home, we can video call robin.

[ Cellphone rings ] What you got? Chief scorpio. Okay. Yeah, I’m on my way. There’s an issue with anna’s transport to pentonville. Okay, well, go. I’ll call a ride-share. Okay. You keep me posted. I will. Mac sure took off in a hurry. What’s it to you? Finn: I remember this. I remember reiko was hospitalized with some injuries, that she fell down a flight of stairs. She — she tripped. She told me she tripped. I wish to god that was true. But I remember it now. Finn, I caused the fall which put her in the hospital where she contracted blackwood’S. Mnh. And I’ve been pushing you away so that I would never have to know what happened. And neither would you. Mm.

[ Glass crunches ] That’s strange. Why would this…

I mean, that can’t be what happened. That — that doesn’t make any sense. All right, listen, if — if reiko fell because of a fight with you, why would she claim to be alone? Why would she lie to me? Finn, I love you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this — just say it, elizabeth. Just say the words. Reiko and my dad were having an affair. God, heather’s escaped. Heather! I-I don’t know. When I came to, I came around, the door was open and you were alone.

[ Groans ] She’s so dangerous. We need to find her. Have you got the keys? Yeah. Thanks. Okay. You injured anywhere else? No, I’m fine. Feel a bit dizzy. Okay. Are you okay? I’ll be fine. We got to get out of here before the cops find us, okay? Yeah. And anyone else who wants me dead. Oh! Wait, wait. Valentin! Okay. It’s okay. He’s with us. He’s with us. Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hit my head. I’m fine. I’m fine. Listen, I have a police scanner in the car. They’re on their way. We’ve got to move. Okay. We can’t leave until we find heather. She escaped. Heather! No, no, there’s no time. No, no, no. She’s dangerous. The police are coming. They’re going to take you to pentonville. That’s where victor wants you. He’s going to eliminate you. Come on. All right, all right. Thank you. You’re welcome. Go. Tj: Sonny. Hey, tj. What’s going on? Any chance you’re here with nina? No, I’m by myself. Can I help you with anything? No. My problem’s with nina. Really? Is this about you and willow? Leukemia? That’s why I’m in dr. Randolph’s office. She’s my oncologist. The test results I was getting today weren’t about the pregnancy. They’re about my cancer. How long have you known? Maybe a week after I found out I was pregnant. Tj is the first one who suspected it. I am so sorry I kept this from you. It has been the hardest decision I have ever had to live with in my life. I’m so sorry, willow. I’m so sorry. What’s it to me? Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, mac rushed out of here looking upset. So he may not be my dad, but I-I-I still care. He got some unsettling news about one of our good friends. Really? I’m so sorry. Are they going to be okay or…? Well, I think that’s very kind of you to ask, but it’s clear that you were ambivalent at best at becoming a part of our family. So I can only imagine that now you might feel guilty since mac had his hopes up. From what it sounds like, probably not worthy of being mac’s son, so he’s probably better off without me. Well, if you really feel that way, then maybe these results are for the best. Take care of yourself, cody. I really mean that, okay? Okay. He’s still got a pulse. That’s good. Hey. Hey. How do I get you to a hospital?

[ Grunts ]

[ Sirens wailing ] Hear those sirens? Help is on the way.

I don’t even remember a jeff webber. All I know is that my dad and reiko were having an affair. My dad had a history of cheating on my mom. My wife and I were happy. I know. I know, and I’m really sorry. So am I, elizabeth. So am I. Thank you. I’m sure you have a lot of questions. Well, here. Let’s start with the obvious. How are you feeling? I’m scared. The baby? Baby’s fine. So all the times you– you’ve been… dizzy and tired, you… you’ve been doing chemo all by yourself? For the baby’s sake, I haven’t started chemo yet. I decided against it until we reached the second trimester. Willow, why? Tj, I was hoping I didn’t have to get into this personal matter. But willow is the mother of my grandchildren, and my son is involved, even though we’re not on good terms. Also, you know, molly. I was hoping that the tj I knew would not jeopardize all this. Sonny, can we just — can we stop, please? This is a huge misunderstanding. Nina confronted both me and willow separately about this, and we both made it extremely clear that we are not having an affair. But she does not want to believe that. Now she’s dragged you into it. And I don’t — you don’t what? Say it. Say it, tj. Sonny, you’ve always been there for me. Right. And I respect you. Right. But nina’s hell-bent on causing trouble for michael and willow, and she does not care how much trouble that’s going to cause for you, too. The security guard is on his way to gh. Oh, good. He’s in good condition. No injuries except for the bump on his head. Okay. And what’d he say? Well, he was blacked out until the paramedics arrived. Once they got him conscious, I asked him a few questions, but his memory was still pretty foggy. Did he know how the crash happened? Transport was supposed to stop at pentonville first, d’archam second. Driver drove right past the exit for pentonville. So the driver was the plant. That’s what the guard thought. Tried to stop the driver. That’s when the van spun out of control. So this whole thing was organized to spring one of the prisoners. And I can only imagine that anna is the one who was able to sort something like that out. Well, she certainly has enough contacts to call on for support to stay on the run. Ah, anna’s going to give us a real run for our money. What? Still nothing. We got to wait here for a minute. We can’t risk running into the police and getting pulled over. That’s a good strategy. Thank you. Not even an ounce of modesty anywhere. I’m good at this stuff. I — lucky me. You think dex is going to be all right? I think dex is going to be fine. Even if the guard realizes he was a plant, he won’t be able to id him. Besides, sonny will take care of dex. Thank you for taking care of me. Always. I like taking care of you. I hope you’re ready for this. I think it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Rry, it’s me.I just spoke with finn, and I really need someone to talk to. Can you call me back?

