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Relax. She’s fine. Susan is being well taken care of. For the moment, don’t you do that? Okay. Let me get one thing clear here I am calling the shots. Now I have your mother, and if you do exactly what I tell you to maybe just, maybe I will return her to. In one piece.

We have had a productive morning. My love. Indeed. We have. We have performed our civic duty and celebrated with a lovely little shopping spree. Well, actually the shopping spree was your, My reward is a leisurely lunch. And what’s on the menu for today? She’ll see Sean Douglas. Happy Election Day. Yeah, you too, grandpa.

Have you voted yet? You should go right now while the lines are still short, darling. I’ll do it later, grandma. I will. But, um, I’m actually, I’m, I’m here to see you. Me? Yeah. Uh, this is, uh, this is really awkward. Um, and I’m really sorry, but. I need to look in your shopping bag, . Why? I’m afraid you’ve been accused of shoplifting shop.

Timmons? I don’t think so.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Were you just about to cover up Tim’s poster with ours? Were you? Were you? It was an impulse. A bad one. I know, but after almost torpedoing Paulina’s entire campaign, I just wanted to do everything possible to make sure she wins. How is my future governor? Oh, I don’t know how you do this.

I’ve had butterflies all morning. I am a nervous wreck. Oh, what’s them? And you ran an excellent campaign, Paulina. You know, you did it without any major missteps or scandals and consider. The intense scrutiny that you get when you run a campaign. Well, you were pretty lucky. You have no idea. Breathe sunny, boy.

Keep that gaze forward. Not up. Alright. Oh, your palm should be directly underneath your shoulders. That’s where they are. No, they’re not. Just they are. You need to hug your elbows a little closer to your hips, bud. Keep ’em straight. There you go. And try not to be such a grump. Okay. You know why I’m a, a grmp?

It’s cuz I hate yoga. It’s never been my thing. Well, that’s because you never gave it a chance. Okay. Now we are going to transition into a downward facing dog. Hips. Raise up back, straight legs straight. Great. I’m gonna push your heels into the ground. Yep. I hate this. I hate. Oh dude, this really isn’t that hard.

You just gotta stop being so negative. Oh, oh my God. I can literally feel the tension releasing from my body. I can stay in this position all day long, baby. That’s because being a dog comes so naturally to you. You sneaky son of a bitch.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives

based on the early returns I’ve. , we’ve got a pretty good lead on my opponent. . Hey. And that is wonderful. Yeah. So any updates on your ratio? Oh, let me check. Mary. Get in here. Uh, it’s still Leo, Ms. Price. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I’m sorry. It’s gonna take me a while to get used to that. You know, Mary’s been my only assistant for so long.

Well, since I am so grateful to be gainfully employed and find you to be, although a bit diva ish, also funny as hell and smart as a whip. You can call me whatever you want. . Yeah, a bit diva ish. In a good way. Anyway, I assume you called me in here for some election updates, so mail-in ballots and early exit polling.

Have you slightly ahead of Tim ends? Yes. All right. , . You see, I told you. You did. You did. But. I don’t want to count my chickens too soon, you know? I also have some phone messages for you. There is one from your sister Tammy, one from Governor Mitch. End three. From that bch Sloan Peterson

Sloan, what’s going on babe? , don’t you play dumb with me? You duplicitous little creep. I know you took, it took what? A file. I, I, I still don’t know what you’re talking about, baby. Hold on. It had to be you because nobody else has been in my apartment. Why Alex? Why, why? I thought we were friends. Why would you betray me like this?

I wouldn’t worry about Paulina. Everybody at Canvas this morning intends to vote for her. Hey, I’m telling you she’s got this in the bag. Mm. I hope you’re right. I know I am. And after she’s declared Governor, you and I we’re gonna go out to dinner and we’re gonna celebrate on me. Really sweet Chad. Um, but I already have plans tonight.

Plans, well, I’m, um, I’m going out with Alex.

Someone accused me of shoplifting. I know, I know. It’s completely crazy. But the clerk Saxons claims that. You left without pain. So listen, if I can just look in the bag, we can clear this whole entire thing up and we can come on, we can prove that she’s wrong. Of course. Waste of time. Tad insulting. I know, but I know you’re just doing your job, darling.

So go ahead. Have a look.

It is a mink stole full. Of course. But doesn’t it look lovely and real? I assume you, you have a receipt of this right? Show him the receipt. Why would I have a receipt? Because you are the one who paid for it. No, ma’am. I did not pay for it. I thought you paid for it.


