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Summer: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Welcome back.

Summer: Hey, dad.

Nick: Hey, yourself. Well, excellent job with the sunscreen. You got the perfect glow going on.

Summer: Well, I didn’t want to come back looking like a lobster, so…

Nick: So you and kyle had fun in costa rica?

Summer: Yeah, we had a great time. The villa was phenomenal. It was, honestly, the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

Nick: Okay, well, then I got to ask. You just got back from a wonderful honeymoon in a tropical paradise with the man you love. Why do you look miserable?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Wow. Thanks for the compliment.

Nick: Not an insult, just an observation.

Summer: No, I mean, the trip was perfect in every way, both before and after harrison joined us.

Nick: Did something happen after you came home? Because I know this face, and that’s not the “happy supergirl” face.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I don’t want to get into details, but it’s more drama with diane.

Nick: Okay. Is there anything I can do?

Summer: No, I don’t think there is. Plus, kyle and I can handle it.

Nick: Alright. I guess I will just say, “best of luck,” then.

Summer: Thanks. I have a feeling we’re going to need it.

Diane: Kyle. Welcome home. When did you and summer get back?

Kyle: This morning.

Diane: Oh. Well, I just loved all the photos you sent me, especially of harrison. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Kyle: We did. Now it’s back to reality.

Diane: Look, kyle, something happened while you were gone. I think we need to talk.

Kyle: Yes, we do. Not here. In private. At the house. And it can’t wait.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: Tell me everything. About you, diane in los angeles.

Tucker: Sure. I’m happy to tell you anything you want to know. Should we order our drink first?

Ashley: Why don’t we wait and see how forthcoming you are, and then I’ll decide how thirsty I am.

Tucker: Fair enough. Diane and I had a completely chance encounter in los angeles. And, of course, I was stunned. There she is, alive. But not only that, she actually looked happy and healthy and a far cry from the bitter and vengeful woman that we all thought was dead. So, naturally, I was curious about her story. I wanted to know how she pulled off her murder. She just seemed like a completely different person than the one I knew in genoa city. So anyway, she tells me that her new mission in life is to try to find a way to get kyle to forgive her, to reestablish their relationship.

Ashley: Let me guess. You saw an opportunity, right? A chance to use a mother’s deepest desire to your own advantage.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Just the man i wanted to talk to.

Jack: I think I know why.

Phyllis: I had a very illuminating conversation with ashley about diane in los angeles.

Jack: Gee, that didn’t take long.

Phyllis: Ah, just please indulge me in a moment of I was right all along because I was, in fact, right all along. So diane was lying through her teeth the whole time about tucker, was she? Pretending to be outraged that he crashed summer and kyle’s ceremony. Ooh. [ Clears throat ] What I don’t understand is why are you not showing a level of outrage about this entire thing?

Jack: Okay, enough. Enough. For the record, I am gravely disappointed in diane. I’m not so thrilled with you either.

Phyllis: With me? Excuse me.

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Summer: Well, I didn’t ask you here so we can just talk about me. I want to hear what’s been going on with you since I’ve been away.

Nick: Just plugging away, as usual.

Summer: Really? Because I’ve been crossing my fingers and my toes that you might’ve ended things with sally spectra. Dad, please don’t try to tell me that you’re just friends again.

Nick: [ Sighs ] You had to go there, huh? Just right off the bat.

Summer: Well, I’m hoping that you called it quits so I can stop worrying about you.

Nick: Let’s not forget I’m the parent, summer, okay? You don’t have to worry about me.

Summer: I know, but I’m still concerned.

Nick: Come on, summer, it —

Summer: Dad, sally is unpredictable. When she feels disrespected or frustrated or when she just wants what she wants, we both know what she’s capable of.

Nick: Alright, clearly, it’s going to put your mind at ease, so I’m going to fill you in on some headlines.

Summer: Okay. First one being?

Nick: Sally and chloe no longer work at newman media.

Summer: Wow. Okay. That’s sudden. What’s the second one?

