Days Short Recap Thursday, November 3, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Li complimented Chloe’s performance. He wanted her to work for DiMera. Brady said Chloe deserved it, but he thought Kristen put him up to it. Li told him Kristen didn’t work for DiMera anymore. He said the offer was legitimate. Nicole didn’t like the idea of modeling with Eric. Alex said they looked good together. He said he would take the test shots. He walked out of the room. She told Eric about her concerns about the shoot. She was worried about Rafe. Eric said he wouldn’t do it if she gave the word. Li tried to convince Chloe to take the job. She thought Stefan put him up to it. He said Stefan moving on with her would benefit him, but this was about business. He said Stefan didn’t know about it. She said she was proud of the work she and Brady did at Basic Black. Brady said they made a great team. She said they did make a great team, but she was ready for something new. She told Li she would take the job. Li was happy and left. Brady told Chloe that he didn’t want things to be like this. She wanted to know what he was trying to tell her. He congratulated her on her new job. She cried and walked away from him.

Alex told Eric and Nicole they looked as if they didn’t want to do the shoot. He tried to convince them to do it. She agreed to do it. Eric and Nicole started posing for the shoot. Gabi and Stefan ran into each other. They talked about Chloe and Li. They also talked about the way he felt about Gabi. She said she found Rolf. She said Rolf said he didn’t alter Stefan’s feelings. Stefan said their marriage was meaningless. She said she wanted revenge for sending her to prison for Andre’s murder, but she fell in love with him. She told him about a wedding cake she hid in the kitchen to celebrate her success. Li found the two of them together. Stefan walked away from them. Wendy looked through Li’s papers at DiMera while on the phone with Johnny. She told him what she overheard about Rolf. EJ walked in and asked if she needed help. She hung up the phone. She introduced herself. He asked if she was looking for something. She said he was going to digitally convert Li’s paper files. EJ didn’t want her to do it. While she was looking through Li’s digital records, she found out he requested a list of DiMera pilots who left the company in the last five years. She called the travel department and left a message for Johnny. She told him they could find out where Li sent Rolf. She said they would be one step closer to finding out what EJ and Li did to Stefan.

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