Oh, I see you and hen did some major building. We built the Brady Pub, actually, where W Woman Works, . Yeah. Let me help you with that. How was the bakery today? Great. Um, our employees are really excited about having the rest of the day off to vote. Henry’s napping, I assume? Yep. I put him down about 15 minutes ago.

Oh, yep. Oh, oh, it’s this, this, oh. Some media outlet. They won’t interview me. So Stephanie got the questions in advance so that I could go over them. You know, it just occurred to me. You’ll be a public figure. My girlfriend’s gonna be famous. Mama has to get elected first. Didn’t Sloan Peterson come to see you once before?

Why does she keep pestering here? She tried to hit me up for a job as my in-house council. I turned her down flat, but she just can’t take hell no for an answer. uh, you know, I’ve gotta, I gotta check in with my campaign manager. So I will meet you at the square. Mm-hmm. and we’ll go vote together. Alright?

Absolutely. . Uh, so what’s next on the agenda? Mary? I mean, Leo, uh, let’s see. You have an interview in about 10 minutes. K D J Y, and in the meantime, would you like me to set up calls for those messages? I’ll get to them later, except for the ones from that witch Sloan. She can go kick rocks. Sloane, you gotta calm down.

Okay. I will not calm down when I have been lied to and betrayed and it’s so stupid of me when, because it was obviously whenever you blindfolded me and handcuffed me to the bed, oh, don’t wanna hear this. Mm-hmm. And you, you were so slick telling me that story about how your cousin, or that she put some guy in the same position or whatever so she could steal from.

Why you were doing the exact same thing to me. All right, babe, I think you’re giving a little bit too much focus and attention to this little anecdote. Okay. You saw me leave your apartment. What? What did I do? H hide the file somewhere. You think I, it was hidden. You know, I had wondered that too. And then I remembered that it was Halloween and your aunt had just so happened to come to the house with that stupid trick-or-treating little brat.

And then I thought, whoa, that must have been, whenever he gave her the file, that’s when he passed the file off. You got Aunt Maggie involved in this? Of course. I didn’t get her involved. Sloane, you got things mixed up here. You got it all wrong. No, Alex, I have it exactly right and I just hope that it was worth it because you can say goodbye to the best sex you ever.

So Al Alex asked you out to dinner. Actually, I asked him, oh,

as a plot twist. Um,

Why the, why, the change of heart? Well, because after he took that file from Sloan and he saved Pauline’s campaign as well as my job and yours, so I just, um, I wanted to, you know, show my gratitude. Do you disapprove?

I mean, I think you could probably could have just sent them a thank you card. Going out to dinner is gonna, uh, make ’em think that you’re interested in them now that you’re willing to give ’em a shot. Well, maybe I am.

Um, wow. Some of these questions are very personal. Oh yeah. Like. , your girlfriend Allie, has a young son. What is your role in his life? Let see. Ooh. Um, any plans to get married? Children of your own? Like do they really think I would give this information a perfect strangers? Well, what about giving that information to me?

So Sloane is still harass. Threatening to send in her enforcers if I don’t pay her exorbitant legal fees. That woman is trash. Ah, the worst. And look, Ms. Price. I know you said you wouldn’t give me an outright loan, but now that I’m on salary, is there any way I could get in advance just to get her off my back?

Normally I would say no, but no one deserves to be in that conniving woman’s clutches, so yes. I will give you an advance. Oh, thank God. Thank you. So just how soon can I get that advance As it happens, I have some extra cash in my safe. Uh, speaking of which, there’s something else in there that I need to dispose of.

Discreetly. Do we happen to have a shredder? We certainly do. Is this something you want me to take care of and shred for you? No, no, no. I’ll handle it myself. Now, where is that combination? Oh, what, oh, it’s time for my interviews. We’ll have to do this later. I promise you won’t forget. You have my word. No one deserves to ever have to be tethered to that vicious snake.

Okay. So was Sloan telling the truth? I mean, I wouldn’t say it was the best sex I ever had, but No, you definitely top 10. You idiot. Not about that. About you stealing from her. Oh, I wouldn’t exactly call that stealing. But yeah, I took the file. Well, what was in it? Having a clue what? You stole something without even knowing what was in it.

That doesn’t even make any sense. Alex.