Nick: [ Sighs ] The second one is, sally and I are on a break. She doesn’t really want to hang out with me right now.

Summer: That’s so great. I mean, that’s unexpected. I — that’s a lot of changes in such a short amount of time. Why did — why did she…?

Nick: We’re not going to talk about it anymore, okay? I don’t want you to concern yourself with this. I know it’s going to be an incredible struggle for you, though.

Summer: I don’t like seeing the people in my life get hurt. So, yeah, I’m going to do what I can to prevent it.

Phyllis: Oh, please. Hold on.

Jack: No, you hold on. Look at you all wrapped up in delight that you were vindicated instead of thinking about what this is doing to kyle and summer. You didn’t see the look on kyle’s face when he heard diane’s story. You didn’t see the concern in summer’s face over what this is going to do to her husband.

Phyllis: No, I actually did. I stopped by your place right after you broke the news to them, apparently.

Jack: Well, I hope you showed at least some sensitivity.

Phyllis: Yes, I did. I also made my opinion clear, but I showed compassion to kyle. Oh, the same compassion that I showed to him while his mother pretended to be dead all those years, but — but that’s beside the point. The point is, the truth is out now, and if you all had listened to me, none of this would’ve been happening.

Jack: Oh, phyllis, come on. I remember very clearly you insisting that I let kyle make the decisions about his mother.

Phyllis: It’s out of respect for your son, and did it kill me that he chose to have diane back in his life? Yes, it did, because I knew that this would inevitably happen. And, yeah, it’s happening. She’s been lying. We all know now. I mean, she needs to leave, and we can all move forward.

Jack: And what does that mean exactly? What does moving forward look like to you?

Phyllis: You need to look at this honestly. Diane was lying. She’s been lying. She needs to leave town with her tail between her legs before another one of her sordid secrets comes out. We all know there are more secrets. It’s not just tucker in los angeles.

Jack: You got it all figured out, just like always.

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Diane has you totally sucked in, doesn’t she?

Kyle: Dad said there’s something you need to explain to me. Something about L.A…

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: …That you’ve kept to yourself all this time.

Diane: Uh, yes. There’S… there’s more to what happened to me than I’ve told you. But once I do, I hope — I hope you’ll understand why I did what I did and why I felt I had to keep it a secret.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I’m listening.

Diane: Alright, well, soon after I arrived in los angeles, I met someone, a despicable man named jeremy stark. He, um… he seduced me, and then he used me for his own illegal enterprise. So tucker agreed to keep my identity and the crimes that I had unknowingly committed for jeremy a secret in exchange for help with ashley. I didn’t have a choice. If I had refused, she could have turned me into the authorities. I would’ve lost everything, the life that I had worked so hard to rebuild.

Kyle: But tucker didn’t just blackmail you. He dangled a pretty big carrot to get you to cooperate, didn’t he?

Diane: Well, he knew that i had been looking for a way back to you, and by telling me about allie, he — he seemed to give me the perfect way to do just that. I mean, I hated that he had that kind of power over me, but tucker provided me with what I’d been searching for, the ability to open the door to jack and then you, because nothing was more important to me than finding a way back to you.

Kyle: Oh, and that way was allie.

Diane: [ Sighs ] If I had felt that I could reach out to you directly, kyle, I would have, but —

Kyle: We’ve been over that. That’s water under the bridge. What matters now is that you colluded with tucker and concealed it even after dad and i and a lot of other people asked if you had any dealings with the guy in L.A.

Diane: No, I told you that I regretted my history with him, that I loathed him, and that I wished that he would’ve never come back to genoa city.

Kyle: So not a direct lie but a massive lie of omission.

Diane: I hate that I wasn’t brave enough to confess this to you earlier. But, kyle, I swear I had no ill intention.

Kyle: Whatever your intentions were, it doesn’t matter. This is where we are now. And despite your pleas for understanding, all I know is that you broke my trust. And before you can even ask, I have no idea if we can ever get back to the way things were. I get bladder leaks.