[ Breathes shakily ] I can’t explain it, but my life is out of control right now. How can I help? It’ll be okay. I promise.

[ Groans ] This is from our boathouse. Ah, you should have killed me when you had the chance, esme. You made a mistake. I did my own research in addition to what all the doctors here told me. If I were to start chemotherapy in the first trimester, that would put our baby at great risk. If I could wait to start chemo until the second trimester, that would give our baby the best chance of survival. And you– you’ve been living with this all by yourself for all these months. Willow, that must have been so hard on you. No. I wasn’t totally alone. The doctors here have been supportive, and tj has been a great friend. But the decision to delay chemotherapy has come with a cost. What do you mean? Dr. Randolph just told me that… the test results confirmed my leukemia is now stage iv. Stage iv. Oh, my god, willow. Okay. Okay, what’s next? I start chemo right away. But because of the advanced stage, terry also wants to look into a bone marrow transplant. You know what’s really good for a stiff neck? If you’re about to offer me a massage, no, thanks. I was going to say muscle relaxers. And I happen to know a great doctor here. This is to say thanks. For what? Standing by me through all my “maury” drama. It’s just a latte. It’s not poison. Don’t do that. Stop trying to avoid what’s really going on here. I am so sorry that I waited so long to tell you. But I swear to you, michael, even if you hadn’t walked in when you did, I was going to tell you today. I believe you. I just — do you want to know why I didn’t tell you before? Look, willow, we’re, uh — we’re a team. And we built a life together. With wiley. And if…I said or did anything that made you think that I wouldn’t support you or I wouldn’t be able to handle what you’re going through — no, no, no, no. No, it’s not that. When I heard the diagnosis and what chemo would mean for our unborn child, and the doctors here, all of them — britt, terry, tj — they all wanted me to start chemo immediately. I really struggled with it. Deep in my heart, I knew I-I… I couldn’t face losing another baby. Not after jonah. And I-I knew that wasn’t fair to wiley, that the worst case would be that the leukemia progressed and I didn’t recover, but I convinced myself that it wouldn’t do much harm to delay treatment by a few weeks.

[ Sighs ] I felt like it was the best choice for me, for our entire family. Okay. I just want to make one thing very clear. This was always your choice. And I support that today, and I — and I would have supported that then. I just wanted us to enjoy our time together with wiley before things got too hard. Spare us all some heartache. Especially if… I don’t have much time left. Which I might not. I appreciate you, you know, warning me about nina, but I know her really well, and I believe her heart is in the right place. Okay, but what — what possible good can come from telling michael that willow and i are having an affair? Trust me, that is the absolute last thing she needs right now. I saw you two together. It seemed like something was going on. I even said something to michael. Sonny, you have known me practically my entire life. Is that what you think about me? That I’m a cheater? I’m not — I’m not hearing you deny it. Sonny, I promise you that willow and i are not romantically involved. I give you my word — that is not happening. Something is happening, tj. I know it. It’s not for me to say. But I’m asking you to trust me. Okay. You know what? If — if you say nothing is going on between you and willow, then I have to choose to believe it. But I’m telling you right now, it’s not going to be enough for michael. And you know it.

e’s going to be a lotof people looking for me. Victor’s people, law enforcement. In no time, they’re going to be searching for you, too. I know. We got to get someplace secure. What do you think? Can we risk getting out on the road now? I don’t think we have a choice. We stay here, the police will find us by morning. All this will have been for nothing.

[ Engine starts ] Hey. That’s right. We need a bolo posted for the two women who were being transported to pentonville penitentiary and d’archam asylum. We do not believe that they are armed, but heather webber should be considered dangerous. The other woman, anna devane, she is a fugitive, but she is not a threat. Thank you. All right. I’ve notified the highway patrol, although they don’t have much to go on because the guard didn’t give them much of a description of the driver. We don’t know if anna and heather are on foot or in a vehicle. I think chances of us getting a lead tonight are slim. Excuse me, mac. What do you think’s going on here? I think you’re hiding behind sugary coffee so you don’t have to deal with your feelings about mac not being your father. Well, you can’t blame me for wondering what it would be like to be a part of a close-knit family. For a few seconds there, I thought maybe I wouldn’t be alone in this world. Yeah, I — I get that. Even though my mother drives me crazy, I don’t know what I would do without her. Well, taub may have been a son of a bitch, but he’s my dad, and that is that. I’ve been alone pretty much my whole life. Looking out for just me has served me well so far. Who knows? Maybe you dodged a bullet. Family is a curse. From now on, we’re a team, okay? No matter what comes. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Hey, look. The important thing is — is I, uh…I know now. All right? So you don’t have to face this alone anymore. We’re going to get through this. And we’re going to get through this how we always do. Together. You’re my family, willow.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, dante. I thought you were working. Well, I am. But you were talking about her before, so I thought I’d let you know that anna’s escaped. Really? Yeah. And heather webber. Okay, wait a minute. Heather webber is with — with anna? I guess there was a problem with the vehicle that was supposed to take heather to d’archam, so they threw her in with anna, and the plan was to drop anna at pentonville and then take heather to d’archam. But they didn’t make it that far. There was an accident, and the van crashed. And I’m here on the scene right now. What caused the accident? I don’t know, sonny. There was some sort of struggle. But there was only a guard here when we got here. He was the only one with the vehicle. He was injured and taken to gh. Any idea what happened? No. Not yet, but I’m going to figure it out. Do not let anybody off of the island. That hook-wielding psychopath was in the house. And I will be damned if I let her get away.

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