Look, if I tell you something, what? You keep Ines. Okay. Stephanie asked me to. What, why? Unless you know the better sunny boy plausible deniability. The important thing is your cousin seemed very, very grateful. So you committed a crime just to score some points. Uh, no. No. She was scared and she was upset, and I hated to see her like that.

So. Besides the side benefit for this is that she does seem a little bit warmer towards me. She asked me about the dinner tonight, like on a date. Mm. Actually, I’m not so sure about that. This dinner with Alex is gonna be a date then. Well, I guess I’ve come to realize that he isn’t the jerk. I thought he was, I mean, he tanked his relationship with Sloan just to help me out.

No, that doesn’t answer my question. Right. Uh, I. I was just explaining that I’ve changed my opinion of Alex, at least somewhat, but to actually answer your question, I’m, I’m not saying that going out to dinner with him is a date. Just that I, I have an open mind. must be thrilled about your newly open mind then.

I bet. Well, if he is, he has you to thank for it. Me. What did, what did? After my ex ghosted me, which I told you about, I shut down emotionally. There was no way I was gonna let anyone else hurt me like that again. But then getting to know you, that connection we shared made me wanna open myself up again and get back out there.

And since you’re not interested, what? Who said I wasn’t?

Well, I’m glad we got that all sorted out. I am just so mortified that that clerk actually believed I meant to shoplift. Wouldn’t have been the first time though, would it? Doug. Sorry. Shouldn’t have said that. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. The incident your grandfather is referring to happened at Bartlett’s Department Store hundreds of years ago when I was just a teenager.

Grandma, I’m not, I’m not judging you. Okay. Oh, I’m judging myself, sweetie. I’m still embarrassed about it, and the, the item that I had my hands on was very expensive. As a matter of fact, it was also a mink. Real fur in those days. Sad to say. Anyway, they hustled me down to the police station and, and threatened to book me when Grandpa Tom and Uncle Mickey came to my rescue.

What do you mean you’re holding my daughter, Julie? We’re shoplifting Dr. Horton. See you and two other girls were picked up in Bartlett’s department. Shoplifting, Julie. Right? I’d suggest you get down here just as soon as you can. Alright? I’ll be down there in 20 minutes. Will the hospital need you? Dad?

I’ll make close the door. What’s you ready? Julie’s in some kind of trouble with the police. The police, she and two other girls are being held for shoplifting. What? I’ve gotta get down there right away. Mickey, I want you to come with me. How about Ben and Addie? Have the, have the police notified them apparently.

Why not? They’re Julie’s parents. They should be the first ones to know. Julie said her name was Julie Horton, not Olsen, Horton Police think she’s my daughter. Why that crazy kid? Julie’s not crazy Mickey, but she’s in some kind of serious trouble. Now, the sooner we get down there, the quicker we can straighten it out.

Are you gonna tell mom? No. I don’t want to worry, Eric. I’ll tell her it’s a, an emergency at the hospital. You try to reach Ben and Addie while I talk to your.

Now you will call that photographer first thing in the morning. Oh, yes. All right. Now about for music. Oh, Tom, do you think that we should have an accordion player at the wedding reception or a piano? I’m holding up the Beatles or a jazz combo, but no folks, singers. I draw the line at that. Uh, shoe fly baby daddies in the corn.

I’m not at my wedding now. Tom, what do you think? Well, anything Tony and Marie want is okay with me. Look, I, I’ve gotta go downtown. Oh. Oh, that call was an emergency then. Yes. In a way, Kelly. That must have been over 50 years ago. Oh, I think more, yeah, it was 57 years ago. To this very day.

Um, let’s start with the marriage question. Oh, well, considering what happened between Johnny and me, I am in no rush to tie the knot anytime soon. That doesn’t mean I can’t see us getting married someday. Yeah, same here. You know, obviously I love being with you and I’m really happy with how things are going right now, but they’ve only been dating for like three months.

Yeah, exactly. . So I am very cool with taking things slowly. Well look at us all in sync. Yeah. . Okay, so question number two. Mm-hmm. children. Well, I do love helping you raise Henry. Does this mean that you want more children? You know, as bad as things got between Johnny and me growing up, the good times, a hundred percent made up for it.

I don’t know. I think, I think that having a sibling can be really good for a kid. Yeah. It was lonely being an only child, and I can only imagine what it would’ve been like if Lonnie had been around when I was growing up. Mm-hmm.