Tucker: I’m not going to pretend to be altruistic or anything, but I would describe my partnership with diane as a mutually beneficial arrangement. Here we were, both social pariahs from genoa city and both looking to get back into the good graces of someone we care about deeply. So we made a pact. I’d already heard about allie, so I offered her that information…

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: …In exchange for information about… hey, I told you what you mean to me and then I would do anything for you to offer me another chance. So I figured I could use all the help I could get.

Ashley: I don’t think anyone, including myself, is worth throwing in with diane of all people. So kind of makes me wonder if that bargain you struck is for real. Maybe there’s a little bit more to it than you’re admitting?

Tucker: I can assure you that my agreement with diane was… completely benevolent. We were both hoping for a good outcome.

Tucker: Ashley. Hi. You alright?

Kyle: I wanted you back in my life so badly, I was willing to overlook certain things. I was vulnerable and too quick to forgive. And I chose to give you a chance to prove yourself. Now I’m questioning that decision, asking myself if it was a mistake to put that much faith in you.

Diane: I realize that this has come as a complete shock and you are completely entitled to your feelings. But, kyle, keep in mind that I chose to admit what I’d been hiding despite all the negative fallout because I just — I couldn’t live with myself any longer.

Kyle: I don’t know about that.

Diane: It’s true. Ever since I’ve been back, it’s been eating me up inside.

Kyle: That may be, but I’m finding your argument for coming clean — it’s not very persuasive. It doesn’t really count if you only confess because you’re afraid that someone like nikki or phyllis is going to expose you.

Jack: How I might feel about what diane does next is neither here nor there.

Phyllis: On the contrary, it’s very on-point.

Jack: We’re just going in circles here.

Phyllis: Jack —

Jack: You’ve already made up your mind. Nothing I say is going to change that. There’s no sense in the two of us talking about diane.

Phyllis: Okay. Okay. Would you like me to lie? Would you like me to say she’s an honorable human being?

Jack: Since you asked, what I’d like you to do is look in the mirror. Take stock in your own behavior.

Phyllis: Oh, jack, come on.

Jack: Start with how badly you have handled diane’s return from day one.

Phyllis: Please.

Jack: From the moment she got here, you have done everything you could to get in her way. You didn’t give her a chance to even fall on her face on her own. No, you went hunting into her past to dig up some dirt to get her out of town even after you promised your daughter you would back off.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. I cannot even believe that I am still being made out to be the bad guy here. By the way, I was this close to getting dirt, as you call it, on diane, and she felt it. She felt the heat. She was backed into a corner. That’s why she felt the need to confess to you.

Jack: We might have all been better off if she hadn’T.

Phyllis: I can’t believe this. We’ve stepped through the looking glass, and we’re backwards now. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe that I’m being made to feel guilty because I want to help everyone.

Jack: Help? Help? Come on. You and I both know there’s a hell of a lot more to this than that.

Music (“I swear”) plays

Ashley: I’m fine. I just have a lot on my mind.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Your responsibilities at jabot or something more personal?

Ashley: I was thinking about you.

Tucker: [ Gasps ] Well, I can’t say I’m sorry to hear that.

Ashley: Maybe you should be.

Tucker: No, I doubt it. You know, if you — if you wanted nothing to do with me, you would’ve shut me down immediately. Here you are. Here I am. We’re talking.

Ashley: Yeah, here you are, still smug as ever.

Tucker: Uh-huh. As you know, it’s part of my charm. So what — what thought about me had you so captivated when i walked in?

Ashley: I was thinking about what you told me about you and diane in los angeles, deciding whether or not I should believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

Tucker: And have you come to any conclusions?

Ashley: I have.

Jack: Oh, believe me, i understand why you have no use for diane. When we were married, I had a front-row seat to the battle royale between you two. What’s bugging me now is if she had come back a veritable saint, you’d still be going after her out of sheer force of habit, I suppose. So please don’t paint yourself as the noble hero. Heroes don’t gloat. They aren’t petty. They want the perspective of other people.

