Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam calls Billy three times because he wants to find out if Chelsea is okay.

Adam goes to the Newman Media office looking for Chloe, but Sally tells Adam Chloe is on vacation. Sally also tells Adam that she and Chloe have been fired. Adam tells Sally he is sorry Victoria fired her because she used to be romantically involved with him.

Nick tells Victor and Victoria would fire Sally just because she used to be involved with Adam. Victor and Victoria both want Nate as CEO of Newman Media because he will be more loyal to the company then Sally. Sally later tells Nick that she has something she needs to tell him and he isn’t going to like it.

Jack tells Kyle and Summer everything Diane told him and makes it clear that he thinks Diane was a victim of Jeremy Stark and Tucker. Jack also tells Kyle and Summer that he didn’t tell Ashley about Jeremy Stark and the money laundering. Jack also tells Kyle and Summer that Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki have been digging for information about Diane. Ashley tells Nikki and Phyllis everything Jack told her and that she thinks Jack will forgive Diane because he thinks she is Tucker’s victim. The ladies decide they must find something to get Diane and Tucker to leave town. Tucker forgives Diane for telling Jack their secret and Diane wonders why Tucker wanted her to give him Jabot’s financial information. Tucker refuses to tell Diane about the financial information since they no longer work together.

Phyllis goes over to the Abbott to talk to Kyle and Summer and tells them “I told you so,” and wonders what are they going to do about the Diane problem.

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