I guess, yeah, I, I am open and more kids, you know, a couple years ago we were partying our way through London, not a care in the world, and now here we are talking about our future, like actual full-blown adults. It is so weird. Very weird, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When did I say I wasn’t in. You made it pretty clear to Alex yesterday when you said that there was nothing between us and there never would be. I can’t believe he told you that. He didn’t I happen to walk in when you said it? Uh, I didn’t realize that. I’m sorry. No, you don’t need to apologize. I actually like knowing where things stand.

Well, let me explain. You don’t have to. No, I really, I really do need to. I, I need to. Um, Alex accused me of having feelings for you and, and, and I just, I didn’t, the question made me uncomfortable and I didn’t know how to respond, so I just blurted that out. So are you saying you didn’t mean what you said?

Stephanie said that she wanted to thank me for helping her out, but who knows if nothing else, at least now she doesn’t think I’m complete. Maybe she’ll give us a chance. Well, I would not push it if I were you. I know, I know. I know. I gotta play cool. I know. And as much as I hate to admit it, you were right before, I shouldn’t have been hounding her like that.

I should have just backed off a little. Maybe now as a reward, the universe intervened and is bringing us closer together. Okay. Well, uh, I think the universe has bigger fish to. But that being said, I’m glad that Stephanie’s finally given you a chance. Thank you. And I’m sure as hell not going to blow at this time.

Hello, Leo, Ms. Peterson, how may I help you? I’m here to see your boss since she isn. Returning my call, so I decided to pay her a visit. Well, she’s not here, as you can clearly see. Next time I would recommend making an appointment. Oh, really? Well, next time you hire an attorney, I would recommend you expect to pay.

I’ll have your money soon. Soon. Is as bad as never in my book. No, this is legit. I swear I can have your money tomorrow. Well, tomorrow doesn’t work for me, so I guess I am just gonna have to send my associates on the job. They can be here in 10 minutes. Whoa. No, no, no. Wait. Whoa, wait, wait, wait. I, I can get your money now.


This price was going to give me the money before she was called away. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind my taking care of this myself. She’s a big fan of initiative.

Sean Douglas, I’m so happy you decided to join us for lunch. Yeah, I think actually he was, Trying to make sure that we didn’t dine and . No. Hey, near is everybody. How are your Hey. Hello. Yourself there, Mr. Mayer? Yes, sir. , we presume that you are well on your way to, uh, happy reelection today. Well, it’s looking pretty good, , but you know, it is, it’s, it’s not over yet.

And, um, well I may not have the job for very. Uh, look between us, if Paulina wins her election, I’ll be stepping down this mayor moving to the capitol with her man. That’ll be quite a gesture, eh, Paulina, we just heard that, uh, you may be taking away our precious Abe. Maybe not. I just received some very troubling news.

Hey Alex, am I doing this right? Looks good to me. We are doggy style suits. You, Jackson. It’s called Downward Dog. You ass. And what are you doing here? Ah, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I need you to get dressed. I’m here to take you out to dinner to celebrate my new job. Wow. What’s with the look? I didn’t think you were serious about that.

Oh, I never joke about dinner dates. Sunny. This isn’t just about celebrating me and my success. It’s also about celebrating you. Me. Why me? Well, thanks to your very impressive olfactory senses, you were able to identify Clyde Weston as your attacker, thereby keeping my finally toned fanny out of prison. So let a grateful gal take you out for a night on the.

I promise you won’t regret it.

Okay. Obviously there’s an attraction between us

and part of me thinks that it would be really nice to pursue that and, and to see where that. And the other part, the part you’re obviously listening to, still grieving Abigail. I’m, I’m not ready to start seeing anyone. Not in any serious way,

and I don’t. Wonder if I ever will be. So I, while I, I may have overstated things to Alex. I don’t want you to have to sit around and, and, and wait and hope that

I, I, I sound like an egomaniac right now, and I, I, I, I can’t even finish the sentence. No, no, not at all. I, I appreciate your honesty.

I am really glad. You wanna start dating again though? Even if it’s Alex, wouldn’t be my first choice. No. But if that’s who you want to date, no. Then I support you. That’s what friends do, right? Friends?

Well, alright. Uh, now that, that incredibly awkward conversation is, should we get to work? Yeah. Yeah. We should get to work. Okay.