Phyllis: Okay, you need to stop. You need to stop right now.

Jack: No, no, you may not like this. Diane has set down roots in this town, and regardless of what she has done in the past, if she takes off now, she turns around and walks away, her absence will leave a giant hole in my son and my grandson’s lives.

Phyllis: I get that. I understand that. Okay? But if they suffer, it won’t be because of me. It’ll be because of diane and diane alone. And they have a lot of people in their life to help them through their pain. You, me, summer, everybody else who loves them.

Jack: I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. I think we have to wait to see how kyle wants to handle things once he’s talked to his mother.

Phyllis: Well, hopefully he’ll see things more clearly than his father does.

Summer: What’s going on? Or do I even need to ask?

Jack: Your mother and i aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

Summer: Well, I guess that makes sense. It’s a volatile subject. Emotions are bound to run high.

Jack: Well, hopefully, cooler heads will soon prevail.

Diane: The reason I decided to tell jack the truth wasn’t because of phyllis or nikki, or even their nosy reporter friend. It’s much more complicated than that.

Kyle: You say that, but I’m having a difficult time believing this wasn’t a defensive move on your part.

Diane: I can understand why you’d think that, but —

Kyle: Do you remember what you said to me the first time we came face-to-face again after spending so many years apart? I haven’t forgotten a single word of that conversation, and do you know which part I’m thinking about now? How you promised — promised you wouldn’t hide anything from me. Not ever again.

Diane: I am so sorry that I — I broke that promise, but tucker forced me to stay quiet. Kyle, it’s true. He’s been calling the shots ever since he discovered me in los angeles. And it’s only now that I — I finally feel strong enough to break his hold on me.

Kyle: With a preemptive strike?

Diane: Gosh, you make it sound so calculated.

Kyle: Wasn’t it?

Diane: No. No. If you really want to know, it was a spontaneous decision. Somebody said something, and it made me realize that I didn’t want you or your father to hear about this from tucker or anybody else. I knew that I had to own up to what I had done, but I was — I was — I was just really afraid to tell you because I — I couldn’t stand knowing that you would think less of me and that, by learning the truth, it would just destroy this beautiful relationship that we had created. Kyle, ever since I left genoa city, all I wanted was to be worthy enough to be part of your life again. Being a mother to you and — and a grandmother to harrison, those are the most important things in the world to me. My love for you is endless. It’s everything. Please tell me you know that in your heart by now. Covid-19 moves fast, and now you can too

“The young and the restless”

will continue. What happens to your body language

Ashley: Well, you have to admit, it sounds shady as hell. You and diane hated each other before her so-called death, and you bump into each other and you decide to form an alliance.

Tucker: Yeah. Yeah, I can see how you’d find it improbable.

Ashley: To say the least.

Tucker: But as I told you, she and I were in a very unique position to help each other out.

Ashley: Right. Okay, well, as much as I hate to admit it, does make sense. Wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve formed an alliance with an enemy in pursuit of a goal. So I believe you.

Tucker: Very good.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t sure where you were going with that.

Ashley: Yeah, well, I’m probably more confused and surprised than you are. And not just about this.

Tucker: Go on.

Ashley: Well, you know, I’ve been trying very hard to ignore you since you came back to genoa city. I don’t know if you noticed that. You know, I didn’t want you to take up any space in my brain. I have not been successful, by the way.

Tucker: Well [Chuckles] Yeah, I could see that as a positive, of course, as a fulfillment of what I’ve been longing for. Unfortunately, I can’t help this nagging suspicion it might be a little too soon for such a big turnaround from you.

Kyle: I have loved having you here, loved seeing you bond with harrison, and never in a million years did I think we could actually be a real family, but it happened. It’s been amazing. That means just as much to me as it does to you.

Diane: So… so what are you saying? Where does that leave us?

