GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sam asks Spinnelli to use his illegal algorithm to investigate Cody. Spinnelli agrees that it is worth the risk to protect Maxie and her family, so he agrees to help Sam investigate Cody.

Drew and Carly decide to keep their romantic relationship a secret until they find out if Ned intends to go to the police and accuse them of insider trading.

Alexis gets a letter from the hook attacker post marked two weeks ago. The letter says that the attacks are not random and that she attacks people who have wronged her but if Alexis doesn’t stop writing articles she will be the next victim. Alexis gives the letter to Jordan and promises not to publish a story about the letter. Alexis calls Gregory and when he arrives at the Invader office she shows him the copy of the letter she made before she gave the original letter to the police.

Elizabeth doesn’t believe her father when he tells her that she pushed Reiko down the stairs. Elizabeth’s memory comes rushing back and she remembers telling Reiko that she was going to tell her mother and Reiko’s husband about the affair. Reiko grabbed her arm to stop her and when Elizabeth pulled her arm loose, Reiko fell down the stairs. Jeff explains that Reiko had a concussion and internal bleeding so, she needed a blood transfusion. Jeff also tells Elizabeth that the blood transfusion was what gave Reiko the black woods disease of which she eventually died. Jeff and Carolyn explain they sent her away so she could forget the accident because she was sleep walking and having nightmares. Jeff and Carolyn were afraid she would harm herself or others. Elizabeth thinks her parents sent her away to protect their own reputation.

Jordan goes over to Carly’s house and tells Carly, Josslyn, and Trina that the police believe that the hook attacker is targeting people who are close to Trina or people who helped her during the trial.

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