Hmm. Troubling news, Alina, well, maybe I’m overreacting, but I just ran into Phillips who owns the of men. She told me she didn’t vote for me and that a lot of the other local business owners didn’t vote for me. Apparently they’re still angry about that whole price town business. They’re claiming I’m just a shill for big business.

Well, that’s not true. Well, true or not, this really could hurt my chances. Ms. Price, we need to talk. Well, is it about these small business owners? I’m sure Timmons is behind it, but don’t worry. I was already anticipating something like this, so I’ve got a rebuttal all set to go. I just need your approval.

Stephanie, you’re a godsend. Is there anything else we can do to help? Yes. Go and vote. Oh, well, Gary, the lady, let’s get to it. Oh.

Yeah. And I love you too, Lonnie, darling. Yeah. I said thank you. Thank you for calling and thank you for your support throughout the campaign. Yeah, you, I’m gonna hand you off to your father now, okay? Mm-hmm. . All right. Hey, hey, sweetheart. Oh yeah. This is a big day here. So how are we doing on damage control?

I think we were able to turn the narrative around in time to reach the voters. Think he was just congratulating me on avoiding any missteps over, uh, Ms. Price compared to, uh, some of the other political bombshells, the state of scene price town ranks pretty well. Hmm. Okay. Everybody, they just called my race and.

I won. Yeah.

Wow. Where are you going Out? Just out, out to dinner by yourself? No, not by. With Leo Stark. Seriously. Why? I know. Because I have been cooped up in this house ever since I got out of the hospital and I decided that I needed a night out. Okay. Even if it is with Leo Stark. Huh? And how does will feel about you going to dinner with another man?

This is not another man. Okay. Let me just say again, it’s Leo Stark. It’s your ex-husband. Oh God. You’re right. Just hearing that makes my skin crawl. Thank you for reminding me, and not that it’s any of your business, but he just wants to thank me for clearing his name for the murder. All right. Celebrate his new job.

Oh see, celebrate equals festive equals more than a friendly dinner in my book. Oh, none in mine. It’s just a meal. Hmm. And a change of scenery. I am in desperate need of, I am not. Looking for romance. Okay. Well that makes one of us. Yes it does. Because you are single and I am not. So don’t compare you going out with Stephanie.

To me, going out with Leo, because it’s not only annoying and ridiculous, it is disrespectful to me and to Will. All right, you got it. I got it. I get it. No comparison. But I will tell you this, I am hoping, and by the end of the night, I have sweated Stephanie right off her feet, okay? They’re neck and neck with only a few counties left to report.

We might not have a definitive answer tonight, I swear to the Lord above. I’ll flip my wig if I have to wait till tomorrow morning. wait. They’re calling it. You did it.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you all. So, Very much, and I am honored that the good people of Salem have continued to support me and have found me worthy of serving another term as their mayor.

But I regret to inform you as grateful as I am that. , I intend to step down and hand the reins to my very, very capable deputy mayor. Now, I, I, I do not make this decision lightly, but as you know, my, uh, wife Paul, the price. It has just been elected our new governor.

Thank you. So I believe that it is my duty to support her with the best of my abilities, and so I will be. with her to the state Capitol. . Now that being said, it will be my pleasure to turn this microphone over to the woman of the hour. My incredible wife, Paulina Price.

Thank you. Thank you for this warm welcome and I, I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be taking on such, such an important. , but I wouldn’t have been here without my support team, starting with my incredible campaign staff,

and of course my amazing husband, mayor Abe Carver.

Oh, as well as my two wonderful, wonderful daughters. Lonnie Price Grant and Chanel Dupree, come here baby,

who truly, truly are the wind beneath my wings. There really is nothing, nothing more important. Then


What’s all this? It would be anniversary to you. My darling. Anniversary of what? Your life of crime. . Oh my.

By now, if you know me, you know when I commit myself to something, I fight heart and soul for it. So I look forward. To dedicating my heart and soul to the good people of this state.

Congratulations. I, uh, just heard the news. Can you believe it? I am now the executive director for the governor of the state. Do you know what this means? Getting a raise? No, it means I’m finally an A-list. Gay. Wow. Does that mean we’ll actually get a a good table tonight? It damn will better. She’s coming.


Chad. Paulina just gave me the rest of the night off, so you’re a free man. Great. I’m glad I could help. You ready? Yes, just in time for our reservation to bistro. Thanks again for your help. Chad. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Enjoy your victory while you can Ms. Price.

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