Kyle: I know you’re hoping that I will tell you here and now that I understand why you kept this from me and that I will look the other way yet again, but I need some time to sit with this. I can’t ignore the fact that you carried around this huge secret, pretending it didn’t exist, acting like you were wronged any time somebody questioned you about it, and when the truth finally came out, when you finally admitted it, you said it’s beyond your control. No, no, no. Somebody else forced your hand. I just — I don’t know how I can believe the things you say anymore.

Phyllis: Don’t feel so bad for jack. He gave as good as he got, alright? He said some horrible things to me, but I am so frustrated that even after everything he’s learned about diane and tucker and their — their relationship, he still wants to give allowances for that woman.

Summer: And you feel like he didn’t do the same for you?

Phyllis: Nothing I have ever done is as bad as diane.

Summer: But, mom, you have to realize it’s more complicated with diane. I mean, she and jack share a son and a grandson.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, kyle, her trump card.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] That’s a very cold way of looking at it.

Phyllis: Well, it’s true. She used kyle as a manipulation tool when he was a baby. You don’t know. You weren’t there. But you know what? I want to ask you. How do you feel now? All of this information came to light. Do you still feel it’s a good idea to keep diane around? ‘Cause that would be insane. You know something else is going to come out from her past.

Summer: The decision is —

Phyllis: Is kyle’s, right.

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: But I want to know how you feel. Do you feel that it’s a good idea, diane sticking in town?

Summer: [ Sighs ] I have been so patient with diane. I really wanted kyle to have a chance to heal, to have a sense of peace, and, I mean, he had that. He really did. But now more lies, more secrets have come out, so… from where I sit, you’re right. Diane needs to go. Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Phyllis: Hey. I wouldn’t expect to find you here.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] What? In my son’s establishment?

Phyllis: At a bar in the middle of the day.

Nick: Yeah, not really in an office frame of mind today.

Phyllis: Ah.

Nick: What about you? Shouldn’t you be busy working on the launch for marchetti home?

Phyllis: I’m not really in the office frame of mind today.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Um…hey. Can I run something by you?

Nick: Of course. What is the topic du jour?

Phyllis: Me.

Jack: Surprised to find you here.

Diane: Yeah, kyle asked me over. We got everything out on the table — tucker, los angeles, all of it.

Jack: I was wondering how soon that would happen.

Diane: Yeah, he left, but I asked him if I could stay. I just — I just wanted to see harrison and ask him about his trip. I just went upstairs to check on him, but he’s still asleep.

Jack: Little guy was napping earlier today. I think that vacation took something out of him.

Diane: Yeah, apparently.

Jack: Well, be that as it may, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see you here when he does wake up. I just came to retrieve these. I have to head back to work.

Diane: You’re leaving?

Jack: Yeah, I have a mountain of work to get through.

Diane: Don’t you want to hear how it went with our son?

Jack: I’m sure kyle will tell me when he’s ready. I think I’d rather hear it from him.

Diane: Of course. It’s just, um… I’m just not sure where you and I stand now.

Jack: I’m not sure, either, but I’m not ready to discuss it at the moment.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

Summer: I got you a cappuccino.

Kyle: Wow. You read my mind.

Summer: [ Giggles ]

Kyle: Thank you.

Summer: You’re welcome.

Kyle: Come here.

Summer: And while I was at crimson lights, I caught the tail end of a pretty tense conversation between my mom and your dad.

Kyle: Mm. I’m sure I don’t have to ask what that’s about.

Summer: Yeah, suffice it to say that, when it comes to tucker and diane, they have very different viewpoints.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. And phyllis still doesn’t know about jeremy stark, does she?

Summer: I didn’t say anything to her about it, and I’m sure that jack wouldn’t have. But she’s not going to let up. She’s going to keep going after diane.

Kyle: Sure is a mess, isn’t it? All the happy, laid-back vibes we brought home — all gone. Didn’t even last a day.

Summer: You doing okay?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Not really. I confronted my mother about hiding the truth from me.

Summer: Already?

Kyle: Yeah, I ran into her here. Didn’t see any point in waiting.

Summer: [ Sighs ] That must’ve been gut-wrenching.

Kyle: She confirmed everything my dad told me, made all the excuses you’d expect.

Summer: How do you feel? What do you want to do? Dishes still coming out dirty?

Phyllis: I just want to ask you a question, and I want your very, um… honest, unbiased opinion.

Nick: Hm. Alright. I mean, you’re not going to throw anything at my face or try and hurt me, right?

Phyllis: Do you think that I’m destructive? Do you think I’m vindictive and innately… a bad person?

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Okay, I have my answer.

Nick: Hey, come on. Stop. I’m — I’m just messing with you.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: I’m assuming this has something to do with diane.

Phyllis: Why would you ask that?

Nick: Well, I ran into summer earlier. Clearly, something is going on with her mother-in-law, some kind of drama.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Yeah. I’m not going to get into this right now.

Nick: Okay. Well, whatever it is, I just hope you and summer are okay.

Phyllis: I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] But I do know that I’m really, really tired of being the one who’s getting blamed for the mess. I do know that. I’m not the villain here, nick. I’m not the villain. It’s not me. I’m not the bad guy. It’s starting to get to me.

Kyle: When mom and I were talking, I managed to stay calm, but I was all over the place. I felt betrayed, mad, hurt. Ever since I had left her back at the house, I’ve been thinking about what she actually did in L.A.

Summer: She committed at least a few felonies.

Kyle: But she didn’t do anything malicious. She made some mistakes, and tucker took advantage of them, but she just wanted to find a way to come back home to her son.

Summer: What about the fact that she didn’t tell you any of this until she had absolutely no choice?

Kyle: Look, I’m not saying it was right. I’m saying I get it.

Summer: Look… I know how much diane means to you, how much you wish that you could just overlook all of this and give her another chance so that everything could go back to the way that it was, but [Sighs] As your wife, the person that loves you the most and wants to protect you

[Sighs] I don’t think that we can run the risk of trusting her again.

Harrison: Dee dee.

Diane: Oh, honey, I didn’t hear you come down. Hey. What’s the matter?

Harrison: I don’t feel good.

Diane: [ Sighs ] You are burning up with fever.

[ Sighs ]

Ashley: You’re a malcontent. You know that?

Tucker: A malcontent?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: That’s a new one. Nice. I like it.

Ashley: Well, if it helps, i wish I didn’t think about you at all. But I do. I think my subconscious is trying to figure out exactly what’s happening here.

Tucker: Hmm. Well, if you had told me that I’d captured your attention before you found out about my connection to diane in L.A., I’d be a little more inclined to celebrate, but, um, I can’t help but wonder if

[Chuckles, sighs] You’re trying to lure me in.

Ashley: Tucker, where is that ego that we all know and don’t love? Don’t tell me that you’re actually doubting your animal magnetism.

Tucker: Earlier, you said — or you questioned whether I was up to more than meets the eye. So now my question is, are you planning to use my feelings for you to uncover some real agenda I might have?

Ashley: What if I were? I’m not saying I am. But what if? What if I was resorting to guile or my feminine wiles? I mean, if you’ve got nothing to hide, what do you care? Especially since, you know, I’ve been kind of hinting that maybe I’d like to spend a little more time together.

Tucker: [ Chuckling ] I see. So this is a test.

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: You’re offering me a chance to prove myself and that I’ve owned up to everything that went down in los angeles.

Ashley: Call it what you want, but, yes.

Tucker: Challenge accepted.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Adam: I hurt sally. That’s a big mistake to try to fix.

Jack: You really do love her, don’t you?

Adam: More than I thought I could love anybody.

Jack: Find some way to let her know that.

Tucker: If you want to put the fear of god into diane and drive her away from you and your family, that’s how you do it.

Devon: Chance is a fool to not put you and dominic first. For both of you, I would move heaven and earth.

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